Dragon Maken War Chapter 112

Chapter 112 – To the Land of the Demons (3)


Azell thought about letting Kairen have the Vitan’s Chalice.  However, if Laura held bad intentions, Kairen wouldn’t be able to fight back against her.  Kairen had no experience in dealing with the Dragon weapons.

In contrast, Azell already had his Dragon Demon Weapon, and he had a wealth of experience in inheriting Dragon Weapons from others.  Even if Laura held evil intentions as she pa.s.sed on her Vitan’s Chalice, Azell was confident that he’ll be able to deal with it.

‘I don’t think she has any wicked intentions, but it isn’t something I can be sure about.’

He had put a shunt in Laura’s Energy Pulse, so he knew she didn’t hold any treacherous intentions.  He also knew that the truths she spilled was all true and heartfelt.  However, a person’s heart was fickle.  One could read a certain degree of emotions, but it was impossible to know the entirety of a person’s heart.  This was why he had to be cautious.

“Still, this is a troublesome item even for me.  I’ll have to conduct an extensive research.  I guess it is understandable since the original owner of this item was a Magician.  Moreover, all the descendants were also Magicians.  I can see why it is more compatible with Magicians.”

After he made sure the Vitan’s Chalice settled into his Energy Pulse, Azell spoke.

“However, you weren’t able to use it properly.”

“…I’ve never heard such an a.s.sessment before.”

This was the first time in her life where someone told her she was found wanting. Everyone said she possessed  exceptional talent, and they complimented on her use of the Dragon Weapon. In terms of controlling the Dragon Weapon, she was graded more highly than Kieren, yet she was being criticized by Azell.

Azell spoke.

“Well, I guess it is true that I’ve only seen you use the Vitan’s Chalice using a defensive strategy.  The fact that you were able to rescue Niberis using Vitan’s Maze was praiseworthy.”

From what he remembered, Vitan’s Chalice wasn’t terrifying, because of its defensive capability.  The true fear came from its attack capability.

On the battlefield, Aunsaurus used Vitan’s Maze to destroy the battle lines of his enemies.  Sometimes, he isolated troops in a pocket dimension where he held a decisive edge to overwhelm and slaughter his enemies.   He also warped s.p.a.ce to redirect a portion of the army.  It caused a great confusion when troops were suddenly traveling in different directions.

Imagine, if you will, mounted soldiers charging at full gallop towards their enemies with their lances raised.  What would happen if the direction of their charge was flipped?  Moreover, what would happen if distance could be contracted?  The mounted soldiers would have no choice, but to charge into their allies.  This was why Aunsaurus made his enemies shudder in fear.  He was someone to be avoided.

“The most terrifying part is the ‘The Goblet that contains the heaven’s tears.’”

It was also the nickname of Aunsaurus.  He created a huge distortion in the sky, and the sunlight gathered at a single focal point before being shot.  It took a long time to set up this technique, but if it was allowed to be shot, it caused devastation.

Laura was confused as she asked a question.

“You…  It seems you know more about the Vitan’s Chalice than me..”

During the Dragon Demon war, Aunsaurus was killed by Carlos. Atein used an extraordinary magic to preserve the Vitan’s Chalice with magic, and his heir was able to inherit it.  However, Aunsaurus hadn’t been able to teach his techniques to his heir.  The descendants had to research about Aunsaurus through records.  This was especially true for Laura, since her predecessor was killed by the Guardian Shadows.  His research had not been pa.s.sed down to her, so Laura was at an acute disadvantage.

When he heard her explanation, Azell nodded his head.

“I see.  I can see why you were deficient in terms of techniques.”

These techniques go through trial and error before the correct permutation was found.  It would be quickly taught to the heir, so the next generation could research and further develop the technique.  However, this had not happened.  Of course, Laura would be way behind in how she handled the Vitan’s Chalice compared to Aunsaurus.

Azell spoke.

“I’ll have to slowly research about the Vitan’s Chalice….  Hmm, Yuren and Leticia.  I have a question for both of you.”

“It seems you like asking questions to others as a hobby, while not answering other people’s questions.”

