Cook of the Mercenary Corp c42

20, An Off-topic Ladies Meeting and Fried Chicken


h.e.l.lo, Ahrius here.

It seems that Ganglabe and the rest are having some sort of men’s meeting, so I decided to start up a women’s meeting as well.

Dinner had finished as well, so I went to borrow one of the guest rooms.


“I was raised as a man so, maybe it’ll be fine if I was over there as well?”

“No. Since you’re biologically a woman, you belong to this side.”


I wash away Ekress’ grumblings then ate a snack.

It’s fine to start a women’s meeting but, drinking alcohol isn’t pleasant so I decided it be Amazake instead.

Those gathered here now are Riru, Ekress and me. The three of us.

The three of us drinking Amazake, sitting under the glow of the night….it’s pretty lonely. It may be different if there were another one or two people though….


“Buuuut, Shuri is so cold-hearted as well. To actually go to something as filthy as an all men’s meeting.”

“No, Shuri is a man so, him being here itself would be weird.”

“I think that it’s a whole lot more fun here than over there though~”


Ekress drinks her Amazake as she complains.

Well, I also know what she’s trying to say.

Most men wait upon women, and are mostly satisfied by drinking happily and boasting about themselves.

However, Shuri is, how should I say it….. If normal men are carnivorous then Shuri is a herbivore. That sort of image.

Rather than waiting on women, he feels like he is the type who would rather go crazy with his boys or girls who he has a good relationship with.


“Shuri is, *chew chew*. Like he’s treating cooking *chomp* as his lover”


Riru’s words, said as she devours nothing but the Edamame, are truly words which represent Shuri I believe. The Shuri who was devoting himself to nothing but cooking is, at this point, not an exaggeration even if someone said that cooking is his lifetime companion.

But….that is seriously a little…..


“That’s true but Riru-chan. That’s no good.”


“For a skilled person like Shuri, even if he takes up disciples, it’ll be a problem if he doesn’t pa.s.s down his techniques to his children. Something he wouldn’t even pa.s.s down to his disciples, he probably has a secret technique which he would only have a single child inherit.

Considering his succession of that technique and the preservation of his bloodline, it’s best to welcome a wife”


Ekress’ way of thinking comes forth from engaging in internal affairs as the a.s.sistant of the Feudal Lord, in other words something similar to a manager. However, that is an idea good enough to take a shot at.

Shuri’s technique, his skill in cooking is more outstanding than the minds of two or three people combined.

That technique, knowledge, experience is something I definitely want the next generation to take over, I believe.


“Basically, if we don’t increase the amount of people who can make Hamburg then, Riru-chan’s share will disappear you know?”

“That cannot happen.”


On the brink of accepting with just that, Riru is engulfed in Hamburg and….. I could see that within Riru’s eyes, there was a brilliance like that of madness.


“However, let’s see. Over there, they’re probably talking about some stupid stories to liven themselves up as well. What should we talk about?”

“Stupid things guys say…. So like, what type of girl they like? Then, let’s talk about the type of guys we like, right?”

“Then let’s start from Ahrius.”




“You know this but, do you really think that I would talk about any man other than Ganglabe?”

“Oooh, you sure said it Ahrius. Aren’t you just madly in love with your husband?”


Ekress makes fun of me but, it’s the truth at any rate.


“I’ve only ever looked at Ganglabe since our younger days after all. We’ve gotten married and, although children are for another occasion, I’m happy”

“Ooohhhh, if you say it so bluntly, I’m the one who’s embarra.s.sed….”


Fufu, but I’m happy. Since I can be with Ganglabe.


“Then, what about you, Ekress? Who is your type?”

“I’m decided on Shuri-kun. No one else even comes into my eye.”


Ekress too, puffs out her chest and puts it out to the air.


“Then, why Shuri? I’ll just say it but, I don’t think that it’s been that long since you two met though.”

“Well, you see. It’s because Shuri-kun was able to overturn my fate.”


