Cook of the Mercenary Corp c41

19, A Reckless Men’s Meeting and Boiled Edamame


This is in, a corner of the castle.

Gathered here were those who held authority(?) in Sounity currently.


“No one followed you on the way here right?”


The one who said, making sure of that is the leader of Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp, the current authority figure of Sounity, Ganglabe.


“Of course, su. I came here after killing off my presence, and even looked for other presences, su”


The one who was on guard about his surroundings is the leader of the mercenary corp’s archer unit, the spy expert Teg.


“This one too. I arrived here calling it training. My alibi is perfect”


The one who had been completely focused on creating an alibi is, the leader of the infantry unit as well as the strongest man in the mercenary corp, the sword expert Cougar.


“….Just in case, Ore-sama has finished enough work to take a break”


The one who worked overtime so that there would be no interferences tomorrow is, on the surface, the feudal lord of Sounity and behind the scenes, the lieutenant of Ganglabe’s military forces, Gingus Sounity.


“I, well uh, went to check? Check the ingredients”


The one who is on duty to check the soldier’s rations is, the former spy official, and now training to be a chef, Gann.


“Well, me too I guess?”


The one who was just following after what Gann said is the current cook in training, Adora.


“Everyone, thank you for waiting. This is the aforementioned item”


The one who was in charge of today’s preparations, was me, Shuri.


“Hey, Ore-sama can’t be behind this seaweed you know?”

“Ah! Gingus took advantage of us, su!”


“Please calm down everyone….”


Everyone raises their killing intent towards the calm looking Gingus.


“Today is a meeting for only us men, in other words, a men’s meeting”


Yes, today is a drinking party for just us men.

Hi, it’s Shuri.

In the afternoon, after we held the dispersal of the negotiation, Ganglabe-san quietly told me to gather up all our men, and hold a banquet just for us.

Why? I had thought but….

Well, since I had no reason to refuse, I had Gann-san and Adora-san get hold of the alcohol and snacks, which meant I was to cook for it.


“But a men’s meeting huh….”

“Aren’t the bunch of us a wreck….”


Ahhh, there’s a gloomy shadow on Teg-san and Gingus-san!?


“Ain’t that true, the only one of us here whose married or even has a woman is Ganglabe after all”

“Cougar-san. With that face, you’re pretty popular around the town and castle right?”

“Traitor, su!”

“Punishment to the traitor!”

“It’s a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding, I says!”


Let’s ignore those people over there. Teg-san and Gingus-san’s darkness probably can’t be rid off anyway.


“Stop making such a fuss inside such a cramped and dark room….”


Gann-san drinks down his alcohol with an astonished face.

Wait a sec, you. Weren’t you an alcoholic?


“Ok, confiscated”

“Aaaah!? It’s fine isn’t it!? It’s been a while since I’ve had some.”

“Your body had been getting wrecked by alcohol right?”


I say as I take away his alcohol.

By the way, this was in a corner of the castle. Having reserved one of the guest rooms, this was a drinking party with only the men.


“You’re not allowed to drink but… all you of guys as well, get a hold of your gloomy auras. Come on, let’s just talk about something stupid and lighten the mood, ok?”


I put down the snacks I had prepared onto the floor, together with the alcohol, and then lowered down my waist with great effort to sit down.

In this world, it doesn’t seem very friendly to sit on the ground but, this time the floor has been layered with carpet.

The bunch of us just aren’t suited for sitting in chairs, drinking together with good manners.


“True. This time it’s just us men, meeting to chat about some stupid things after all”


Adora-san drinks, then says.


“The reason for this, is to use this opportunity to deepen our friendships as men”

“Yes, yes, exactly Adora-san. Although me, Gann-san and Adora-san know each other because we’re all cooks, there haven’t been many chances for you guys to meet with the other commanders so, why not take this as a time to get to know each other.

Pretty much just, get along with each other as you talk about some stupid stuff”

“But well…. I was completely c.r.a.pped on by that swordsman over there….”


The gloomy aura has even gotten to Adora-san?!

Somehow, it feels like the atmosphere in this place is transforming into some sort of darkish object.

The unpopular duo Teg-san and Gingus-san.

