Immortal Asura Chapter 185-188

Chapter 185: The Three Melodies of the Family Meng (2) Translator: Yanghaiyan   Editor: Lucy

However, Meng Xiuping disguised himself well; his real intention was to kill Meng Xiuping. He turned to Meng Xiuping in a blink, and palmed on the latter’s chest, beating him far away.

"Ah!" Meng Yao screamed out, suspending playing the flute, ran to Meng Xiuping and hugged him, "Grandpa Ping, are you okay?"

Meng Xiuping coughed twice with blood out, enduring the pain out of the broken meridians in his chest, and stood up, "I am fine! This little injury cannot rob my life! And I can still kill them all!" But actually, to stand up had consumed his last efforts.

Meng Xiuwen made a sneer, "Don’t force yourself! You know my strength! You can’t even walk now!"

"I can!" Meng Xiuping tried his best to raise his leg, but failed, and kneeled into the ground instantly. Meng Yao quickly helped to support him.

Meng Xiuwen turned to the four middle-aged people in Meng Yao’s group with a cold smile, "You still refuse to surrender? We are the Second Master’s people, and if you surrender to him now, he will treat you well!"

"But if you dare to reject, you will die at once!" He added, full of killing intention.

Meng Yao couldn’t believe her ears! It was his biological uncle who wanted to take her life! She shook her head hard and cried loudly, "Don’t lie! My uncle loves me so much! He won’t kill me! You are cheating!"

"He won't? How dare we have the nerve to betray your father without your uncle’s permission?! Let me tell you the truth! Our mission is to kill you in the Huangquan Road, then came back with the news that you are killed in the scene of Ghosts in the Night, thus, your uncle will inherit the Master’s position!"

In despair, Meng Yao picked up the jade bamboo flute again and gently played it. This time, the melody sounded more powerful, which could even disturb Meng Xiuwen’s mind, let along the four middle-aged people in his group who were forced to dance.

The song Meng Yao played now was called the Confusing Soul Melody, which could bewilder enemies’ minds. Therefore, the four people in Meng Yao’s group killed the opposite four easily.

Outraged, Meng Xiuwen managed to get rid of the melody’s control, and made a full palm toward the four in Meng Yao’s group.

They looked at each other, nodded, and gathered all their spiritual energy meanwhile to resist. 

However, after that, their energy had been run out, and they couldn’t absorb the natural gas here to restore, so they lied on the ground, waiting for death.

As for Meng Xiuwen, with the cultivation of Martial Saint State, he didn’t become effortless like the four, humming, "Since you are looking for death, then let me help you!" Forming another palm, he patted they into meat puree, blood flowing to the ground.

Meng Yao snarled in sadness, "No!"

Today was destined to be the most difficult day for her; she had never received such a big blow. She forced herself to calm down, and played the flute once again.

The third song was called the Requiem, the strongest soul attacking kung fu of the Family Meng. It made Meng Xiuwen sleepy and gradually fall into dream.

If the Requiem worked, the enemies would be in the eternal dream and never wake up. After finis.h.i.+ng the song, Meng Yao made a palm toward Meng Xiuwen.

Like a lamb to be slaughtered, the latter slept quite with any defending intention. But when Meng Yao was about to touch him, he suddenly opened his eyes.


Chapter 186: Rescuing Meng Yao (1) Translator: Yanghaiyan   Editor: Lucy

The abrupt change that Meng Xiuwen opened his eyes shocked Meng Yao a lot. But drove by the desire to revenge her fellows, she continued her palm toward Meng Xiuwen. The latter, without any anxieties, revealed a disdainful smile, and formed a palm to resist her attack.

She was forced to retreat by his powerful strength. He drew his hand back, and smiled lasciviously, "Miss, the soul attacks of your Family Meng family are really strong, but your cultivation is indeed much lower than mine, so do you think your Requiem can work for me? Just surrender, and if you can serve me well, I will consider to keep you alive!"

"Humph! You old goat! Don’t dream!" She placed the flute by her mouth, making the last attempt to attack, for she didn’t believe her Requiem was useless for him.

Sure enough, his face changed at the same moment. After the fierce battle against Meng Xiuping, Meng Xiuwen’s spiritual energy had been consumed a lot, thus, the Requiem could take effects to him.

He dared not to delay the time anymore, and developed a strong palm toward her immediately. The powerful spiritual energy storm knocked her down, and broke her veins and meridians. A huge pain overwhelmed her, depriving her effort to hold the flute.

He looked at her with a smirk, "Miss, you are such a beautiful sweet woman, indeed a masterpiece of the G.o.d, and I will not let you go today!"