Your fate?


“As you know, I was fated to live as a man. As the next generation Feudal Lord, I had discord with Gingus, and had to hide my relationship with Gann onii-san. I may have had to live in that strainful castle forever.

I wouldn’t have been able to have a wife, and having said that, being in a romantic relationship with a man would be a dream within a dream. I was doomed to have a lonely single life.”

“I couldn’t imagine that.”

“Riru-chan, sometimes as a Feudal Lord, in order to deceive my surroundings, I had to deceive myself, I had to pretend and tough it out.

But, the storm that Shuri-kun brought out, blew away all of my fences and restraints. I no longer have to pretend to be tough, and I can also fall in love with a man. I don’t have to stubbornly act as the Feudal Lord either”

“Your authority was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Ganglabe but, you don’t resent him?”

“Nope. None of us hate him for it, I think. Not me, not Gingus, not Gann onii-san.

Gingus realised by himself through this mess that he was unsuitable to be Feudal Lord and so he’s thankful that he was allowed to do what he was best at. Gann onii-san in the first place had no right of heir so, he doesn’t want to be Feudal Lord either. I don’t want to either.

Which is why, we are thankful to let Ganglabe take over the obligations we don’t need.

And, the grat.i.tude we have towards Shuri-kun who gave us that chance is simply something we cannot ever repay. Besides, his face and personality are also to my liking~”


Ekress looked very cheerful, chuckling lightly as she drank her Amakaze.

Ganglabe had been trying to grant his wish of gaining a country.

But Ekress did not desire a country even if she had it.

That is most likely, due to their motives being different.

The difference of having something from the beginning and, never having it.

Most likely, if the situation had been different then, Ekress probably could’ve become a brave heroine who would’ve expended no efforts for her country. She’s just that talented a person.

The ones who were wrong was, most definitely her parents.

If her parents, the former Feudal Lord and proper wife had raised her correctly then, Ekress would probably have turned out different from how she is right now.

Well, now that it’s come down to this, nothing will be changed no matter what is said.

The past is the past. At this point, even if it was said that it would’ve been better to have done this or that, the past cannot be changed.


“Is that so…..”


However, hearing Ekress’ story an impatience was born within myself.

That is completely, and without a doubt Shuri’ problem.

That, dense about female relationships, Shuri, has never heard about the conversation that had popped out just now.

If we think about this past year and a bit, and the frantic desperateness that came from him risking his life to survive on the battlefield, I do understand that he would have no such time to make a lover.

However, we can’t have that even if that’s how it is.

If Shuri was to marry someone outside of the mercenary corp then, there’s a chance that he might leave the corp.

Or if he was to be together with someone from another country then, there’s also a possibility of danger that he may be taken away by them.

As for me, if all possible then, I think I would want him to be with Riru.

She acts like this and, I can’t imagine anyone who could understand her, apart from Shuri.

Above all, if Riru who has already had her stomach seized by Shuri was to separate with Shuri then, there may even come a day where she goes crazy.

I have also discussed this with Ganglabe but, it seems in his personal opinion, he can’t stand the thought of Shuri being together with Ekress.

I hear him say that it’s due to the fact he wouldn’t know if Ekress married Shuri to use him in political purposes or to be protected from love.

In addition to that, to suddenly appear out of nowhere and s.n.a.t.c.h away their friend just rubs him the wrong way.

However, Ekress is already infatuated with Shuri. There’s no mistaking this anymore.

With this I can’t support Ganglabe’s point of view anymore.

In any case, if it’s the current Ekress then she should be able to protect Shuri.

However, if it’s like that then Riru would seem so pitiful…..


“By the way, who do you like Riru-chan?”


Apart from my thoughts on the matter, Ekress asked Riru what can even be said to be the main question.

The one question I wanted to know the most was tossed out, without any timing, out of nowhere, without a d.a.m.n.