The too popular for his own good, thus creating more enemies than he could handle, Cougar-san.

The nervous wreck from not being able to drink, Gann-san.

The one depressed about having to drink with the person he was done in by, Adora-san.


Huh? The source of this gloomy atmosphere, can’t be helped you know?


“You guys, that’s enough”


That’s when, a solemn voice resounded.


“No matter if it’s women, someone who defeated you in the past or the fact that you can’t drink. It’s not related to tonight”


That voice, as if it’s the light which shines upon the path of darkness which had been clouded till now, sounded throughout the room.


“Right now, the absolute thing to do is to thank our comrades next to us. That’s the most important thing, right”


Ahh, such words. It made everything they had been fighting about seem ridiculous and absurd.


“Come now, drink. Let us enjoy this moment”


Raising his cup, Ganglabe-san announced.


“But Ganglabe-san, you have both a wife, and authority, you’re completely satisfied aren’t you?”

“Our greatest enemy, su!”

“This d.a.m.n traitor!”

“He’s so d.a.m.n fulfilled, I’m so jealous, G.o.dd.a.m.n!”

“Who are you to say that!”

“S-stop, guys stop!”


Ahh, such ruthlessness. Ganglabe-san is being crushed by everyone.

I drink my alcohol and eat my snacks as I look on. Yup, it’s delicious. They turned out well.

Somehow, as if everyone had calmed down from kicking Ganglabe-san, they all sat down onto the floor and started drinking. Incidentally, I had prepared a non-alcoholic fruit juice for Gann-san. It wasn’t a Nounels though.


“Shuri…. d.a.m.n you….”



I feel like I heard the vengeful voice of Ganglabe-san but, it’s probably just my imagination.


“By the way, this side snack is pretty good hey, su”


Teg-san eats the snacks I prepared as he drinks the alcohol.


“It’s Edamame right? I used to eat this a lot in bars, su”

“Seems like it. But, the one here tastes better”


I receive positive feedback from Teg-san and Cougar-san. Good, good.

What I had prepared was Edamame. Boiled Edamame.

It’s the standard snack to go along with alcohol.


“Yea. It’s because I was particular about it, from my choice of Edamame to the way it was boiled.”

“If it was at a normal bar then, it’ll just be boiled in large volumes and then taken out, that’s all”

“I had thought that that was normal too”


Gann-san and Adora-san both pop open the beans, takes them out and throws them into their mouth.


“The point to selecting the Edamame is based on how packed together the beans are and the freshness of the pick.

And when boiling, there should be 4% Edamame compared to water…. And then you boil it once there’s 96% water and 4% salt.

The other preparations would be to slightly cut off the pointed tip connected to the stalk of the Edamame. By doing this the water circulation improves and it gets properly flavoured by the salt.”

“I see….so that’s why it tastes like this”


Even Ganglabe-san who had come back to life took up a bean and ate it.


“This goes well with alcohol huh, Ganglabe”

“Ahh, it truly does. Even Edamame can change like this depending on the skill of the person making it huh.”

“Even though that’s the best thing to go with alcohol, I can’t even drink any….”


There seems to be some sort of gloomy aura reviving onto Gann-san but, let’s ignore that. I will get infected by a negative wave by getting too involved with that gloomy aura.


“Now then, the snacks are good but should we start talking about some fun topics?”

“Right? Then let’s talk about women”

“Ganglabe-san. Did you want to revive the darkness? Despite being kicked so much?”

“No, not that. Stupid things like, the type of girls you like or, that girl was hot and such”


Ahh I see. That kinda stuff.


“Then let’s start from Ganglabe-san”

“Hey man, if I talk about other women here other than Ahrius, what are you gonna do if our bond as a married couple cracks?”

“Oh, then you’re saying that Ahrius-san is the best no matter what?”

“Hyuu~, aren’t you lovey dovey, su”

“As expected from the husband huh” (TL:“Sasuga husbando material” – initial translation kek)

“Well, even from Ore-sama’s eyes Ahrius is a beauty…..Her chest is that though”

“Did you say something?”



Gingus-san turns away, avoiding his gaze and dodging the question but, everyone’s probably thinking of that except for Ganglabe-san.

