When TS High School Boys Are Too Adaptable Chapter 47

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“Hey, what’s with this all of a sudden?” (Kei)

I’m stunned when Shizuka suddenly wants to search my room.

Do slumber parties start like this? No, I think not.

“Well, it’s all good... So, can I look in the closet or something?” (Shizuka)

Hesitantly, I give my permission.

“…I don’t really mind.” (Kei)

“Awesome!” (Shizuka)

(TN: What was actually said here was ‘yatta’, which means ‘I did it’ but that doesn’t really come across right in English.)

I reply with a shrug and Shizuka immediately looks under the bed as Chiaki opens the closet.

…Unexpectedly, Chiaki decides to help her look around.

At any rate, it’s all good because I have nothing to hide anyway.

Kaori hasn’t been in this room for quite a while, but she used to come in here fairly often.

If I hid strange things in my closet or under the bed, it would have been found quick enough. I didn’t leave anything in a place that could be found so easily.

...Anyway, I don't think about anything like that anymore.

(TN: i.e. Kei no longer likes to look at male oriented p.o.r.n.)

“There’s nothing here.” (Shizuka)

Shizuka mutters as she looks under the bed.

“What about you?” (Shizuka)

“…” (Chiaki)

Shizuka sits up to ask Chiaki, but she doesn’t reply to her question.

“What’s wrong?” (Kaori)

“…School uniform.” (Chiaki)

After Kaori asks Chiaki, her murmured reply finally comes.

That’s right, it’s a school uniform.

I don’t think it’s all that big of a deal. Is having a school uniform all that unusual?

Our school allows plain clothes, but uniforms are mandatory during events like the entrance and graduation ceremony.

Therefore, the uniform that I wore at the entrance ceremony is in my house.

Now that I’m a girl, I can’t wear it anymore. Ma~ Let’s drop it for now. The worst thing is I have to get a new uniform for the graduation ceremony.

Silently, Chiaki takes my old uniform out of the closet and lays it on the bed.

Shizuka also stares at the uniform, which Chiaki placed beside her.

“Hey, this a male uniform.” (Chiaki)

Why wouldn’t it be a males uniform?

It’s a pain to choose clothes every day, so there will always be a number of students who wear the school uniform.

I was one of them that normally wore our school uniform.

“As if I have to say, this was Keiichi’s uniform.” (Shizuka)

“Yes. So, now, it’s no longer her school uniform!” (Chiaki)

“I’m too small.” (Kei)

I’m not sure what to say, but there are other students who wear a school uniform.

It doesn’t have to be me.

“Kei should try on a male school uniform.” (Shizuka)

“Why should I do that?” (Kei)

“Well look, isn’t this your old uniform?” (Shizuka)

“Am I stopping Chiaki?” (Kei)

“Do you want Chiaki to try it on?” (Shizuka)

“… And then you should try it on.” (Kei)

“No, I'm not Chiaki.” (Shizuka)

Chiaki watches us as Shizuka and I hold this silly back and forth conversation.

Do you want me to have Chiaki try on my uniform? After she opened up my closet, she certainly looked interested.

However, why are you trying to make me have her try it on?

“If you're so interested, you can put it on yourself.” (Kei)

Shizuka and Chiaki look at each other with a wry smile when I say that, then look back at me.

“Well, I wondered what it would be like to wear your school uniform, but first I wanted to check with the owner.” (Chiaki)

“If that’s the case… Then Kaori should be the one to try it on, since she’s the tallest.” (Kei)

I think it would be a good idea to pa.s.s this on to my childhood friend, because I was 180cm tall when I was a man.

So, the only one who might be tall enough to be able to wear my school uniform comfortably would be Kaori.

“Eh? Why do I have to try it on?” (Kaori)

“Well, it’s a matter of size.” (Shizuka)

“…Kaori might be the most suitable.” (Chiaki)

“Eh?!” (Kaori)

After Shizuka and Chiaki turn their attention to Kaori, she becomes self-conscious.

“Here, I have a cutter shirt.”

Moving over to the wardrobe closet, I open one of the drawers and remove the white shirt from it.

“Ah, that's perfect.” (Shizuka)

Shizuka responds high-spiritedly while Chiaki’s remains quiet with her eyes sparkling.

“Fu~ Do you really want me to wear that?” (Kaori)

Kaori blushes in embarra.s.sment when all three of us nod emphatically. It seems as if we can get her to do it like this.

“Look, it's just your childhood friend's clothes, and it's only for a few seconds, right?” (Shizuka)

“Hey, that’s not the problem!” (Kaori)

The blushing Kaori complains loudly while Shizuka continues to unb.u.t.ton the laid out cutter shirt.

I don’t know what you’re thinking, but Kaori has never tried on my clothes.

“Hey, just a minute Shizuka!” (Kaori)

Then Shizuka slips Kaori’s arms through the sleeves without waiting for permission.

I wonder if Kaori is a little happy, because she seems to have allowed it to be slipped on even as she protested.

Why have such a defiant att.i.tude if you’re going to do it anyway?

“Ooh...” (Kaori)

“…Clothes make the man.” (Kei)

“How so?!” (Kaori)

What I said should have a good effect, but none of them seem to have heard me.

The shirt looks like a skirt that comes part way to her knees.

Only a few centimeters of fingertips are visible from the sleeves.

Once the shirt is b.u.t.toned, her chest is transformed into  white hills held out by her C-cup bust.

Wearing this, Kaori seems to have a considerable amount of destructive power.

“As expected of you, Kaori…” (Shizuka)

“Kaori is cute.” (Chiaki)

Both of them seem to rate Kaori quite high as well.

By the way, she tried to put on a school uniform afterward, but it held far less moe than just the cutter shirt. Kind of like a girl being a cheerleader at an athletic festival. No, there would be a demand for that, but it still wouldn’t hold the same impact as a girl in a cutter shirt.

Hmm? How about me?

Of course, I tried wearing my own cutter shirt.

…I received a big laugh.

When the shirt reaches down to your knees, it makes you look like a child who’s wearing her father's shirt.

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