The seriously injured Meng Xiuping cursed out loud, "Meng Xiuwen, you beast! Don’t hurt the Miss, or I will break you down!"

Browning, Meng Xiuwen came to Meng Xiuping sneeringly, "Break me down? No way!” The former put his foot on the latter’s neck, and broke it with great forces. With eyes widely opened, Meng Xiuping died.

Meng Xiuwen turned to Meng Yao, and walked toward her with excitement.

Despair enveloped Meng Yao. The footsteps of Meng Xiuwen, as if setting on her heart, aroused her fear and desire to suicide. At the moment she was about to kill herself, a voice sounded from not afar. It was quite familiar to her, and brought with her hope to survive.

"Don’t you feel you are too old to enjoy such a beautiful woman who should be owned by a handsome man like me?! Go die, old goat!"

The voice was Zhang Yan’s, which scared Meng Xiuwen a lot, "Who?" cried the latter.

After a careful look, he found it was a young man at the age of nearly twenty, with the cultivation of Martial Arts State, relieving with confidence. He scowled at Zhang Yan, "Who are you? It’s none of your business! Go away!"

"Go, you are not his opponent!" Meng Yao had thought she would be saved, but recalling that Zhang Yan’s cultivation was much lower than hers, she immediately shouted.

Zhang Yan came to her and helped her sit on the ground, then smiled confidently, "I will not let this old goat bully you! Don’t worry!" An aggressive imposing manner was released from him.

Looking at his back, she restored confidence that Zhang Yan would certainly defeat Meng Xiuwen.

Zhang Yan approached Meng Xiuwen, uttered coldly, "Since you want to rebel, let me teach you a good lesson on behalf of the Master of the Family Meng!"

"Teach me a lesson?" Meng Xiuwen laughed out loud, "Ridiculous! I can destroy you with only one finger, believe it or not?"

Killing messages sitting in his eyes, he formed a palm toward Zhang Yan. The latter, with a snort, transported his Asura spiritual energy wildly to his hand, making a palm as well to resist.

Zhang Yan’s strength surprised Meng Xiuwen who did not expect the former could keep his attack out without full efforts.

He began to glance over Zhang Yan in shock, "Good! I never expected you could withstand my palm. But how long do you think you can hold? You will die when your spiritual energy is consumed out!"

"I advise you not to get yourself in troubles! Go away, or I won’t show mercy anymore!" He added loudly.

Zhang Yan laughed, "You got afraid, didn’t you? Haha!"

"Listen! You must die today! Because your spiritual energy is going to be run out before mine!" He emphasized word by word. 

"Bold boy! Try my Soul Broken Palm!"

Chapter 187: Rescuing Meng Yao (2) Translator: Yanghaiyan   Editor: Lucy

The Soul Broken Palm was the unique kung fu of Meng Xiuwen that he had displayed to pat the four warriors in Meng Yao’s group into meat puree.

If faced with the fully energetic Meng Xiuwen, Zhang Yan would escape without hesitation. But now, he was not afraid of the former’s palm at all.

He took out his stone sword, gathered his b.l.o.o.d.y-red spiritual energy to wrap the sword, also to activate the Vibration Figure on it. A huge sword gas burst out in the next second, colliding into Meng Xiuwen’s palm energy.

After a short stalemate, the sword gas managed to penetrate the palm energy, charging forward to Meng Xiuwen.

Astonishments overflew him. Not allowing time to dodge, he could only mobilize his few remained spiritual energy to create a s.h.i.+eld as a defense.

No wonder as a Martial-Saint-State master, Meng Xiuwen had successfully resisted Zhang Yan’s attack though with few efforts. However, in the next move, Zhang Yan disappeared.

Then, a voice, like a sentence of death, sounded behind Meng Xiuwen.

"Go to the h.e.l.l!" Zhang Yan emerged at Meng Xiuwen’s back suddenly, and cut him into two pieces with his sword cleanly and neatly.

Meng Xiuwen never thought he would be killed by a young man with the cultivation of Marital Arts State!

After the death of Meng Xiuwen, Zhang Yan walked to Meng Xiuwen’s younger brother who was dying on the ground, and killed him mercilessly. For the work of killing, Zhang Yan would not allow himself to leave a single life of enemy.

Was it his born-owned instinct? Or a s.h.i.+ft brought by the Asura Change? Or some other reasons? All in all, he was not the innocent na?ve boy anymore, but a resolute and steadfast warrior!

