Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan Volume 3 Chapter 14-21

Chapter 14

Seeing Yu Zhi Jue’s slightly changed expression, Ling Xia instinctively asked: “What’s wrong?”

Yu Zhi Jue nonchalantly put away his seal transceiver and replied: “Just something……”

He hadn’t finished talking yet, when a thunder like sound echoed throughout the sky. As it turns out, it was Song Xiao Hu’s voice. Ling Xia’s ear was buzzing hearing that blunt loud voice: “Talk to me Yu Zhi Jue! Don’t you hide from where I can’t meet you! I, Song Xiao Hu will definitely charges through the Dark Arts Sect in just a moment! You better wait for me to successful break through the Ten Restrictive Spell!”

The corner of Ling Xia’s mouth twitches. It’s clear that Song Xiao Hu already broke in. Song Xiao Hu had a junior named Xiao Hong Yu who had a device that can transmit voices from afar, so he must be using this device.

He lowered his hand, and said in a pleasantly surprised tone: “Ah Jue, is Xiao Hu coming?”

Yu Zhi Jue slightly crinkled his brows and nodded. He naturally don’t want Ling Xia to know about it.

Song Xiao Hu’s goal in coming, he could make a guess out of it. Song Xiao Hu only wanted to persuade him to come back to the Righteous Path with those naive and ridiculous idealism. When he had an encounter with Song Xiao Hu before, both sides suffered from the fight. Just remembering that tenacity of Song Xiao Hu made him scowl. But what’s the most important is, his deeds for the past years, he don’t want Song Xiao Hu to tell Ling Xia about it from his own mouth.

“Ah Jue, what is the Ten Restrictive Spells?” Ling Xia hurriedly watches towards the distance “What is Xiao Hu’s current location?”

Yu Zhi Jue somewhat explained in a gloomy manner. Ling Xia finally realises something, as he recalled a few plot twists that he had forgotten. Thanks to the melodramatic plot line of the book, the Protagonist had an enthusiastic heart that never gives up on redeeming the Villain, that it’s practically described as an emotion that can move the heavens! The junior sisters bubbled up in tears as they watch Yu Zhi Jue cold and ruthlessly abuse him till he’s beaten up to a pulp.

For the Protagonist to run after the Villain Lord ten thousand Li far, it is truly a misguided infatuation!

Ling Xia suspects, that this plot twist now is the plot twist the author sets up, in order for the Protagonist to have that feeling of deep attachment towards the Villain to the point that they are never to be apart.

This so called ‘Ten Restrictive Spells’, is an oval shape tower that was created by the previous generations of Dark Arts Elders. Each level had someone to guard it, and the higher level one go, the more difficult it is to pa.s.s through.

If there is person who somewhat beseech the Dark Arts, they can honorably challenge the Ten Restrictive Spells and be hazed[1], as well as be able to succeed ascending to the top of the tower. Once they do, they can, with the help of the ultimate Dark Arts ——  have a single wish as a reward to request from the Demon King.

Even if that challenger’s wish is tricky, such as having the most beautiful woman in the world as their wife, or become the number one master in the world……….Dark Arts will be used to make he’s wish to be realized. But of course, no one had ever successfully break through the entire Ten Restrictive Spell  —— The overwhelmed majority including Song Xiao Hu had struggled to death even if they survive.

In the novel, Song Xiao Hu and his band of junior sisters and brothers had gathered and breaks through till they were filled with stains of blood and tears. Remembering their childhood friends.h.i.+p, Yu Zhi Jue was him unable to kill him in the end. Once Song Xiao Hu entered the eight level, he already uses up all of his energy and could not muster any more strength. When he collapsed, he clenches his fist and resolutely declared: “I promise that I will absolutely bring you back, Ah Jue!”………

As Ling Xia recalled up to that point, he suddenly felt his body trembled in cold.

He impatiently said: “Ah Jue, you must bring me there! I want to meet with Xiao Hu.”

Yu Zhi Jue saw him in high spirits, and said in the end: “Ok. But he already entered inside the tower, so you cannot intervene on him undertaking it.”

Ling Xia slightly nodded his head: “En, watching from the side is also fine.”

He knows, that even if Song Xiao didn’t succeeded on breaking through the barrier, but he will get some kind of recognition from the elders of the Dark Arts, then those Dark Arts elders will once again pit Yu Zhi Jue against Song Xiao Hu. Furthermore, the mighty Protagonist will also gain a precious bead and a junior sister along with it.

Sigh… The Protagonist’s halo really makes one envy to death! 

Without a doubt, that junior sister —— is Ke Lan MinErBai. The likelihood for this Song Xiao Hu to attain them, Ling Xia did not know if he will be able to get both the precious bead and the Dark Arts Master as benefits or not.

Yu Zhi Jue bursts in flame for about an incense stick time, and not for long, a seemingly familiar creature came flying to them from afar. Those bat like pair of wings spreads open, it’s white head dazzling a man’s eyes, it’s wings comparable to those big rare dragons. Ling Xia was astonished, he said: “Isn’t this Chu Yin’s bald eagle?”

He subconsciously touched his throbbing neck, as the experience of his blood being suck in the past left a trace of fear in his heart.

“En……. He raises many of these kind of creatures, and some of them are mounts for a fast travel.” Yu Zhi Jue reaches out his hand and rubs Ling Xia’s neck. It was evident that he also remembered about it, his eyes darkened as he said: “Is it still painful?”

Ling Xia didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “That was already years ago, how could it still be painful?”

Two people mounted on top of the eagle, with Ling Xia firmly grasping on the rein. Unlike that aggressive bald eagle Chu Yin had ridden years ago, this eagle is simply stable to ride and is docile. It wasn’t for long that they were up in the air, but he certainly had a rough idea on how to maneuver it.

The bald eagle’s speed is extremely fast. Ling Xia inquisitively feels the air meeting him head on, as they sail towards the floating foggy clouds. And not for long, he felt that they were surrounded by misty fogs —— as the bald eagle flew amidst the clouds. He carefully took a glimpse down the ground. He thought that a person’s figure is merely small like ant in comparison. Luckily for him, he don’t have the fear of heights.

Yu Zhi Jue saw a cheerful expression on Ling Xia’s face, that he can’t help himself from lightly smiling as well. This bald eagles flying speed is not as good compared to his Two Headed Flying Serpent, but it’s a pity that he could not remove its seal, since each time the serpent transform, its process of transforming eats up a lot of his energy, just like that time he was anxiously looking for Ling Xia.

Right. The two of us will ride that Two headed Serpent, and I can sit behind Ling Xia again…..

Soon, they finally reached their destination. Ling Xia and Yu Zhi Jue jumps down, and had the numerous cultivators who met them to lead the bald eagle aside. Ling Xia once again wore that silver mask, and use it to hide his appearance.

Yu Zhi Jue coldly asked: “How many people are in there? And at what level are they now?”

The disciple then reverently replied: “Reporting to the Grand Master, a total of five members, three men and two women. They already broke through the fourth level.”

Yu Zhi Jue was somewhat surprised, he didn’t expect that Song Xiao Hu’s speed is this fast!

