Thousand Autumns Chapter 54

Chapter 54

Yan Wushi said: “Old monk, your martial arts are regarded as the top three in the world. You still need the help of Duan Wenyuan to kill me. Won't you be ashamed?”

Master Xue Ting was calm and said: “As long as we can kill you today, who cares the fame. You're too formal.”

Yan Wushi laughed: “If you want to ask someone in Tujue for help, why don't you ask the soul of Hu Lugu? What can Duan Wenyuan do to me?”

“Don't be too arrogant. If you die here today, wouldn't you feel ashamed in h.e.l.l?”

In an instant, the whip shadow has fallen from the sky, blocking all the retreats above Yan Wushi.

Duan Wenyuan's previous whip was destroyed when he fought with Li Qingyu and Shen Qiao. Now the whip in his hand was called “Shi Zhang Ruan Hong”. It's a new one. It cost no less time than the original one. It might be more resilient. The whip moved with his body, causing thousands of dazzling illusions.

Obviously, his skill was much better than that in Su's home where he fought with Li Qingyu and Shen Qiao.

As long as they are not willing to be ordinary, everyone is always improving.

Duan Wenyuan's whipping method was unpredictable, in which the western region's broadsword technique was involved. The combination of the two made people feel as if they were endless. It made people suffocate and despair and lose their fighting spirit.

But his opponent was Yan Wushi.

Yan Wushi had no weapon, and he walked calmly between the two masters of the world. He used his fingernails as a sword. Under the control of his sword spirit, the flying flowers and leaves turned into thousands of sharp blades, making Duan Wenyuan's attacks into nothing.

Master Xue Ting almost had no expression. He looked more like a G.o.d than the Buddha in the temple. He has no hatred or joy, and never gets angry because of the outside world.

At this time, even if Duan Wenyuan was frustrated, he was not surprised or angry. He put his hands out. His finger tips were shimmered due to the condensation of sword spirit. His face was covered by a trace of moon light, which was as beautiful as a jade statue.

There were six palms of the “Bu Dong Ming w.a.n.g Yin”. His three palms failed just now. Now these were the fourth and fifth palm: "Stay Still as Mountain" and "Smile with Picking a Flower".

The former focused on defense and the latter on attack. The complicated and changeable palms in his hands became beautiful and extremely enjoyable things, which could make people unconsciously let their guard down.

When the move of “Stay Still as Mountain” was released out by Master Xue Ting, people heard a buzzing sound, and their brains were frozen for a moment. Even Duan Wenyuan's whip paused for a moment, but Yan Wushi was not affected at all, and he even sneered. He ignored Xue Ting's palms towards his back, and still reached for Duan Wenyuan's whip, ignoring the curtain that made from many whip shadows. He grabbed the whip and twisted it. He turned back and pushed the inborn vitality of Duan Wenyuan back to Master Xue Ting!

Master Xue Ting stepped back for a few paces. Yan Wushi didn't retreat but moved forward. He had a face-to-face fight with Master Xue Ting.

When the two masters met each other, the inborn vitality of them made a loud sound. There was a whirlpool between them, which seems to involve everything in the world. Duan Wenyuan faced a strong current that he had to take back his whip. He took five or six steps back to get rid of this terrible current.

At that time, the two man did not step back, leaving the leaves under their feet to be rolled up by inborn vitality and flying all over the sky.

Xue Ting stared at Yan Wushi, and he suddenly felt that if he couldn't kill him today, he won't have such a chance again!

As a grand master, Xue Ting has his own dignity. If he could kill him, he would be more willing to fight with Yan Wushi alone, but he was responsible for revitalizing the Buddhism, and Yan Wushi was his biggest obstacle. Without Yan Wushi, the Buddhism could recover its status in the Northern Zhou Dynasty. He must win this battle!

Yan Wushi suddenly smiled at him. The smile was inexplicable and treacherous, which made Xue Ting frown slightly.

But at the next moment, Yan Wushi did not continue to fight with him, but directly turned around and rushed to Duan Wenyuan.

At this time, Duan Wenyuan just raised his “Shi Zhang Ruan Hong” to Yan Wushi.

This whip was invincible. It turned into a white rainbow because it is infused with all the inborn vitality of Duan Wenyuan.

But he didn't expect that Yan Wushi suddenly turned around and walked to him.

It's true that he walked in a leisurely way, but in a few steps, he had already come to Duan Wenyuan from Master Xue Ting, and then stretched out his hand and directly grasped the white rainbow.

His hand was very strange. It seemed to be very slow, but it accurately grasped the vein of whip shadow, “Shi Zhang Ruan Hong” was in his hand, but Yan Wushi's hand was not damaged.