“I’m interested. Riru-chan, let alone that kind of talk, I haven’t even heard of you being close to anyone special at all.

It’s because of that, that I don’t feel you’re intimate with anyone but Shuri. And you treat Teg-san and Cougar-san the same way you would deal with a childhood friend, which is why there is no way you would leave them.”



Riru swallows down an Edamame, and thought about it for a while.

Oh my, this is unexpected.

To be honest, I never thought that Riru would concern herself in this sort of topic.

Only holding an interest in Hamburg steak and Magical Engineering, always keeping to an inexpressive expression, that young girl who would never change her att.i.tude nor expressions while biting into mountain heaps full of Hamburg, is worrying herself over love affairs.

This may bring forth some changes.


“Riru, doesn’t understand things like that.”


At the end of her thorough thinking, the words that finally came out were those….


“But something’s weird. When Ekress said that she liked Shuri, Riru felt strange.”




“No matter who Shuri marries, Riru thought that he would always make Riru Hamburg so, Riru never thought about it.

But, suddenly Riru had a thought.

Shuri marrying someone else. If that happens then, how will Shuri come in contact with Riru?

Riru thought that it would just be like always, he would cook Hamburg with that smile on his face.

But…. thinking that his most radiant smile won’t ever be directed at Riru.

When Riru thinks that, Riru feels somewhat strange”


T-this….. There’s hope?


“Riru-chan, isn’t that anxious feeling of yours just what you feel because you think he’ll definitely make especially amazing Hamburgs for his wife and won’t give any to you?”

“So that’s what it is.”



Riru got convinced from just Ekress’ words!?

Hah!? Ekress’ eyes are smiling….!

They’re expressing, 『Awakening to your romantic feelings? If you realise them, I’ll be troubled. My number of rivals will increase』…..!!

No good. At this rate Riru will end up mistaking her feelings of love for her appet.i.te!


“Riru. Shuri is a nice so, I don’t think he would cook something special for just one person.

However, Shuri is just one person. Even if Shuri has a lot of dishes, the person known as Shuri is just one person.

Would it be alright if Shuri was taken away?”



Riru started thinking again with a ‘Hmmm’.

Within Ekress’ eyes lit up a hint of anger.

Saying, 『Don’t get in my way』.

Hmph, Ekress is quite the tactician.

If Riru is able to understand her feeling of 『love』 by herself, despite only being a hint of it then, I think that feeling would definitely flare up unstoppably. That’s what both Ganglabe and I want to see.

However, should that feeling flare up then, the one most troubled would be Ekress.

Right now Ekress is striving desperately to become Shuri’s number one female friend position. She’s definitely in the midst of constructing the righteous road of becoming friends, then lovers, and from lovers to spouse.

However, that’s something which can be achieved because there are only a few rivals who are currently aiming for Shuri at the present moment.

Sometimes although the righteous path exists, it leads the path to have a greater detour than a wicked one.

On the righteous path, in exchange for making the least amount of enemies, a large amount of effort is required in order to reach the finishing point.

However, once a rival called Riru appears then, she must proceed onto the wicked path.

And, once Shuri notices her method known as the wicked path, I truly wonder what he would think?

Since Shuri is quite shameless, the chance of it ending up with him forgiving her is probably the highest.

That’s if you put aside the point of her jumping the gun on his comrades though.

Despite that, Ekress is scared of having an enemy appearing by her side.

Given that even I want Riru to be happy, I plan to completely support Riru’s side to this.

However, given that I’ve also become closer with Ekress, this is as big a burden as being stuck between a rock and a hard place.


“Riru. Think about it please. When it comes to you, who do you have the most fun with?”

“Hm? Hmmmm…..”

“When it comes to having the most fun with, it might be your best friend I suppose.”


Kuh, Ekress’ follow up question is too cunning, I can’t counter her.


As I was thinking of that, the door opened up.


“That conversation, allow Us to partic.i.p.ate in it!”