The first and second level of the tower relied on mechanisms. If the skill of those who came falls too short, then they will not be able to pa.s.s through those trap mechanisms. But it not strange at Song Xiao Hu’s level to overcome them. As long as the people who charges in is able to acquire the spell flag at the center, they will able to pa.s.s through. But the third level, has a different way to trap people. Song Xiao Hu whose geared for battle is not familiar with it at all, however, as a group of five experts, they surely must have a way to comprehend the spell.

Yu Zhi Jue nodded, and brought Ling Xia along to the back door straight to the top of the tower to watch the fight. From here, Song Xiao Hu can’t see them, but they can watch Song Xiao Hu through a film like projection on the surface of the stone wall.

In this so called Ten Restrictive Spells, only starting from level five and above are those high level Dark Arts Cultivators situated. In other words, those high level Dark Arts Cultivators that had time can come and toy with those reckless fools who charges in till their defeated.

Yu Zhi Jue saw the line up of those Dark Arts Cultivators and it made him knit his brows —— These subordinates of his had too much free time! As expected, the work divided among them these days are not that much.

There’s the Left Elder Chu Yin [2], the Right Elder Mei Ji, members of the Six Guardians, The Green Underworld Ke Lan MinErBai and The White Loch Guardian Ming Ze, who also unexpectedly appeared to exchange blows with Song Xiao Hu’s magic double edge sword! On every level, there’s a guarding overseer. And with the use of the projected hologram on the stone wall, they can watch all the fight that is about to go down.

Ling Xia shot a quick glance. He recognises three of those people, but he also know that the rest of them is bad news, so he can’t stop himself from anxiously standing up: “Is Xiao Hu going to be ok? Aren’t these people too ferocious to deal with?”

Yu Zhi Jue gave him a quick glance, then waved his hand. The hologram on the wall flashes, as if it was a television that changes channels. On the screen was a clear and distinct display of a grown up appearance of Song Xiao Hu. Then he patiently explained the ident.i.ty of those several people.

The tower doesn’t look that big from the outside, but from the inside, the size of the area was actually magnified by ten times. This kind of s.p.a.ce controlling technique, had been set up by the previous generations of Dark Arts Masters.

On the fourth Restrictive Spell level, Ling Xia watches Song Xiao Hu move around vigorously. Those child hands from the past is now surprisingly wielding that double edge sword of his!

But of course, he can’t call him a child anymore, since Song Xiao Hu’s stature is tall and his shoulder is wide. His round face became distinctly sharp, and his grape eyes also changes into a long, narrow, and pointedly slant. That dimple on his wheat skinned face is fairly discernible, but that messy spike of his hair is still the same. He somehow saw that cheerfully bright young man is still the same.

Ling Xia was emotionally moved, then at the same time, was delighted as he saw behind him and those people, was Ah Li who was unexpectedly there too! It seems like Song Xiao Hu found it without a hitch! He truly wishes to pounce on Ah Li, and rub its fur well with his hands.

At the back is a junior brother who had a worried smile like he had a constipation. It was Su Mu Zhe who had that loathsome blue hair. Ling Xia didn’t expect that he is among the group since he almost died at the hands of Yu Zhi Jue last time. He even unexpectedly dared to come back this soon. The other junior brother had a red hair and had a look of a smart and stern temperament. He should be the one who gave that loudspeaker device to Song Xiao Hu, and the one with the stiff face, Xiao Hong Yu.

The two junior sisters on the left seems to have the temperament of immortals. The first one is Mu Rong Xue that seemed like she had sprouted from the earth into a blossom in all those years. Ah Li jumped to her shoulder and crouched. The other junior sister is delicately charming and cute, her pair of large eyes was exceptionally bright, yet Ling Xia did not know who she is.

*Cough* The Protagonist’s harem is too large to the extent that my memory of all the members is fuzzy.

Ling Xia had decided. If Song Xiao takes on both of this junior sisters at the same time, he will disguise himself as a ghost and scare Song Xiao Hu! Hmm.. but in overall, the Protagonist’s line up had a heroic atmosphere all over.

Ling Xia can’t help himself from thinking about the Villain’s Legions. Chu Yin’s face had a perverted expression from being excited to kill. Ke Lan MinErBai was carrying her baton on top of her shoulder, eager to have a try fighting them. The demon woman Mei Ji crosses her pair of slender white legs while in the middle of eating grapes. Ming Ze had a gloomy expression on his face as he watches them, thinking about how to make them suffer. Lastly, that old man with white hair Song Zhao Peng, who had a dirty face almost the same as a mad man…..

As expected, rather than heroic, their aura was evil.

He can’t resist holding on to Yu Zhi Jue’s hand as if he was comforting him. Since this troublesome flock was under his command, the Great Villain always comes back every day completely exhausted from work.

Song Xiao Hu and Xiao Hong Yu are sword masters. The two of them attacked together as they break their way in the trials. Song Xiao Hu slashed his sword horizontally, and said with his das.h.i.+ng voice: “Let’s begin.”

In front of him are sixteen people with swords, their bodies trembling. They suddenly form a similar Qian Kun protective stance on a spell diagram.

Then the girl from behind said in an utterly melodious voice: “You guys take the ones on the side, then two people will charge into the center of the formation —— That is the source of the spell.”

Yu Zhi Jue nodded. It seems that this girl figured out the spell’s method.

Song Xiao Hu gripped his sword, his eyes already starting to become clearly acute and focused. He did not looked back, and merely said in a clear voice: “Thanks a lot young lady Shui Ling for the reminders.”

Ling Xia suddenly came into a realization. It turns out, this young lady is Shui Ling, who he had run across to many times by chance in the past. At that time, it was before he was yet to be forced into a punishment by las.h.i.+ng in the Shao Yang Sect. Shui Ling and her older brother Shui Yue had a chat with him many times. In the past, not only Shui Yue invited him to go to the Shui household to exchange techniques in refining equipments, but he also continuously opposes the inevitable unforeseen misfortune(the punishment) after.

He cannot help but be deeply moved. In fact, the total duration of his stay in this world and his encounter with the people in it had not reached a year, but even though the things had remain the same, the people have changed. This time, he must never leave this world again, and he will always be by Ah Jue’s side. As for the other world, there was nothing important there now that he thinks about it.

Song Xiao Hu and Xiao Hong Yu are already starting to break the spell defensive formation.

Xiao Hong Yu is already a master swordsman at a young age. Song Xiao Hu and his sword skills are even on par. With the two of them charging in a joint attack side by side, the both of them were like a shooting star. Song Xiao Hu’s sword-play is beaming with heroism, while Xiao Hong Yu is more of agility. After fighting for half an incense of stick, the chaotic fight was over. Xiao Hong Yu went over to the center of the spell formation, and swung his sword to break the spell diagram!

Ling Xia held his breath as he continued watching, his heart continues to beat in worry. Seeing that Song Xiao Hu didn’t sustain injuries, he let’s out a sigh of relief and smiled as he spoke: “Ah Jue, it seems that Xiao Hu is very strong now!”

Yu Zhi Jue  hummed an unenthusiastic agreement. Ling Xia saw the melancholy on Yu Zhi Jue’s face. He was suddenly reminded of the past where the two of them would compete against each other all the time. He can’t help but find it ridiculous, since in the past, he was praising this kind of thing, but now, he is adamant about it and will do his utmost best to prevent it from happening.

