Cook of the Mercenary Corp c38

17, Long time no see and Tofu Hamburg Steak (Part 2)


Riru, is currently extremely cheery.

Why you ask? It’s obvious.

Because Shuri came back.

Riru won’t let him into something like a jail anymore. This time for sure, Riru will protect Shuri.

And, Riru wants to end these nightmares where Riru can’t eat Hamburg anymore.


Two days after the incident.

It’s decided that Riru and the mercenary corp are to live in the castle permanently. Or rather, Gingus is placed as the Feudal Lord position but, in reality it’s more like, Gingus has the role of organising the soldiers, Ekress is in charge of internal affairs, and above that is where Ganglabe is sitting. The people around him aren’t saying a peep though.

At any rate, the current situation where the perpetrator that started that incident, Gingus, becoming Feudal Lord is strange. However, if you consider bloodline to be the most important thing then the heir for the Feudal Lord, must be either Gingus, or Ekress.

If Gann is recommended here then no problems should occur as he qualifies in regards to the Feudal Lord’s bloodline however, a separate problem arises should that illegitimate child be recommended by the mercenary corp. Which is why, Shuri said to Ganglabe who had thought about how to deal with Gann.


“No no, Gann-san can be said to be my a.s.sistant or even subordinate. I mean I promised him to let him join into the cooks so. I’ll be troubled if he is forcefully placed as Feudal Lord”


Because he said that, Gann became Shuri’s subordinate.

For some reason, some large man called Adora also became his subordinate but, Riru wasn’t interested.

No matter who becomes Shuri’s subordinate, there’ll be no problems if Shuri can calmly cook Hamburg.

As long as Hamburg, can be made….. Whoops, it seems I’m being swallowed by my dark side.

Because of something like that, Gann’s treatment ended.

In the end we decided on Gingus. That is because Ekress resigned. It appears Ekress is already sick of pretending to be a man. She said that from here on she wants to be able to work, and fall in love like a normal girl.

For some reason she said it whilst looking at Shuri but, Riru feels somewhat gloomy.

Ganglabe also frowned.


Like this, the problem with the heir…. ended, despite leaving behind a somewhat bad aftertaste.

The aftertaste is that, the people who had worked in the castle originally and the people of Riru’s mercenary corp seem to have a subtle distance between each other. It appears that they do not approve of us intruding from outside, and suddenly taking up the role of leading the castle’s army.

However, after having raged through the castle like that, there was no one opposing us publicly. But Ganglabe is vigilant. Because he doesn’t know when this smoldering ember will combust.

Amongst those, the one’s who opposed with all their strength were the cooks. The ones who originally worked in the castle.

These people left the castle, when Shuri was appointed as the head chef, to boycot.

Ganglabe was furious at this but, Shuri was relaxed.


“Because it’s natural to be unsatisfied. Rather, I’m glad that they ended up boycotting. Since if they did anything bad to the food then, they would end up becoming obstacles to the job”


Shuri continues, even exerting himself to say as if he knew this would happen someday.

Although Ganglabe was troubled, he made peace with his anger.

And muttered.


“He’s too kind, that guy…. Normally that’s punishment worthy”


Even though this is where Shuri should be angry, since he’s dealing with this calmly without being angry, Ganglabe merely did that as well.

Honestly, Riru, and the others were also angry.

Since Shuri is coping with this calmly, everyone is also looking calm on the outside.

Riru was thinking that Riru wanted to do something to those cooks who boycotted.


As Riru was considering that, Riru punches at the wall inside one of the rooms of the castle, connecting the room next door, and made a laboratory.

Because we became stationed at the castle, there was no need to move every single last small scaled machinery. From here on, Riru thinks that it would be good if Riru is able develop, and research various things at this location.

As Riru was setting in the machinery, having received instructions from Riru’s subordinate, Riru suddenly felt as if an electric current was running inside Riru’s body, rushing the information about.

Yes, it’s lunch.

Hunger. The desire for a meal.

In order words, Hamburg.

Riru cannot stay like this. If Riru doesn’t hurry and rush over to Shuri.


“I leave the rest to you”

“Ah!? Commander, where are you going?!”

“It’s obvious”


Riru places Riru’s hand on the door, turns around and the said.

