Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan Volume 1 Chapter 11

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Chapter 11:

Seizing|thelopportunity, Ling Xia|pulledjYulZhiJue and Song XiaoHu along and started to run, evenlthoughithese twolalso went through someidangersjduring ShaoYanglSect’s registration in the novel, thereicertainly wasn’tjan scenario!

That young boy swiftly sprung up, throwing the fire attribute dagger in his hand at the three of them. However, it missed its mark and firmly penetrated into the wall, causing the nearby dead trees to catch on fire.

Ling Xia saw this out of the corner of his eye, jolted in fright, and without any hesitation, used the full extent of his strength to throw a few pieces of basin-sized rocks at the young boy to obstruct his actions. It was still heavily raining outside, the downpour of water making it difficult to keep one’s eyes open.

“Run, don’t just stand there!” Ling Xia bellowed, looking at the two he dragged out here that seemed to be frozen from fright, tugging on them in preparation to keep running.This is a free fan translation hosted on [email protected]/* */Yu ZhiJue suddenly shook off his hand, frigidly snapping back, “Idiot, what are you running for?”

Ling Xia paused, only now becoming aware that Yu ZhiJue didn’t have an ounce of fear on his face, and while Song XiaoHu seemed slightly nervous, he didn’t show a trace of fear either. At this moment, he remembered what kind of world this was.

f.u.c.k, what’s with all these belligerent people!

The young boy, already standing at the entrance of the cave, sneered, “Not running anymore? Finally realized you can’t escape?”

Yu ZhiJue gave Ling Xia a look of disdain, then turned to that youngster and asked, “Who are you really? Unless I’m wrong, the fire attribute dagger in your hand should be made from the rarely seen anti-cloud stone. As someone who can afford this kind of dagger, what need is there to attack people from poor families like us?”

That young boy exposed a mildly astonished expression, and putting the exquisite dagger away with a twirl, coldly replied, “Your eyesight is quite good. And since you’ll be dead in a while, there’s no harm in letting you know who I am.”

Finished talking, he slowly placed a medicinal pill into his mouth, and as the effects of the Appearance Changing Pill gradually faded, a very familiar face revealed itself.

Yu ZhiJuelgave|an icy laugh,j“Thelone|to die|has yet to|beidecided!”|

Ling Xia’s lips twitched, having thoroughly been rendered speechless! During the previous sudden turn of events, he had pondered over of a lot of possibilities, such as an enemy of Yu ZhiJue’s who came knocking on their door, someone seeing through the protagonist and the final boss villain’s extraordinary physical const.i.tution and becoming jealous, etc. What he never expected in a million years was that this youngster was actually that senior brother of Miss-High-and-Mighty Cui Yu, the sonny boy who almost caused them to drown before, Shang Yan!

That girl was still only ten years old! Not to mention, Yu ZhiJue has absolutely zero interest in her!! Just because of a dumba.s.s reason like this, you’d go to such extremes as coming all this way after disguising yourself to kill a person?!

Cui Yu had waited at Cloud Gazing Pavilion for a long time, but it was her seniors who arrived first. Filled to the brim with unwillingness, she went back with Mo Dai and the others, grumbling and complaining the entire way while spouting a bunch of demands along the lines of stopping Yu ZhiJue from applying to ShaoYang Sect and making him follow her back to YunXiao City to become her father’s disciple.

Listening to that made Shang Yan feel endless hate and jealousy, so when he saw someone help and let out Song XiaoHu, he immediately ate an Appearance Changing Pill and secretly followed, even knocking out a boy who registered to track them all the way here. Due to the boundary barrier set up by the masters of ShaoYang Sect, using magic tools or techniques that were too powerful would easily result in being discovered, thus up until now, he had hidden himself and only covertly shadowed behind the three of them.

He was the direct disciple of the governor of YunXiao City, and even if he hadn’t been cultivating for very long, his strength was already quite exceptional, therefore able to conceal himself with none of them noticing him trailing behind. Taking advantage of the abrupt change in weather, he had decisively revealed himself and attacked.

“Hey!” No longer possessing the energy to retort against this situation, Ling Xia asked directly, “It can’t be because of your youngest junior sister that you’re here, right?”

As soon as Cui Yu was mentioned, Shang Yan immediately took out his lightning attribute magic tool from within his storage bag, and making use of a boom of thunder from the sky, hurled a streak of lightning at the three of them. He’s fully aware of his youngest junior sister’s temperament; if he fails to kill these three and she finds out, she’d definitely ignore and never talk to him again in the future!

As soon as Ling Xia saw himlreveal that magic tool,ihe recalled whatihad|happened back|at the lake and|instantlylyelled,j“Dodge!”iAccompanying this warning,jhejpicked|up a huge rock and|threwiit atiShang Yan.jCoincidentally,iit crashediintojth.e.l.lightning’slpath, scattering onto thelground as itlexploded into countless smalleripieces.