Leticia spoke in a sarcastic manner.  Azell grinned as he let the comment pa.s.s over him.

“If you think it is unfair, you should take the initiative in the conversation.”

“You are a shameless man.”

“I’ve heard that a lot before.  I know Yuren’s situation, so let’s put that aside.  Why are you fighting against the Dragon Demon King worshippers?”

“I started fighting them around seven years ago.”

“You’ve been fight them for quite a while, yet you aren’t a Guardian Shadow?”

“No.  Now that you brought it up, are you a member of the Guardian Shadows?”

“I’m not, but this guy is one of them.”

Azell pointed towards Kairen.   Leticia looked at Kairen with interest in her eyes.

“I see.  Anyways, I’ve faced off against the Guardian Shadows as enemies before.  However, I’ve never accepted them as allies.”

“Why is that?”

“I used to be a Dragon Demon King worshipper like Yuren.”

“As I expected”

Azell had on an expression as if he had known this.  Leticia asked him a question.

“…did you foresee my answer?”

“I confirmed you used to be a Dragon Demon King worshipper right now.  However, there was a commonality between you and Yuren.”

The energy of black magic was deeply ingrained in them.  Leticia wasn’t a magician.  She used the Dragon Arts, yet she possessed the energy of black magic.  It was an uncommon characteristic, so he hypothesized that she used to be a Dragon Demon king worshipper in the past.

Leticia nodded her head.

“You are quite perceptive.  It is a bit creepy.  Yes, it is as you’ve guessed.  In the past, I was made to be a Dragon Demon King worshipper, and I was experimented on through black magic.  In the end, the experiments pushed me into betraying them.”

“What kind of tests?”

“I’m not obligated to tell you that.”

“All right.  You said you were made.  Do you mind if I ask you a little bit more about that?”


Leticia furrowed her brows as she revealed her displeasure at Azell’s inquisitive questions.  

She realized she had made a mistake in speaking so much about herself.

“My story is similar to the one told by the heir of Aunsaurus.  In my case, I was from Almarick’s faction.”

The Almarick tribe was like the Aunsaurus tribe.  They wanted an outstanding heir, so they chose a method of madness.  Leticia had been one of the candidates competing to become the heir.  She was disqualified from a test, and she was thrown away to become a testing subject for black magic.

“I believe I’ve told you enough.”

As she spoke, Leticia’s eyes were tumultuous as if she was ready to fight if Azell asked any more questions.  Azell no longer asked prying questions.

“I’ve asked you enough about that topic.  I’ll ask you a different question.”

“You are still curious about something?”

“I’m curious about a lot of things.  Aren’t we both curious about each other?”

“I’m pretty sure you haven’t satisfied my curiosity yet.”

“If you answer this question, I’ll give you a chance to ask me a question.”

“You are very adept at dangling a bait.  It really makes me want to beat you to death.”

“Thank you for the compliment.  I’m curious about the ident.i.ty of your master, who taught you the Dragon Arts.”


Leticia’s eyebrows rose.  She had never expected this question.

“Why do you want to know that?”

“I’m pretty sure you didn’t learn it from the Dragon Demon King worshippers.  Isn’t that right?”

“…you are correct.  After I escaped from their grasp, I met my master.  I trained under him from two years.  How did you know?”

“I saw how you handled the Dragon Arts, and it made me think that I might know your teacher.”

“A person you might know…  It might be possible.”

Leticia didn’t look too surprised by his a.s.sertion.  She spoke.

“My teacher…  He is a Dragon Demon named Jisel.  I don’t know about his origin nor his age.  He used to live in a small village in the eastern portion of this country.”

“He used to…  He no longer lives there?”

“After teaching me for 2 years, he left that place.  I’m not sure where he is now.”


“Does the name ring a bell?”

“No.  I don’t know that name.  Moreover…  He used to live with humans?”


“He lived there, while he had his ident.i.ty as a Dragon Demon out in the open?”

“Yes. In the beginning, the people of the village was reticent, because he was a Dragon Demon of unknown origin.  Moreover, he wasn’t a n.o.ble.  However, he actively helped out in solving troublesome problems around town.  He also played with the children…  It naturally led them to accept him into the fold.”