With a smile that even Riru would say is brilliant.


“Hamburg is calling”


And then, Riru ran.

Riru has a grasp of the entire castle’s layout. The number of steps on the stairs, the length of the corridors, the feel of the doors, the height of the ceiling, everything.

Using that information, Riru calculates the shortest distance to the kitchen, and ran singlemindedly.

Sometimes turning around the corners of the corridors, sometimes leaping from the stairs…..

Using all the strength Riru could muster, Riru ran. Running, running, and continued to run. It was then. It was then, when Riru turned the corner, someone was running parallel to Riru.


“! So it’s you, Riru”



There was Riru’s rival. Yes, a fellow comrade risking and fighting for lunch is here.

Ahrius was running parallel to Riru, right next to Riru. Or rather it may have been better to say that she was slightly floating off the ground and sliding.

She is probably using her magic to fly but even though she’s removed everything unnecessary and is concentrating on speed, seeing her accurately manipulate that technique at a speed that would just barely avoid causing an accident, it means Ahrius has definitely also prepared and has been training for this moment.

The truth of that which looks useless, is that it is a magic which had been calculated to it’s limits.



“Hu. It seems that you are also prepared, researching and developing for this moment.”

“….What could you mean”

“It’s useless to hide it. You installed flight and weight-lessening magi spells, as well as a shock absorbing magi program on that white coat and shoes right? Which is why even though it’s a physique like yours, you’re able to bring out such speeds….. That’s not all there is to it though, I’m sure”


As expected of a strong foe (comrade). She understands.

Yes, even though Riru’s coat looks like this, there are magi spells and magi programs installed inside it. On the sleeves there are physical strength up and a protective barrier. On the torso there is a protective barrier against all kinds of attacks, stabs, slashes, explosions, blunt attacks. On the back are weight-lessening, sensing barrier and protective barrier. On the hems is flight. Everything which can be thought of, Riru has hypothesized and created it.

Shoes, pants as well as clothes are all applied with the same configurations. Riru thinks that even if we’re talking about all around the world, only Riru has installed so many.

And, a device that Ahrius had not seen through. That is the magi program directly engraved on Riru’s body.

That is gravity control. Made by focusing on the concept called gravity that Riru had heard from Shuri, Riru’s greatest masterpiece. The thing engraved on Riru’s right arm is able to affect the gravity of Riru’s body and the things Riru touched with Riru’s right hand.

It can make Riru’s body lighter, fly, lighten the objects Riru has touched and lift them, and even crush the things that had been touched using gravity.

Riru calls this, Magic Engineered Circuit Tattoo 《Magi Ladder Chart》. But since Riru doesn’t know what would happen should it fail, Riru has no plans of doing it to anybody else.

In any case, using all of this, that is how Riru will be heading to the kitchen.


“However, I won’t lose either”


Grinning, Ahrius laughed.


“Even though my new magic, Sliding Wings 《Skater Fly》 can be used by anyone, it’s something which accounts for both safety and speed.

Making the forces of gravity I heard from Shuri oppose each other so that it can float just slightly off the ground, you use it to advance in the direction you desire with only motion. Like this, you can be at ease without getting caught up by the grounds unevenness.

If you practise with it, you could probably even fire magic while moving at high speeds. Establishing a high speed magic department wouldn’t be just a dream either.

Right now, I’m only using it for my desires though”


This person is seriously a waste of talent, is what Riru understood.


By the time we had turned that last corner, Riru and her was equal.

Contrasting with Riru continuously interacting with the ground using both feet to release speed, Ahrius is travelling, using her more than excessive magic power to maintain a constant speed.

Even if Riru overtakes her, Ahrius’s speed doesn’t forgive that, and having said that, even if Ahrius tries to push her way past, Riru would use the ground to catch up. It’s just as what Shuri said, a game of chase. (TL: Itachigokko)

A showdown that cannot be lost, is being held right here.


“”There it is!””


At long last, the door to the kitchen could be seen. So close, in the span of three seconds, we would reach touch down.

These three seconds are the moments of truth for this showdown. Riru spurts forth, and Ahrius too raises her speed.

At that time, Riru’s ears had heard something unpardonable.


“So then Sensei, what will you be making for today’s lunch?”