What in the, Princess Tebis. All of a sudden Princess Tebis appeared.

Eh? Why?


“Riru’s heart, Ekress’ love and even Ahrius’ meddling, We understand it all!

In addition to that, We have something to say.”


Princess Tebis sits next to us and said as she picks up an Edamame.


“Shuri is ours, noja. We shall allow for him being in the mercenary corp, and even making a lover. We are tolerant towards that, ja. We are royalty after all.

BUT! No matter how much he gives his body and position to the mercenary corp, his heart alone is something We will have! Fuahahahaha!”

“Ku, you d.a.m.n homewrecker!”


What is all this? Suddenly coming here, what is Princess Tebis starting to say all of the sudden?

Also I don’t really understand what Ekress said in reply. What’s a homewrecker?

Above all else, why had today’s party been exposed to Princess Tebis?


“Fuahahaha! Oh Ekress, that skill of yours to remove obstacles from your position as a friend is splendid however, that is an ancient way of battle after all, before the times of magic.

Now is the era of magic and magic engineering! It’s alright as long as we can prepare wings capable of surpa.s.sing over Shuri’s heart!”


As for me, I don’t know what Princess Tebis’ true motives are.

More than that, I don’t know what this little girl is saying at all.

Her ears act all panicky but, her sense of hearing doesn’t seem the type to worsen even if her ears were full of trash.


“Kuh, d.a.m.n Princess Tebis….”


As for Ekress, she looked regretful as if she understood what was being said.

I rubbed at my eyes but even if they were fogging up, it didn’t mean that I should be seeing hallucinations.

Somehow, it seems that there is something that my eye’s cannot see that these two can.


“*Chew chew*”


And Riru was still doing nothing but indulging in Edamame, and continuing to drain the Amazake.

Why is it I wonder, this room’s atmosphere had started to stray off course all of the sudden.


“…This Edamame, is really, truly delicious”


I don’t mind even if you say that I’m escaping reality.

If I could leave this atmosphere then, I probably wouldn’t hesitate to pay any kind of sacrifice.


“Good evening….Oh, Princess? Why are you here?”


The door opened, as if to completely destroy the entire flow of the conversation.

The one who appeared was the source of the storm, Shuri.

Eh? Why is he here?


“Ahh, there’s just enough people. I’ve brought along more snacks like you asked but…I thought that I had made too much.

I made some fried chicken. This time I’ve prepared two different kinds, one finished with a crunchy coat and another which is moist. Please everyone, do enjoy.”


Saying so, Shuri placed the large dish that he had brought along, down in front of us.

What was there, was a dish of meat wrapped in a light brown layer of skin.

From that, which had been made to bite size portions, you could hear the bubbling sounds of oil bursting open.

The smell was amazing too. The fragrance of the meat and the aroma of the oil travels around to every corner of the room, attacking our stomachs which should’ve been full with Edamame.

However, the two varieties look different.

One was deep-fried with a light brown colour, having crispy and crunchy skin. This one seemed to have a chewy texture, capable of stimulating the appet.i.te.

The other one was deep-fried with a dark brown colour and had a moist coating. It had a simpleness to it which made it look like it was easy to bite into.

Both dishes had been stacked high. The steam raises up, and the fragrance spirals upward towards the top of the plate.


“Hey Shuri. Is this something where the chicken has been deep-fried?”


Chicken. When I heard that, my brows wrinkled slightly.

Speaking of chicken, they all come from hens who can no longer lay eggs or roosters who can’t lay eggs. Normally hard and chewy, not a very popular food.

Even the beef that Shuri brought out was originally not a very popular food item. Normally it’s something that’s sold when cows who can no longer be milked are disa.s.sembled but when Shuri cooks it, it becomes surprisingly soft and becomes so delicious that, I didn’t mind it.

However, chicken. Chicken is the devil’s gate.

