Dragon Maken War c40

Chapter 40 - When I Met Someone Who Was Dead (5)

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She came to a conclusion. She determined she had no chance of winning against Niberis no matter how much she struggled. The difference between their power was too overwhelming.

She could see only one way out. It was Niberis’ att.i.tude. She knew Niberis wasn’t paying much attention to her. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to do anything with this fact.

‘She is taking me lightly, but she isn’t careless about protecting herself&h.e.l.lip;.’

Niberis’ inattention resulted from her trust in her own defensive ability. Even if Arrieta was better than Niberis had predicted, she couldn’t break through the barrier even if she caught Niberis off guard. This caused the magician to be arrogant.

Unfortunately, Arrieta didn’t have the strength to tear down her arrogance. If she used all her power to deliver a fatal blow, then it might be possible. However, Niberis’ carelessness didn’t mean she would allow Arrieta to prepare her strike.

‘I won’t be able to escape.’

The enemy’s aim was to kidnap her, so running away was the best way to go. However, she was surround by a barrier of darkness, and it wouldn’t allow her to escape.

‘I guess I’ll have to hold out by taking advantage of the enemy’s indifferent att.i.tude.’

Arrieta decided to trust her allies. If she was able to stall for time, then Azell would surely do something.

Arrieta laughed bitterly at her thoughts.

‘When did I start to&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;.’

When did she start to rely on Azell so much? She had no idea. At this moment, she felt more secure by the fact that Azell was fighting in this battlefield. She’d prefer him over a thousand troops supporting her.

Niberis raised her hand when she saw Arrieta’s relentless determination.

“You are foolish to continue this fight when the result is a foregone conclusion. It’ll just make both of us weary.”

“Your arrogance can’t last forever, Dragon Demon.”

“It isn’t arrogance.”

After she spoke coldly, a dark flame-like darkness surged forth, and it surrounded Niberis’ vicinity. She spoke as half of her figure was cloaked in darkness.

“I’m just speaking the truth.”


Azell frowned as he saw the corrupted being approach him.

‘This is going to be a pain in the a.s.s. That thing is annoying.’

Azell had plenty experience in fighting against a corrupted being. It was an oft used method by the high level Black magicians in the Dragon Demon War. The magic didn’t differentiate between allies or enemies when it gathered the corpses into one place. Usually, it would also cause ma.s.sive damage to the allies when the corrupted being was born.

Of course, the corrupted being wasn’t a scary opponent for Azell. The problem was this opponent was annoying enough to delay him.

‘I have no choice.’

Azell calmly took a single deep breath.


His heart beat faster.


The Rings of Life resonated, and his magic amplified.

The magic flowing in his energy pulse accelerated, and it flowed into the Rings of Life. Then the magic amplified as it pa.s.sed through the first Ring, then it amplified again after pa.s.sing through the second Ring. As the magic pa.s.sed through the final third ring, it was amplified more and more. Before it could go back into energy pulse, pulsation of the blood vessels and small vibrations of the bones added fuel to amplification. Then the magic amplified to its maximum point.

Ba-dump! Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

His heartbeat raced faster, and the flow of magic in his energy pulse accelerated more and more. Every time the magic pa.s.sed his heart, the magical energy expanded more and more. It filled up his energy pulse, and as if that wasn’t enough, the magic spread to every part of his body. Still, the magic was overflowing, so it started wrapping around his body.


This process happened in an instant. Before the enemies under orders could attack him, and before the corrupted being got in range for an attack, Azell had already finished amplifying his magical energy.

He could freely control the beat of his heart. He could control each blood vessels in his body. This allowed the Spirit Order pract.i.tioner to perceive time differently from a normal person. The Spirit Order pract.i.tioner could slow down or speed up the perception of time one feels. At his moment, he was stretching out the time to the extremes.


Azell mumbled in a small voice.

His body was far from being complete. The vessel that held his magical energy was too small. If Azell compared himself to his prime, the amount of magic he could hold didn’t even reach 10 percent.

