Thousand Autumns Chapter 55

Chapter 55

Shen Qiao nodded and said to them:" “How are you?”

Guang Lingsan calmed down and looked at Shen Qiao carefully: “I heard you hurt Sang Jingxing badly. I didn't expect you to recover so soon. Congratulations!”

There was no one on spot when the two fought. Sang Jingxing was seriously injured by Shen Qiao, so he would not tell others. However, Guang Lingsan is a member of the magic sect, so he must have other ways to get the news.

Hearing this, Dou Yanshan was shocked.

Shen Qiao shook his head and said: “I haven't fully recovered.”

But no one believed him. Although martial arts could only be improved by practicing hardly, each school has its own martial arts script. Besides, Shen Qiao is still a disciple of Qi Fengge. Who knew what martial arts script Qi Fengge had taught him.

Guang Lingsan said with a smile: “Maybe others don't know how Master Yan treated you before, but I know. Taoist Shen, I heard that the reason why you fought with Sang Jingxing owes to Master Yan.”

Shen Qiao: “Yes.”

Guang Lingsan said: “He treated you coldly, which was no different from others.”

Shen Qiao: “Yes.”

Guang Lingsan: “You came all the way here to save him, but it's too late.”

“Yes,” said Shen Qiao.

Guang Lingsan was a little surprised: “Is he worth you to do so? Is it true that there is a secret relationship between you?”

Shen Qiao said: “I didn't save him for personal love, but for justice.”

Dou Yanshan couldn't help laughing: “I heard for the first time that Yan Wushi is a.s.sociated with justice! Unbelievable! Are you going to say that when Yan Wushi dies, there will be no justice in the world?”

Shen Qiao: “Yan Wushi is not a good man, but he a.s.sists the king of Zhou state. You want to kill him. Although you have different reasons, you have this same purpose. It's not in your interest to support Yuwen Yong's Northern Zhou Dynasty, so you must kill him first. But I think that if we want to put an end to the endless wars in the world, Yuwen Yong is the best king of Northern Zhou Dynasty. This is our difference.”

Dou Yanshan shook his head and said: “Shen Qiao, you are Han people, but you actually support Xianbei people. No wonder people of Xuan Du Mountain think you are not suitable for being a leader.”

Shen Qiao smiled and said: “It can only be said that you hadn't really met the situation that your idea was against by countless people. As long as you think it's worthy, don't care about others. Those who really like you will understand you sooner or later.”

Guang Lingsan: “Since Yan Wushi is dead, it's meaningless for you to rush here. What we want to do with his body is none of your business. Why do you have to meddle in it?”

Shen Qiao frowned: “People die as the lights off. In any case, he is also a master of the previous generation. I once had a relationship with him. I hope to collect his body and bury him. Please.”

Guang Lingsan shook his head and said: “We had made every effort to kill Yan Wushi. Naturally, we need to make sure that he is completely dead, and there is no possibility of his rebirth. First, let me cut off his head, and then you can take him away.”

Shen Qiao: "What if I say no?"

Guang Lingsan: “Although you are pretty, we are not interested in man.”

When he said this, he still had a smile on his face. He raised his hand and the zither in his hand turned over. He drew a long sword from the zither with his other hand. The tip of the sword had been handed to Shen Qiao instantly!

Shen Qiao stepped back and drew out the Shan He Tong Bei Sword!

The two swords spirit met each other. In an instant, Shen Qiao's sword spirit rushed to Dou Yanshan as a white rainbow, which was violent and fast. Dou Yanshan suddenly felt the cold wind coming on his face. He was shocked and stepped back subconsciously, and then he realized his failure. However, he quickly raised a strong sense of vigilance.

The former leader of Xuan Du Mountain would not be a weak opponent.

In fact, Guang Lingsan was surprised too.

He had only met Shen Qiao twice. Last time, Shen Qiao tried his best to force Bai Rong back. When Guang Lingsan appeared, he had no strength to resist. He was even blind. He was so badly injured that it was hard for him to recover. Now he still looked sick. But once he drew out the sword, he became energetic and dazzling.

No, Shen Qiao at this time was like a sharp sword!

His artistic conception was like the ripples. It looked soft and endless. It not only broke Guang Lingsan's sword light, but also weaved a tight sword net to wrap himself and Guang Lingsan.

He seemed to be melt with the sword. There were no gap between them.

