Eternal Taoist King Chapter 169

Tang Yue was also stunned by this scene. Liu Yi's full blow could only hurt the bug a little?

Though it was the biggest among them, the rest were just a bit smaller. Considering their such defensive power, Tang Yue and Liu Yi were unable to kill the bugs all even till tomorrow.

Those bugs had a hard carapace on their backs, and a sharp corn like a dagger on their heads. Where should be a mouth was an eye occupied. Black liquid flew out of the eye continuously. Once the eye opened, several rows of fine tines would be revealed.

Nine bugs rushed to Liu Yi and Tang Yue at the same time.

"Liu Yi, let's go!" She quickly withdrew while staring at those bugs.

"Sister Tang Yue, no worries! I will protect you!" He pressed his fear and attacked them while retreating.

They two were running in front, followed by the bugs. The bugs moved fast and only after a moment, they two were surround by the bugs.

"I charged in the left side and you right. Now the rain stops, so Qingling will arrive soon, and we will be able to get rid of them then." She clenched her sword.

"Okay." He responded.

They began attacking almost at the same time-but she was applying all her strength, while he was planning something behind her. Sure enough, when she was in a stalemate with one of the bugs, he sneaked pa.s.sing it and escaped dozens of feet far in a blink, "Sister Tang Yue, you will not die in vain! I will report to the elders that your death is valuable!"

She did not expect that he would be so coward.

The nine bugs started to besieged her. In an instant, nine corns like daggers were approaching her.

Her faint spiritual s.h.i.+eld was broken in a blink and she could feel stinging even before the corns had touched her.

"Am I…

Going to die here?


I haven't revenge mother…"

In despair, she dropped the sword. She knew she was unable to defeat the nine bugs alone, so she considered to suicide was better than to be killed by them.

But she couldn't escape the fate of being eaten anyway.

She felt disgusting when she thought of the scene of being eaten. But there was no fear on her face, a smile instead.

"Fortunately, I have left Little Brother in the thatched house, otherwise..." She sighed, took a gentle breath and closed her eyes, ready to mobilize spiritual energy to end her own life.

"I, Tang Yue, will recreate you stinky bugs, even after death!" She screamed while the spiritual energy in her body expanded rapidly.

At the moment before the spiritual energy was about to burst out, a palm appeared on her shoulder and a lot of rich spiritual energy was delivering to suppress her own spiritual energy. Meanwhile, an emerged around her, blocking the bugs.

Stumped, she wanted to turn over to see who was saving her. But she fainted all of a sudden. Before that, she saw a golden robe with her last glance and there was a word on it...

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