No Protection Tonight Chapter 44 Part1

“Uh, you do know how to talk good when you need to, don't you?” Even though Liu Jie had white eyes, he couldn't hide his joy.

The more you pamper a woman and the better one's behavior. Most will take one more seriously. But if on the other hand you are cheap, rude and abusive, they will not listen to you. So if he acted as before, Liu Jie will be with me forever.

Proof of this is that my insistence paid off at this point: I gave him a gift, I said a few tender words, all with a smile on my face. And I even made her feel guilty for what happened a few moments ago so it is so, I was able to have greater physical contact with her.    “Cough, Cough, they were just words, nothing more.” Originally I wanted to take off my waistband, but Liu Jie didn't agree that it was so brazen, so I just untied it. Soon she slipped her hand. Compared to my hand which is surly, Liu Jie's hand is delicate and soft, which causes there to be an indescribable stimulation.

At the same time that her hand was touching my little friend, I instructed her to know how to do it. Liu Jie's ability to learn new things is not only limited to the cla.s.sroom, but also in this outdoor sport. She is very quick to learn, with just a few words she understands what I mean.

Not long after, my body shook and a hot liquid came out of that place. Liu Jie could not help but scream, so the pa.s.sing students looked at this place. Making her blush.

She abruptly withdrew her hand. He soon pulled out a damp cloth to try to wipe his hand. “Hey, don't be nervous, this is non-toxic, is harmless. It also serves to nourish the skin and enhance beauty. If you think I am lying, spread it on your face, I a.s.sure you that tomorrow you will be radiant.”

“It's okay.” Unexpectedly, Liu Jie agreed with what I said. My charm seems to have risen, and women are now unable to resist.

As I closed the waistband and put on my clothes, I felt something slimy on my face. As I stared, it turned out that Liu Jie applied the hot liquid to me.

“What are you doing?” I raised my hand a little angry and slightly spanked [Pa] The clear, high-pitched sound was enough to get my full attention.

“Eh, Feng-ge, didn't you say it can improve your appearance? I'm already too beautiful. That's why I applied it to you” Liu Jie's flushed face gloating is exceptionally tender and seductive.

Unexpectedly this little girl was able to joke with me. She completely covered my face with the hot liquid. No doubt a little embarra.s.sing. Soon I grabbed her firm and elastic b.u.t.tocks. The feeling was so great that she can't let go.

“Feng-ge you can't keep playing dirty. Imagine people doing the same thing to you, it's funny for a while, but then you just play by yourself.” Liu Jie said that obviously because he couldn't hold on anymore. His sensitive points, such as his b.u.t.tocks, b.r.e.a.s.t.s and ears had already been provoked too much, to the point where his body was tense.

“Oh! Seriously, by my holy grandmother! So you think you can get away with it after playing with me and not wipe my face for this sort of thing, tell me?” I asked with my eyes narrowed.

Liu Jie felt too aggravated by what I whisper: “You want me to apologize, I helped you feel good. And what I did to you cannot equal the scale with what you did to me.”

No doubt Liu Jie looks better in that rude way of speaking. It fits perfectly. And along with his pampered tone, it is particularly lethal. Soon my smile broke and I pointed at her. “Since it is so, then come, I will take you to heaven.”

“No, Feng-ge, you can't. Cut your nails first. It hurts when you do it.” Liu Jie quickly shook his head, a bit contradictory.

“Then, in order to put it inside, I need to cut my nails…”, I asked, full of joy, while I kept that small fact. So this was the reason why when I tried to sneak into Saozi the other time it stopped me. I think if I remember correctly, a woman's area is fragile so with long nails it must be worse, in addition to the bacteria I can carry. I groped Liu Jie's peach blossom again, however remained firm in its rejection, so I gave it up.

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