If this had been duck or pigeon then I may still have been interested in eating it. Those wild birds, despite having a strange wild taste, still have delicious meat after all.

Chicken meat….when I think of that my appet.i.te just….


“Yes. However I’ve tried to make it so it’s soft and delicious.

This one with the crunchy skin was fried in a pan full of oil and, this one here with the soft skin was made with the prototype machine I had asked Riru-san to make called a ‘Microwave’.

It turns into this after coating it and heating it inside the microwave.”

“You made that sort of new machine?”

“….I mean, since Riru-san said that melty cheese is justice…. I had her make something which makes it easy to do that….”



Well, since Shuri held such confidence in his words, I disregarded my doubts and went to pick one up.

The one I chose was the fried chicken with the crunchy skin. This one here had a thin layer of skin which came together solidly, and even felt hard when I picked it up.

How… strange.

I wonder what’s the best way to describe this? Even though I should’ve been touching a hard layer of skin, I somehow know that it’s soft.

Poking at where the extremely thin layers were, a tender bounce came back as the response.


“Hm, it’s soft indeed. The chicken that Royalty can bring out are, the ones from birds which have been grown in order to be eaten in the first place…. However Shuri, is this that sort of bird?”

“No, it’s just a normal one”

“Is there some kind of a trick to this, no?”

“Yes. It’s been soaked in water.”



Continuing from the afternoon, once again, it’s the existence of water. Princess Tebis frowns at the mention of this as well.


“Water? Are you saying that if it’s soaked in water it will become this soft and plump, ja?”

“Yes. Maybe for around 10 minutes.

This is what will happen should you soak the chicken in water before flouring the outside of the skin.

Also, I think a lot of the chicken breast may be dried out but, if that’s also soaked in water then it becomes moist and the taste will be different once it’s cooked.”


I can’t believe it. That such a method exists.

Princess Tebis too, changed her frown to a smile almost as if she was awe, looking at the fried chicken.

But it’s water huh.

The techniques of cooking, in some disciplines, require as deep and far-reached knowledge as that of Magic Engineering, I suspect.

Using anything lying down near you and finding a hint of a new technique within that.

Shuri has had an extraordinarily many times when he was able to draw out that new technique.

Truly, I wonder who Shuri is?


“Then I shall take my leave here.”

“Wait just one second Shuri.”


Just about to leave the room, Shuri was called to a stop by Princess Tebis.

Shuri who was just about to place his hand on the doork.n.o.b, turns around with a puzzled expression.


“What is it Princess?”

“Coming all the way here, you should eat some too.”

“Eh? But Ganglabe-san and the rest are…”

“You don’t need to worry about them right? Those fellows, what are they doing right about now, noja?

“They’re gambling with cards.”

“Alright, then leave them be.”


Princess Tebis stated her opinion resolutely.

Shuri too, as if he couldn’t refute this, sat down next to Princess Tebis. On another note, he was also next to me.

Ekress is looking over here with a bloodcurdling smile, but let’s ignore that.

It’s infectious, dealing with that smile, riddled with such a gloomy aura.


“I wonder if that’s alright…. Don’t you feel that right about now Gingus-san is being strangled by Teg-san’s han…trick?”


Shuri, that concern of yours. .h.i.ts the spot. Although Teg looks like that, he’s good at lyin… tricks.


“Let them be. I can only think that the excitements of men are poison for Shuri.”

“Um, I am a man.”

“Shuri-kun, you are but, compared to Ganglabe and the others, you’re lacking as a man. It’s better to just stay here, have fun and talk!”

“…Is that how I am?”


There’s a slight aura of darkness around Shuri….!


“Then let’s start eating. Riru started eating already, at some point, nou”



Looking at Riru, she’s stuffing one fried chicken to the next into her mouth.

Ehhhhhhh? Isn’t it hot?


“So soft, so juicy. So good.”


My throat rumbles at Riru’s mumblings.

