Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room Volume 3 Chapter 38

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Playing Fish Trapped in Secret Room

Book 3: Glory on the Other Side

Chapter 38

“Everybody, time to order dinner.”  Someone opened the door.  “Ai Qing’s here, too?  Do you want to order something?”

She shook her head.  “No need. I have dinner plans.”

Well, what was her dinner plan?

Half an hour later, Ai Qing sat in the bakery about ten minutes walking distance from the SP building.  She bit on a spoon while looking through the window, lost in thought.

Two girls sat next to her talking about their quarrels with their respective boyfriend.  They were talking with such excitement that Ai Qing couldn’t avoid overhearing them. One girl said she was so upset that she had insomnia all last night. She wanted to break up one hundred times with him at one second, then the next second, she began to think that it wasn’t serious enough to be warrant breaking up……

Ai Qing continued to bite the spoon while looking at the pa.s.sing pedestrians and vehicles on the street.

She felt heavy in her heart.

Slowly, she widened her eyes, but very quickly, looked back.

How did he know that she was here?  Ah, right, a while ago, her sister texted her asking where she was eating dinner.  She replied that she was eating cake as dinner. Her sister must have texted him the location of her most favorite bakery.

She lowered her head and kept poking the cake in front of her with the spoon.

One slice of cake, two slices of cake, three slices of cake, four slices of cake…...until the thirteenth slice of chestnut cake was served on the table and there was no more room for it.  She finally was forced to raise her head. “What are you doing ordering so many cakes……”

He didn’t speak.

All right. He was still the same.

The heaviness she felt in her heart, which had gone away while she was distracted by the cakes just now, came back again. Sometimes she felt that his refusal to talk was cute.  But now she wondered, could he use silence to solve all the problems in his life?

The girls sitting at the next table, who were in a fierce discussion moments before, were now glancing at them.  They had completely forgotten the subject they were discussing.

She even saw somebody raise a cell phone trying to shoot a picture of the table full of cakes.

She was very embarra.s.sed.  She didn’t care whether they two were still fighting and waved her hand to call a store clerk to pack all the cakes.  The clerk laughed and brought two big boxes over. “I already asked him if he wanted them to go. He said no. I told him, how could she eat so many cakes.”

The clerk handily packed all the cakes and handed them to Dt.

When they left the bakery, she hesitated whether she should walk back by herself or follow him to the parking lot.  The eyes hidden underneath the shadow of the hat brim looked at her. He said in a lower voice, “I’ll take you back.”

The voice was very low, as if the wind would easily blow it away.

Obviously, it was him who made the mistake, but somehow she felt like she was the one who was bullying him……

Ai Qing looked at his eyes, then her heart inexplicably softened.  She didn’tspeak as she followed him to the parking lot.

The cakes were placed in the back seat and the door was shut.

It was very quiet inside the confined s.p.a.ce.

Dt stretched out his hand to take off his hat, revealing his whole face.  He turned aside to take out a laptop computer from the backseat, turning it on.  His fingers typed on the keyboard, quickly pulling out a folder not long after.

The name of the folder was Appledog.

Ai Qing was startled.  She felt a strong sense of deja vu, she had seen this folder before.

He put the computer on his lap and turned to her.

“It was ‘07 in Singapore, you saw this folder then.”  His memory apparently was much better than hers. “This folder has everything related to you; you compet.i.tion videos, interviews, news…...and pictures.”

As Dt was talking, he also looked at her face at the same time.  He feared that if he didn’t express it well, he might screw up everything.

Ai Qing stared at the computer screen.  Finally she remembered, she actually had seen this folder.


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