However, it was enough to deal with this situation. The reason being Azell knew of a method where he could temporarily control the overflowing magical energy. He wrapped it around his body.

Azell had the time to amplify his magic in a relaxed state, and now his enemies would feel a different level of power from him.


The corrupted being ran towards him. Just by looking at its size one could guess how strong it was. Its strength probably exceeded that of an ogre by a wide margin.

This wasn’t the end of it. The corrupted being was a crystallization of a curse, so anything it touched was deadly to any being in this world.

Azell dodged the corrupted being’s hand, and he retreated backwards. At the same time, he tilted his head by a marginal amount.


Suddenly, a black blade burst out of the ground, and it barely missed the side of his face.

It didn’t end there. The blank blades continuously burst forth from the ground, and it tried to skewer him.

Azell moved as if he was dancing, and he was able to avoid all of it. At the same time he came to a stop, he stomped hard on the ground.


It looked like a light stomp, but the surrounding surface shook in its entirety.


Azell’s senses were developed to the extreme, so he heard the moan let out by someone 5 meters below the surface. It was the sound of Kirion, who attacked his enemies as he moved freely through the ground.

The vibrational energy caused by the stomp was transferred through the earth, and it had attacked Kirion. Azell wanted to send an additional blow to end Kirion, but he did’t have the time to do so. In that brief moment, the corrupted being had closed the distance, and it was swinging its arm.

‘Claws of the Thunder Dragon!’

Azell let fly his sword strike on a similar trajectory as the other’s attack.

Kwa-roo-roong! Kwa-gw.a.n.g!

The sound of thunder overlapped with the sound of Niberis attacking Arrieta. Azell’s sword was emitting thunder strikes, and it ripped apart the corrupted giant’s arm.

At the unexpected sound of thunder, the enemies who were approaching Azell for an attack flinched. Azell moved using his Instantaneous Movement method, and it left his after image.


The sword strike let out a blue light as it made a long gash on the corrupted being’s back. The aggregate of corrupted power making up the body dispersed as it fragmented off.

“It’s really st.u.r.dy. Annoying.”

Azell grumbled. Then he reversed the additional blow he was going to send with his sword, and he stabbed towards his back.



Accompanying an explosive sound, a sharp cry rang out. It was a feminine scream, but the voice was very hoa.r.s.e. It sounded very odd.

“Your scream is unexpectedly quite feminine? Ms. Regina.”


Regina moaned. She had used her Stealth technique to hide herself. She had even used it to hide her life energy, so she had thought this would be the perfect time to attack him. However, Azell had become aware of her ghost-like figure, and he had counterattacked.

Azell grinned as he pressed his attack on Regina. Transparent blades of force flew towards him in the air. Azell deflected it, and he suddenly retreated backwards. At the same time, he tilted his body towards the ground, then he let fly a sword strike at a very odd angle.



Kirion, who was about to burst through the surface, let out a yell. While Azell was focused on Regina, Kirion had decided to ambush Azell.

However, Azell had cut Kirion as if he had been waiting for that exact opportunity.

“What&h.e.l.lip;what the&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;!”

Kirion watched a fountain of blood burst forth from his body, and he moaned. He still had the wound on his face left by Azell. Kiron’s eyes was burning with anger.

“Azell Zestring, you son of a b.i.t.c.h&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;!”

Before Azell could reply, Kirion disappeared from sight. Afterwards, a sphere of darkness crashed into the spot. In a flash, Azell moved a distance over 10 meters as he spoke.

“You are trying to detain me with this? Your superiors have a very bad grip on reality.”

Azell was surrounded by 4 enemies.

The cursed being, Regina, and Kirion surrounded him. Moreover, a black magician Azell had never seen before was hiding inside the darkness. He was the one who had shot the sphere of darkness.

“Koo-ook, oooooooh&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;!”