That person, that Riru, is actually saying it’s delicious. That Riru, who doesn’t care about anything other than Hamburg steak is actually saying it’s delicious.

I also placed a piece of fried chicken into my mouth.

This is amazing.

The first bite of contact was the crunchy skin. This is brought forth by a superb mouthfeel, it feels almost as if I’m eating something light and easy.

However, the umami of the oil is too strong to call this light and easy.

This is most likely, I daresay, due to it being cooked with oil. The skin had absorbed the oil, and had been controlled so that it wasn’t too strong.

And then when I continue through to bite into the meat, this time it’s the tender and juicy chicken which greets me.

Indeed, this is a softness you wouldn’t think of sc.r.a.p chicken. And now the satisfaction as it occupies the inside of my mouth.

Above all else, it seems as if this chicken had been seasoned beforehand and, as I chew, the umami taste of what I had chewed, both the chicken and seasoning melded together.

By biting the occasional soft meat along with its hard skin, the sensation of both crunchiness and tenderness, as if pleasing my jaw is born.

Ahh, this is delicious.

I swallow the fried chicken, and despite being immersed in its lingering aftertaste, I took a shot of Amazake.

The remainder of the oil left behind inside my mouth washes down smoothly, and I prepared myself for the sake of the next fried chicken.

The next one I taste is, the fried chicken made with a strong, light brown colour.

This is completely different from the crunchy one I just had, the skin would sink just by touching it with my finger, and from there oil would trickle out.

Putting it into my mouth, this, once again, has a different texture.

First, I thought that from the oil that trickled down, a reasonable amount of oil had been used but, it doesn’t feel like that.

This one doesn’t have a crunchy mouthfeel. However, it’s amazingly tender and soft, and even without using that much power in my jaw, can be bitten right through.

And what I understood was, the oil that trickled out was not due to it being cooked with oil but from the natural fat of the meat itself.

Despite that, the oil is extraordinarily light, making it easy to eat.

This had also been seasoned beforehand then cooked probably, so just the meat by itself is very delicious.

A tender, chewy, moist fried chicken, so easy to bite it seems like it breaks off.

This is also, extremely delicious.

If I had to pick then, the softer one is more my type.

The crunchy one also tastes good but, that one suits more for lunchtimes when you want bite into something solid and fill up your appet.i.te, and I feel that the moist one is more for a light snack.

But this is all just my conjecture.


“*Chew chew*”


I don’t know if she understood that or not but,  Riru is eating as if she’s mixing both of them in her mouth.

She’s definitely within the group who as long as it’s delicious, want to eat as much as they can.

I understand that but, I also want her to enjoy the taste of the food….

“Hmm, both the moist and crunchy ones are good. Though if We had to say, the crunchy one is more for meals and, the moist one might be better for a light snack.

However this is just Our opinion. There may be those who feel the opposite to Us and, those who find one irresistible and absolutely love it more than the other, nou”

Oh my, Princess Tebis is, one by one, courteously placing them into her mouth, thoroughly chewing it to ascertain the taste, and enjoying it’s bouncy texture.

As expected of the Gourmet Princess, being aware of how to enjoy meals properly.

The taste, the texture, the smell. Immersing herself in it all.

That posture of hers is somewhat divine…. Being an expert in the field, to truly understand its beauty.



“Oh? Ekress?”


Suddenly noticing her, I hadn’t noticed any words nor actions coming from Ekress.

And as I look to her…

She’s sneakily placing an equal amount of both fried chickens into a container that she had somehow hiddenly brought in and, trying to take it home?


“Ekress? What are you….?”


? This person just laughed all of the sudden….?

“Surely, I am in contact with fate.”


“I wonder if I was born for the sake of meeting this dish?”


I gained enlightenment seeing her expression, drifting in melancholy.

This isn’t good, does this mean, that we’ve got another “Junkie” in our midst now?



“You don’t need to say anything Ahrius. I know. I know what you have to say.

