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Martial World Chapter 313 - Exterminating Chi Yue


Chapter 313 – Exterminating Chi Yue

On the highest floor of the spiral tower, the candle flames flickered in the night wind, and the shadows of those within disappeared, becoming small and miniscule.

Shaman Leader Chi Yue had an indifferent expression, his hand slowly tracing the side of his staff. His staff jittered, and the skulls hanging from the top began to rattle against each other.

The newly a.s.signed Fire Worm Great General took out the heavy sword from his back, his face calm. He was a man who had struggled and killed his way up the ranks of the army on his own merits and strength, a truly vicious military man. He had been through countless slaughters and battlefields, and had also experienced the bitter taste of attempted multiple times. Now, facing this unexpected visitor, it was impossible for his heart to feel even the slightest arousal of fear.

The night wind howled, and a black shadow appeared like a desolate ghost on the ledge of the stone window. He held a purple spear in his hand, his eyes cold, and his body overflowing with murderous intent.

“Mm? Early Pulse Condensation period?” The Fire Worm Great General smirked. An early Pulse Condensation boy actually dared to come to their Fire Worm Clan’s Holy Land? This boy didn’t know how to spell the word ‘death’!

“Haha, I was wondering just who it could be, but it turns out it’s merely a foolish idiot. An early Pulse Condensation boy actually dares to come here just to kill himself!” The Fat Chief wickedly grinned, his eyes looking behind Lin Ming. “If you have help, then call them out! Don’t go skulking in the shadows like some rat. I’ll send you both off together!”

As the Fat Chief spoke, a small fire ignited in his palm; this was a sound transmitting talisman. He was using this sound transmitting talisman to pa.s.s on a warning. The Fat Chief didn’t think that Lin Ming was really an idiot. If Lin Ming dared to intrude here, that meant there was most likely a master waiting outside for an opportunity to strike.

Although there was only a small danger, the Fat Chief was unwilling to risk his own life.

In the Grand Hall, the Fire Worm Shaman was silent. He froze for a moment as he saw Lin Ming, then instantly recalled just where he had seen him. Several months ago, this youth had killed Chi Guda. Afterwards, the Fire Worm Shaman had sent his own Flame Essence Avatar to chase down Lin Ming through Blackwater Swamp. If his Avatar hadn’t encountered the Vermillion Bird and feared being eaten, then it would have killed Lin Ming long ago.

This youth’s body held countless secrets!

He remembered that when Lin Ming just had a mere peak Bone Forging cultivation, he was already able to fly, and his strength was a level above everyone else. The Fire Worm Shaman was able to determine that Lin Ming had a unfathomable wealthy background and he also had a rare treasure that enabled him to fly. Such a treasure was absolutely priceless. If he could obtain it, then his own power would leap ahead.

Chi Yue flicked his fingers and a wisp of flame ran out from his hands, roaring forth and jumping out the window, making a circle around the spiral tower before it flew back into Chi Yue’s hand.

Then Chi Yue laughed, revealing a vicious grin. His curved lips revealed sharp teeth that were just like a vampire bat, incomparably fierce.

“So it’s really just you… a few months have pa.s.sed and you broke through from the peak Bone Forging stage to the early Pulse Condensation period. But after the mere advancement of a small realm, you actually think you can kill me within the lair of the Fire Worm Clan? You really think you are the Feather Emperor of the Southern Wilderness reborn!? Hehe, you don’t know what it means to die!”

Chi Yue stretched out his long crimson tongue, licking his lips. To him, Lin Ming was merely a bag of treasures waiting to be opened. Such a young and ignorant young boy like Lin Ming wouldn’t know what true power was. Lin Ming probably a.s.sumed that he was some normal Houtian martial artist.

When Lin Ming had killed Chi Guda, his cultivation had been at the peak of Bone Forging. Chi Guda was a half-step into the Houtian realm. Lin Ming hadn’t been able to easily kill him; he had to use many hidden cards, including the Heretical G.o.d Force and even Thunderfire Annihilation.

At that point, Lin Ming’s strength was able to compare to the weakest of all Houtian realm martial artists.

Now, in just three and a half months, Lin Ming’s cultivation had only risen by a small degree. Chi Yue simply didn’t even think that Lin Ming had any ability to threaten him. Even if he were the G.o.d-like Feather Emperor that was wors.h.i.+pped in the Southern Wilderness, he still wouldn’t have this ability in the Pulse Condensation period!

Suddenly, the door to the meeting room burst open, and a group of heavily armed guards rushed in. The Fat Chief took this opportunity to scurry behind the bodyguards. These were his deathsworn, special guards that the Fat Chief had handpicked from the army, each and every one willing to die for him. They had fought in many battles, killing countless civilians and masters.

With these deathsworn with him – and also countless other masters in the spiral tower – the Fat Chief was much more calm. Although he was a cruel and ruthless individual, he was actually very afraid of death. To him, his life was worth more than gold. He ruled a large swathe of land, he had many women to play with; there was endless wealth of power waiting for him.

“You all protect me! Shaman Chi Yue will deal with this intruder!” The Fat Chief issued out orders via a true essence sound transmission. He could also be considered half a martial artist, but the reason he cultivated was mainly for physical fitness and to violate women.

“I do not care who you are, but since you have come, do not think that you will walk away!” The Fire Worm Great General gave a loud shout, rus.h.i.+ng towards Lin Ming, the heavy sword in his hand cutting down!

Lin Ming calmly held the Purple Comet Spear in his hands. He watched, motionless as the Fire Worm Great General rushed towards him, slicing the heavy sword at him. But then, a chilling light suddenly flashed in Lin Ming’s eyes, and he icily spit out a single word.