What will you make?

So basically, that means lunch hasn’t been decided yet?

That’s impossible. It’s obvious lunch is going to be Hamburg. Does that mean, that even though Shuri is cooking, he’ll make something other than Hamburg?

There is absolutely no way Riru can let that slide. As expected, it was correct for Riru to come.


“Hamburg to the wavering you”

“If it’s lunch then it’s Boiled Tofu”


We entered at the same time. We line up and reached our goal, the kitchen.

Tsk, with this Riru has no advantage over her. Ahrius also seems frustrated, bringing her brows together.

But no worries. Shuri is a person who understands if you talk to him. Riru’ll let him understand if Riru talks to him with a smile.


“I can still make it…. He should understand if I talk to him with a smile right….”


d.a.m.n! Ahrius is thinking the same!

But, still. It’ll still work out, somehow.

Without a further ado, Riru approaches Shuri with a smile to talk to him, a step at a time.

That was the same with Ahrius. Smiling and walking.

Now that it’s come to this, the compet.i.tion comes down to the refreshingness and lack of ulterior motives in our smiles.

Despite that, Shuri is backing away a little. Why?

That kind of Shuri was pushed forth by his subordinates behind him, thrusted out in front of us.

They understand. That’s right, there’s no need to back away, there’s nothing to be feared.

That’s why this is such a smile with no ill will at all. A cheerful smile.

Even so, because Shuri is still trying to run away, we grabbed his shoulders and stopped him.

Now we can talk.


“Come now, Shuri. Hamburg”

“It’s Boiled Tofu right”


What is this. To think Ahrius was thinking the same thing as well. To think she would grab his shoulder to show her friendliness. As expected of Riru’s rival, she doesn’t slip up.

But as expected, a confrontation of opinions can’t be avoided, huh.

Riru looks at Ahrius and, Ahrius too, once again was looking at Riru.

Riru understands. That the real battle starts from here on.

From here on, it’s a battle of words.


“Riru. Shuri is cooking for the first time in a while as well. Wouldn’t it be better to start from something simple and regain his cooking senses?”

“Ahrius. It’s because it’s been a while, that Shuri should start with a dish he knows well. That’s why Riru is here”


Yes, Shuri’s best dish is Hamburg. At any rate, because Riru will take the name of the one to sample that, relying on that to get him up to speed.

Compared with that, Boiled Tofu?  Hmph, that’s just boiled kelp and tofu. The one that is more complex to cook moreover delicious, and his forte is obviously Hamburg.


“Riru, no matter what dish comes to me, they’ll all be delicious and I’ll eat it. If I had to, had to, haaaad to say then, I had thought that if he made Boiled Tofu here, I would be happy. No, I won’t ask if it’s impossible, naturally. However, my subordinates are also waiting anxiously for Boiled Tofu. Ah, if it’s something different then, that can’t be helped in that case. However, you know? It’s been a while so don’t you think you want to eat it? No no, if it’s not possible then don’t force yourself though…..”


W-what, such conversational art. Although she’s Riru’s enemy, Riru can’t help but praise her….!

This confutation, nonchalant, yet has all the main points squeezed in.

Ku, at this rate Riru will end up losing…..if there isn’t something, anything to change the flow of the battle.


“Please wait. Since I’ve understood what you want to eat”


Somehow, Shuri has decided just now. There’s no doubt it’s Hamburg.

Ha, the flow was with me huh. Ahrius, this is it. Like this, Riru’s victory has been decided.

For some reason Shuri looks exhausted but, there’s no doubt it’s because he had chosen Hamburg after much thought.


“Then I’ll go get the beef”

“No, it’s tofu”



Ahrius looks over here and, Ahrius also has a confused look on her face. This means that Ahrius too believed that victory was hers.

Ahrius had thought that it would be Boiled Tofu.


“Let’s use tofu”


And then, the death sentence.

What? Tofu? Not cow but bean?

Impossible, there’s no way….!

Before Riru had noticed, Riru pours all of Riru’s overflowing anger and fruitless pathos into Riru’s fist, and punched the kitchen table.

Due to the ability of physical strengthening, Riru can even destroy a kitchen table. But, Riru wasn’t happy.


