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Martial World Chapter 522 – Polaris, Blood Slaughter Steppes

Chapter 522 – Polaris, Blood Slaughter Steppes

“You are begging to die!”

Because of Lin Ming’s arrogant answer, the Silent Green Tribe Elders’ complexions had turned somber and bleak. “You refuse our offer only to end up suffering yourself! Let’s attack him together! Kill him!”

Facing Lin Ming, none of these six Great Elders dared to underestimate him. After all, Lin Ming was able to instantly kill Mo Da, and Mo Da was a master who was only inferior to these six Great Elders. This proved that Lin Ming might be stronger than any one of them.

“This boy’s background is too deep. Do not keep any witnesses, kill every human present!”

The six of them attacked together. Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a cold light and he extracted the Purple Comet Spear from his spatial ring. This was the first time in this melee that he had used a weapon.

These six individuals were the final trump card of the Silent Green Tribe. Lin Ming didn’t plan on holding back, he directly opened the Heretical G.o.d Force.

Compressed true essence erupted. Lin Ming’s formidable aura instantly rose to the pinnacle. He flicked his finger, and the Divine Demon Thunder Soul which was fused from three Thunder Souls shot out. On the three inch long needle, there was a Purple Flood Dragon and a crimson snake curled around the base. On the crown of the needle, there was a fierce image of a thunder beast.

The Divine Demon Steel Needle howled. It pierced towards the first Elder on the right. At the same time, dozens of Blood Drinking Seals swirled around the Purple Comet Spear, forming a spinning red storm.

“Primeval Spear!”

A spear thrust out and it seemed to swallow all sound. The powerful suction force caused all six Elders to pause. At this time, the triple Thunder Soul fusion Divine Demon Steel Needle arrived.

“Demon Essence Palm!”

An Elder struck down at the Thunder Soul with his palm. His billowing demon essence was like a rolling tide of clouds. But as these demonic clouds met the Divine Demon Thunder Soul, they instantly melted away like snow in the hot summer sun!


The old Giant Demon’s face turned grim. Although he expected Lin Ming to be strong, he didn’t think that his own Demon Essence Palm would be broken so easily.

“Old Six, help me!”

Seeing the Divine Demon Thunder Soul howl towards him, the old Giant Demon couldn’t help but cry for help.


A ghostly knife cut down on the Divine Demon Thunder Soul; this was the rescue from the Giant Demon known as Old Six. The two Great Elders combined their forces, but they were still unable to break apart the Divine Demon Thunder Soul.


Lin Ming suddenly clenched his hand, and the Divine Demon Thunder Soul exploded. The three-colored light of the Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder, Disenchanting Dream Light, and Blood Extinguis.h.i.+ng Demon Thunder burst out, causing the six Great Elders to struggle.

Meanwhile, he grasped the Purple Comet Spear. He thrust out – slaughter!

All of his potential and will was fused into this Purple Comet Spear strike. The spear light cut through though the void!

“This boy!”

Two Elders cried out as they resisted the arcs of lightning. With a staff and halberd, they struck out at Lin Ming.


The ground fissured. The cracks spread through the earth like an ever-growing spider web. With the sound of torn silk, the several dozen feet high headquarters of the Silent Green Tribe, which was made with Sky Worm Silk, was completely ripped to shreds!

Blood Drinking Seals danced in the air. Two Elders screamed. Blood Drinking Seals had pierced through their bodies, causing blossoms of blood to bloom!

“Blood Extinguis.h.i.+ng Demon Thunder!”

The Divine Demon Thunder Soul roared as it felt the energy of blood essence. As soon as it touched blood essence, it completely sucked it dry. The Giant Demon Elders felt a great deal of their blood essence being absorbed and they suddenly paled.

Just several breaths of time had pa.s.sed. In just the flash of an eye, Lin Ming had battled against six enemies and had taken the upper hand.

Lin Ming didn’t relent in his attacks. The Purple Come Spear shot out like a snake!