It was as if this cold voice was the grim whispers of a death G.o.d that emanated from an endless, silent abyss. As soon as the Fire Worm Great General heard this voice, his body instantly shook, and both of his eyes lost focus.


It was as if the Great General had his soul sucked out of him. His ma.s.sive body fell to its knees, and then he keeled over. It was unknown whether or not he was still alive.

“Mm!?” The Fire Worm Shaman’s complexion changed.

Soul attack?

A soul attack wasn’t too surprising, but Lin Ming only had a cultivation at the early Pulse Condensation period. Yet, he was able to use this soul attack to kill a peak Pulse Condensation master in a split-second. How was this possible?

The Fat Chief suddenly panicked. He didn’t know that Lin Ming had used a soul attack; he only knew that with a single word, he had managed to directly kill a peak Pulse Condensation Great General. Was this boy a reincarnated demon?

Even those deathsworn near him who had been numbed to the horrors of death and destruction were agitated, unconsciously clenching their fists. They didn’t fear death, but even if they didn’t fear death, they were people of the Southern Wilderness who had deeply ingrained beliefs. What they feared were the demons, and the current Lin Ming seemed like a demon that they heard from folk tales.

“So… it seems that you have mastered a soul attack secret skill. It’s no wonder that you dare to kill me. However, such a secret skill is useless against me!” Chi Yue’s expression finally became grim.

At this time, Chi Yue was only slightly serious. As a martial artist with a late Houtian realm cultivation and also the master of a Flame Essence, the strength of a peak Pulse Condensation Great General was nothing in his eyes. Killing him in a split-second simply didn’t mean anything.

His right hand flashed, and a ma.s.s of crimson flames jumped forth from his palm, “I’ll turn you to ashes!”


A bright red light shot towards Lin Ming, but Lin Ming didn’t evade or dodge. Instead, his entire body was covered with a s.h.i.+mmering azure light, and he lifted his right hand, grabbing out at the red light.


The bright red light exploded like a firework in Lin Ming’s palm. But Lin Ming’s right hand only glimmered with the faintest golden light; not even a single inch of his body had been burned.


The Fire Worm Shaman who had been trying to maintain a calm and collected appearance finally lost his composure. Although he hadn’t used the Fire Essence to attack, he had still used 60 to 70% of his strength. And yet, his attack was actually blocked by the enemy, and bare-handed? This… this was impossible!

At this time, the Fire Worm Shaman already imagined that Lin Ming might be a Xiantian master in disguise. But if he was a Xiantian master, then why would he mask himself under the  illusion of an early Pulse Condensation youth, and come here to trick him?

He no longer had time to wonder; at this moment, Lin Ming had already lifted his spear!

A spear thrust out, thunder howled, true essence cut the air. The meeting table was shattered into pieces, and the tip of that purple spear pierced towards Chi Yue’s chest!

At this critical moment, Chi Yue fiercely bit down on his tongue, and a young boy wreathed in flames flew from his chest, straight towards Lin Ming’s spear!

“You finally came out?”

Lin Ming wildly grinned, and true essence erupted from his body like a volcano!

Heretical G.o.d Force – open!

The Heretical G.o.d Seed howled, and the power of thunder and fire surged through the shaft of the Purple Comet Spear, its power multiplying!

The speartip pointed towards the young flame boy’s forehead, between his eyes, azure true essence whistling. This young flame boy was the Fire Worm Shaman’s Flame Essence Avatar. And this one strike was to destroy that flame boy’s soul mark!


The flame boy wailed like a demented beast, its young face twisting in horror. Its two little hands tightly grabbed onto the tip of the Purple Comet Spear!

Chi chi chi!

The Purple Comet Spear was forged from divine materials of heaven and earth. As the flame boy held onto this spear, its two small hands began to smoke. But no matter how painful it was or how its face contorted in agony, it still did not let go of this spear!

“Go die!”

Behind the flame boy, Chi Yue flourished his staff, true essence erupting from his body. He smashed down at Lin Ming with all of his strength!

Lin Ming sneered, and the Purple Comet Spear turned. A steel needle engraved with a Purple Flood Dragon burst out from his fingertip.


Chi Yue’s staff pounded the ground. Rocks exploded, and the entire spiral tower trembled. However, Lin Ming’s figure had already disappeared like smoke.

Meanwhile, the coiling dragon steel needle had already pierced between the flame boy’s eyes!


With a barely audible sound, the coiling dragon needle shot through the flame boy’s head, exiting from the other side. The flame boy’s face froze for a moment and then immediately issued forth an inhuman wail, his once innocent and cute face already completely twisted into a monster.


Chi Yue’s hair scattered, his eyes bloodshot, completely red. Blue veins stuck out on his forehead like large earthworms, covering his entirely bald head. “You! You actually destroyed my Avatar!”

“Not only did I destroy your Avatar, but I will also kill you!”

Lin Ming was the judge, jury, and executioner of Chi Yue’s fate. His spear flipped over, and thrust straight towards Chi Yue’s throat. With the Concept of Wind fused into the spear, its speed drew near the extreme. Chi Yue could not dodge this!

“Then let’s die together!”

Chi Yue’s ugly face distorted, and he snapped off the top of his staff, revealing a s.h.i.+ning knife!

At this time, crazy Chi Yue had fallen into despair. He completely ignored Lin Ming’s attack, grabbing onto to his spear and using the long knife end to stab towards Lin Ming’s heart. He wanted them both to perish together!


The Purple Comet Spear instantly pierced through Chi Yue’s throat, and Chi Yue’s hand suddenly stilled. Both of his eyes lost focus, and the knife in his hand seemed incomparably distant from Lin Ming…

At this time, Chi Yue had already found that Lin Ming had drawn far away. He held a long crimson chain in his hand, and this chain was directly connected to the end of the purple spear…


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