Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 275 - Heartbreaking Love (2)

Chapter 275: Heartbreaking Love (2)

Gong Yimo still didn't feel rea.s.sured as she nodded her head, "You go have a good rest… I won't be rash in the future. I will tell you if I go somewhere, I'm sorry."

Gong Jue suddenly reached out and stroked Gong Yimo's hair when she had her guard down.

"It's okay." It was only that… he will never allow her to have the chance to leave his side ever again… never again.

"Oh right, why isn't Luo Qi and the others by your side?"

Gong Yimo had long wanted to ask this question. After all, what would happen if spies infiltrate the residence when they're not here?

Gong Jue said, "I made them go look for you, they should return by tomorrow." If I hadn't sent them away, would you have obediently come back like this?

Gong Yimo looked at him with disapproval, "Then who would be in charge of your safety tonight?"

Gong Jue smiled and suddenly laid down and snuggled against Gong Yimo's legs.

He sighed softly, "I can only rely on Royal Sister to protect my safety…"

His action frightened Gong Yimo as she moved away from him at lightning speed; she almost tripped over Gong Jue.

Gong Jue slowly straightened his back and sat on the bed.

He said in a strange self-mocking tone, "Why… as your brother, I can't even touch you?"

His gaze was too frightening and Gong Yimo felt chills running down her spines again. Her heart was pounding rapidly against her chest as she forced herself to calm down and smile.

"No… I just suddenly remembered that if I was going to keep watch for you tonight, I will have to move my quilt over. I have difficulties sleeping when it's not my bed…"

You have difficulties sleeping in different beds? But you don't seem to lack any energy or spirit after leaving for a few days.

Gong Jue didn't expose her lie which made Gong Yimo secretly sighed in relief as she rushed out of his room.

As soon as she left, a small stream of blood overflowed from the corner of Gong Jue's mouth. He reached out to rub it away, but the more he rubbed it, the more blood there was! His complexion was deathly pale as he smiled at the bed sheet that was covered in his blood. Even though he was smiling, he felt like his heart was being cut by a blunt instrument; every inch it cut into his heart, he could feel double the pain!

He didn't want to feel this pain anymore… suddenly an idea gradually formed in his mind. He concentrated his internal strength to a part of his body and because he was already injured, he vomited even more blood!

His complexion was as pale as paper!

When Gong Yimo entered the room with her quilt in hand and saw the bed full of blood, she couldn't care about anything else!

"Gong Jue!"

She rushed forward and held onto his hands, interlacing their fingers together as she gave him her inner strength!

After a while, Gong Jue's complexion became a little better, it didn't look as deathly pale as it was before.

Gong Yimo finally revealed a smile.

Gong Yimo's rapidly pounding heart gradually calmed down when she saw that Gong Jue was slowly recovering. Tomorrow… she will look for the best physician to take a look at Gong Jue's body!

She was also very tired; she didn't care that the bed was full of blood and that Gong Jue was still unconscious. Gong Yimo laid directly next to him and fell asleep.

In her sleep, she felt that Gong Jue's body was too cold, so she subconsciously held him to warm him up. The two of them spent the night like this.

When Gong Yimo woke up the next day, the sky was already very bright!

She opened her eyes in confusion and as if she had suddenly remembered something, she quickly turned around to look at how Gong Jue was doing. When she turned around, she knocked into Gong Jue's embrace and she stared blankly at him.

But just as she was distracted, Gong Jue lowered his head and lightly kissed her lips.

He said gently, "Good morning, Momo."

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