“That joke isn’t very funny”


Not funny, yes, it’s a boring joke.

No matter how you put it, even if something like “It was actually Hamburg all along~” was said afterwards, Riru would not laugh, definitely not laugh along with that. There’s no way.


“Just that, it won’t be Boiled Tofu”


Next to Riru, a whiz sound resounded.

Looking over, Ahrius had split a pot right in half with her magic.

Wow, she looks like she could kill someone. The killing intent from all that anger is leaking out uncontrollably.


“Shuri. I wonder if my ears are hearing things…. Despite saying tofu, it’s not Boiled Tofu…. Could it be that, that was an excuse, I wonder….. Could you say it one more time?”


That’s true. Thinking about it over, that means that he’s making something that’s neither Hamburg or Boiled Tofu.

Like we would allow for, such tyranny. Coming all the way here, there is no way we can let it slide if our grand ambitions are not fulfilled.


“Come now Shuri, take the beef into your hands. You should be able to do this if tofu is a joke”

“If it’s tofu then, take the pot and hot water into your hands”


Smile, if Riru says it with a smile. Shuri should be able to understand.

I wonder why, even though Riru should be trying her best to smile. Surging fighting spirit ends up leaking out.


“It’s a Hamburg-like healthy food which uses tofu. It’s good for your stomach as well as your skin.”

“Come now Shuri, let’s cook. Is there anything you need help with?”

“Riru will too. We’re together for the first time in a while”


Ahaha, why was Riru being so savage like that?

Being able to eat a new Hamburg dish, as expected of Shuri.

I see, just Hamburg wouldn’t be appropriate after such a long while so, we should celebrate it extravagantly with a new Hamburg dish.

In that case, Riru has to help out as well.

Ahrius is also smiling clearly. I wonder why Riru and her was fighting?

Even though fighting and savagery and such are unneeded for the world.

Even though the world is, indeed, the world is beautiful, and also cruel, and extremely bright.

Riru doesn’t really know what Riru is talking about.


“No, since the training for the newbies will also take some time, we’ll do it, so if you can wait in the dining ha-”


Before Riru and Ahrius finished listening to those words, we had already rushed out.

Wholeheartedly, as refreshing as youths running down a field.

Pa.s.sing the kitchen table, exiting the kitchen, just one straight line.

Forth to the dining hall.

The goal being, the seat closest to the serving table!


Sitting there motionlessly on the dining hall’s chair waiting, Riru seems to have gain enlightenment.

The closest seat is always, waiting.

Riru and Ahrius, reach the dining hall from the kitchen quicker by one or two steps and, surround the seat closest to the serving table.

Although, since it’s still early, there wasn’t a single person there. Not a soul. Not a trace.



“Riru. I, won’t give this up”


Tsk. She saw through Riru huh.

Riru was planning to lightly attack her with, ‘It’s a little early, what about your work?’ But, as expected of a strong foe 《A comrade》. Riru was read.

Incidentally given that Ahrius said that to cover up her trying to say something, there’s no doubt that Ahrius was also trying to say something similar.

Seriously cannot be careless.


“Ah, captain, here you are! I was looking for you!’


At that time, from the dining hall Riru and Ahrius’ subordinate came in.

Tsk, what a hindrance.


“Come on, it’s still early for lunch so let’s go back. Since without you, we can’t start the placement of the laboratory’s devices and such, captain”

“Let’s return Captain Ahrius. Without you, the subordinates won’t train”


d.a.m.n it, you still need instructions even though Riru already said that Riru’ll leave it to you huh. Even though Riru already left you the blueprints.

Ahrius is also looking bitter. Riru thinks that most likely, she wants to tell them that even if she’s not there they should do what they have do.

That’s the same as Riru so, Riru is also making a bitter face.


“I’m sorry, vice captain. Lately, I’ve been busy at night so I get pretty hungry. I mean, you know, Ganglabe”


What even, Ahrius said that whilst turning red.

Her vice-captain also agreed with her, grinning as she teases her with “That’s certainly busy”.

But Riru knows. That is not true as of yet.

It’s true, that Ganglabe and Ahrius are sleeping together. However they are just sleeping. They haven’t done it yet.

