Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan Volume 3 Chapter 9

TMCRVP VOL 3 Chapter 9Chapter 9That muscle beneath Ling Xia’s teeth and lips are strong and flexible. It appears taut the moment he bit firmly, but will relax soon enough, as if allowing Ling Xia to bite all he wants.Hearing Yu Zhi Jue’s apologetic and gentle comforting, Ling Xia finally let loose and weeps, giving in to his shame. When Yu Zhi Jue spreads his leg just now, he was both deeply hurt and frightened, to the point that his innards twitches and almost twisted together.He really wanted to open his red and puffy eyes to see Yu Zhi Jue, but the other person remained tenaciously keeping him in his embrace, as if he was afraid that Ling Xia will run away.Ling Xia took a deep breath. Anyway, I will not give up and drop this matter. As always, it’s important to have the resolve to ask and clear things up.He straightened his waist, and looked at Yu Zhi Jue in the eyes. He asked:“Ah Jue, a-are, are you getting married?”He tried his best to ask in a calm modulation, but when he spoke, it came out in a broken sentence. Ling Xia annoyingly wanted to face-palm himself. That was too disgraceful!There weren’t any ripple that can be seen on Yu Zhi Jue’s expression, only the narrowing of eyes, and he’s tacit look of agreement.Ling Xia’s heart immediately broke into pieces. He forced out a smile, but he could not comprehend the words the came out of his own lips:“Then I want to say my congratulations. Why didn’t you tell me about this important matter even though you told the whole world….After you get married with the other family’s young lady, you must treat her well…..”“You’re upset.” The pupil on Yu Zhi Jue’s eyes slightly expanded. His transparent pupil clearly reflected Ling Xia’s face, and his expression of freaking out that could not be concealed at all. Not only his intonation superficial, but Ling Xia also kept talking about irrelevant matters with him.The last string of rationality finally snapped. He threw himself on top of Yu Zhi Jue in the bed, and shoved his elbow on the other’s neck as he bellowed in rage:“This Lao Zi is upset? Yu Zhi Jue you wretched b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Was all the things you said before to me a lie? Was it fun to cheat on me? Scoundrel! b.a.s.t.a.r.d! …..”He was unable to stop from embarra.s.sing himself anymore. The rim of his eyes was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with big droplet of tears that he did not want, and his lips were trembling incessantly.It’s a good thing that there was no weapon nearby, or else I would definitely stab this b.a.s.t.a.r.d!Yu Zhi Jue turned him over and climbed on top of him, then embraced him once again. Ling Xia’s anger made his head spin, that he had no strength left to resist. He could only close his eyes while his back continuously quivered.“Don’t cry.” Yu Zhi Jue’s heart clenched. He simply lowered his head and kiss those sparkling and translucent tears of the other person, but he could not exactly lick them all clean. He gently stroked Ling Xia’s back in a circular motion. He said:“I will never marry any woman.”Ling Xia was astounded as he opened his eyes, and immediately caught sight of the lines of Yu Zhi Jue’s eyebrows that depict his delight, as if it wanted to dance in joy. He was too disoriented to absorb this confusing matter, he look back with his redden eyes and mechanically repeat what the other said:“Never marry?”Yu Zhi Jue’s face up to the pointed part of his ears slightly blushed:“I already know, that you like me so much.”“…….”Ling Xia got angry that he was rendered speechless. What’s his point?He replied in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Don’t even think of lying to me, didn’t you wrote that arrange marriage announcement? A-and, didn’t you wear that [1]celebrating clothes today?T/N: [1]The one Ling Xia thought of as a wedding garment.Yu Zhi Jue knitted his brows, as if he was contemplating on what to say, and only replied after a long while: “I did write it, but….”Ling Xia quickly became crestfallen. He exerted himself and grab Yu Zhi Jue’s collar: “So what’s really going on? Explain it to me clearly!”“This arrange marriage is fake.” Yu Zhi Jue didn’t want to explain too much, as he don’t want Ling Xia to know those b.l.o.o.d.y and dirty matters. If only this person properly stay under the suns.h.i.