Dragon Maken War Chapter 143

Chapter 143 – Second Coming of a Legend (6)

“Hoo-ooh.  I was able to regain my breath thanks to your speech, so I shouldn’t be saying this….   You always get too absorbed in the fight.  You forget your goals.  Doesn’t your side hate this part about you?”

“…you do realize I’m disparaging you by calling you an idiot right now, right?”


Azell was impressed.  This guy was more of an idiot than he had imagined.  It wasn’t as if Reygus didn’t know it was doing something idiotic.  It knew it was doing something stupid, yet it went through with his actions.  Reygus did whatever it felt like doing!

“…ah.  Truthfully, you did annoy me, but in a weird way, I didn’t hate you.  That is how dumb you were.”

“You died, because you ignored what was going on in your surrounding yet you haven’t changed.  Amazing.”

Reygus spoke in an imposing manner.

His words made it clear that this being was a completely disqualified from being a general.  Reygus also knew this truth.  It had the t.i.tle of Dragon Demon general, but Reygus always let its underlings command the battle.  It fought on its own.  It did whatever it wanted, yet Reygus was an indispensable part of the Dragon Demon king’s army.

Many strategists from the Demon King army spoke about it lament.

‘If general Reygus fixed his personality a little bit, he would be the best!’

Many in the human allied forces had the same thought.

‘We are quite fortunate that Reygus has such a personality.’

Reygus was unchanging even at the end.  That was why he had died.  It was also why Reygus could laugh without any regret.

It had woken up as an Undead after 220 years, yet it hadn’t changed..

Suddenly, Azell asked a question.

“You haven’t changed, but everything around you have changed.  Do you really think the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds in the Plain of Darkness is worth fighting with?”

“I’m not doing that.  I’m simply curious.  When I awoke in this era, I was shocked to find the existence of the Dragon Demon king worshippers.  Moreover, I was shocked in many ways to see what kind of actions were carried out by the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds within the Plain of Darkness.  During the Dragon Demon war, I hated you guys, but how should I say this….  It feels as if things have progress to the extreme.”


Azell’s expression crumpled.  Of all the people he could have made a slip of the tongue to, he had made the mistake against the being that was the prime example of someone that gave away information to the enemy!

Reygus laughed uproariously.


Reygus was an Undead with only its skeleton left.  From within the darkness, it spoke such dismal words that would have undermined the morale of his allies.  If the Demon King worshippers could here this, wouldn’t they feel aggrieved?

Reygus continued to speak as Azell had these thoughts.

“As expected, it seems Atein’s revival isn’t too far off.  Your awakening is a precursor to that event.”

“You really are incorrigible.”

Even the great Azell was at a loss for words.  He should want to trip Reygus up, yet he was having a hard time putting himself in the mood to do so.

“I will show my respect towards the stupidity that had endured for over 200 years.  I’ll do as you wish.  It is as you’ve said, you wasted enough time for me to be able to use my secret card.”

As he spoke, Azell’s voice started erupting with power.  As he walked, it looked as if there was an image superimposed over Azell.  He took one step as his image shook.   When he took a second step, an exact replica of himself appeared next to him.  Both figures took a third step as the superimposed images shook.  When they took the fourth step, the number of Azells doubled once again.

In a flash, 32 Azells were surrounding Reygus.

“Almarick…  He looked like an idiot, but he really was great with techniques.  He’s the opposite of you.”

Azell’s voice rang from all direction.  They didn’t open their mouths at the same time, yet the words were strung together perfectly.

Reygus’ observation was sharp and right on target.

Azell was given time to gather his breathe, but his magical energy was constantly on the decline.  He kept using power that overflowed from his vessel, and this was the backlash of constantly using that method.  Even if he was exceptional in skill and will, there was nothing he could do about his physical limitations.  The limit to using his Dragon weapon was fast approaching.

The 32 Azells let out a savage laugh.

“Of course, this isn’t all of it.  Well, Reygus!  I’ll do as you wish!  I’ll show you the true worth of the Sky Splitter, which was able to cut down Atein!”

The Dragon Majin had replicated alongside the 32 Azells, and they roared at once.  The swords abandoned their physical form, and they resolved into something that looked like flame and thunder at the same time.  The pure white light moved through the air.

Reygus was faster and stronger compared to when it was alive.  However, it was impossible to dodge the Sky Splitter.   No matter how fast its reaction speed had increased, it was impossible for Reygus to see the Sky Splitter which had dematerialized.

The only thing Reygus could do was to create a broad barrier and endure the attacks.  When opponents faced the dematerialized Sky Splitter, they gave up on pin-point defense.  It wasted a lot of power, but one had no choice but to use a broad defense.  Reygus was no exception.  No, such a tactic was actually Reygus’ specialty.

However, the current situation was a bit different from before.