The reason being that if Ahrius ends up making a child now, it’ll affect the organisation of the army. Riru had heard this previously in the corridors when Ahrius was discussing about this and that with Ganglabe regarding this matter.

Riru too, might have that sort of conversation with the person Riru loves one day…. Was the sentimental thought Riru had but, to actually let out that topic because she wants to eat the new dish…. What a frightening woman!


“Come on, let’s go back Captain Riru”


Ha! Ahrius can stay due to her excuse but, Riru has no excuse!

What to do….!?


“Actually, at night”

“Bulls.h.i.t! You were up all night with us setting up your laboratory right! You don’t even have a lover, please don’t try to bring up the same reason as Captain Ahrius!”


H-how did he know I was going to use that excuse? Even though it was perfectly natural…!


“I-if it’s a lover then”

“Ah, Head Chef Shuri doesn’t count. Please don’t try to balance this with a stretch that Hamburg is the lover inside of you”

“Of course Hamburg isn’t Riru’s lover”


“It is Riru’s reason for being”

“That’s nasty. Come on, let’s go”


Kuh, so persistent….!


“Do you get it? Riru is going to be eating a new Hamburg dish soon”

“It’s still too early for lunch, it’s alright until after work right”

“No! Hamburg is Riru’s life. If that life is to be lit by a new fire then, Riru must make sure of that personally.

Even our unit’s foundation, what Riru expressed as Creativity, if we get down to the bottom of it, started from Hamburg.

Do you understand? Hamburg is the unit’s foundation. To refuse that without checking it is Riru’s declination, so in addition it connects to magic engineering’s declination. (TL: what even)

If you belong to the Magic Engineering Unit then, treating the foundation preciously is the motto. Now, let us eat the new Hamburg dish together. It’s alright, Hamburg won’t run away”

“Please don’t change our foundation. To put it simply, since the new Hamburg dish came out, you just really want to eat it right?”


Guhhh….! It was no use copying Ahrius either….

However he doesn’t realise.

That Riru has already won.


“By the way Riru is just asking but”

“? What is it, I’m returning as soon as I call out to Captain”

“What time is it?”


Saying so, Riru’s subordinate looks outside and saw the position of the sun.

And then, drops his shoulders, completely exhausted.


“…It’s lunch”

“Then go back to the research lab, and go call for the others. Let’s take a lunch break”



He makes a completely unsatisfied face, and left the dining hall.

Kukuku, did you see that. Riru had been aiming for this the whole time.

It’s true that time-wise, it’s too early for lunch. However Riru was aiming for the lunch break, through the repet.i.tive exchange with Riru’s subordinate.

The time for the lunch break differs depending on the unit. The infantry and soldiers who go out onto the front lines are large in numbers as well as the portions they eat so they’re a little later. Although their time training and defending is brief, somehow or other they eat after lunchtime has pa.s.sed.

However Riru’s Magic Engineering Unit is different. When you talk of training for the Magic Engineering Unit, it’s fundamentally just setting up the outdoor campsite and creating trenches, as well as the early reparation of the weapons and armour. They’re don’t have the strength nor equipment of Riru who can fight even in the front lines so, naturally they’re in charge of the rear. We also don’t have many in number so it had been decided that our lunch time would differ from the soldier’s lunch time so that we can eat quickly.

Furthermore today’s work is moving the research lab. It had been decided that today’s lunch break was even earlier so that we don’t take too long.

Riru’s subordinate who had forgotten about that. It’s your loss….


“What a minuscule fight”




After waiting, Shuri came bringing out the food along with the other cooks.

Putting it on the serving table, he nimbly splits and separates them into single servings.

And then, placed it in front of us.

A strange shape.

It has the shape of a, Hamburg. The elliptical shape of meat Riru is well acquainted with.

However, that which would normally be dripping with meat juices and fried to a nice colour, didn’t drip that much and was white-ish.


“Shuri, this is Hamburg?”

“No, it’s Tofu Hamburg”

“It looks like….a Hamburg right?”


Appearance-wise, it’s definitely Hamburg. Even Riru’s 《Hamburg Eye》 knows that it’s Hamburg.

But it’s different. This is Tofu Hamburg?