Chapter 15

“They won’t have an easy time after the fifth level.” Yu Zhi Jue continuously watches the hologram on the wall, but in actuality, he don’t know what Ling Xia is thinking about. He said in a quiet voice: “If it was me, it would take not even half the time he spent to climb those four levels. Those people he brought are a burden.”

Ling Xia can’t help but turn to his head beside him and lightly chuckle. This Great Grand Master probably did not realize it, but even though he meant to say those words in collected and humble manner, in reality, he unknowingly implied it in a slight disagreeing meaning.

As Yu Zhi Jue saw him laughing, his face was obviously a bit embarra.s.sed, but he soon returned to his neutral expression.

The Hologram on the stone wall showed that Song Xiao Hu reaches the fifth level without losing a single hair.

The fifth level is guarded by Ke Lan MinErBai. When Ke Lan MinErBai listened to the notification, she knew that blue hair is amongst them, and she immediately rush over without taking a stop to rest. She was seated on a stone chair as she gave a great filler speech[1] and plays around with her baguette size baton, while indifferently sizing up everyone.

She also had a slight impression towards Song Xiao Hu and Mu Rong Xue, knowing that they are Ling Xia’s friends. But since Su Mu Zhe is with them, it’s only natural that she won’t let them easily get through.

“Turning off this barrier is extremely simple.” Ke Lan MinErBai swings her baton downwards on her side. She shouted in an ear-piercing voice, “It’s you five versus me alone. As long as you beat me, then you may pa.s.s through.”

Song Xiao Hu was just about to move, when Su Mu Zhe held his shoulder still: “Xiao Hu, allow me.”

As Ling Xia listened on his side, the corner of his mouth twitches. It hasn’t been that long! and the last time Su Mu Zhe came, he still haven’t met with Song Xiao Hu! How could he call Xiao Hu in a first name basis this quick. It’s clearly thanks to the protagonist’s enormous golden halo.

In the original plot of the protagonist going to battle, because of his stubborn ‘no hitting girls’, he was beaten up by Ke Lan MinErBai till he turned into a ragged doll. But in the end, Ke Lan MinErBai was moved by that unflinching conviction of his, and finally let him to go up. But not for long after Song Xiao Hu presses on……Sigh. Now, Su Mu Zhe is intending to carry the protagonist’s end[2].

Ke Lan Min ErBai looks forwards on testing this Su Mu Zhe and beating him into submission. She gave Su Mu Zhe a disdainful glance and said: “The junior will lose.”

“This junior hasn’t used full strength the last time.” Su Mu Zhe flas.h.i.+ly combed the hair on his forehead back. He spoke with a smile on his face, “Young Lady Ke Lan, If we broke through the top floor of the tower, how about being my wife?”

Ke Lan MinErBai immediately sneered: “Then you can try climbing the top. I won’t use poison beasts this time, so if you win with just me just using my baton, I will let you pa.s.s.”

Su Mu Zhe was eagerly waiting for her to say those words, since if she didn’t, he won’t even have a small chance of victory. He smiled and said: “Then pardon me.” Afterwards he slowly unsheathed his blade, and covered it with the essence of his pure Earth Type Element.

After half an hour had pa.s.sed, the current stage had been totally reduced to ruins. Su Mu Zhe who had purple bruises all over his face raised his blade forward, and pointed it at Ke Lan MinErBai’s neck. He was laughing as he declared: “Young Lady Ke Lan, I won.”

His strength bubbled from his heart that yearns to get married, that within a short time, he the bottleneck of his cultivation and made a breakthrough. He became much more stronger than he was the last time.

Ke Lan MinErBai narrowed her eyes, as the baton in her hand was disarmed by Su Mu Zhe. She snorted loudly and said: “I lost.”

Even though it was that case, she suddenly brutally roundhouse kicked Su Mu Zhe in the crotch. Then took that opportuninty to nimbly fly backwards, landed, and sat on top of the stone chair.

Ling Xia watched with a dark look. Judging by the sound of his voice and the way he looks, Su Mu Zhe’s eggs must have cracked.

Su Mu Zhe miserably shrieked as he covered his crotch. It took a long time for to stand crookedly, then he spats out a few grieving words: “If it can’t be use anymore, don’t you blame me later…..”

Mu Rong Xue and Shui Ling both blushed upon hearing it, but Ke Lan MinErBai remained poised, not in the least coy. She only disdainfully looked down on Su Mu Zhe while pointing her finger: “You all can go up. But I must warned you, the next level defender is not someone who talks as much as I have.”

Ling Xia hurriedly takes a look on the next level, and his brow suddenly wrinkled —— it was the blood demon Chu Yin.

Chu Yin practices all related to blood dark arts, and accomplished it using evil ways. During his battles, he slashes his arms and use his blood as his weapon, but this kind of magic technique of self-harm would take ten to half a month to slowly heal up. In the past, Yu Zhi Jue burned his arm off and it took a very long time to regrow.

It is reasonable to say that, the higher the level, the stronger they get. But since Chu Yin is not prohibited in fighting battles violently, he became more and more fond of doing it that way. He lacked the regard to morality, and sucking blood is his second nature. It’s no doubt that these two young ladies, Mu Rong Xue and Shui Ling are in danger in this level.

Chu Yin’s clothes is that same dazzling red clothes. His eyes are excitedly narrowed, and he licks the corner of his mouth repeatedly in antic.i.p.ation. He was already itching to suck blood, and he had all these people to himself. Every person here surely have a captivating tastes of their own.

That bald eagle from the past had already ascended to level eight now. It was crouching beside Chu Yin, and his head plumes that was burned down by Ah Li also grew back. It’s eyes was extremely sharp, and when it saw Ah Li on Mu Rong Xue’s shoulders, it gave a loud angry cry —— Last time because of the Snow Flame’s doing! That it wasn’t able to have a mate before! Otherwise, why would it be a bachelor for so long?!

Ah Li jumps down, and its body became larger till it was much bigger than a huge leopard. It’s blood red eyes seemed like it was ignited in flames as it stared back at that Bald Eagle and Chu Yin. If not for this red clothed man, Ah Li and Ling Xia would not be separated in sea and get stranded on an uninhabited island for many years. Song Xiao Hu found it two years ago that it only then came back.

These two enemies magic beast glared at each other furiously, and at once, attacked at the same time.

The first one had a favorable high ground to take off, while the other could move in lightning speed, and within that short time, the two sides were equally matched.

Chu Yin hardly paid attention. He only glued his sights to Song Xiao Hu below him and said with a smile: “Oh~~I remember you~~What are you finding the Grand Master for?”

Song Xiao Hu is not the same as before, he’s not perturbed by that look attentively watching him. He resolutely and decisively said: “Of course its to bring him back! So how are we gonna pa.s.s through this level?”

Chu Yin laughs as he look down, his laugh was extremely jubilant, his eyes exhibiting a gorgeous red color.

This kind of look of not having fear, it made him most excited. This is the man worthy of his preference, and at this moment, he already grew up to be a very delicious delicacy……

He licked his lips from feeling the thirst and said with a smile: “If you do not die within an hour, then I’ll let you pa.s.s~ Oh, I’m saying that to all of you~”

Even though he was watching through a hologram, Ling Xia still trembled all over from that frantic, malicious, excited laugh of his. Chu Yin is a s.a.d.i.s.t. When Song Xiao Hu and Yu Zhi Jue is still young, Chu Yin had toyed with them without holding back his strength. But now that he’s facing Song Xiao Hu who became dazzling, then the outcome is unclear.