+ne, and smile for him everyday.Such simple reply naturally confused Ling Xia more. He gritted his teeth and ask:“Why? And what’s more, why did you wanted to force a seal on me? It’s important that you must tell me! Since we are now……”After he said that, he could no longer continue to speak.Yu Zhi Jue is currently the Grand Master of Qian Kun Sect, and will soon become the Dark Arts Sect Demon King. It’s inevitable that he’ll have so many secrets. But if these kind of matters(such as marriage) comes up several times, how could they get along with each other? He is not an unreasonable person, since he intended to accept Yu Zhi Jue, it goes without saying that he will accept those things….Don’t tell me that after following him like a fool and staying with him in this luxurious palace, I’ll only be sending Yu Zhi Jue off and waits for him to come back everyday?Yu Zhi Jue was helpless, he dipped his head and softly kissed Ling Xia’s forehead. He explained:“I was planning to remove the seal once your health gets better. Your heart veins suffered grave damage, so it was extremely fortunate that I was able to preserve your life, and I didn’t want to you to worry…..I will tell you about the Yu Clan matters as well, all right?”In reality, this arrange marriage is only a double trap. The strength of Yu Clan’s Du w.a.n.g is getting stronger and stronger. She annexed a number of sect in the past ten years, that they already do not heed to the Qian Kun Sect. This so-called arrange marriage, is only for the opportunity to betray Yu Clan, and eradicate them at one fell swoop[1].T/N: Same idiom as killing two birds with one stone.Yu Zhi Jue explained it in few simple sentences. Ling Xia is not stupid, so he immediately understood.This is a different realm, where sects are the ruling cla.s.s, and everywhere this kind of power struggle matters is the norm. He could practically imagine those scenes….. He stuttered as he ask: “Th-then your about to go out, over there?”“It’s already settled.” Yu Zhi Jue replied with indifference as he caress Ling Xia’s back, then continued speaking, “The schedule was moved ahead of time. Right now there’s the elders, 3rd and 6th Guardian on cleaning up the rest. Sorting this Yu Clan out is only a tiny matter.”Ling Xia immediately tensed up. Is it because of me? If there’s sudden change in the plan, will it affect their plan greatly?He asked with a raspy voice: “…….Then you, have no injuries?Yu Zhi Jue paused, then firmly replied: “None.”None your a.s.s! Ling Xia sat up and pulled off Yu Zhi Jue’s clothes with all his might, and suddenly blank out. Unexpectedly, there were two merging vicious b.l.o.o.d.y wound on Yu Zhi Jue’s back with the length of a palm and about two inch wide! Yu Zhi Jue did not wrapped it with bandages at all, and simply used his spiritual ability to stop the bleeding. The middle part on the back of his white clothes was also dyed with a single bloodstain.Yu Zhi Jue’s expression was somewhat embarra.s.sed: “This is not a celebration clothes so to speak, but a simple red clothes I chose as an outer robe…..”Since he did not want others to discover that he suffered a wound, he unconsciously chose a red robe to wear. He didn’t expect that it will make Ling Xia completely misunderstood.Right now, Ling Xia didn’t know what kind of expression to make at all. So it was all a big unexpected mistake? Not only this d.a.m.n child Yu Zhi Jue became injured like this, but I was also pulling my own heartstrings concerning those matters…….Clothes! No wonder Yu Zhi Jue peeled off all of my clothes, yet not his own……This b.a.s.t.a.r.d!“Where’s the medicine for wounds?” Ling Xia already regained his calm completely, but his eyes was still puffy and red.Yu Zhi Jue observed his expression carefully. When he heard Ling Xia’s words, his heart was slightly put at ease, and handed over the medicine for his injury.Ling Xia sat behind him and used a wet towel to lightly wipe the bloodstains around the wound, then smeared the medicine on the wound very carefully. It was painful for him to look at those wound. Yu Zhi Jue is obediently sitting in front of him right now, so different from that stubborn and detached child from several years ago.Its not the same anymore… Yu Zhi Jue’s back is broader now, the outline of his muscles are smooth and elegant, and is now a man that could rise to the top one day.After Ling Xia was done, he re

