Dragon Maken War Chapter 100

Chapter 100 – The Sword that Split the Heavens (3)




…it seemed she had lost her consciousness for a brief moment.

Niberis’ consciousness kept blinking in and out as she heard a familiar voice.  It was a voice infused with genuine concern.  It was a voice she tolerated with discomfort since her childhood.

“Niberis! Wake up! Please!”

“Kier… en…….”

Niberis looked at him with blurry eyes. The young Dragon Demon was Kieren Baldazark.  He was her rival, and he was the descendent of one of the four exalted Dragon Demon Generals.  He looked as if he was about to cry as he called out her name.

‘Why is he here…….’

Ooh ooh ooh  ooh ooh…….

At the same time, she realized the s.p.a.ce around her was distorted.  There was only one person she knew that could create such a phenomena. When she realized this fact, she suddenly felt annoyed even if she was close to her death.


“Yes.  Laura, Sir Almarick and I are here!  Hold on!  If you die, I…!”

“Duke Baldazark.”

Kieren spoke as if he was about to cry, but Laura cut through his words. Laura’s voice was monotone as always, but Kieren could felt nervousness behind her words.

This s.p.a.ce was made using Laura’s Dragon Demon weapon called Vitan’s Chalice.  The Vitan’s Maze was an isolated pocket dimension. Since she created a spatial distortion, this place couldn’t be reached from outside.

Basically, the Vitan’s Maze offered complete safety when it was put in place.  It was a bit problematic when one had to get out, but once you were in there….

Laura, who had her Vitan’s Maze engaged, spoke as her expression stiffened.

“Hurry up.  Bring out your Dragon Demon weapon.”


“I can’t hold out much longer.”


The Vitan’s Maze, which was isolated from the world, started to shake.  Kieren was shocked.

“What? Is he perhaps intruding into the Vitan’s Maze?”

“We were tracked down.”

“How is this possible?”

“It is possible.  I don’t have time to explain it.  Hurry…!”

“Kook! I am the true descendant of the beings, who was born into the world without parents!  I call for you to obey my call!  The Dragon Demon weapon bleeds….!”

Kieren didn’t know what was going on, but he followed Laura’s instruction.  Before he could fully bring out his Dragon Demon weapon, thunder exploded around  him.


The pocket dimension, which had safely sealed them away, was ripped apart. A calamity of light akin to a thunderbolt connected the heaven and earth.  The darkness of the night sky was violently ripped away as a blue colored sword impacted on the ground.

Kieren yelled out.

“The Sword that Split the Heavens……!”

It matched the description pa.s.sed down in the Plain of Darkness.  It was the weapon that took the Dragon Demon King Atein’s life.  Then there was the four Dragon Demon Generals.  They were beings, who came into this world without being born to parents, and they tried to change the fate of the world.  However, they had been afraid of this particular weapon.

The Vitan’s Maze crumbled away as the surrounding returned to normal.  

Azell appeared from the rear with his red hair swirling around him.  He spoke as he looked at the Dragon Demons, who had been within the Vitan’s Maze.

“In truth, I’m impressed.  You timed it perfectly.”

When Azell unleashed his final blow against Niberis, the Vitan’s Maze was activated, and Niberis was sequestered into the pocket dimension.  Laura and Kieren was still 1 kilometers away from Niberis, yet she was able to take into account the distance in using her magic.  She was skilled and it was quite admirable.

“You isolated s.p.a.ce to make a pocket dimension.  However, that s.p.a.ce has to exist somewhere.”

The method in creating spatial distortion and the pocket dimension was different.  The concept behind Vitan’s Maze was to distort the configuration of s.p.a.ce. If one entered from the outside, the maze would trap all visitors in an endless maze.

Azell had fought Aunsaurus in the Dragon Demon wars.  Moreover, the so-called impregnable Vitan’s Maze had been broken several times by Azell.