“You’ll understand if you try it”

“That’s true… it’s Shuri’s first dish in a long time. Let us enjoy this”

“Nn, Riru is looking forward to it”


Yes, thinking about it, this is Shuri’s cooking. Additionally it’s something we’re eating for the first time in a while.

Up til now we had been made to eat the disgusting inn food and had been confined, not to mention Hamburg, we couldn’t even have Amazake….

Ahhh, long live Hamburg. It really is so great that Shuri is back.

Now then, let’s start.

Full of excitement, Riru tries to cut into the Hamburg.

However, there was a strange texture here.

It was somewhat, soft. Not like the softness of Hamburg, it was much more limber, the meat fibres couldn’t stop the knife at all.


“Somehow… the texture is different” (Riru)

“Indeed. The texture is different for a Hamburg Steak. It’s somewhat, soft and fluffy” (Ahrius)

“Indeed. Since I mixed beef and tofu, I think the texture is different. Since the mouthfeel and taste is also different, please enjoy that as well” (Shuri)


Hou, that is brilliant.

Riru takes a small piece of this Tofu Hamburg and eats it.


This is….a new Hamburg.


Yes, Hamburg. It should be Hamburg. Riru should have eaten Hamburg.

However holding both the deliciousness of the meat and the mouthfeel of the tofu, Riru could only think of it as something new.

Whilst feeling the deliciousness of the meat, the tofu’s gentle mouthfeel fills up one’s mouth. It’s softer than Hamburg and yet it wasn’t too soft, without an annoying sticky feeling.

Above all else, the fat isn’t too strong. When a Hamburg has been cut, meat juices overflow out from that opening. That meat juice is delicious but at the same it’s also gives a belly full of fat. It’s most suitable for dinner, where it’s an appropriate feast to bring the day to a finish, however, for mornings or lunch, when the body isn’t feeling too great, there are times when it’s difficult to eat. For females as well, there are people who are worried about their figures due to the amount of fat. Riru doesn’t ever get fat so Riru can eat as Riru wants though.

However, what about this Tofu Hamburg. Meat and Tofu. Basically, the ratio of meat used is less so the fat is also accordingly less. However the tofu doesn’t leave behind the meat’s deliciousness, instead absorbing it so that it doesn’t leave you unsatisfied. On the contrary, it makes it better, changing the flavour from being just meat through the gentle mouthfeel of the tofu and the slight taste of the bean.

I see, these were born so that they could meet.

Without realising it, Riru had stood up. From the depths of Riru’s body, Riru is making a joyous expression of the soul.

Ahrius who was sitting next to Riru also stood up.

Ahh, we met so that we could chance upon each other (For the sake of this current moment).


“Wonderful. It goes well with the tofu” (Riru)

“Indeed. Like this there isn’t too much of the meat’s fat either. The soft mouthfeel of the tofu meshes appropriately with the minced meat, making it even more soft.” (Ahrius)

“Furthermore, it goes well with the sauce as well. The refreshing sauce which was originally outstanding with the tofu, through the process of combining Hamburg and Tofu, yields a multiplying effect” (Riru)

“It’s ridiculous, that we fought” (Ahrius)

“Yes, it was a meaningless compet.i.tion” (Riru)


To compete, that is, to struggle.

Why were we competing so? Riru wonders.

Despite that we had only been lost as we continously search for the place we had always been struggling for.


“Peace is the best (LOVE & PEACE), desune” (Ahrius)

“Exactly” (Riru)


Peace is the best.


“Shuri! You here!?”


When we were soaking in the peace, Ganglabe came into the dining hall.

That face had a look of slight impatience.

This….can’t be good.


“Ohh, I had thought that you would be here since it’s lunch time, thank goodness. You were here”

“What’s wrong Ganglabe-san? If it’s lunch, today it’s Tofu Hamburg Steak”

“That sounds good… no no, that’s not it. It sounds good but, that’s not the situa-”


Riru shift changes into a Battle Ready state with a snap, crack, coming from Riru’s wrist and neck.

It seems that, Riru must fight for the sake of peace.


“Tofu Hamburg is just that? Ganglabe, do you want a wound which doesn’t disappear on that neck of yours?” (Riru)

“Ganglabe. This is a wonderful dish. You cannot make fun of it, ok?” (Ahrius)


Next to Riru, Ahrius is stretching, warming up her body.