clined on the bed while pulling the thin quilt over his body.He felt very humiliated, when he remembered his woman like appearance earlier….The temperature of his face was hot enough it could boil a chicken egg.f.u.c.k! It’s all this d.a.m.n child Yu Zhi Jue’s fault! He went too far to play with my feelings…..If he did not do that in purpose, then I’ll change my surname to his surname Yu!Yu Zhi Jue soon followed him and squeezed over, pulling the same quilt to him, then puts his hand around Ling Xia’s waist.Ling Xia’s body jolted, his heart can’t help but started to beat faster. He unconsciously s.h.i.+fted away but Yu Zhi Jue would follow suit and move towards him. These two people, one would move back, the other would move forward. Even though the bed was exaggeratedly huge, Ling Xia was soon trapped by Yu Zhi Jue and was crammed in on the edge of the bed canopyYu Zhi Jue wrapped an arm on Ling Xia’s waist, and coiled the other under Ling Xia’s neck. He firmly fastened him inside his embrace, their body tightly together with no remaining s.p.a.ce between them.Ling Xia did not struggle anymore, afraid that he will reopened Yu Zhi Jue’s wound. The other person was puffing scalding breath on his sensitive nape, that he suddenly felt his throat dried up, as he nervously clenched his fist.“I’m so happy.” A magnetic deep voice echoed at the side of his ears, carrying a joyous tone with it, “That Ling Xia like me so much as well.”Ling Xia’s ears turned red. Now that it has come down into this, should he still deny it? He replied ‘En’ in a weak voice. Why are you making this unwilling Lao Zi with a weak spirit give you a ground breaking reply!Yu Zhi Jue could not resist planting a kiss on Ling Xia’s back, he replied in a soft voice as if he was whispering: “I want you so much….. I want to kiss you and keep embracing you…..Let’s do it now……”That deep voice had a silky like sensation filled with seduction to it, arousing a tickling feeling in one’s heart. Ling Xia’s heart pounded loudly, How did Yu Zhi Jue able to seduce a man like this now?It was as if annoyance took over his muddled head as he blurted out: “You are still suffering from an injury……”“Then as soon as my wound gets better.” The corner of Yu Zhi Jue’s mouth rises up, his eyes glinted like a wolf, “Next time, I will definitely be very careful——-so it won’t be painful for you.”Ling Xia sobered up at once, he was suddenly scared that cold sweat formed on his head.How would it feel like being penetrated by him? And Yu Zhi Jue also had that frightening inhuman regenerative ability……….won’t it be possible for the wound to heal in just three to five days?But he was not given the chance to regret, when Yu Zhi Jue snuggled his head on Ling Xia’s back, and said in a low voice: “Ling Xia, I like you.”What the f.u.c.k! I can’t handle that! This Lao Zi has no immunity at all to resist those words of love!In the end, Ling Xia blushed fiercely as he replied: “I know. I-I, I like you too Ah Jue.”Ling Xia realised that the incident this time will cause a sensation that will shake the entire Dark Arts Sect, and Yu Zhi Jue must personally deal with the aftermath so it will not give rise to fear and doubt to the rest of the smaller sect. But right now he was staying with Ling Xia in this palace. It will definitely affect his power and position as a Grand Master, so Ling Xia urged him to go out at once.He wasn’t of help in any way with Yu Zhi Jue right now, but should he be always dragging the other’s leg in the future?Yu Zhi Jue went out with a gloomy face, it only lasted for ten minutes where he pushed the other down and kissed him again. Ling Xia almost fainted from that kiss.This day, really left me with no choice!Yu Zhi Jue finally lifted the restricting seal on his body, and emphasises over and over again that he should not overdo it. Ling Xia——promised. He watches Yu Zhi Jue act like a family head towards him, and finds it unbearably funny.At the official discussion palace hall, Yu Zhi Jue sat at the highest positioned chair, his legs gracefully crossed. He was listening to the reports of the White Loch Guardian Ming Ze. His eyes gradually narrowing: “Yu Clan’s female head is missing, what’s going on? The missions a.s.signed to the other elders and guardians are completed, so why did the White Loch Guardian allowed this slip up to happen?”The Yu Clan female head he let loose is the second marriage candidate partner Yu Fei Yan, and like the equally famous Green Underworld Guardian Ke Lan Min Er Bai, she is skilled in using poison. She was rather ambitious, and is in fact, the Yu Clan’s successor.Ming Ze bowed his head and said: “This subordinate is incompetent, and did not antic.i.p.ated that she had an unexpected double. Rest a.s.sured Grand Master, this subordinate will definitely capture the woman and eliminate her.”