I mean, even Teg-san is looking away slightly.


“Then Gingus. What about you?”


“True. I am interested in who Gingus likes, su”

“….Will you hear me out without laughing?”


Gingus-san’s face turns red.

Eh? Who is it?


“Ore-sama…. likes Princess Tebis”


Ting. The atmosphere….

Time had, stopped.


“….I see”

“Ganglabe-san. Excuse me….”

“It’ll probably be safe if the marriage takes form as a way to form an alliance”

“I see, Ore-sama hadn’t been able to come up with that”



EHH!? That means Gingus-san is a lolic….


“Shuri…. It’s normal even at 10 years of age to be married off for politics or alliances, su….”



“Rather, I’m interested in what you were thinking”

“Stuff like corruption, no more like, indulgence and stuff”

“Our chef sure is a pervert”

“Alright, alright! I was wrong geez!”


Modern j.a.pan’s way of thinking doesn’t work!


“Shuri….As you would expect, a 10 year old girl isn’t Ore-sama’s type.

What I do like is Princess Tebis’ wisdom, and cleverness”

“I’m sorry. I’m the corrupted one”


Ahh, now that you mention it, while Princess Tebis is like an imouto figure, she also holds a quality such that she would be the older one in the relationship, which may mean that she is irresistible to those who like them younger.

I see…. Age is not the only indicator when it comes to the type of female one likes.


“Then, next be Teg-san”

“Eh?! How come it’s my turn all of a sudden!?”

“Well, you know, somehow”


It’s sorta fun, controlling this conversation flow.


“Well, alright, my type, su huh….

My type might be Ekress-san”

“Are you looking to sell an-all out fight with me”

“Wait Gann, su. This is talking about our types, the one I actually-”

“Are you saying my little sister isn’t attractive?!”

“You’re saying Ore-sama’s big sister ain’t attractive?!”

“Wai, please do something about these two berserk siscon brothers, su”


Ahhh, Teg-san is also pitiful.


“Gann-san, Gingus-san. Right now we’re talking about the type of girls we like. Ekress-san is attractive but, what Teg-san is saying here is that the girls that he likes are those boyish girls. Girls who have the lively spirit like that of a young boy yet also hold a faint sense of feminity.”

“Y-yes, su! It’s exactly what Shuri is saying, su!”


Teg-san agreed with my interpretation like that was exactly what he had said.

I see, so Teg-san likes them boyish.

If it was said in Modern j.a.panese terms then, it probably means that he likes girls with a short cut, the girls who belong in the track and field club, with healthily tanned skin. And, after seeing their kouhai doing high jump training all the way until the light of sunset shines down upon the track, puts a cool drink against them from behind, encouraging them energetically with something like “Work hard kouhai!”. He probably likes that feeling.


“Oh what, how strange of you Teg”

“*grumble* What about you, su, Cougar”

“I? I is… yes. The one next to Princess Tebis, Wutin was it? That’s my type”

“Cougar, you have choices don’t you!”

“Despite stealing away our chances of meeting other people, you’ll just straight up fall in love with the cool beauty right in front of our eyes, huh?!”

“You know~, I’ve said it so many times but, this is about the type of girl we like. Adora-san, Gann-san, please don’t unleash your darkness, ok~”


If I don’t warn them….

The darkness will end up spreading after all.


“And, what part of Wutin-san did you fall for Cougar-san?”

“Let’s see. Did you realise? That girl, is a member of their secret intelligence”



The one who reacted to that was Ganglabe-san.

Even though his face was red from the alcohol, it looked serious.


“Is that true Cougar?”

“No doubt about it. The way she behaves, as well as the way Princess Tebis deals with her. She was in a stance where if she felt the slightest amount of danger coming from Shuri, she would shift her centre of gravity and attack”

“Ehhh!? If I did something inappropriate I could’ve been killed?!”

“Even if you weren’t killed, you would probably be restrained. It’s because Princess Tebis stopped her that nothing had happened though”

“Cougar. Even I couldn’t grasp that presence, su”

“Teg, what your eyes discern are enemy scouts. What I can feel are warriors or in a vague sense….『those I have to kill』.

