Dragon Maken War c39

Chapter 39 - When I Met Someone Who Was Dead (4)


When Niberis saw the corrupted being and her underlings running towards Azell, she turned her back on him.

“Well, now&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;.”

Pah-ji-ji- jeeek!

Arrieta swung her sword down towards her. A barrier formed automatically, and blue sparks flew as it clashed with the white sword. Arrieta didn’t hesitate to charge her when she had judged Niberis had put her guard down.

“Oh Evil Darkness, Rend Apart!”

Arrieta had used the repelling force to retreat as she swung her sword. Then a sword made out of light struck towards Niberis.

However, Niberis didn’t show any signs of nervousness. As if she was on a leisurely stroll, she walked across the air then she slightly shook her hand. This resulted in Arrieta’s sword of light sliding off of her barrier, and it collapsed in the air.

Arrieta was taken aback.

‘She was able to slip my attack so easily!’

Niberis’ attack followed afterwards. Arrow made out of light formed in mid-air, and it was shot towards Arrieta in a dizzying manner.

“Sacred Valor bless this sword!”

With a shout, a barrier formed and it blocked the light. However, a sound of an explosion was heard from behind.

Kw.a.n.g! Kwa-gahng!

The projectiles exploded, and it blew Arrieta away. Arrieta was thrown towards the ground, and she was barely able to turn her body to kick the ground. She looked like a skipping stone as she kicked, rotated, kicked again and so on. Niberis smiled as she looked at her.

“Hoo-hoot. You are a princess of a country, but you are floundering about like a street performer.”

At the same time, she lightly shook her hand. This caused two sphere of light to form, and it head towards another direction.



Boar let out a moan as he blocked with his shield. This was an attack aimed at the other party member, who were separated from Arrieta.

Niberis spoke.

“My workload is too much for me to deal with bugs like you.”

“What did you say?”

Boar became angry.

Niberis no longer looked towards him. Instead, the remaining monsters rushed towards him.

“Sir Giles!”

“I already know!”

The two knights stood up as they looked at each other.

During all of this, Enora had been shaking in terror.

Boar a.s.sessed his surrounding as he spoke.

“Don’t worry, Ms Enora! Not even a single hair of yours will be hurt as long as I’m around!”

“You stole what I wanted to say. Let’s quickly get rid of these filthy b.a.s.t.a.r.ds then we can help the princess!”

Giles also spoke in a n.o.ble manner. However, several dozen monsters ran towards them.

“There are a lot of them!”

Giles’ sword energy was swung towards the approaching enemies like a gale. The sword energy was fast yet delicate. It cut down the unruly monsters one by one.

There were most definitely a lot of enemies. Most of them were larger and st.u.r.dier than humans.

However, the Spirit Order pract.i.tioners who had reached the level of Quadruple master were super humans.

They could cow them with their mental wave, and they used an electric-like attack to take the monster’s lives. They put fear into the monsters.

Confusion and hesitation started to spread within the ranks of the monsters. Giles had faced large numbers of monsters in the Balan Forest, so he was used to facing off against such opponents.

Boar also wasn’t outdone by Giles.

“Hoong! Dirty b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! I guess you are desperate to dirty my shield with your blood!”

Boar had a shield, so the way he faced off against the monsters were entirely different from Giles.


A group of orcs were running toward him. Boar smashed the lead orc with his shield, and it flew into the air. It looked like it was. .h.i.t by a running horse. The orc’s muscular body was much bigger than a human, but it flew several meters into the air. It flew over the head of the monsters.

While the monsters were frozen watching the orc fly, Boar stabbed his sword over his shield. Another monster’s throat was pierced like meat being skewered, and it fell to the floor.

The fl.u.s.tered monsters ran towards Boar in unison, and they swung their weapons. Three of them ran in at Boar.

Boar glared with his eyes.


Instead of yelling like a person, he roared out a b.e.s.t.i.a.l cry. It was similar to what Azell had used. It was a roar containing a domineering mental wave.

In a flash, the monsters’ movements slowed. As he blocked the discouraged enemies’ attack with his shield, Boar stomped with all his might.


Accompanying a heavy thud, the ground started to shake. The weapons swung by the monsters were deflected with great force, and the owners of the weapons fell to the floor.


Boar quickly ran in, and he cut them down with his sword. Then he returned to guard his original position.

Giles and Boar look at each other with sidelong glances after they killed a batch of enemies.

The two of them didn’t get along. From the start of the trip, Boar treated Giles like a country knight, and Boar had ignored him.

They got on each other’s nerves at every step, and they had fought each other for the leadership role.

After Boar was annihilated by Azell, his att.i.tude had changed. However, the relationship between Giles and Boar was still uncomfortable. Both of young knights were chosen as representative for their respective group, so this situation was inevitable.

“Sir Giles. How about we compete to see who could take down the most opponents?”

“I’ll take you up on that..”

However, at that moment, the two of them agreed on something. They had to protect Enora, and they had to help Arrieta. This was why they didn’t hesitate to fight with their backs against each other. Even though their movements were restricted from being surrounded by several dozen monsters, the two knights were in a difficult ordeal where they had to defeat all the monsters.


Currently, everything was going as the Dragon’s Shadow had intended.

Their target was Arrieta. She had been separated from Azell, who they were wary of, and the 3 others. If one discounted Azell, the several dozen monsters were surrounding Giles, Boar and Enora. They were in a significant danger.

However, Arrieta couldn’t help them. Niberis was walking towards her emitting an oppressive magical energy.