That I’m acting strange right now. But I can’t stop!



For a period of time, she was just hugging that container filled with that and crying as if it was something precious.



“Isn’t it better to just eat it?”

“When… would be the next time I can eat this?”

“Wouldn’t it be fine if you just asked me to make some?”

“Really, Shuri?”


Ekress’ moist, captivating pupils stared right through to Shuri.

Most likely, it held enough destructive power to make a normal man to fall right in love with her, with just one gaze.


“Of course, if I was asked then I could add it to the menu”

“YAY!” (Yattaa!)


However, it seems it’s effects were lacking when it came to Shuri.

As expected from a dense oaf. It won’t shake him.


“Hey Shuri, I want that as well you know….”


It’s a mystery as to why she thought to interrupt but, Princess Tebis said as she exposes her s.e.x appeal, snuggling up next to Shuri.

If he held an interest in that then, it was a bewitching s.e.x appeal which despite her being so young, would promptly lead him into a wicked path.


“Mapo Tofu….? I’ll make some tomorrow. Along with the fried chicken as a set meal.”

“ALRIGHT!!” (Oshaaa!!)


From her victory shout and seeing her punching a fist upwards, there wasn’t the slightest sign of the s.e.xiness from before. There was not a hint of the tidy and trim that comes with being a woman.

A tomboy. Yes, she was a tomboy.

Princess Tebis… Are you really fine with that?


“Shall we have the Boiled Tofu the day after Ahrius-san?”

“Eh, yes, since, since you say it like that then we can’t not eat it, right?!”


I stuttered a little bit but, there’s going to be Boiled Tofu the day after huh? Another thing to look forward to.




And then comes Riru’s silent pressure!



“Now then, it’s about time I leave.”


However, it’s not very effective on the dense Shuri!


“Shuri, what about the Hamburg steak?”

“Eh? There isn’t enough beef so there won’t be any right now….”


It’s super effective on Riru!

Riru’s body falls down with a refreshing smile….

She’s on the verge of death, it’s a fatal injury.


“However, it may end up being favouritism but, I’ll guarantee only your share, Riru-san.”



That was truly, as fast as lightning.

Riru nimbly gets to her feet, and embraced Shuri who didn’t seem too happy.

Oooh, this is a good development!


“Fried chicken…. Fried chicken….”


Luckily Ekress was still being captivated by the fried chicken.

You can do it Riru! Keep at it!


“Like I’ll allow this, I want the opposite!”


Princess Tebis hugs him from the other side.

Oooohh, what a chaotic view….

Looking at this without context then, he has a flower in both arms. Hugging two beautiful women, this probably isn’t bad for Shuri either.

Go for it Riru, keep pushing forth!


“Um, it’s hot.”


Taking it at his own pace…..huh.


“However, I’ve never had a girlfriend or lover before so….um…. I’m kinda embarra.s.sed so, if you could just let go of me….”

“I’m going to ignore all that, and come from the FRONT!!”


Ahh! Ekress revives and hugged Shuri from the front!

Hah! There was no fried chicken left on the plate before I knew it….!


“Uh, um, to actually be hugged, by three people, it’s sorta, um…”


Oh? There’s a change to that dense Shuri?


“T-the stimulus is….Kyuh”


Thud! Shuri collapsed!

Eh?! What happened?!


“….It seems that the stimulation from being hugged by three girls was just too stimulating for him, jana. He fainted.”


Princess Tebis pats away the dust from her clothes and stood up.


“However, We’ve witnessed something good. Shuri is usually aloof as the wind but, he’s weak to the stimulation of women, jano.


You could even say that this is something We could take advantage of.”

Princess Tebis grinned, and left the room just like that.


“…What should we do?”


We, the ones left behind, looked to each other with a troubled face.

Seriously, what do we do.

In the end, we called for Teg to take Shuri back.

Sigh…It would be nice if Princess Tebis doesn’t start up anything strange tomorrow….


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