Dungeon Game Chapter 49

-49- Prelude 1

It echoes through the cave filled with darkness.

Out of horror, the successive noises resound without stopping.

She is unwilling to take a break and settle her rough breaths. Kizugawa Sachi was enduring her tears that seemed to be overflowing spontaneously.

「Papa, Mama… Yuuko, Tenri… Help… Why should I experience something like this… Help…」

She sniffles while crying out. Wiping and rubbing the area around her eyes repeatedly, her eyes had turned red. It's inevitable that she's terrified. She did not want to die.

The illumination of the flashlight she held in her hand shines on the dungeon's darkness. However, the sole light source is unreliable and would not dispel either the imagination of the dark future ahead and the memory of the hopeless past.

Afraid of the shadow of the threat that might reappear from beyond the darkness, her body trembles and almost stops. Still, she keeps on walking towards the dungeon's exit since she has no other choice if she wants to live.

Holding the metal bat that has been dented here and there, she brought the rough path into view with a flashlight. She does not know how long she has been walking any more. Without even taking proper rest, her body is screaming due to fatigue. She wanted to forget about everything and sleep like log. Shaking her head to sweep away those temptations, she walks single-mindedly.

There are three figures behind her. The three pairs of legs move steadily and, with heavy steps, continue to the spot illuminated with artificial light.

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