“Well, we’ve finally broken free from the disrupters&h.e.l.lip;. Dragon Princess. We share the same blood, so I will show you some mercy. I have a proposal for you.”

“A proposal?”

“If you obediently follow us, I’ll spare your underling’s lives..”


“I’m telling you to surrender. It’s obvious what the result will be, so let’s not tire each other out.”


Arrieta kicked off the ground. She accelerated using her instantaneous movement, and in a flash, she had arrived at Niberis’ back. Then she didn’t hesitate to attack!

However, Niberis was gone. Arrieta was surprised when she felt herself strike empty air.

From her side, she heard Niberis’ languid voice.

“All those who wield swords are uniformly simple.”


Niberis had predicted what Arrieta would do, so she had used set up an illusion. Niberis’ skill in magic was too fast and complex. Arrieta didn’t even realize what she had done.


Arrieta was struck by lightning, and she was sent flying. Arrieta was barely able to right her body and land on the ground. Niberis spoke as she looked at her.

“This is the second time. The rumors said you are intelligent. So isn’t it about time you realize your place?”


“Well, it’s ok. If you want to be stubborn, I’ll break that stubbornness. I’ll make realize the reality of your situation.”

When Niberis said, ‘This is the second time.’, it was the number of times Niberis could have taken Arrieta’s life. She aimed to capture Arrieta alive, so even though she had the chance to deal a critical blow, she had refrained.

Arrieta shouted.

“Don’t look down on me! You of the Dragon Demon race! Light of the Ferocious Beast that Burns away the Darkness, Roar!”

An orange flame climbed up the white blade. Unlike a normal flame, it wasn’t emitting a lot of heat. However, this was a magical flame with a ma.s.sive amount of destructive force dormant within its magical flame.


When she swung her sword, the fire elongated like a whip, and it struck against Niberis.

This wasn’t a one-off move. Arrieta breathed in, then she let out a couple dozen malleable sword energy. It created a dizzying white trace across the empty air, and it hit Niberis.


The flame exploded on impact. From where the attack ignited to behind several dozen meter, explosive flames spread out in a fan shape.

She proved that her reputation as the Dragon Demon princess wasn’t false. She displayed a devastating power. It was an attack capable of killing dozens of enemy in a flash. However, Arrieta wasn’t done yet. She brought her sword down as she ran.

“Oh fire dragon. Let out your anger!”

The orange flames surrounding the sword started to emit heat, and it changed into a real flame. Arrieta’s fierce sword strike was able to split even a castle wall.

“&h.e.l.lip;aren’t you satisfied after squirming this much?

In the next moment, a languid voice entered into Arrieta’s ear.


At the same time, Arrieta was struck from the side with no warning. Arrieta couldn’t even scream as she was thrown to the ground.

In front of her, Niberis was walking out of the fiercely burning magical flame. Not even a single hair was damaged.

After rolling several times on the ground, Arrieta gritted her teeth as she got up.

‘I guess it was another illusion.’

Niberis was walking from a location entirely different from where Arrieta had predicted. This time she had been prepared for Niberis to use her illusion magic. However, she had still been completely fooled.


Niberis words held pity within it. However, the voice didn’t come out of the Niberis walking out from the flame.

‘Multiple illusion?’

Arrieta’s eyes widened.

Niberis was walking towards her from all direction. There were a total of 7 Niberis, and all of them looked like the real body.

Moreover, there was a strong magical wave that was interfering with Arrieta’s senses. Even if she tried to sense Niberis’ life energy, she couldn’t’ tell which one was the real one.

Niberis spoke.

“If you come obediently, then everything will be easier.”

As if her words were a spell, consecutive lighting strikes exploded forth. The lightning strikes exploded as it ripped through the darkness. Arrieta mindlessly ran away.

‘I can’t read the signs!’

When a warrior fights against a magician, the warrior reads the flow of the magical energy. Once the warrior sees the sign that magic is being used, one could react to the magic. Even if one couldn’t tell what kind of magic it was, one could still block it if one knew when the magic was coming.

However, Niberis didn’t have a tell in her magic. It seemed like she wasn’t doing anything when the lighting struck.

‘This basically means&h.e.l.lip; That woman is just playing with me.’

One after another she was. .h.i.t with lightning that was powerful enough to instantly kill a normal person. However, Niberis was just flicking her finger as if she was barely putting her strength into the attack. Even if one possessed powerful magical strength, one still needed an effective techniques to use. She hadn’t even gathered her power in one place to amplify her magic. She had omitted steps yet she was able to produce this much power.

Niberis spoke.

“Your defense is pretty admirable. I heard you were taught by the Dragon Demon Duke. It seems he taught you well.”

“You know my teacher?”

“I’ve never personally seen him. However, I’ve heard about his reputation enough times to make my ears bleed. Now that I see his student I could tell your teacher has great skill.”

Niberis genuinely gave a compliment to Arrieta’s skills.

Of course, this was a judgement made by a person who was in a much superior position. It was like saying, ‘She’s better than I thought?’

Niberis continued to use lightning to incapacitate Arrieta. Normally, even if you block the lightning itself, the clap of the thunder damages ones eardrum. It’ll be impossible for the person to move properly. afterward

Arrieta had been worried about this, so she had used her Dragon energy to protect her eardrums from the beginning. Even if the lightning didn’t incapacitate her, a single damaged eardrum would make her lose her fighting capability.

‘I can’t win against this enemy with just my strength.’

Arrieta coldly calculated her chances.

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