But Wutin, even if she had a presence like that of someone I have to kill, she was good at hiding it. Just a little bit, if you didn’t really concentrate then you wouldn’t have realised so I had thought that she was a spy at first. And, it’s why that person trusted her”

“So that’s how it was…. Speaking of which, I’ve also heard of something”


Gann-san places his hand on his jaw as he said.


“You see, I’ve also been a spy once and I’ve heard a few things in regards to the spies of other countries.

Even amidst all that, not much information came in when it came to the spies who work for Princess Tebis. But it was known that, that a young lady is always by Princess Tebis’ side as a contact.

So that was Wutin huh”

“Indeed…. There needs to be some vigilance regarding this”


With a single sentence from Ganglabe-san, everyone nodded with a serious expression.

Hmm, I’m interrupting this serious conversation but…. Oh well.


“So, what do you mean when you’re saying Wutin-san is your type?”

“Hn? Ahh that, yes. If it’s her then I could probably leave my back to her?”

“Oi, Cougar. Stop talking with your battle-filled head, su”

“Well there’s more than that too. If I can make her fall for me, her with her unsociable expressions and cold atmosphere then, doesn’t she seem like someone who would act spoiled only in front of me? I find that irresistible”


Ahhh, I think I understand.

The Modern j.a.panese’ Moe, as they say, the thing they call Kuudere.

The cla.s.s rep who’s always expressionless but, when the two of you are going home, she would slightly lean in towards you. She would turn her head away but when you take a peek at her, she would be smiling with a blush. Having her expression seen, she would turn expressionless again from the embarra.s.sment but, she wouldn’t stop leaning in towards you.

I wonder what this feeling is? Some sort of uncontrollable frustration towards Cougar-san who seems capable of accomplishing such a thing.


“I see, Cougar-san likes Kuuderes”

“Hah? Kuudere?”

“They would normally be calm but only in front of you, their expressions won’t change but, they would act spoiled as if they were like a cat. Think of it like that.”

“Yea exactly, that type of girl!”


Huh, listening up to this point, the type of girls that everyone likes is pretty, sinful….. (TL: fetishy?)

No, is it the Moe factor?


“What about you? Adora-san? Gann-san?”

“The me of right now ain’t got no time for such thoughts. There’s a ton to learn as a chef in training. It’s pretty tough changing from a soldier to a chef yea?”

“Me too. Well, I’ll think ‘bout it after I see my lil’ bro and sis have their moment”


So these two are the type to put work first.

There are females even amongst our chefs so I was thinking maybe they could get hitched. Because as one would expect, being single your entire life could very likely be at the top of the ranking of the worst things to happen in this world.


“So, the main question at hand”

“The main topic, su”

“Main topic indeed”

“It’s the biggest question”

“Biggest question huh”

“It certainly has become the biggest question”


Hn? Everyone’s focusing their gaze on me?


“Now then, up till now, Shuri has been in control of the conversational flow but……”

“Yea, su. Somehow it felt like I was made to go along with the natural flow of things but.

What type of girls do you like, su, Shuri?”



Me huh….now that it’s come to me, it sure is troubling.

But everyone’s looking so keen.


“Up until now it’s been a year and a half of cooking earnestly on the brink of life or death so, I’ve had no time to look for someone or have the free time to fall in love.”

“True. But, don’t you think it better should you find one soon?”


Cougar-san looks concerned. Although he is still drinking the alcohol.


“I mean, Shuri, you’ve already pa.s.sed 20 years old right?”

“Yea. It didn’t feel like it’s been that long already but, I’m 21. After a few more months I’ll be 22.”

“Hah!? You mean to say you’re older than Ore-sama?!”

“You look pretty young…. I totally thought that you were around 14”


Gingus-san and Gann-san were surprised but…. I don’t look that young.

Speaking of which, j.a.panese people who go overseas almost always seem to surprise people with their ages. It seems we look young, or childish no matter what.


“Well, Shuri you’re already at such an age. Shouldn’t you be getting married, and starting a family?”



When you say it like that but…..

Once I get married and start a family, I feel like I wouldn’t be able to return to my former world anymore.