He came over to Meng Yao whose face was still a little pale, but not seriously injured with smooth breathes. She stared at Zhang Yan with her beautiful big eyes widely opened in surprise.

He smiled, "Why look at me like this? Attracted by my handsome face?"

She was giggled by Zhang Yan’s words, rolling her eyes with a smile, “I have never seen someone so narcissistic like you! But your strength shocked me. How? How can you defeat Meng Xiuwen? Are you really a disciple of the small Qingyuan School?"

"There’s something in the world called talent, you know? And I am the one with distinguished talents! This is nothing about the school!" responded he.

Checking her physical situation, he found she was just too tired out of the excessive consumption of spiritual energy without serious problems. Relieved, he asked, "Only you and me are remained to live, and what are you going to do next?"

She revealed a pitiful look, answering, "Are you going to leave me alone? We are friends! And I am hurt now! You can’t do that! Or, I will definitely be eaten by the small ghosts!"

"I didn't mean it! But I have an important thing to do, and can't be delayed here. If you’d like, I can take you." He sighed, "But where I am going is very dangerous, and I don’t know if I can protect you well, after all we are in the Huangquan Road! So, prepare yourself!"

A joyful look emerged on her face at once, but she pretended, "Who needs your protection? I can protect myself! And after I recover, I will go to find the other members of my family in the road."

"There are still other Meng people in the road?" He asked unexpectedly.

Chapter 188: Meeting the Ghosts in the Night Once Again (1) Translator: Yanghaiyan   Editor: Lucy

Meng Yao answered Zhang Yan’s question with a nod, "Yes! A group of my family members have entered here in advance."

"Can you a.s.sure that they are not the followers of your uncle, and going to kill you?" Zhang Yan warned her.

The question silenced her, because she felt unacquainted and distrustful about her family members now. But under such a dangerous circ.u.mstance in the Huangquan Road, she had to join them to accomplish her mission. 

Therefore, she averred, "I believe the other family members! And I have a reason that I must find them."

He responded coolly: "Well, okay. But we have to leave here first. The smell of the dead bodies will attract ghosts!"

He supported her to stand up and left this dangerous place. She resumed his spiritual power using spiritual stones and asked, "What’s your exact purpose to enter the Huangquan Road alone? Your cultivation level is so low! Aren’t you afraid to die here?"

"Of course I am! But I also have my own reason that I must come here!" said he firmly.

"Why? Are you coming for some certain treasure, too?" She covered her mouth with her hand, after realizing she had leaked her secret.

"Treasure?" He nodded, "Kind of! But it is more precious and difficult to find than any other treasures in this world."

"So you are here for a treasure, not the Reincarnation s.h.i.+p?" He found out her purpose to be here.

She sighed, "Yes. We have a family relic left in the road long ago, and we just got the information of its location, so my father asked me to retrieve it. But I never expect that there will be traitors in my family who want to kill me."

"And you? What treasure are you looking for?"

He answered said soberly, "I came to find the Jiuquan Spring."

"The Jiuquan Spring?!" shouted she unexpectly, "It is only a legend! n.o.body has really seen it! You think can you find it?!"

A bitter smile climbed on his face, "I can, and I must! Because it can save my brother's life!"

"So you are here for the Jiuquan Spring to use its water to save your brother?" 

He nodded and replied, "Exactly yes! So are you still choosing to follow me? You know how dangerous it is!"

"Do I have another choice? My strength hasn’t recovered to the peak level now, so I can only go with you before that. But you have to be very very careful! Don't die before your brother's life is saved!" reminded she kindly.

All of a sudden, a beating green fire emerged, which startled them a lot.

She lowered her voice, "Let’s leave here quickly. What behind the fire are a group of small ghosts, which is the so-called Ghosts in the Night of the Huangquan Road. We will be killed, if they discovered us!" Her voice was trembling out of fear.

He responded, "I know! And I have met it once before, in which Ming Hai with the cultivation of Martial Saint State was killed!"

"What? You have encountered it already?" Huge shocks struck her.

With a nod, he answered, "Yes, but it’s not the time to talk about this now! Give me your hand! I can disguise our breathes from the ghosts!" He held her soft hand and dragged her into his arms at once.

They crouched in the darkness, two bodies clinging to each other. As a young girl, Meng Yao had never been so close to a man, so, she refused with strenuous struggles.

He explained blandly, "Don't move! I am saving us! Otherwise, we will be eaten by these fierce ghosts!" His soul energy was released, covered by the white energy of the Purifying Lotus.

Only then did she realized he was not mean to hara.s.s her, thus, she stopped struggling and leaned against him quietly.

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