Both YuiZhiJueiand SonglXiaoHu’s jumpingjpoweriwaslexceptionallyjgood,iand theyileaptjfarjaway in alflash, resultingjin the three of them being separated.jShang Yan|briefly halted, thenlwieldingihis magic|tool,irapidly charged at Ling|Xia, judging that thislguy|wholwas|theloldest was alsoithe|strongest. Whenithejotherlhadjattacked him|earlieriatjtheicave,lhe was sentlflying andjheavily crashediinto aiwall, and evenjnow, his|inner|circulation wasjstilllblocked.i

Ling Xia dodged in a hurry, but was soon forced into an utterly miserable state. With just a tiny misstep, he was. .h.i.t on one side and promptly crashed into the ground, his entire body paralyzed and unable to move.

Suddenly, Shang Yan nailed Yu ZhiJue’s hand to a stone wall and taunted, “Weren’t you acting all tough a moment ago? Why so silent now?” As he spoke, little by little, he pushed the dagger even deeper, observing Yu ZhiJue’s expression of pain as the other bit his lips to endure, and then with a smug look, sharply pulled the dagger out.

“Hurts, huh? Insignificant tramp, you dare fancy my youngest junior sister?” Pressing the dagger to Yu ZhiJue’s neck, Shang Yan sneered, “You said earlier that it hadn’t been decided who would die. In that case, who would you say is going to die now?”If you’re not reading this on [email protected]/* */, please read it there instead.Under a surge of furor and distress, Ling Xia suddenly crawled up. With a strength he didn’t know he had, he grabbed a handful of rocks and charged forward with a roaring howl, “Screw your frickin’ sister! The h.e.l.l is a minor doing playing this kind of criminal underworld game? I’m warning you, you can’t afford these stakes!”This is a free fan translation hosted on [email protected]/* */Shang Yan jerked in alarm and swung his leg out in haste. Kicked, Ling Xia staggered few steps back, but in spite of that, he threw the rocks in his hand with all his might and one of them slammed into the corner of Shang Yan’s right eye. All things considered, Shang Yan’s cultivation period was still short, and at the end of the day, he mostly relied on magic tools to defend himself. He had yet to pa.s.s the introductory stage in body cultivation, so a.s.saulted by Ling Xia’s tremendous strength, his eye instantaneously became swollen and he reflexively covered it with his hand.

Right at this moment, Shang Yan felt a chill in his abdomen, followed by a sharp pain. Stunned, he lowered his head to discover a knife sticking out of his stomach and a pair of unblinking eyes that glared ferociously at him.

Countless thoughtslflashedithrough his mind.|Exactly how did|thejother move just then? Why did hejnot notice?… …But before heicould think ofjan answer, thelhalf-foot long blade insidelhis bodyiwaslruthlessly twistedjaround several|times as indescribable agony and pain robbed him ofithe ability to evenibreathe.j

Then,|Yu ZhiJue abruptly pulled back, andjShang Yan let outja course,jblood-curdling scream.jA trickle ofiblood|leaked outjofjthe cornerlof his mouth,jand holding his stomach, and|he raggedlyjcrumpled down, fallen.i

Ling Xia slumped to the ground, staring in disbelief at the scene before his eyes.

A bolt of lightning split the sky, and in the instant its light flashed by, he clearly saw Yu ZhiJue’s expression, collapsed against the stone wall and repeatedly gasping for breath. When their eyes met, that still very young and tender face held neither brutal violence nor ferociousness, but was rather br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the hesitation and trepidation of a lost child.

A few more claps of thunder sounded, and as if suddenly jerking awake, Yu ZhiJue looked down at the knife in his hand, at the raindrops was.h.i.+ng away the bloodstains, flowing down the weapon’s body and towards his wrist. He immediately released his hold, bowed his head as a hand grabbed the stone wall in support, and started vomiting as if trying to throw up every last drop of the bile in his body.

He had poured all of his long acc.u.mulated resentment and indignation from the discriminatory treatment he received into that stab just then, but now, all that remained was unending and abominable nausea.

Even though he was completely terrified, Ling Xia still quickly stood up, and while shaking and stumbling, carried the pa.s.sed out Song XiaoHu back into the cavern. Relieved after confirming the other’s heartbeat and breathing, and despite his body’s uncontrollable trembling, he walked outside without another pause.

From his birth up until now, he had only encountered the deaths of three people, the first being when his grandfather pa.s.sed away. He was still a child, and seeing the old man on the bed stop breathing, he could only ignorantly ask his mother who was crying nonstop, “What happened to Grandpa?”

The second was on the road when he saw first-hand a mutilated body being rescued from a car crash by traffic officers, his heart filled with pity and sympathy.

The last was when the girl he was secretly in love with had drowned. He was only sixteen at the time, and when he saw her corpse at the memorial service, he had cried to the point of almost fainting. It was only with the support of two of his cla.s.smates that he didn’t break down and collapse to the floor.

By no means will he ever allow this child to fall into the darkness, to the point of no return!

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