“It seems I was mistaken..”

Azell had a suspicion.  He had thought the man was using a fake ident.i.ty.  However, the only thing similar was the fact that that both were Dragon Demons.  Jisel lived amongst the humans.  The biggest difference was the fact that Jisel went out of his way to help humans,  He even played with human children.  He didn’t resemble the Dragon Demon he had in mind.

Leticia asked a question.

“Who were you looking for?”

“His name was Reshoo.”

Azell briefly thought about his past as he spoke.

“He was the Dragon Demon, who taught me how to wield the Dragon’s power.”



The party camped for the night in the ruined old castle, and they had decided to leave before the sun rose in the morning.  Kairen was a bit confused by Azell’s decision.

“I thought you would want to stay here a little bit longer.”

“I want to do that, but…….”

Azell looked at the ruined castle of Karzark, and he let out a bitter laugh.

“If I gave myself up to my memories, it’ll be a never ending process.  I saw what I came here to see.”

He found out everything he wanted to know.  When he came back to this land again, he would chase out all the groups a.s.sociated with the darkness.  He’ll make this land habitable by humans.

In truth, he wanted to comb over the land.  He thought maybe Carlos might have left behind something here.

However, he erased such desires.  It wasn’t, because Yuren and Laura said this land was being watched by the Plain of Darkness.  If Carlos had left something behind, this land wouldn’t still be the land of demons.  Moreover, the descendendants of the County of Karzark wouldn’t have been wiped out.  

“I’ve revealed my whereabouts to the enemies, so we can’t just sit around here.”

“I see.”

Azell had been blacklisted by the Plain of Darkness, and they were keeping an eye out for him.  On top of that, the traitor Yuren was with him.  They had blood in their eyes for Yuren, so, of course, they wouldn’t stand by and do nothing.

“Moreover, even if I wanted to search this place, this is the territory of Dragons.”

Many Dragons made residence in the County of Karzark. Aside from the several Dragons, who had razed the County of Karzark to the ground, more Dragons had migrated to this location as time pa.s.sed.  So, one was in danger of fighting dragons if one explored this lands.


Azell was about to say something, but Azell hesitated.  He looked at the gloomy skies with surprised eyes.

Kairen asked in puzzlement.

“What’s wrong?”

“Wait a momen…….”

Instead of answering, Azell exited the castle.  He climbed the walls, and he looked to the eastern sky atop a spire.  Then he looked at the western portion of the forest with a mesmerized expression.  Azell mumbled to himself.  

“It is still alive……?”

There was a mountain peak on the other side of the dark forest, and a being was taking flight into the air.  The sun hadn’t risen yet, so one could only see a silhouette in the dark. It looked like a bird, but Azell knew it wasn’t one.  No bird this large existed in this world.

“Flying dragon……!”

As the sun came up, a being that was several times larger than the birds of preys was seen.  It was almost impossible to believe such a large creature could fly.  It flew over the old ruins of the Karzark Castle.  He brought up a scene buried inside his mind.

Near the County of Karzark, there used to be three dragons.  One of them used to be a flying dragon.  It would fly towards the east to hunt, and when the sun sets, it flew back into the mountain.  Azell and the whole County of Karzark started and ended their days watching this sight.1

For a brief moment, Azell’s eyes met the flying dragon’s eyes.

The flying dragon was flying several hundred meters up in the air, but both knew that they were looking at each other.  

Azell lost the ability to speak as he started at the flying dragon.  It was impossible for a human to understand what the dragon was thinking.  The flying dragon kept its eyes on Azell as it circled around the Karzark Castle once, then it flew towards the east.

“Ha ha…….”

Azell unconsciously let out a laugh when he saw the flying dragon fly into the distance.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

Everything he had known had been destroyed, yet…  The flying dragon had remained the same.  It was a welcome sight.  He was so happy that it felt as if tears would fall from his eyes.

 Chapter 29 – Azell mentions this story.  This particular dragon is a different breed of dragon.  I called it flying dragon, but it is more of a slender dragon that looks like eastern dragons with wings.

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