His reaction speed had increased significantly, so Reygus was able to see a world that he had never been able to see before.  He could now clearly discern the path of most Instantaneous movements.  He had entered the world of ultrahigh speed.

This was the reason why Azell was on the losing end as he attacked.

Azell’s attacks weren’t weak.  Even if Reygus style had reached the pinnacle of tanking attacks, it couldn’t avoid having its movements restricted.  It couldn’t avoid taking damage.

However, Reygus was able to defend in a more efficient manner, and it cut into the effectivenss of Azell’s attacks.

Up until now, all his enemies had given up defending the dematerialized Sky Splitter with accuracy.  However, Reygus was able to do so.

‘Left chest.’

This didn’t mean it could counteract every attack.  The attacks from the dematerialized Dragon Majin was too numerous.  It was hard to tell which attacks held power behind it and which attacks were feints.

However, Reygus was able to identify some of the attacks.  It couldn’t pick up the attacks that were coming in at speed of light.  However, there were times when Azell’s clone had to transform back into physical form.  When it caught sight of them, it was able to read the path of the attacks.

‘Right knee.’

A human who hadn’t learned Spirit Order couldn’t dodge an arrowing using one’s eyes.  However, it was possible to observe the archer’s movement to predict the timing and path of the arrow.  It would allow one to dodge the attack.

Reygus was using the the same concept right now.  Countless attacks were coming towards it, yet Reygus was able to pick out certain attacks.  It allowed Reygus to properly defend against several blows.  Every time it was successful in its defense, it cut through the shower of light attacking it.

‘It’ll be the same again!’

The attacks performed by Azell’s 32 forms were like a real storm. However, they couldn’t breakthrough Reygus!

It was at that moment when he had a thought.

“Reygus, do you know why my Dragon Majin is called the ‘Sky Splitter’?”

One of Azell’s clone locked weapons with Reygus as he whispered those words.  When it put strength into the hands gripping the Soul Hammer, the resistance disappeared.  From beyond the clone, Reygus saw a sight it had never seen before.

The sky parted.  

It wasn’t as if the sky was cloudy.  It was a clear sunny day.  However, an oppressive amount of light pierced through the sky.  

It was as if an enormous tree made out of light that sprouted.  A pillar of light connected the earth and the sky.  Moreover, there were numerous branches made out of light extending outwards.

It was as if someone had magnified an image at the moment when thunderbolt hit the ground.  The branches of light extended in all directions.  In the middle of the light, Azell was glaring down at Reygus.

Reygus voice couldn’t hide the overflowing joy it was feeling.  It gripped its Soul Hammer as it c.o.c.ked it backwards.

There wasn’t a single iota of fear in Reygus.  It was like facing a comet when it was coming straight towards the beach.  In the face of certain calamity, Reygus’ fighting spirit was unyielding.


The earth shook as Reygus stood at the epicenter.  Clouds of dust rose into the air.  From deep within the earth, an enormous power arose as it was focused within the Soul Hammer.

Reygus’ presence was becoming more and more larger.

For a brief moment, they exchanged gazes.  Azell didn’t wait for it to reach its peak power.

‘I’ll end it with this!’

It was Reygus had surmised.  Azell’s magical energy was in decline.  The time limit in which he could summon the Dragon weapon was approaching.  

He could last longer using a complete Dragon weapon in the Vitan’s Chalice.  However, he decided to use the final attack with the Sky Splitter.  The time he could bring out the Dragon Majin had increased considerably when he increased his magical energy and the vessel that held his power.  However, there was a limit.

This was why this was his last chance.  He was fortunate that Reygus was obssessed with the process of a battle instead of winning and losing.  This was why he was given the chance to bring up all his remaining power.  He was able to use his best secret technique.

Sun Lightsaber!

At that moment, the pillar of light connecting sky and earth dispersed into countless swords.

Hundreds, thousands, hundred thousands, millions….  It was impossible to count them all.  The overwhelming number of light swords flew through the air.  There was so many swords that it looked as if they combined to make a tidal wave.  It swallowed everything in sight.

At that moment Reygus regretted the fact that it didn’t have a heart.  It couldn’t feel its heart beat faster at watching this splendid sight!  Its body was dead, but its soul had pursued this exact moment for a thousand year.  At the crescendo of the attack, its soul hunger for more as it burned!

It really was an instant.

The enormous pillar of light had been like the world tree that connected the sky to the earth.  When the numerous light swords erupted forth, an unforgettable image was seared into the mind of all who was watching.  The tsunami of light hit its target and it created a large vortex.


It seared the eyes as the song of destruction rang out.  The sound of this transcendent calamity could overpower even a Dragon’s Roar.  Just the aftereffect of the attack burned the vision of the spectators, and the mental waves moved like rapid currents to burn their minds.

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