“Don’t worry, they’re not helpless.” Yu Zhi Jue noticed Ling Xia’s lips turning pale from worry, and turned off the hologram on the wall without the slightest hesitation, “You’ve been watching for so long, you need a bit of rest.”

Ling Xia is indeed anxious. He indeed have been standing for hours watching, but isn’t it more tiring for Song Xiao Hu and the others who were fighting for so long? He examined Yu Zhi Jue’s resolute look, and finally gives in and sat down. Actually, this has the same importance as broadcasting the Olympics. Even though later on, the victor would be announced in the news, but it gives a hair raising feeling when watching it with one’s own eyes. But him watching anxiously also won’t do a thing, since he could not rush to Song Xiao Hu and help him in any way at all.

He worriedly said: “I believe in Xiao Hu, but getting injured is surely inevitable…….Do Xiao Hu and the others have to continuously charge through? Can’t they take a moment of break in between?”

“Ok. After an hour, I’ll announce that this shall continue the next morning.” Yu Zhi Jue leisurely walks towards Ling Xia’s side, a deep and serene meaning that Ling Xia knows well clouded his dazzling eyes. “We could do that other thing instead for the meantime.”

“……”Ling Xia’s heart thudded. He can’t help but raise one of his leg and kicked him, “Yu Zhi Jue, Xiao Hu is in a life or death situation over there! How can you have the mood to do that kind of thing!”

Ling Xia was both furious and abashed, his face flushed bright red.

It’s definitely a lie when he said they’re taking a rest, aren’t they just gonna waste more energy doing that?

Yu Zhi Jue loosened his grip of that leg on his side, and took advantage of the situation to snuggle closer to him: “It’s already the other day[3], and it’s evening now  —— we agreed about it before.”

Yu Zhi Jue was annoyed that things got out of his plans, and he waited for so long already, he will not let anything get into the way of doing that.

Ling Xia’s leg was forced to keep his leg on to Yu Zhi Jue’s body to keep his balance in standing. By the time he realized, the other person already stripping his clothes and suddenly breaths out burning hot air heavily —— Why is it possible for Yu Zhi Jue to be turned on in this situation? This is not that kind of thing you have to do in accordance with your biological clock, ok? 

“Don’t be like this, Ah Jue……..” Ling Xia was hard-pressed on struggling and pulling his leg back, “I’m not in the mood right now, and this is not the place…….”

Yu Zhi Jue kept hold of his leg, intentionally rubbing it. His gaze was burning as he said: “We can do it while standing, let’s give it a try.”

“…….Do it on your own!” Ling Xia’s face was quickly tinted with dark red. His mouth was blocked after. Yu Zhi Jue pulled his clothes open and grabbed his sensitive part, then delicately stroke it.

Ling Xia was stupefied, yet his body heats up.

He really intended to make do with standing and do it, with clothes on…..

Ling Xia believed that all of his three views will be ruined[4].

He closes his eyes and gasps for breath. His back was leaning on an ice cold stone wall, his legs were spread apart and was raised in the air, and because of extreme feeling of shame, his body was shaking restlessly all over.

“Your middle part is too tense…..” Yu Zhi Jue panted in a low voice. He spreads Ling Xia’s legs wider apart, then inserted the tip bit by bit.

Ling Xia understands that this is inevitable. He sulkily hugged Yu Zhi Jue’s neck tight and chomped on his ear, and in return for his action, the other person attacks him fiercely. When the tip finally hits that sweet spot, Ling Xia could only let go of Yu Zhi Jue’s ear and weakly gasps.

Every time he falls, he had that feeling of weightlessness. And when it penetrated, it was also a bit deeper than usual. Ling Xia’s tears unconsciously drips down, and small moans that he couldn’t keep in came out from his throat: “Wa- wait, I still want to meet… with Xiao Hu…don’t… Ahh!”

Yu Zhi Jue’s eyes was burning with purple haze. He discontentedly speeds up, and buried his tip much deeper.

How can Ling Xia still think of other men right now? 

He saw Ling Xia’s lips half opened.  Ling Xia’s eyes seemed to carry a look of a misty and muddled feeling of bewilderment. And with that, Yu Zhi Jue was perfectly contented as he hugged Ling Xia’s waist and delicately messed him up. He left a red mark on every kisses and nibbles on Ling Xia’s neck.

Ling Xia did not know how long had pa.s.sed, but he’s legs went completely soft. Then Yu Zhi Jue made Ling Xia straddle him on the stone chair and continued playing with him.

His legs was parted apart on both sides of Yu Zhi Jue’s body. He curled his toes on the surface with difficulty, and felt that their sitting was somehow unstable. He could only hold onto Yu Zhi Jue’s shoulder, and be swayed along by Yu Zhi Jue’s movements. Yu Zhi Jue slowly stirred him up, his big movements joining them together. The uncomfortable feeling from his thrusting started to feel good for Ling Xia, that the feeling from both of his leg was almost numbing.

His muddleheaded thoughts, made Ling Xia’s half naked appearance more alluring. Ling Xia pulled Yu Zhi Jue’s collar open, revealing his s.e.xy collarbone and a part of his pale and solid pecs. It doesn’t matter if its for revenge or not, but Ling Xia wanted to get closer and bite them.

This seducing complexion makes this Lao Zi wants to bite you to death! 

Yu Zhi Jue properly positioned Ling Xia’s waist for a moment, then he moved wantonly after. Ling Xia’s strength-less hand hanged in empty air, and the scenery before his eyes broke into fragments in every thrusts. He could only shamefully lets out countless helpless melody of pleading, making his intestine turned green.

It was miraculous that the chair surprisingly did not gave out from all that swaying!

Yu Zhi Jue stopped at last. He composedly tidied his disheveled clothes and on the order of continuing the match tomorrow.

Ling Xia who had no strength left, was held in Yu Zhi Jue’s arms. The flush on his face had not yet receded, and his throat was sore as if he caught a cold.

How can I still have the face to meet with Xiao Hu and Ah Li right now?

He uncomfortable squirmed his lower waist, and what happened next made him feel extremely shameful.

Yu Zhi Jue wiped that traces of unknown liquid that flows down, then tied Ling Xia’s sash and fixed his clothes. He asked in a comforting like tone: “Are you feeling unwell? Let’s go back and clean you up well.”

“…….You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Ling Xia gritted his teeth as he fumed with rage, “After this I won’t let you do it outside anymore!”

They were doing this uncensored pa pa pa thing while Song Xiao Hu and the others are bravely fighting a b.l.o.o.d.y match……As he realizes it, Ling Xia could not raise his head out of disgrace. Really degenerate of himself! It’s as if he’s following the evil path along with the Villain! He grinds his teeth as he glared at Yu Zhi Jue.

In the end, the place was uncomfortable, and Yu Zhi Jue was not completely satisfied. But Ling Xia’s expressions and reactions nevertheless made his mood better.

He likes it when Ling Xia expresses himself this way in front of him that he normally won’t show to others. Ling Xia’s uncaring att.i.tude on how strong his tone of anger towards him, and the way Ling Xia obviously glare at him out of embarra.s.sment makes his heart throb. This makes him earnestly feel, that he has a special place in Ling Xia’s heart.