The cold spearpoint was directed towards an injured Elder’s heart. At this critical moment, a ghostly blade blocked Lin Ming’s spear, saving the injured Elder from the maw of death. But as this blade touched Lin Ming’s spear, it became stuck.

The blade-wielding Giant Demon Elder’s complexion changed. “We have to use everything we have together! Otherwise we will die!”

Lin Ming’s vast strength had far outstripped their imagination.

As the six Great Elders heard this, all of them used their special skills. For a time, the billowing demon essence was like a t.i.tanic pillar that shot into the sky. It penetrated into the clouds, as if it were connecting the heavens and earth!

The six Great Elders attacked together. Their momentum was like a heaven-breaking spear. All of the surrounding martial artists were horrified. In the Silent Green Tribe, these six Great Elders were G.o.d-like existences. The six Great Elders combining their attacks caused everyone to flee backwards, lest they be caught up in the swirling storm of demon essence!

Against this strike that could change the heavens and earth, Lin Ming’s Tempering Marrow true essence completely erupted. At the same time, he combusted the blood of the Ancient Phoenix. Lin Ming’s skeleton emitted explosive crackling noises. Behind him, the phantom of an Azure Dragon appeared. A resounding dragon roar impacted through the horizon!

A spear thrust out. On the Purple Comet Spear, thunder and flame howled, twining together at a single point. A violent energy burst out…

Thunderfire Annihilation!

Lin Ming consumed 60% of his inner true essence to display the full and complete might of Thunderfire Annihilation. This was Lin Ming’s strongest ability. Especially after absorbing the Disenchanting Dream Light, the power of Thunderfire Annihilation was even more terrifying than before. Within the ancient battlefield, he hadn’t been able to use Thunderfire Annihilation because of the suppressive laws of that broken world. But, he could it in this one. Thunderfire Annihilation immediately formed a black hole of origin energy. All of the power of thunder and fire between the heavens and earth howled out!


Thunder and fire wove together, exploding against the billowing clouds of demon energy. The horrible shock wave rolled out in all directions, breaking through all of the walls, causing sand to fly and completely shattering all of the floor tiles. The detonation had caused a 100 foot deep pit to appear in the ground. As for the great Sky Worm Silk tent which had been torn apart by the Blood Drinking Seals, it was disintegrated by the great currents of energy, vanis.h.i.+ng into ash.

In just a moment, the entire Silent Green Tribe headquarters had been razed to the ground.

Of the six Giant Demon Elders, three of them were lying down in a pool of their own blood, barely hanging onto their lives. As for the other three, they had been severely injured. Their bodies dripped with blood. They stood among the ruins, their faces filled with fear and disbelief.

As for Lin Ming, his clothes were torn, his forehead was stained with blood, and his face was pale. He only had around 30% of his true essence remaining.

“You…” A Giant Demon Elder stretched out a trembling, b.l.o.o.d.y finger at Lin Ming, as if he wanted to say something.


Lin Ming didn’t wait for this Giant Demon Elder to spout his nonsense. The Purple Comet Spear thrust out. Blood Drinking Seals flew in the air. Slaughter!

Facing this ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ spear skill, the severely wounded Elders were unable to resist any longer. Lin Ming’s spear directly pierced through the front Elder’s heart.

Blood spurted out into the wind. The Blood Extinguis.h.i.+ng Demon Thunder flashed as it sunk into the Giant Demon Elder’s body.


A ma.s.s of blood fog burst out from the Elder’s corpse, slowly condensing into a Blood Drinking Seal. This Blood Drinking Seal was several times larger than the last Blood Drinking Seals, and the light that s.h.i.+ned from it was an even deeper red.

“Third Brother!”

As a Giant Demon Elder saw his brother’s death occur right in front of him, his eyes turned red with rage.

Knowing that living through this was hopeless, the Giant Demon went crazy. He grasped his saber and cut down at Lin Ming!