Duan Wenyuan was shocked. Before he respond, Yan Wushi's fingers were together and he broken this whip!

“Didn't your master teach you that in front of the absolute masters, all weapons are nothing but vanity.”

Yan Wushi showed a cruel smile. While he was speaking, his hand had slipped to Duan Wenyuan's arm along the broken thread of the whip.

The ordinary people might be caught by Yan Wushi in this way, but Duan Wenyuan is a true master. He didn't waste too much time on his whip. When the whip was destroyed, he had already drawn back his hand, and the other hand patted on Yan Wushi's chest.

At the same time, the “Bu Dong Ming w.a.n.g Yin” move of Master Xue Ting had reached Yan Wushi's back. His speed was even faster than Duan Wenyuan's!

Yan Wushi's body disappeared in front of Duan Wenyuan without moving, but Duan Wenyuan knew that this might just be a cover up, because a person couldn't disappear even in a short moment, so he didn't slow down his move.

But it really failed!

How could there be such a fast lightness skill in this world?

Duan Wenyuan couldn't believe it.

Yan Wushi and Master Xue Ting face to face for the second time.

This time, the power was even stronger. The trees near them were even shaken by their inborn vitality. They almost fell to the ground, and the trunk cracked quickly.

This time, Yan Wushi and Master Xue Ting took three steps back respectively.

Was this man a monster!

Duan Wenyuan witnessed their battle and thought.

He boasted that he was extremely talented. His master Hu Lugu could not have done better than him at his age. However, when he met a monster like Yan Wushi, he was frustrated. At that time, he heard that his Shidi, Kun Xie, was chased by Yan Wushi all the way. He was in a mess. He also sneered that he was weak. Now, it seemed that he was not much better than him.

What's more, with the help of Master Xue Ting who was the top three masters in the world, can't he kill Yan Wushi?!

“The move he used just now was called 'Shifting Bodies and Transposing Shadows'. When a person practices this Kung Fu to the extreme, he could mislead you. It seems that he is very close to you, but he is not close to you at all. He has always been there near monk Xue Ting. You don't need to be confused by him.”

A voice sounded, and only he can hear it. Duan Wenyuan was familiar with this voice.

Then a sword appeared suddenly.

At the same time, there were suddenly several scattered zither sounds.

The sword light was in harmony with the zither sound. The latter took the zither as the medium, while Yan Wushi was concentrating on fighting with the Master Xue Ting, he directly broke Yan Wushi's inborn vitality that protected his body, and found a flaw with the help of the same root vein of magic skill.

At the moment when the flaw was exposed, the sword light just came from the sky, aiming at Yan Wushi!

“There is a flaw in Feng Lin Yuan Dian. The higher level he practices, the more deadly his weakness will be. Yan Wushi had achieved the ninth level. Because of this flaw, he can't move forward to reach the final goal. It's time to kill him!”

Guang Lingsan said loudly, but people don't know where he was. Maybe he had came here before, but he has been hiding, waiting for the right time, so as to maximize the effect of the zither sound.

If anyone who was most qualified to comment on Yan Wushi's martial arts, it was undoubtedly the founder of the Fa Jing Sect.

The purple sword light was so powerful that it punctured Yan Wushi's clothes, and the color of the blood immediately came from behind.

Yan Wushi hummed and laughed: “A bunch of, I'm too tired to play with you!”

After that, he turned back and patted the Jun Zi Bu Qi sword of Yu Ai. The light of the sword flickered slightly, but the sword still went straight to Yan Wushi.

The sound of the zither suddenly changed from gentle to impa.s.sioned!

Guang Lingsan said: “The flaw in his magic heart appeared!”

Another person appeared from the other direction, snapping at Yan Wushi!

Master Xue Ting, with his hands turned around, which was the last level of “Bu Dong Ming w.a.n.g Yin” move: Red Lotus on Fire!

The red flames of Red Lotus on Fire was boundless, burning fiercely, surging wildly like the tide, burning all the evil intentions in the world.

Yan Wushi's meticulous and perfect inborn vitality finally showed a crack.

The fire penetrated layer upon layer, making the crack gradually expand and break, then took his magic heart directly and pulled it up!

At the next moment, his long white fingers were printed on Yan Wushi's chest.

There was a trace of blood on the corner of the Yan Wushi's mouth.

But his face became fierce. His sleeves rolled to the Master Xue Ting, and the strong internal power swept away, forcing Master Xue Ting to take a half step back.