Laura mumbled to herself as if she was groaning.

“Speed of light…….”

“It seems the knowledge about the Sword that Split the Heavens was pa.s.sed down amongst you.”

“It is a sword of calamity, and it can control all of the world’s light.  It can control the light from the sun, the flame from the volcanoes, and the roaring thunder within the storm.”

“You are quite ostentatious in your descriptions.  Well, it is understandable.  This sword killed your G.o.d, so I can understand why you would add such descriptions to it.”

The Sword that Split the Heavens was a Dragon Demon weapon he had completed as he matured.  When he first made the Dragon Demon weapon, it only had the power to control thunderbolts, which he had used for long ranged attacks.  However, as he went through the gauntlet of battles in the Dragon Demon war, his sword was refined.  It grew into becoming the ultimate weapon capable of defeating the Dragon Demon King.  This had been possible through Azell’s efforts, and the sacrifices of his comrades…..

The Sword that Split the Heavens controlled light.

It could control thunder.  Moreover, it could gather all existing light within his domain to convert it into an offensive energy.  Moreover, when the sword itself turned into light, it could break all shackles of limitation for a brief moment.

Kieren asked a question.

“What is he saying?”

“The Vitan’s Maze cannot transcend the limitation of my perception.”

Laura spoke as cold sweat ran down her body.

Even if she isolated a large amount of s.p.a.ce using the Vitan’s Maze, she was creating the s.p.a.ce within the limited region within her perception.  Even if she created a castle wall where one needed several days of running to reach the end, her opponent could just use the light from the sky to cut through her s.p.a.ce.

Laura was able to a.s.sess this problem, so she had tried to use the property of light against Azell.  She knew light travelled in straight lines, so he kept changing the location of her s.p.a.ce to block the Sword that Split the Heavens.  However, her efforts had been futile.  The Sword that Split the Heavens could scatter numerous light particles, and it allowed Azell to trace any beings if light was able to reach them.

Kieren had been a step slow in realizing this fact.  He spoke with a shaking voice.

“So the sword can really split the heavens….”

“Mmmm?  Are you perhaps the descendant of Baldazark?”

Azell tilted his head as he looked at Kieren.  Niberis was of a different s.e.x as Saibein, and Laura also looked different Aunsaurus.  However, Kieren’s outer appearance and voice was almost a carbon copy of Baldazark.

Kieren asked in surprised.

“How did you know?”

“I knew it by your appearance.  Saibein’s daughter, Aunsaurus’ grandchild and Baldazark’s scion….  Did all the Dragon Demons of note and the small fries gather here today?

When the Vitan’s Maze was broken, three young Dragon Demons was returned to normal s.p.a.ce.  They returned to a location where a large number of Dragon Demon king worshippers were gathered.

There was the group being led by Duran, and they had been fighting Leticia.  Then there was the group brought here by Laura and Kieren.  There was a total of 120 Dragon Demon king worshippers present, and all of them were quite proficient at fighting.

They had an absolute numerical advantage.  However, Azell didn’t even show an ounce of nervousness as he asked a question.

“How long will it take for our allies to get here?”

“I’m not sure.  This land is rarely seen by the gazes of man, so the response may be sluggish.  They are usually really good at showing up when they aren’t needed….”

“I agree.  They are like perverts, who like to stalk.  If so, why the h.e.l.l are they so late?  They are useless.”

Azell and Kairen was talking about the Guardian Shadows.  There wasn’t much of a population within the County of Karzark, so the surveillance net was thin here.  However, Kairen was a member of the Guardian Shadows.  Since he witnessed the Dragon Demon king worshippers, the Guardian Shadows would know about it.  It was a matter of time before they got here.

Kairen didn’t show any outwards signs, but he asked Azell a question through Whispering.

-How much reserve do you have left?

Azell showed off a fearsome G.o.d-like power, yet this power wasn’t endless.  Azell spoke.