Kirion was severely injures, and he was swaying. He had stopped the bleeding for now, but he was in a poor shape. He had tried an ambush yet he received a counter-attack instead.

Azell’s eyes shone with a terrifying light.

“I don’t have time to play with you. I’ll take care of you quickly.”

His magical energy were overflowling from his body, and he would use it to defeat his enemies quickly. He was emitting far greater power than normal, so it was a big burden on his body. Moreover, it quickly exhausted his mental power, so he couldn’t maintain this state for a long time.

In the next moment, Azell disappeared.


Regina was taken aback.

That wasn’t it. She had thought he used the Instantaneous Movement to disappear. She was preparing for a strike from the back, when he appeared once again.

However, there were more than one. One appeared behind the corrupted being. Another one appeared in front of Regina. One was next to Kirion, and last one was behind the black magician!

‘A cloning technique?’

Even the Dragon Demon with enhanced senses couldn’t tell the difference between the real body, and the false image. At that moment, every one of them looked like a false image.

“Are you perhaps making the mistake in thinking I’m hiding somewhere?”

Azell spoke as he appeared behind the black magician. The black magician was terrified as he realized his back was taken and he was a beat too late.


He reflexively activated his defensive magic. At the same time, the corrupted being and Regina headed towards them.

‘That’s the real one!’

When she was about to open her mouth, the false images disappeared as the presence of Azell came into focus. How was he able to find the hidden black magician so easily? And Azell was attacking him first! Even as she used her instantaneous movement, she knew her last ditch effort would be too late.


However, she froze when she heard a scream from behind.


Azell was attacking the black magician, so why was Kirion screaming?

Kirion, who was seriously injured, tried to hide himself again below ground when Azell moved. He had lost too much of his composure from receiving the large wound. He won’t be able to attack again

At that moment, Azell grabbed his throat then he stabbed him through the heart.

“Kuk, Kuh-uh-uhk&h.e.l.lip; This cant be&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;!”

Kirion’s eyes widened in disbelief as he took his last breath. Azell confirmed that Kirion wasn’t breathing. Azell threw him away.

“This method works well against those who are confident in their senses.”

He divided his life signature of his main body, and he had made several clones. Only one of the clones would hold a life signature akin to his real body. His enemies didn’t have the time to evaluate his clones properly, so they had mistaken the clone for the actual body.

When the enemies’ focused their attention on the bait, Azell’s real body attacked the weak-link. He killed Kirion.

“Also, I’m not done yet.”


At Azell’s meaningful words, Regina couldn’t help but turn around to look.



The inattentive black magician was pierced by a sword that burst forth from below.

“Kuh-uhk. How could this be&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;!”

The black magician was horrified.


Azell flicked his fingers. The sword that was lodged inside the black magician’s body started to spread a destructive energy, and it destroyed the black magician’s heart. The black magician breathed his last breath before he could even scream.

Azell had layered another trap on top of the first one. He attacked from the back after making them believe his real body was elsewhere. After his first trap ended, he activated his second trap while everyone had let their guard down.

Azell shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m thankful since you guys keep falling for the same trick.”

The second trap was a variation on the method he used in the Balan Forest. Azell had stolen a sword from a monster as he took killed the monsters. He used his Stealth technique to hide it, and he carried it around in such a way where so no one would suspect he had it. Then he used this opportunity to throw the sword.

The difference between the last time he used it and now was the fact that Azell was able to move the thrown item in a more complex manner.

The enemies were distracted by his clones, and before they could react to the fact that they had been duped&h.e.l.lip; The hidden sword was sent flying low to the ground. He abruptly accelerated the sword, and it was thrust up and in to the black magician.

“Except for the lady from the Dragon Demon race, all of you are simpletons. Why don’t you challenge me after studying a little bit more?”

Regina trembled when she witnessed the frightening sight. She couldn’t suppress her terror as it started to well up.

‘What exactly is this man’s ident.i.ty?’

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