Yu Zhi Jue once again opened the hologram, Song Xiao Hu and Chu Yin’s battle had already ended.

Ling Xia breathes in air to recover a bit of his stamina, and hastily moved closer to watch. That pervert Chu Yin’s red clothes had been greatly damaged, and his right arm was missing from it’s rightful place. It was evident that he had used his arms again as his weapon, but his face still remained nonchalant, even though under his foot is a pool of burning blood flame.

f.u.c.king h.e.l.l! All of this madman’s battle is truly too much to take in, since he frequently break his limbs off like a lizard snapping his tail off…..

Song Xiao Hu had similar looking bruises on his body, and each breath he takes was laborious. He was forced to use his Lightning Scythe —— in the past, he had that lightning type chain weapon secretly hanging on his neck. Su Mu Zhe was out of luck when his blood was sucked by Chu Yin. The three men was also guarding the two girls behind them, so the battle was exceptionally exhausting.

Chu Yin had no regards whether they’re men or women, so he excitedly attacks with no distinction.

The battle between two magic beast also ended with a determined outcome. That bald eagle landed behind Chu Yin. Its beautiful plumage had been burned off by Ah Li, and it was s.h.i.+vering as if it was a chicken that has completely molted. It was clear that it has lost the battle. Ah Li proudly turned back to it’s smaller size figure. Even though it has a numerous b.l.o.o.d.y scars, Ah Li’s expression was still

Ling Xia breaths a sigh of relief. There were already some people who went up to the tower and announced Yu Zhi Jue’s command, saying that the challenge shall continue tomorrow.

Chu Yin gave a sly smile as he said: “En ~~ I am very pleased this time ~ I’ll be looking forward for the next time ~ I’ll be playing with you more so don’t you get killed ~”

Song Xiao Hu’s body shuddered in cold, and soon, Chu Yin was out of sight.

That bald eagle was already despairing from the outcome of this major event, his plumage also decreases by a lot. It was crying in tears as it flapped it wings and follow Chu Yin from behind.

Mu Rong Xue and Shui Ling hastily casted healing spells on them. It took them around three hours on all the past levels, and they know that the preceding levels will also increase in difficulty, so they will make use of this moment to regain their strength.

Ling Xia was both glad and rueful as he watches them. Mu Rong Xue’s medical techniques had improved in leaps and bounds during the past years. When she placed her hand on top of Song Xiao Hu’s injured arm, a faint blue light emerges, and those sinister wounds that can be seen with the naked eyes slowly stopped bleeding and started forming a scab.

He impatiently wanted to go to those people he knew. But if he go now, won’t he drag down Song Xiao Hu’s morale? Although this novel had a lot of plot twist, them being under hazing is also one of it. Song Xiao Hu clearly have not received the news of his awakening, but that blue haired Su Mu Zhe was with them, didn’t ‘you know that male lover?’ slip from his mouth? Just thinking about that scene made him have this expression 囧 囧.

f.u.c.k! How can I explain it simply to Song Xiao Hu that this pure blood-thirsty stallion character Yu Zhi Jue and I are having a game of ‘La la la catch me if you can’ without making him feel deceived?  

And say ‘Xiao Hu, will you give your blessing to me and Ah Jue?’. I don’t know what kind of face he would make…..

Yu Zhi Jue quickly noticed the change in his mood. He said in a low voice: “Do you want to go now?”

Ling Xia hesitatingly replied: “But if I go now, I’ll just disturb Xiao Hu and the other’s focus on their fight.”

The corner of Yu Zhi Jue’s mouth suddenly rises up. He walked closer to him and rubs himself against Ling Xia’s back, his voice carrying a hard to conceal desire: “Ok, we can also continue what were doing.”

“……” Ling Xia’s string of patience finally snapped as he roared, “You be the bottom then we’ll continue!”

“Aren’t I at the bottom earlier?” The pupil of Yu Zhi Jue’s handsome eyes widen, his almond eyes slightly raised, as if he was playing innocent.

“…….” He is too shameless! How can Yu Zhi Jue be so thick-skinned right now?

Ling Xia’s face flushed from anger. He enunciated every bit of his next words: “……..Touch me again and I won’t let you do it anymore!”

Chapter 16

On the next day, Song Xiao Hu and the others faces the White Loch Guardian Ming Ze.

Ling Xia was somewhat worried, because the story line was entirely different. In the original, Ming Ze did not partic.i.p.ated in the fight.

In the hologram, Ming Ze maintained his stern and expressionless face. He draws his hands up, his body emitted a strong killing aura. He didn’t say any filler words, and only revealed threads of energy in his hands. All of a sudden, around ten puppets appeared, surrounded, and encircled the five of them.

Song Xiao Hu shouted loudly, as he shot a thunder bolts on the two puppet in front of him, toasting and breaking them into pieces. But even though those puppets had only hand and one leg remaining, they can still move as if they were ghosts, and their attacks was getting stronger instead.

Ah Li draws his energy and restored his body to full form. It shot powerful flames to support Song Xiao Hu and his moves, burning up to three to four puppets in the process. Xiao Hong Yu and Su Mu Zhe protected the two girls while deflecting the attacks of the other puppets.

Ming sneered for a moment, then controlled the energy attributes input of each refined puppets. His shook his little finger slightly, and suddenly, a white arm drilled out of the ground. It caught hold of Mu Rong Xue’s ankle and drags her down. Mu Rong Xue cried out in fear, so Xiao Hong Yu ran to her and slashed the tip of his sword towards that white arm. But it was too late, and Mu Rong Xue disappeared underground.

“Protect Shui Ling!” Su Mu Zhe summoned his Land Crawling Beast and immediately gave chase.

Shui Ling summoned a flying device and stood on top of it in haste to dodge the puppets’ attacks. She shouted: “Xiao Hu, capture the dark puppet master first!”

Song Xiao Hu suddenly came into a realization, he quickly jumped high to dodge the puppets attacking in front of him, and directly went over to Ming Ze and stab him.

Ming Ze predicted that he will come nearer, so before Song Xiao Hu’s sword landed on him, a Golden Type puppet appeared from behind him and blocked Song Xiao Hu’s blade with its arm that has the same durability as metals.

The profound expression in Ming Ze’s eyes deepened. He extended his right hand with five sharp nails, and sharply pierced through Song Xiao Hu’s abdomen in a fast speed. Even though Song Xiao Hu can conjure a powerful barrier on his body now, but he was still drenched in blood from that attack.

Song Xiao Hu reacted quickly, and sent a flying kick towards Ming Ze’s head. Ming Ze blocked with his hands and was thrown three meters back, then Song Xiao Hu slashes his sword against the arm of the Golden Type Element puppet, but the blade of his sword could not withstand the durability of the puppet and it slightly cracked.

Meanwhile, that Earth Type puppet that grabbed Mu Rong Xue appeared from the underground, and uses its long and sharp glowing blue nails to clasps on Mu Rong Xue’s neck. Ming Ze had a satisfied expression in his eyes as he quietly said: “Stop, all of you. Or else I’ll kill her.”

Su Mu Zhe sustained heavy injuries, and with the incompletely healed injury of the leg of his Land Crawling beast from the last time, in the end, they were a step too slow.