Although I had set my heart to continue being the cook of this mercenary corp….I’m lost when it comes to this problem.

There’s a large possibility that I can’t return anyway….


“Shuri, did you have any family or lovers on the continent outside of the Outer Circular World, su?”


Teg-san asked with a worried looking face.


“No, that’s….”

“What are you talking about Teg? What is that about?”

“Ganglabe, Shuri is a person from the outside, su. He came from outside of this continent, su”



Everyone is shocked by this for some reason. Eh? What?


“I see, so he was a person from the outside. It’s no wonder I thought he had so many strange dishes and knowledge.

Shuri, is that why you don’t want to fall in love?”


Ganglabe-san also asks with a half interested, half worried look.


“No, I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m a man who hasn’t had a girlfriend for as long as I’ve lived after all.”

“Then, family?”

“Hmm….I don’t even know if my family is still alive right now”


I had thought about this around a year ago but, the flow of time in this world and the flow of time on Earth might not necessarily be the same.

I don’t even know if it’s only been a few minutes over there or, maybe even several centuries.

Despite that, I’ve given up on the thought of going back.

What’s smouldering inside me even now, are just my lingering thoughts and regrets.


“In any case, I’ve decided to live here”

“I see….it’s been tough on you too”


The toughest time was, Ganglabe-san, the time when you had me put my life on the line to make that Cream Stew.


“Which means that it’d be better if you made a lover now, right.

If you’ve decided to live here then, someone who can protect your back, someone you want to protect, someone who’ll be family.

Anyway, leave behind something that says you’ve lived.

People like us don’t always leave the battlefield…. You know”


Heavy. Cougar’s words were heavy.

It’s true….I wonder what would happen if I died just like this.

What Cougar-san just said, some sort of evidence stating that I had lived.

I….don’t have that.

The dishes that I’ve left behind, that was from my culture, they’re not mine.

I see…..


“You’re right. I think I’ll make it, whether it’s something that indicates I had a life, or a lover”

“That’s good”


Cougar-san chuckles and eats the Edamame.


“So, let me ask you but, what about Riru?”




“Cougar-san. Riru-san is”

“No, rather than lovers or family, I don’t think that girl can live without your hamburg steak”

“I can’t refute that”


Hmmmm, now that he mentions it, Riru-san is also quite the beauty huh.

Her appearance at least.

Her other qualities are….


“Shuri, you’re looking quite bitter there, su”

“I mean, from what I’ve seen of her up till now, her spending of beef is the greatest enemy to a cook who’s trying his best you know?”


“That’s all”


Where did you learn how to continue conversations like that Teg-san.


“But….I do think that Riru-san is cute”


That’s the truth after all.


“Ekress-san is also a beauty but….she’s too beautiful, to the point that it’s hard to approach her.

Just by having someone as beautiful as her so close to me makes me fear that out of somewhere, some scary Onii-sans are going to come and lead me to some back alley somewhere”

“I don’t know whether your imagination is reliable or wimpy”

“Princess Tebis is….beautiful but her age is….”

“It’s not like we’re telling you to fall in love right now. What about after a few years?”



If you’re going to say it like that then, I don’t even know what to say…..


“Well just wait, we’ll find her”

“That’s fine.

Alright, let’s start the next fun topic. I’ve got some cards here. Let’s gamble!!”


“Ah sorry, I’m not playing”


I refuse and started to get up.


“Why not?”

“Gann-san. Actually I’ve been asked by Ahrius-san to get her some evening snacks”


“It seems they’re having a girl’s night. She asked me to get them some snacks if I was free”

“You serious?”


Yes, actually when Ganglabe-san made plans to have a men’s meeting, Ahrius-san had also planned a ladies meeting.

At that time, I had already given the boiled Edamame to Ahrius-san.


“Then, I’ll be leaving for a bit”


I leave the room and walked towards the kitchen.

What I was thinking in that time was, the previous matter about making a girlfriend.


“A girlfriend huh….hmmm, who would I even…”


Now then, what should I do…..


(Recipe: Now while I think the instructions in the chapter are pretty clear and cooking these are pretty simple here)

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