Never Marry a Man With Two Tintins Chapter 49.2

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Chapter 49.2 - Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

As a level one disciple, Liu Guang was very busy. Cheng Nuo urged him to go back early in the morning. Liu Guang stared at Cheng Nuo for a long time then kissed him on the forehead before leaving.

Cheng Nuo watched Liu Guang walking away, turning his head to look back at every step, and a phrase popped up in his heart – the hero only has eyes for his beloved. He couldn't help but laugh. Liu Guang was a good boy who studies diligently and works hard. Even though he was occasionally very fierce, right now he was just a boy in love…

Recalling last night's intimate kiss, Cheng Nuo's face flushed slightly. He quickly lay down to rest. Right now he should do his best to get better and report to the medical team as soon as possible.

In the next few days, Liu Guang was quite busy but always took the time to visit Cheng Nuo every day. He also brought a lot of rare healing elixirs. Of course, Cheng Nuo knew how expensive those medicines were. Whenever he ate one, he would secretly set one aside. Why should he waste such valuable medicines? The elixirs' curative effects were excellent and as he was cooperating with his treatment, his shoulder injury should heal soon.

But something seemed strange these days. Although Liu Guang couldn't help but kiss Cheng Nuo's forehead and cheeks, hold his hand, and other such things, Liu Guang never kissed him pa.s.sionately again.

When he was doing these things, Liu Guang's face always turned red. His reaction was really cute! That's why Cheng Nuo sometimes deliberately kissed him teasingly.

When Liu Guang saw that Cheng Nuo was teasing him, he would become angry and anxious. At that time his cheeks would puff out childishly and Cheng Nuo couldn't help but poke his cheeks with his fingers. It was simply addictive.

Liu Guang was becoming more and more mature. If not now, when will Cheng Nuo ever be able to safely tease him like this? It's time to seize the opportunity!

Sometimes Cheng Nuo thought of Bai Rui. The youth had said he would come to see Cheng Nuo soon but he never visited. Cheng Nuo was afraid that Bai Rui was in trouble but Liao Ji City seemed calmed even though the whole city was on high alert due to the death of Elder Zuo. However, this might be because of an internal power struggle. Cheng Nuo didn't think too long on these complicated matters.

Bai Rui finally sent a letter via the messenger bird saying that he was busy but might come to see him later.Cheng Nuo stared at the letter for a long time before hiding it with the previous letter. Liu Guang will be angry if he finds out even though he and Bai Rui are friends…

Today Cheng Nuo moved his arms and, upon confirming that his movements were now normal, he packed his bags to prepare to report to the medical team. He had Cheng Linzi and all the other Shixiongs' gifts had already been sent to them. All he had to do now was to say his goodbyes then leave.

As he walked, Cheng Nuo smelled the flowers on the side of the road. He was happy because he was going to join the medical team and that place was near to the level one disciples' training area. It would be easier for him to meet with Liu Guang there.

The new level two disciples' clothing, waist token, and magical beast mount awaited him at the medical team's place. Thus, he was currently still wearing his level three disciples' uniform.

He was halfway there when someone behind him suddenly called out his name. Cheng Nuo turned around and immediately felt dismay. It was Nan Cheng.

Nan Cheng was wearing a yellow robe and was riding a majestic leopard-headed magical beast. Beside him was a delicate and pretty female in emerald green robes. Cheng Nuo stared at her for a bit since she seemed familiar to him.

He smiled and said to Nan Cheng: "Nan Cheng Shixiong, how are you?" Though he was now a higher level than them, he appeared to be lower level. They should both be called "Shixiong."

Nan Cheng simply halted his magical beast without dismounting. His face flushing slightly, he asked, "Have you seen Liu Guang recently?… There's something I want to give him."

Cheng Nuo shook his head. "You know that Liu Guang has a terrible temper and refused to accept your gift earlier."

Nan Cheng fiddled with the reins, the expression on his face revealing his sadness. He had seen Liu Guang several times but every time Liu Guang saw Nan Cheng he would look as though he was sick of him and would disappear so fast that it was impossible for Nan Cheng to catch up to him.

"I know." Nan Cheng hung his head in disappointment. "Maybe he'll accept it this time?"

The female next to Nan Cheng looked at Cheng Nuo up and down. Seeing that he was wearing the uniform of a level three disciple, he immediately disdained Cheng Nuo. He said to Nan Cheng, "Shidi, who is this person? Why does he have contact with a level one disciple? Don't get taken in by a faker claiming to have a relationship with a superior!"

The expression on the female's face and his tone of voice jogged Cheng Nuo's memory. This was Zi Qing. When Cheng Nuo had been working at a restaurant, Zi Qing's admirer Lu Zhen had slapped Cheng Nuo.

He smiled at Nan Cheng and said, "I have to go since there's an urgent matter I must attend to. If you want to find Liu Guang then it's better to look for him at the Hidden Dragon Mountain where the disciples train."

When Zi Qing saw that this person didn't even look twice at him before leaving, he suddenly felt angry. The female disciples often talk about the level one disciples and, of course, Liu Guang was one of the most eye-catching among them. Zi Qing had only been able to catch a glimpse of Liu Guang from a distance. Although Liu Guang was a little younger than Zi Qing, he was really outstanding. He made Zi Qing's heart beat wildly but it was extremely difficult to find a good reason to approach him. Later, when he overheard Nan Cheng saying that Liu Guang had saved him, his heart was full of envy and hatred.

Many male disciples fawned on him but Zi Qing simply messed around with them. Lu Zhen and the other pig-headed disciples didn't know which evil spirits they had offended in the past few months. All of them failed their missions in such a way that they either lost their spiritual skills or their arms and legs. Thus, Zi Qing now ignored them.

But now a mere level three disciple acted dared to act contemptuously towards him! How could he endure it?

Zi Qing was riding a lion-headed magical beast that was fiercer than Nan Cheng's leopard-headed mount. Secretly prodding his mount with his scabbard. Zi Qing made the short-tempered magical beast rush towards Cheng Nuo.

Nan Cheng was also shocked and shouted: "Cheng Nuo Shidi be careful! Zi Qing Shixiong, pull on the reins quickly!"

Cheng Nuo turned around when he heard the commotion. Shocked, he dodged the magical beast as fast as he could but Zi Qing pulled on the reins, making his mount rear and block Cheng Nuo's retreat.

Cheng Nuo didn't have time to think. Habit made him reach towards his waist but he remembered that Li Yue had taken his weapon away. The magical beast's large front hooves were about to trample him!

Reika's notes: "- the hero only had eyes for his beloved." – The original (英雄气短儿女情长) seems to be a variation of 儿女情长,英雄气短 which is an allusion to the Water Margin. Um, not sure how to translate it literally but it basically means a deep love between men and women. I subst.i.tuted an English idiom that fits the scene. Please let me know if you have a better idea of how to insert this phrase in a way that makes sense in English. "… in emerald green robes." – Green and blue are kinda the same thing in Chinese. 翠绿 (cuì lǜ) means both "greenish-blue" and "emerald green." "…simply messed around with them." – 他都是应付几下,耍的他们团团转 Something like playing around with them but I think not like spreading s.e.xual favors. "Lu Zhen and the other pig-headed disciples didn't know which evil spirits they had offended in the past few months. " – Hahaha, this made me laugh. This must be the work of Liu Guang, right? Thanks for reading. Please let me know if there are any errors. Do I need to put a warning for chapters like this? It's kinda safe since nothing is really described in detail but some minor *cough* did happen.

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