In one moment, everyone stared blankly and stopped. Ling Xia who was steadily watching from the hologram, is now frightened out of his wits and his head dripping with sweat. The speed of the battle was too fast, it was too much for his eyes to take it all in at once, so much so that he wasn’t able to react at all.Mu Rong Xue was already unconscious, as she was grabbed by Ming Ze like a small chick.

Song Xiao Hu sheathed his sword, and said in a loud and clear voice: “What are you planning? Are you using a defenseless woman, to force us to surrender?”Ming Ze’s face was cold and gloomy, not in the least paying attention to Song Xiao Hu. He knows that there’s two set of eyes watching behind him, and merely replied as if he wants it to be over: “It’s best for you all to concede defeat and leave, if not, I will strangle her then.”

Mu Rong Xue groaned in pain as she regained consciousness. She said with a pale face: “Don’t worry about me elder brother Song. No matter what happened, all I ask is that the Holy Maiden Peak elders be saved…..”

She wasn’t done speaking yet, when Ming Ze buried his nails deeper on her fragile neck. Ling Xia and Song Xiao Hu both exclaimed at the same time: “Don’t!”Ling Xia clenched his fist. From Murong Xue’s words, it became clear for him, that Yu Zhi Jue must have taken a hold of the Holy Maiden Peak. In the original plot, this event happened right after Yu Zhi Jue was coronated as the Demon King. Is it because of him that it happened in an earlier timeline?

His mind was thrown into chaos, he can’t absolutely comprehend Yu Zhi Jue’s motives. The Holy Maiden Peak is one of the most renowned and talked about Righteous Sect. Although there’s a lot of corrupted Righteous Sect, and each of them had their own governments that leads to disorder, but Yu Zhi Jue’s position in power is also unstable….

He originally believed that he can prevent a lot of events from happening…..Ling Xia bits his lips.

Yu Zhi Jue merely fixed his gaze at Ling Xia. Seeing Ling Xia’s face paled, he condemned Mu Rong Xue and her words. His eyes suddenly flashes with killing intent —— As expected, I shouldn’t have let these people in!Ming Ze coldly replied: “Still not conceding?”

His fingernails contained highly poisonous toxins. Mu Rong Xue’s neck that was bleeding already starting to turned purple. Her whole body twitching from pain.He knows that Song Xiao Hu and the Grand Master are childhood friends, so he naturally won’t allow Song Xiao Hu to stay for long. Yu Zhi Jue is most likely watching, so he won’t be able to kill them for the time being. But, he absolutely won’t allow these people to leave the Dark Arts Sect territory!Any one who will have a dangerous influence on the Grand Master, he will make them all peris.h.!.+

“The Holy Maiden Peak’s elders will be rescued, ” Song Xiao Hu’s eyes shone brightly, and stared back at Ming Ze without blinking, “and I will also save Miss Mu Rong Xue. I will definitely take back Ah Jue as well!”He said and slightly bowed, his body faintly glowing with gentle light, then that light turned into a dragon form enveloping his body, bursting into white rays of lights, oppressing any person from making a move.

Ling Xia was amazed. It was obviously one of the most amazing finis.h.i.+ng moves of the protagonist —— he could already casts the powerful Rising Sun Dragon?!This is a power that can go against the power of the G.o.ds, but it’s weak point is that it can only be used once, and then Song Xiao Hu will fall into coma for several days, therefore it should not be rashly squandered. In the novel, he only uses this power for two to three times.

Witnessing the novel’s Villain’s growth faster than in the original, and now the protagonists as well! It’s a plot twist!

The omnipotent aura pressured Ming Ze that he’s almost unable to breath. Even the other people in the tower could feel the tremor inside the tower. Song Xiao Hu closes his eyes and entered in zen mode, his white glow illuminated the whole place. The range of his sight reaches far of what he desire, and every movement that entered his vision moves several hundred times slower.

He was determined, that before Ming Ze’s nails pierces into Mu Rong Xue, he will take her back!

Yu Zhi Jue’s brow tightly creases, he inwardly curses ‘not good’. His previous battle with Song Xiao Hu, the other guy didn’t possesses this kind of power.

The most important force that supports this tower is the Dark Arts of Restrictive Spells, but as the Restrictive Spells was illuminated by Song Xiao Hu’s light, it actually disintegrated in snowflake sizes, and slowly dissipated everywhere. He feared that once the Restrictive Spells was broken, the entire tower would collapse as a result.

If the tower, the Dark Arts Sects most important symbol, collapses due to a few young Righteous Sect cultivators, they will be turned into a laughing stock for sure. There might be even several Dark Art Sects that may use this as an excuse and attack the main sect.

When Song Xiao Hu’s luminescence about to reach it maximum capacity, Yu Zhi Jue coldly declared on time: “White Loch Guardian, its your lost. Let them proceed to the next level.”

Ming Ze was pressured down by that light, he was unable to make a move at all. Hearing Yu Zhi Jue’s command, he did not dare to disobey, and releases his hold on the completely weakened Mu Rong Xue. The blood and chi on his stomach churning.Song Xiao had just conjure this power, so his control over it was unstable. He reached his hands out on a conditioned reflex and catches Mu Rong Xue, his surging power reaches its peak and suddenly exploded like a nuclear warhead.

If he uses up this power, Song Xia Hu will enter into a coma after. Su Mu Zhe and Xiao Hong Yu steps in front of him and supported him at each of his side. An earthquake happened at the next moment, and the tower is beginning to cave in!

The scene that was played on the hologram suddenly turned static. Ling Xia wobbled unsteadily while standing, so Yu Zhi Jue held his waist, then leads him out of the place. Ling Xia impatiently grabbed his arm and said: “Quick, save Xiao Hu!”Yu Zhi Jue hesitated for a moment, then he casts a protective barrier. He turned his back on Ling Xia and was about to run towards Song Xia Hu’s location. When all of a sudden, countless big boulders rained down from above, and Ling Xia was submerged into darkness, making him feel rapidly falling down or possibly floating up. He can’t see anything at all, making him feel more restless.

Then suddenly, his surrounding went dead silent, and the shaking of the surroundings abruptly disappeared. Yu Zhi Jue who was embracing Ling Xia tightly stood up in his two feet and stood firmly. He said with his brows knitted: “Something’s wrong.”

Their surroundings was pitched black, but the scenery unexpectedly turned into countless winding and interconnecting rugged hidden paths —— This tower surprisingly had a hidden area within the Restrictive Spell.

And so, they treaded within those paths. Perhaps Song Xiao, Ming Ze, and the others had also fell inside.

Ling Xia could not see in the darkness, so he took out a small light producing device, and saw the numerous zigzagging pathways around him. It appears that it was some sort of a labyrinth.

He astonis.h.i.+ngly said: “What’s going on?”

Yu Zhi Jue seemed to be pondering, his face revealing a slight amuse expression: “I’ve read this myth in one of the Qian Kun Sect books. It says that the tower’s spell is run by a Dark Arts device, however, it has been searched for ages but it was not found —— so its possible that it had been hidden away within the inner area of the Restrictive Spell. It’s no wonder no one could find it! Who would have thought that it would appear once the Restricting spell had been broken down?”

Ling Xia finally came into a realization, his body suddenly turning rigid. He definitely knows what that thing is!