In this half step, Yan Wushi directly grasped the long sword and twisted it hard. The Jun Zi Bu Qi sword broke up just as the whip of Duan Wenyuan. He bent his fingers into claws and aimed at Yu Ai. They took dozens of moves in an instant. At this time, Dou Yanshan hit Yan Wushi again, and hit on the back of Yan Wushi.


Dou Yanshan never thought this before but he succeed. He used all his skills in this palm. Yan Wushi could never be safe.

With the help of Master Xue Ting and Dou Yanshan, Duan Wenyuan and Yu Ai's pressure dropped dramatically.

Although Guang Lingsan had never appeared before, his zither sounds had made great contributions. It was he who discovered the flaw of Yan Wushi after the battle with Ruyan Kehui, so they could find the fatal weakness of Yan Wushi.

Seeing that Master Xue Ting did not attack again but stood beside him and watched the battle, Dou Yanshan asked: “Why did you stop?”

Master Xue Ting: “Yan Wushi and I are different in positions but we have no personal feud. It is against my will to kill him. In any case, such an opponent is always worthy of respect. He should not die here.”

Dou Yanshan thought that since you are not willing to kill him, why do you join in the encirclement? But he didn't speak it out. He said with a smile: “You are really respectable!”

Master Xue Ting seemed to know his thought and said: “Master Dou should know that even if Yan Wushi died, Zhu Yan Ce could not be recovered.”

Dou Yanshan laughed: “Yan Wushi stirred up the world. If he dies, the world will be peaceful and the Buddhism will be flourish. Congratulations!”

When they were speaking, Yan Wushi was. .h.i.t again. He wanted to leave, but his flaws were exposed. He was restrained by the music of the zither. He had been hit by the previous two palms. His internal injuries were acc.u.mulated and his skills were not as good as before. At this time, under the pressure of Yu Ai and Duan Wenyuan, his defense inborn vitality was completely broken, and he was. .h.i.t twice again.

Of course, Yu Ai and Duan Wenyuan were not better than him. Yu Ai's sword was broken, so he was. .h.i.t three times in his chest. His face was pale, and he took several steps back and finally fell to the ground. Duan Wenyuan's long whip had been destroyed, and he also had internal injuries. His several ribs were broken and he spat several mouth of blood.

In this case, Yan Wushi had the spare power to escape. His body turned into a shadow. Dou Yanshan and Guang Lingsan were surprised, but it was too late to stop him.

At the same time, Master Xue Ting disappeared from the original place. His lightness skill was applied to the extreme, and he stopped master Yan Wushi directly. Under the power of “Bu Dong Ming w.a.n.g Yin”, master Yan Wushi was forced to fight with him. As a result, he couldn't go any more. This time, Master Xue Ting retreated five or six steps, his face turned red and white in a flash, as he held the blood back that he was about to spit.

Yan Wushi laughed.

The laughter came to an abrupt end, and he just spit out a big mouthful of blood.

Dou Yanshan flied to the air and patted on his head!

At last, Yan Wushi fell to the ground.

Master Xue Ting frowned and said nothing.

Yan Wushi's eyes closed slowly. Master Xue Ting said the Buddha in a low voice, and saluted with his hands together. Then he turned away.

Yu Ai and Duan Wenyuan were both injured. Seeing that Yan Wushi had been killed, they left one after another.

Dou Yanshan squatted down to have a closer look, and he was sure that Yan Wushi was dead. Then he smiled and said to Guang Lingsan, who came out with the zither in his hands, “Congratulations to Master Guang. It's about time to unify the three sects.”

Guang Lingsan: “Thank you very much. Are you sure Yan Wushi is dead?”

Dou Yanshan: “Of course, when I hit him, his skull was broken. I hit him again just now, all the internal organs of him were bleeding and ruptured. There is no way to live.”

Guang Lingsan smiled: “There is a Kung Fu in the demon sect called Huang Quan Bi Luo. Before dying, he destroys himself first, then he pretends to die, so that he could have a chance to live. When practicing, it's extremely painful, and it's of little use at usual, so few people practice it.”

Dou Yanshan: “Are you worrying that Yan Wushi had practiced such Kung Fu?”

Guang Lingsan: “Since we had killed him, it's better to check it cautiously.”

He walked to Yan Wushi and reached for his wrist.

A sword was lying in front of him.

The body of the sword was simple and common. There was nothing strange about it, except the four words “Shan He Tong Bei” carved on the hilt.

Guang Lingsan was shocked that he didn't even know when he appeared.

“Even though he had countless enemies, he was still a great master. We should respect the dead. Is it appropriate for you to do so to a respectable opponent?”

Dou Yanshan narrowed his eyes and said the name of the person: “Shen, Qiao!”

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