Apocalypse Meltdown Chapter 200

Xu Wanyan? Chu Han did not know anything about her.

Was she even loyal?

She was not that pretty. She probably only had 1% of Shang Jiuti`s beauty.(How is this even possible???) The gap between a G.o.ddess and a female refugee was indeed like that.

"I am not blind. I can clearly see how messy she is.", mocked Chu Han, causing Xu Wanyan to lose her temper.

"Not blind? What do you mean? Are you looking down on me?" Xu Wanyan's face suddenly twisted as she shouted, "Who do you think you are!? Who are you?! I won't even sleep with you even if you give me a box of sausage!"

"Shut up! You are so noisy!" An annoyed Chen Yufei interrupted Xu Wanyan.

At that moment, the little man beside Chen Yufei pointed at Chu Han and suddenly said, "Brother Chen, that's him. He's the one who broke into our place and robbed some guns. That gun in his hand is mine. He even killed Wei Juncai!"

"Hey, boy. How will you deal with this? Just tell me." Chen Yufei thought highly of himself. He even gave Chu Han a bit of face.

Chu Han glanced at the gun in his hand as he then looked at the young man arrogantly pointing at him. He then replied to Chen Yufei in a serious voice, "The gun is mine since I already stole it from him. The things that I have gained is mine unless I will give it to you willingly. As to killing Wei Juncai, isn't it normal to kill someone who wants to kill me?"

That strange reasoning silenced the crowd as they looked at him thinking Chu Han was a fool.

"s.h.i.t! Hahaha!"

"So funny. Does he even have any idea who he's talking to?"

"It's my first time hearing someone say something like that to Brother Chen."

"He must be tired of living."

Chen Yufei looked at Chu Han in shock. He thought that Chu Han was stupid. He even dared to fight against him in front of the crowd?

Chu Han's face remained cold and expressionless despite the crowd laughing loudly at him. At that moment, a loud voice filled with surprise resounded---

"Chu Han?! Is that you?!"

The excited voice silenced the crowd as they cast their eyes towards the young man who came from the corner. He was about twenty years old and was dressed in the same way the others were. The hair on his head looked like it was full of lice and needed a haircut while his dirty clothes seemed to be unwashed for a long time.

"Li Nanxiang, do you know him?" Chen Yufei frowned.

"Brother Chen, he is my fellow-townsman!" Li Nanxiang said to Brother Chen respectfully as he then hurriedly said towards Chu Han, "Chu Han, just apologize to Brother Chen."

Chu Han stared at the young man who suddenly appeared and recalled a memory.

Li Nanxiang? Lanxiang?

"Is that you? Lan Xiang?" Chu Han's eyes turned sharp. This man lived in the same district with Chu Han in Anluo City but he had almost forgotten this guy since he did not meet him in his current incarnation.

"It's me!" Li Nanxiang's face was full of excitement after meeting an old friend. Then his face suddenly blackened, "I told you not to call me Lanxiang!"

"You two are friends?!" Chen Yufei looked at two people surprisingly.

"Yes, Brother Chen! For my sake, can you just forgive him?" Li Nanxiang lowly said as he kept on blinking at Chu Han, "Chu Han, come and apologize to Brother Chen!"

Chen Yufei hummed, "Since you are friends, I will forgive him for your sake. Chu Han, just do as I say. Kneel down and I will forget what has happened. You should have had twice as much food than the others in one month."

Kneel down? Apologize?

Chu Han's eyes flashed with cold light. He did not even kneel to others in his previous incarnation.(Unfilial son!)

"Chu Han! Don't be too proud!" Li Nanxiang saw Chu Han had no reaction so he quickly persuaded him, "You should think about which one is more important, life or pride?"

Chu Han shook his head. Looking at Chen Yufei, he then said, "I'll say this once. I will forgive you for your rudeness if you apologize to me now."

He was "kind" enough not to fight against a friend's boss.


Jaws dropping to the ground could be seen from the crowd.

What did Chu Han just say?!

Li Nanxiang was dazed for a moment and then, he felt afraid. He quickly said to Chen Yufei, "Brother Chen! Brother Chen, just forgive him. My friend is a fool!"

Li Nanxiang then turned to Chu Han and blinked at him as if saying "act foolish".

Chu Han looked at Li Nanxiang carefully. He did not expect that Li Nanxiang still thought of him at this moment, which was very rare.

"Ah? A fool?" Chen Yufei was filled with killing intent, "Why is he still alive if he is a fool? Just kill him!", he ordered, sneering at Chu Han.

A voice suddenly interrupted, "Chu Han? This name sounds familiar, right?" A rough looking guy pat his head as he thought of something. Then his eyes turned sharp, "Yes, the person who was ranked as number one of the Hunters was named Chu Han!"

Rank one of the Hunter?

The ma.s.s was dazed!

The number one in the ranking list was... Chu Han?!

"Chu Han, twenty years old, comprehensive judgment S, evolutionary, phase one strength, Hunter ranking... number one!" Someone reported Chu Han's information, stuttering.

After a dazed silence, the supermarket exploded with noise.

"s.h.i.t! It's him!?

"s.h.i.t! Slap me so I'll wake up!"

"Ranked number one in the Hunter rankings!"

"I am listed in twenty thousand."

"You really found your name?"

"G.o.d! Number one! I am gonna kill myself!"

Li Nanxiang was also shocked. He had checked the ranking list before but he did not think that the one on the top was the Chu Han that he was familiar with. How could this happen?

Xu Wanyan, who was waiting for a good scene to unfold, was stupefied. She was so rude to Chu Han but she didn't think that the guy who seemed so weak could be a celebrity.

Chen Yufei was dazed. He knew how important the Number One ranking was. There were several people in his team who also wanted to pa.s.s the test, but their names were very difficult to find on the monolith.

"You are Chu Han? Ranked number one on the Hunter`s list?" Chen Yufei blinked his eyes, he decided to ask him since it was possible that it was the same name.

Li Nanxiang was completely unsure, he was still in a state of shock.

"Yes, I think I am that guy." Chu Han nodded casually. He only took the test once, so he should be ranked first since there were still no people better than him.

Chen Yufei had sharp eyes, he planned to please him but Chu Han's next words just embarra.s.sed him so much——

"So, will you apologize to me? I am still waiting, don't waste my time."

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