That object is called Mu Xiao. It was a condensed evil spirits of Dark Arts Cultivators that was acc.u.mulated for several ten thousand of years. Its power is too enormous and vicious, and it attracts people with greatest desires. After Yu Zhi Jue obtained it, he became more crazy and evil demon. It has become his ultimate weapon on destroying the world later on! It seems that when the tower had accidentally collapsed, this object have also appeared in this world ahead of time!

He nervously grabbed Yu Zhi Jue’s arm firmly, and struggled to jump down. No matter what, he will never allow that thing to fall on Yu Zhi Jue’s hands.

Yu Zhi Jue noticed his nervousness, and only thought that Ling Xia was worried about Song Xiao Hu and the others. He pulled Ling Xia by the hand and said: “Don’t worry, just follow me.”

“All right. We don’t know where Song Xiao Hu and the others fell down. And they are all injured……” Ling Xia cautiously studied the surrounding of the trails, it appears that they are all identical, with no unusual spot in any of them.

Yu Zhi Jue then felt that there is some kind of power calling out to him within the darkness, luring him to go towards it. He pulled Ling Xia along and went directly to it, his eyes faintly glowing purple.

Ling Xia felt Yu Zhi Jue’s body becoming scalding hot, so different from his usual cool temperature. He was somewhat worried: “Ah Jue?”

“I’m all right.” Yu Zhi Jue held back the sudden blood thirsty feeling in his heart. His eyes slightly narrowed: “There’s something ahead of use, it’s beckoning for me to come.”

He lost track of how long have they been walking, but Ling Xia felt that his breathing became more and more heavier. Yu Zhi Jue remained tight-lipped for quite some time now, while his walking is getting faster and faster. Ling Xia suddenly felt a burst of chilliness from the bottom of his heart.

While he was worrying about asking him, Yu Zhi Jue suddenly stopped. A wall appeared in front of them, and it strongly vibrated —— on the surface of the wall appeared a door.

Yu Zhi Jue unconsciously lets go of Ling Xia’s hand, his eyes completely turning purple. He opened the door and directly went inside, and in the room, there’s only a single table. On top of it is seemingly ordinary light lamp.

Ling Xia felt something wasn’t right. He anxiously blocked the path in front of Yu Zhi Jue and said: “Ah Jue, don’t touch it!”

Yu Zhi Jue turned a deaf ear. He immediately avoided him and continued walking forward. He held that light lamp with his right hand and lifted it up. That magical device lit up with a strange purple light, illuminating his exquisite face that seemed incorporeal.

Flood of thoughts bursts like fireworks inside Yu Zhi Jue’s mind. Magnifying it, and pulling out his deepest desire buried within.

His desire to become much more stronger, his desire to control everything……His desire to destroy!

Destroy those who sneered at him, and this ugly world that humiliated him!Destroy those who harmed this man named Ling, destroy those eyesore hedgehog hair and that snow flame…..

Who is this talking in front of him? This person’s body is carrying a maddening attractive smell…..

He wanted him so much, he wanted to press this man beneath him, and swallow him in his belly, so that this man’s flesh and blood will merge with his…..

Ling Xia alarmingly watched as Yu Zhi Jue slowly come nearer to him with the light lamp in his hand. Yu Zhi Jue’s eyes already turned into a dense purple color, penetratingly staring at him with a serpent like gloom and cold greed. It was unusually terrifying.

He can’t help but s.h.i.+ver. He hastily moved in front of Yu Zhi Jue, wanting to pry that object from his hand: “Ah Jue, give it to me…..”

In the next moment, he was pushed down by Yu Zhi Jue, unable to make a move. The light from that object in his hand disappeared in an instance without a trace.Yu Zhi Jue looked down on that body beneath him and greedily sniffed the palm of his prey’s hands. He said with an intimate and crazy pitch of his voice: “You are mine!”

Chapter 17

Ling Xia was pushed down on the cold floor, the lamp magic device on Yu Zhi Jue’s hand tumbling on the side. Because it lost its source of energy, the light in it was extinguished at once.

The scene before Ling Xia’s eyes was abruptly engulfed in darkness, and he closes his eyes out of reflex. Suddenly, he felt a pain from his neck —— Yu Zhi Jue had bitten his neck!

The force on his bites was not the usual affectionate way. Yu Zhi Jue sank his lips and teeth frantically on his body, making Ling Xia quivered in pain.

He knows that Yu Zhi Jue most likely was under the influence of that object, so he tried his to best calm Yu Zhi Jue down: “Ah Jue, don’t be like this. Quickly give me that thing…..”

“So sweet….” Yu Zhi Jue’s purple eyes stared in daze, he kept licking the blood that stained Ling Xia’s shoulder. He bit down on his neck with great force, and more thick blood that wafts with herbal scent seeps out. He was unsatisfied with the mouthful of blood he gulps down, so he sinks his teeth deeper in that flesh, and bit the delicate skin on his neck until it was badly lacerated.

Ling Xia can’t held in his cries, his whole body soaked in cold sweat. He exerted his strength to push Yu Zhi Jue, but his strength is comparable to a mayfly against a tree. And because of that, Yu Zhi Jue clutched both of his hands and pinned it on top of his head.

Yu Zhi Jue noticed the skin of his prey in his grasps s.h.i.+vering. His sights quickly s.h.i.+fted to that trembling pale lips of the other person. He had the impulse, to let it dye in blood……He licked his blood soaked lips and soon began kissing Ling Xia’s lips, that it made Ling Xia groan in pain and shrink back, but his hands was fastened firmly on top of his body.

Both his lips and tongue were captured and nipped, his body throbbing in an unbearable stinging pain…..Ling Xia felt ill and pained, and Yu Zhi Jue almost suffocated him from his unstopping kisses. He hardened his heart as he bites down Yu Zhi Jue’s tongue, thinking that it would cool his head. But just as he did it, Yu Zhi Jue pinched his jaw firmly, saying ‘stop it’ in a soft voice. Ling Xia was alarmed to find that he can’t move his jaw, making him incapable of swallowing his saliva that overflowed from the corner of his mouth.

It’s as if he finally realizes it, he groaned softly later on, as Yu Zhi Jue strikes multiple nerve(acupuncture) points on his body. He felt a sudden pain on his arms and legs at the next moment, then Ling Xia became like a doll, rigidly lying on the ground, completely unable to move.

The prey under his grasp had finally stopped resisting and pus.h.i.+ng. Yu Zhi Jue was satisfied as he tear Ling Xia’s clothes open, nibbling and biting his body. He left behind his mark on every inch of Ling Xia’s skin.

Ling Xia’s heart was already panicking to the point of being terrified. He was speechless since he didn’t think this would happen. He could only let out several weak sobs like he was a small animal, provoking Yu Zhi Jue’s excitement even further.

When Ling Xia felt a fiery hot and hard object on top of his inner leg, his gut twitches and twisted into a ball.

Right now, he can still move his lower waist, so desperately pulled it back. But Yu Zhi Jue quickly lifted both of his powerless legs, and leaned them on both sides of his shoulder, his next goal is self-evident.

Ling Xia stared back in fear to this beast-like man with purple eyes as he lifted his legs in the air. His heart seemed like it will jump out of his chest. Since the day he had been in this strange world, no matter what kind of danger he faces, he never felt this much afraid. But this fact of Yu Zhi Jue hurting him, it made his heart suddenly contract.