Although we are still lost and searching for the place we will finally arrive at, we have to get over the walls that stand in our way.


“N-no, I was wrong. Ahh, I was the one wrong. So, won’t you please stop that roundhouse kick aiming for the back of my kne-?”


As expected of Ahrius. It seems she’s already trained her husband. Ganglabe is clearly frightened.


“Ah, no, there’s urgent business. You guys come too” (Ganglabe)

“After we eat this” (Riru)

“In that case, hurry. This is seriously urgent” (Ganglabe)

“Did something happen?” (Shuri)

“The legal wife, Renha Sounity has been found”


Freeze, the mood stilled.

For this even Riru can’t help but become meek.

Renha Sounity. The ringleader for what happened this time round.

The idiot that drowned in authority was found. That means, basically, it’s time for the true cleaning up of the incident this time.

Take responsibility and accept your punishment.

However the opponent is the legal wife of a feudal lord. The problem is whether we are able to finish this quickly.


“Really?” (Shuri)

“Ahh. Rather than found, she was captured and brought over here” (Ganglabe)



It can’t be Cougar or Teg’s unit that found her.


“Captured? By who?” (Shuri)

“Ahh, by Tebis Newbyst” (Ganglabe)


Riru made an annoyed look immediately. Even Riru knows. It’s an opponent enough to bring together Riru’s brows.

Recently Newbyst has terrifying power. That’s because of their profits from food trade, as well as the abundance of their resources due to mineral excavation of the neighbouring mining area and their developments of their crop fields.

The ones who did that, the King and the Chief Va.s.sals hold excellent ability when it comes to domestic affairs but, that’s not all.

It’s because behind them is the genius, the existence of the 『Gourmet Princess』 Tebis Newbyst.

It’s because on the surface although the King and the others are doing their job, behind the scenes Tebis is negotiating and trading, and gathering information all around the place. It’s thanks to her working behind the scenes that everything can function smoothly on the surface.

Surely, if she even thinks about ‘Doing it’ she could even reign as the Queen, and should even be able to develop the country’s internal affairs.

She’s still just a young girl who has just turned 10 but, she contributes to the growth of her territory and fights on equal diplomatic terms with foreign countries.

The reason that bundle of talent is coming here. It’s due to the incident that happened a while ago, it’s about the fact that Shuri was arrested.

And now she carries with her an effective negotiation piece, the captured ringleader.


“This is terrible….”


It’s as Ahrius says, it’s hard to describe it with any other word than terrible.

What will she accomplish using that card of hers?

Perhaps she might s.n.a.t.c.h away the authority of the territory and reconsider the trade.

Is what Riru is pondering about but, there is something that everyone here is thinking of apart from Shuri.

The fact that, we might have to risk using Shuri himself.

That royal princess’s attachment to Shuri is intense. It’s to the level of handing him a knife with their emblem carved on it after all.


“Ahh, will you come along?” (Ganglabe)

“I understand. Riru, the meal is postponed. If you have to no matter what then, now is the time to cram it all in” (Ahrius)

“Got it” (Riru)


As one would expect, even Riru can read the mood. Hurriedly gulping down the Tofu Hamburg then making my way to the laboratory. To face and put in order the objectives of Riru’s subordinates and Magic Engineering Unit.


Riru won’t let you s.n.a.t.c.h Shuri away. We’ll definitely protect him.

This time for sure, Riru will show you.


『Sounity’s Civil War’s』 chain of events. Here holds two important factors for the world to come.

The first being that Emperor Ganglabe would attain his first territory, and living through countless wars from here on. Later on, this territory would become the capital city of the country that King Ganglabe governs.

The other is the meeting of the “Successor of Meals” Gann Rubber and the “King of Meals” Shuri. This goes without saying but, it is an important event for the blooming of food culture to come.

『Sounity’s Civil War』 is something that has been written out into various plays and books. However, the one who enjoy it are only men.

‘Then what did the women like?’ When they were asked, is about the incident that happened right after this.

The kerfuffle written with Shuri as the focus. The incident that grabs a tight hold of the female heart.

The so called, 『Contest of Love』.


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Given that I’ll release a activity blog tomorrow morning, if you would be so kind to take a look there as well)

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