-The Dragon Maken I called forth is starting to reach its limit.  Moreover, the Dragon Sword is groaning under the stress.

The cheat-like Dragon Maken he called forth had a time limit.  The Dragon Sword had become the vessel for his power, yet it couldn’t channel that power indefinitely.

On top of that fact, the use of the Dragon Maken put quite a lot of burden on Azell too.  Azell hadn’t been able to complete his recovery yet.

-However, I have plenty enough to kill all these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.

-Hmm. Then I’ll focus my power on protecting this guy.

Kairen spoke as he unsheathed his dual swords.  Yuren was at Kairen’s feet.

Then they naturally came to a realization that a female Dragon Majin was showing her back to them. She was a Dragon Majin with short, black and wavy hair.  It was Leticia.  She asked Kairen a question.

“Is he dead?”

“If you mean the magician, he is still alive.”

“It seems he wasn’t destined to die.  Then let me ask you another question.  I don’t know who you are, but are you an ally?”

“I want to pose the same question to you as an answer, but…  Since we have common enemies, you can join our side until the end of this fight.  We can talk about our interests afterwards.

“Such a generous answer.  It almost makes me tear up.  All right.  Let’s do that.”

Leticia let out a snort. Then she let out a tumultuous killing intent towards the other side.

“However, I never expected to see Duke Almarick here.  I would have never imagined it.  Is this the destiny Yuren was talking about?

Her gaze was focused on a being with long, blue-black hair.  It had horns that made him look like a black bull.  This particular Dragon Demon youth possessed yellowish brown eyes and Dragon Demon Stone.  He was like Kieren and Laura.  He was the descendent of ‘The Sword that parts a storm’ Almarick, and his name was Jeffers Almarick.

Azell tilted his head in confusion at her words.

“Mmm? This guy is Almarick’s descendent?”

“You are only a lowly human, yet you dare speak his name?”

Jeffers words revealed his disdain of Azell.  He hadn’t been inside the Vitan’s Maze, so he hadn’t witnessed Azell’s G.o.d-like powers.  If he had seen it, he wouldn’t have been able to maintain such an att.i.tude.

Azell smiled as he revealed his teeth.

“You are quite the prototypical Dragon Demon.  However…  Why don’t you look anything like Almarick?”


“The scion of Baldazark looks like that git.  He looks exactly like the foppish Baldazark.  However, you don’t share any common features with your predecessor.”

“What nonsense are you spouting?”

“Now that I think about it, the only thing different about Aunsuarus’ descendent is her gender.  As the daughter of the Simpleton Prince, they look very alike.  However, this isn’t true for you.  You are the only one that doesn’t look like your predecessor.  Don’t you think that’s strange?”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!  You are a being from the gutters, yet you dare to insult me using such baseless conjectures?”

Jeffers raged.  However, Azell didn’t back off from his taunts. From what he remembered, Almarick had long, dirty white hair.  His eyes had been bright red, and his thick horns had the consistency of volcanic rocks.  He had been a middle-aged Dragon Demon, who looked like a savage lion.  No matter how he looked at it, Jeffers didn’t look anything like Almarick.

If the other Dragon Demons hadn’t looked like their predecessors, he wouldn’t have remarked on it.  However, Niberis, Laura and Kieren looked similar to the Dragon Demons of old.

‘Why is he different?’

He was having a hard time letting go of this incongruity .  When Azell furrowed his brows, Kieren spoke.

“Duke Almarick.  That man is strong.  You have to use your Dragon Demon weapon.”

“What are you talking about?  I have to use my Dragon Demon weapon facing a lowly human?”

“Listen to my words carefully. Niberis lost to him even after using her Dragon Demon weapon.”

“What nonsense are you……!”

“He’s coming.”

In a flash, Laura stretched out her hand to activate her barrier.  By a hair’s breadth, she was able to divert the sharp light emitted by the sword towards an entirely different direction.

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