Was this the strength of Xuan Du Mountain's leader and Qi Fengge's disciple?!

Guang Lingsan was not good at using swords. He was used to playing zither, but he could also use sword. At this moment, facing Shen Qiao's impenetrable defense and attack, he felt helpless. He didn't know what to do.

He bet that even if the real swordsman was here, he would feel the same as him!

Guang Lingsan decided to give up his sword and play the zither. He grabbed the zither behind him. Then the zither sound rushed towards Shen Qiao.

Dou Yanshan seemed to know his feeling and jumped up to hit Shen Qiao.

After all, Shen Qiao was not Yan Wushi, and there is no need to kill him, so he just wanted to distract his attention.

Unexpectedly, when his palm wind was near to reach Shen Qiao's body, it was swallowed by the sword light. In the waves of the sword light, his palm wind was useless!

On the contrary, the sword light became more powerful, which was rushing to Dou Yanshan.

Their martial arts could be ranked among the top ten in the world. Although they didn't do their best at this time, they were able to kill ordinary people on the spot. They had been fighting with Shen Qiao for a long time, but they couldn't defeat him. It could be seen that Shen Qiao's martial arts were excellent and unpredictable. It was difficult to cope with him.

If they continue to fight, they were bound to be enemies. The business of Liu He Sect was all over the world, so they should set a good relationship with others. This time, with others' help, he partic.i.p.ated in the encirclement and killing of Yan Wushi. He was just following the trend. But Shen Qiao was different. Since he has no intention to kill him, he had no need to continue the battle. Such an expert could cause countless troubles to Liu He Sect in the future.

Dou Yanshan planned to give in. Yan Wushi was most likely to die. Master Xue Ting and Duan Wenyuan had left, and he just wanted to revenge on him for destroying the fragmented script of Zhu Yan Ce. It's worthless for him to continue.

So he laughed and said.

“Two to one battle is unfair. Good bye, Master Guang. See you later!”

Guang Lingsan was upset. But they have no friendship with each other. They have their own positions and interests. They could get together only because they have the same goal: to kill Yan Wushi. When they killed Yan Wushi, they achieved their goal, and the short-term cooperation would come to an end.

Since everyone else had left, why did he have to fight with Shen Qiao here?

He took a glance at Yan Wushi who was still lying there, bleeding and unconscious. The possibility of his surviving was rare.

He had no interest in entangling with Shen Qiao. The sound of the zither suddenly became loud. Shen Qiao's five sensory organs were not closed, so he was affected by it and the sword momentum stagnated slightly. Guang Lingsan took the opportunity to escape. He clapped Shen Qiao with one hand, and then left.

“Taoist Shen is benevolent, Yan Wushi had countless enemies, but he was lucky to have a friend like you. I agree with you.”

Hearing this, Shen Qiao drew his sword back and said: “Thank you very much, Master Guang!”

Guang Lingsan nodded at him with a smile and turned away.

After the battle, the news of Yan Wushi's death would spread all over the world soon. Huan Yue Sect had no leader. It is impossible for Bian Yanmei and Yu Shengyan to manage the sect for a long time. The balance between the three magic sects would be changed, too. Fa Jing Sect might take the opportunity to return to the Central Plains. They has many things to do.

Shen Qiao stood still and slowly took a long breath after Guang Lingsan left. He stroked his chest, and forced back the smell of blood that flowed up his throat.

Zhu Yang Ce was very useful. After all, he just practiced it for a short time. It's lucky for him to recover 50 or 60 percent of his martial arts. He was at disadvantage that he fought with two opponents who are all top ten experts in the world. He was going to give up. Guang Lingsan and Dou Yanshan had no intention to fight, and Shen Qiao shocked them first, so he was lucky.

Shen Qiao smiled bitterly. His inborn vitality recovered after a long while. He walked to Yan Wushi and bent over to touch his wrist.

His hands were cold and silent with no pulse.

He could recall the pain memory of being abandoned by Yan Wushi. Because of him, Chu Yi and the temple master were dead. He worked hard to live. On hearing the critical news, he finally decided to abandon his personal feelings and rush to rescue him, but it was too late.

He sighed and said in a low voice, “Fine. Help yourself in the h.e.l.l.”

Suddenly, Yan Wushi's hand moved slightly.

Shen Qiao was stunned, but before he reacted, his wrist was immediately grasped by Yan Wushi!

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