His chest undulating rapidly, his stomach twisting in pain. He can already determine what’s gonna happen next.

Since its bound to happen, Ling Xia just gave up and closes his eyes. Because of his fear and pain, tears overflowed in the corner of his eyes and wordlessly flows down on his cheeks. Maybe because he lost too much blood, that his body started to feel cold, and his head began spinning.

Yu Zhi Jue was breathing roughly, he was already so hard that he can’t held himself back anymore. He was eager to enter, imagining that this body would be so warm, it makes a man intoxicated. How good will it feel if he do it.

But when a tear drops on the ground, the sound it made seemed like it resonated a thousand times louder. His movements became rigid because of it, and Yu Zhi Jue lifted his head in daze. He was met with that translucent sparkling tears.

There was a voice in his mind that seemed like it was saying something to him, and countless scenes flashed in his mind.

This man made him stronger, gave him encouragement, and protected him…..

He likes this man so much, he want to protect him the most, and he will not allow anyone to hurt this person.

Yu Zhi Jue’s breathing was rough and course, he desperately scratch the ground to restrained himself, that the stone slab was left with a gaping hole. The purple light in his eyes slowly disappearing, and was finally restored to its clear and bright state.

Yu Zhi Jue’s pupil shrank, he could not believe what he was seeing. He gently puts Ling Xia’s legs down, and thought of removing the strain on his nerve points. However, Ling Xia’s body trembled more violently.

He thought process stopped. Yu Zhi Jue silently released the strain on the nerve points on Ling Xia’s legs and arms, then carefully relocated Ling Xia’s jaw.

Ling Xia’s body was full of bite injuries, but the wounds on his necks was the most terrifying, and the floor was dyed with bloodstains. Yu Zhi Jue did not think too much, he just apologetically lick those cuts softly. He noticed that, because of his movement, Ling Xia’s shoulder s.h.i.+vered tremendously, and could only think of resisting and retreating back.

“Ling, don’t be afraid…..” Yu Zhi Jue did his best to comfortingly stroke Ling Xia’s convulsing body, who almost forgot to breath from nervousness.

Hearing his familiar voice, Ling Xia slowly opened his eyes. His eyes that was somewhat soulless finally regained its focus. He gazes steadily at that troubled and guilty phoenix eyes in front of him. What happened earlier seemed like it was just an illusion.

But when he caught sight of those purple and b.l.o.o.d.y wounds on his body, it proved that earlier was the reality. He was so angry he ruthlessly bit Yu Zhi Jue’s arm —— f.u.c.k! Yu Zhi Jue was just eager the last time, but he was definitely frighteningly forceful this time.

However, his mouth didn’t have strength, and the muscles up to his ears was sore. He a.s.sumed that it must be the after effect of his jaw just being fixed. He breaths in a mouthful of air, his tension finally eases. He was both alarmed and afraid as he spat a cuss: “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

He thought that he was gonna die, that he won’t survive from being f.u.c.ked! If he died in this way this time, he felt that he won’t have the face to go back again!

Yu Zhi Jue hugged him tightly, his heart throbbing in a fast rate. Fortunately he didn’t went out of control……He vowed that he won’t let this person get harmed——even by him.

He softly kisses away the lingering fear on Ling Xia’s forehead and nose, and uses the most gentle strength on his lips. Even though he did it this way, Ling Xia still grimaced in pain.

Yu Zhi Jue was full of regrets as he took out the medicine and bandages. He carefully wiped the blood on Ling Xia’s upper body for him, then cleaned the wounds. After he was done, he took out a set of clean clothes from his pouch and dresses Ling Xia in it.

Ling Xia lied weakly on Yu Zhi Jue’s chest. Perhaps too much scare and blood loss, causes his stomach to cramp in pain, and lose the feeling in all of his powerless limbs.

He was still concerned about that d.a.m.n object, so he weakly pulled Yu Zhi Jue’s cuff: “Ah Jue, about that magic device? That thing is too strange, you must not take it.”

Yu Zhi Jue kissed his forehead and said: “Just take a good rest, and don’t worry about it. I know how to handle that object.”

Due to Yu Zhi Jue’s gentle and soft tone, Ling Xia weakly uttered ‘en’, and his taught nerves relaxes at once. He soon felt tired and fell into sleep.

Seeing Ling Xia sleeping in his arms, Yu Zhi Jue’s appearance gradually turned grave and stern.

A flash of purple light gleamed in his eyes, and the corner of his mouth emerges into a disdainful smile.

Because of this Mu Xiao, he was forced to go out of control?

In that case, he’ll have to see, whether he will overpower it, or this Mu Xiao will overpower him.

As soon as Ling Xia woke up, he found himself lying on Yu Zhi Jue’s arms. Yu Zhi Jue maintained his sitting position all this time as he kept him in his embrace. It seems that he didn’t had a change anymore.

He hurriedly struggled to get up, even though he hadn’t regain his balance, but he’s not that injured anymore: “Ah Jue, how long had pa.s.sed?”

Yu Zhi Jue quickly stopped him, and carried him up. He said: “It’s been two hours. I’ll carry you while we look for them.”

Before them was still the same countless lanes. Ling Xia wanted to jump down and walked on his own, since he cannot let Xiao Hu see him being carried by Yu Zhi Jue, can he?

Yu Zhi Jue quickly stopped him and said: “They’re already nearby.”

Indeed, not for so long, arguing voices is heard ahead of them. Yu Zhi Jue’s eyes darkened——Ming Ze are having a standoff against Xiao Hong Yu and Su Mu Zhe, while the Snow Flame was guarding the unconscious Song Xiao Hu and Mu Rong Xue together with Shui Ling.

“White Loch Guardian, you already conceded, why are you still fighting?” Yu Zhi Jue’s voice was cold and commanding, with an apparent trace of cold killing intent.

Ming Ze stared distractedly then he puts away his puppet. He kneels and said: “This subordinate have committed a violation. I will go to the disciplinary chamber and wait for the punishment.”

When the other people saw Yu Zhi Jue who suddenly appeared, they were all stunned.

Yu Zhi Jue’s sight sweep indifferently from Song Xiao Hu to the others. Ling Xia struggled from his arms and jumped down. Ah Li’s clear eyes caught sight of him, its amber eyes widening from disbelief. Afterwards, it jumped over to him with its hind legs while crying. Ling Xia ran into it and stagger as he caught it, he also felt endless joy. He enthusiastically rubs its head and said: “Clever Ah Li, did you miss me?”

Ah Li’s tears streamed down like he was a child that suffered from being wronged, and Ling Xia comfortingly stroked the wounds on its body. He can’t resist kissing Ah Li’s little furry head a couple of times.

While fighting alongside the protagonist, Ah Li became much more stronger, but it had been injured countless times.

Su Mu Zhe and the rest were stupefied. Apart from Song Xiao Hu, Ah Li rarely show affection towards other people. It was usually arrogant and refused to acknowledge others. Su Mu Zhe eyeb.a.l.l.s almost popped ot, to find that Yu Zhi Jue was here as well. He did not dare to say a word.

Ling Xia was not properly acquainted with the other three, so he nodded at t

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