To this, Lin Ming only gathered his hands together.

Pu pu pu!

Blood Drinking Seals pierced through the Giant Demon Elder like a honeycomb.

The second Giant Demon Elder died, and the Blood Drinking Seals continued their flight of death. Blood burst out from the other four Giant Demon Elders’ bodies, turning into streams of blood.

Finally, all six Giant Demon Elders had been utterly struck down by Lin Ming!

The entire area fell into silence. All of the surrounding martial artists were speechless as they stared at the blood-drenched Lin Ming. None of them knew what to say in their current states of shock.

From the very start, all of those that rose up to rebel against the Silent Green Tribe and had rushed their way to the headquarters had come with the bitter determination that their lives could be ended at any moment, like the frailest of jade. After all, the disparity of strength was just too great. But, none of them expected that as they killed their way over, over 70%of the enemy, including every Demon General at three-stars or above, would be all killed by Lin Ming. Just a single touch was all it took for them to die. And in the end, even the six Great Elders of the Silent Green Tribe had been swept away by him!

Those that followed on Lin Ming’s heels hadn’t experienced any bitterly dangerous battle. It could be said that the Silent Green Tribe was completely destroyed by Lin Ming alone!

Fresh streams of blood flowed over the ground. Corpses were everywhere. Lin Ming put out his hand, and of blood blossomed on the ground. One, two, three… until the sixth Blood Drinking Seal.

“This Giant Demon blood essence is truly suitable for the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’.” Lin Ming mumbled as he glanced at these Blood Drinking Seals. Their quality was nearly as good as those formed from a human middle Revolving Core powerhouse.

After Lin Ming formed these Blood Drinking Seals, he also took the spatial rings of all six Giant Demon Elders.

The six spatial rings were all low-grade earth-step. Their quality wasn’t much worse than Lin Ming’s own. As he used his sense to scan through these six spatial rings, he sucked in a deep breath. There were thousands of Blood Demon Crystals within these six spatial rings.

“These six Giant Demon Elders were quite rich. It seems that most of the acc.u.mulated wealth of the many years of the Silent Green Tribe had fallen into their hands!”

When Lin Ming had killed his way over to the headquarters, he had also taken the spatial rings of those he had slain. But, the combined wealth from all of those spatial rings couldn’t compare to a single one of the six Elders.

The use of Blood Demon Crystals to Giant Demons were like true essence stones to humans. But since the Blood Demon Crystals also contained a very strong vitality power, they were also useful for humans. A single Blood Demon Crystal was worth dozens of medium-grade true essence stones.

Besides the Blood Demon Crystals, the spatial rings also held many pills and treasures. However, Lin Ming didn’t care much for these things.

“Mm… this is…”

Lin Ming’s mind stirred. He took out a red token from a spatial ring. The token was the size of palm. It was heavy, thick, and a crimson-colored ‘kill’ word had been carved into the front. On the back, there was an engraving of an ancient Giant Demon’s head. It had curved horns and sharp teeth, making it seem hideously fierce.

As Lin Ming took the token in his hand, he could feel a faint murderous aura coming from it. This token seemed to have some sort of charm within it. Just by looking at it, one’s consciousness seemed to fall inside.

“What is this?”

Lin Ming could vaguely feel that this token wasn’t ordinary. Suddenly, he poured his true essence into the token. Then red light s.h.i.+ned, forming a line of Giant Demon words in the air.

It read, ‘Polaris, Blood Slaughter Steppes’.

Lin Ming furrowed his eyebrows; what was this?

He subconsciously glanced at the surrounding martial artists to see if any of them knew what this was. But, almost all of them were surprised. Only Huo Yuan was steadily staring at the token in Lin Ming’s hands.

“Huo Yuan, do you know what this is?” Lin Ming asked.

Huo Yuan was startled. Then, he hastily nodded. “My Lord, I haven’t seen this token before, but I can guess a bit of the origins of this token…”


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