“Ten days.” Yu Zhi Jue customarily leaned his arms on the arm chair. And as he gives out his order, his cheek pulled into a tiny smile: “Within ten days, dead or alive.”Ming Ze kneels on one knee without hesitation: “Subordinate accepts the decree.”He looked at Yu Zhi Jue who was sitting aloofly and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with grandeur, with admiration and single-minded devotion. A trace of obsession even appeared in his eyes.I will follow him as he inevitably take over this world and become the ruler of all, and be my King.As he listened to the other Guardians’ reports, Yu Zhi Jue was listening with delight, when in reality, his mind already flew to the Qin Palace.That person already promised him……so maybe this wound will heal in about 3 days?He was itching to end this dull conference, and quickly go back.Ming Ze finally sensed that the smile on the Grand Master’s face is not the same from his former one, but he could not put his finger on it.That human panacea’s influence towards Yu Zhi Jue is too deep. Back then he promptly decided to completely destroy that Human Panacea’s heart veins, so he is completely dead. But he made a mistake. After Yu Zhi Jue woke up, he was like a zombie with five senses. He sat while holding that Human Panacea’s dead body, igniting vast fire that burned around ten living cultivators to ashes. It was like he could not hear other people, and only let himself be engulfed with his own cold and gloomy flames.But the other Left Elder Chu Yin gave him an idea. Deceive Yu Zhi Jue that the Human Panacea can still be save, and use that opportunity to put a refined puppet soul on that empty corpse of the Human Panacea, to create a false facade.To make sure that the king he chose will not fail to live up to his expectations, he’ll use any means for Yu Zhi Jue to be more successful than the previous Demon King. And the most important thing, unlike Yu Tian Ting in the past, he will not let Yu Zhi Jue be trapped in those senseless emotion!Ming Ze’s mouth curved up. He will give his all, and will not let anyone block the path of the Demon Lord becoming a King!Even if I become the stepping stone for the king, there shall be no regrets!Bonbon info bits corner:I’ll be changing Ke Lan Ming Er Bai’s t.i.tle as Green Underworld Guardian. A chinese character from her t.i.tle 冥 means ‘green, blue, young, youth’ I thought that it pertains to young since Ke Lan Min Er Bai is a young lady, but when I remembered the previous translator Winter translated it as Azure(blue) Underworld Guardian, the color part was used on the translation. But the reason I used green, is because Ke Lan is a poison ability user, and green is a perfect representation of poison~And one more thing, in the early chapters,  I wrote in the part where Yu Zhi Jue was hugging Ling Xia’s dead body and someone shrouded in black flames kneels near him and told him Ling Xia can still be save? It was Ming Ze, and rather than shrouded, he was engulfed in Yu Zhi Jue’s black flames, since Yu Zhi Jue went full berserk at that time.Spoiler alert for the explanation on Ming Ze’s actions at the end of Vol 2!!!And a bit of explanation on Ming Ze’s recollection for those who got confused.Ling Xia’s body fully died during the end of volume 2, since apparently, Ming Ze crushed his heart with his attack, but to deceive Yu Zhi Jue that Ling Xia can still live to pull him from his depression and self destruction, Ming Ze put a refined puppet soul on the dead body so it will look like Ling Xia is still living. Before Ling Xia soul transferred back, his dead body was already decomposing. That’s why Ling Xia never woke up, and got sent back on his real world because the body was technically dead. And that is also the reason why he can’t move nor speak at the beginning. More explanation will be revealed in the future chapters, but for now……Let as all hail that gay p.o.r.n that pulled Ling Xia’s soul back to the novel world!–End of Bonbon info corner–

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