Cook of the Mercenary Corp c36

 16, Conclusion and Motsunabe (Inside Chapter)

(Author’s note: Update 5/5)


“I see, so the incident has been resolved”

“Yes, Princess”

“Good, Shuri is over there. On the way, it’ll also be good to enjoy myself with his cooking for the first time in a long while.”

“What about the letter?”

“Indeed. As long as it doesn’t become a reference it’s good. It’s fine if you say 『If you have confirmed the truth as innocent then, it is fine if we can confirm that 』.

In the first place we are trying to obtain Shuri, if it succeeds then, the strategy is deemed acceptable, ja”


After We call out to the spy who had come back, We thought as We lean my body to the back of the chair in the carriage.

As for the visit of Tebis Newbyst. Most of that aim had ended up being lost, nou.

Although We said that to the spy, there can only be a good show even if We go visit just like this, nou.


A few days ago, from the information of our spy, We learnt that Shuri was arrested at Sounity. The content was doubtful but, there was no reason for the spy units I trust to lie, and when We found out the truth, We thought this is a good opportunity, noja.

First, ask about the reason for arrest regarding the chef that we are on friendly terms with. Using this as a formal reason to visit, We can arrive in Sounity while retaining the position as a Princess. If it’s like that, I can only use my authority as a 『Messenger』 but, if it’s 『To investigate the reason for unjust arrest』 then, We can use our authority as a representative of the country, as a princess. It seems somewhat absurd but, as a 『Princess』, there are also things which can be allowed, no.

Next, pursue the incident regarding the chef. The person who they are friendly with is affected in the incident, and has been locked in a jail after all. To confirm that is an natural conversation. Well, whatever reason they might have but, to pursue it as the other side’s responsibility, to pull out a reconsideration of their trade, if there’s a chance We also think it would be good if we can turn Sounity into a va.s.sal country as well.

And then, the most important thing is 『Handing over the chef in order to verify the truth』, ja.

If We end up saying this then, We can get double the benefits.

One is, by handing him over obediently, the position of Sounity becomes less than Newbyst. Handing over a criminal to another country and forgiving the crimes committed is, whether it’s the legitimate reason, that is, handing him over because he’s that country’s person or, whether they are a coward, yielding the judgement of the criminal to another country, ja. Originally, for the crime that occurs at one’s territory, it is natural for it to be judged at that territory. If they hand him over then, it’s proof that the lawfulness towards that country will come into question.

And the second point is, one of the legitimate reason We just said, 『The fact that they have our country’s man』. Basically, the moment the handing over is completed, We shall wield this legitimate reason and aim to 『Pull in Shuri as a person of Newbyst』.

If this was established then, We shall instantly, employ Shuri into the castle as a person of our country, and planned to sever his connections with Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp.

If Shuri refuses then, We think it’s possible to hire the entire mercenary corps for employment. If the handing over succeeded then 『Shuri becomes a citizen of Newbyst』, and it wouldn’t be strange for a certain Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp who has a bond with Shuri to be given the territory 『Appointed as a Knight’s Order』.

Getting Shuri, and if possible, getting Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp.

However now, that has all been ruined by Shuri, nou….


“Good grief… We say We want to meet Shuri but, it’s quite difficult nou”


Even thinking back to it now, when We met him for the first time, it would’ve have been better, even if slightly forced, to pull him in still.

Mesmerising me with just Mapo Tofu, Mapodon, Curry Rice, and then leaving us mesmerised, and not being able to meet is just.

Good grief, what a bully of a chef, nou.


“Even just not being able to eat anything good on this journey is, as much as painful, to not be able to get our hands on Shuri after coming this far is”


Really, he never acts as one expects.

Additionally, that guy wanders around, making delicious cooking wherever he goes.

Does he know how troublesome even just tracking that is?

Even though that cooking reappears, We don’t know how much it has made the castle’s imperial chefs want to cry nou.


“Oh well. Continue taking this route to Sounity. It’s been a while, shouldn’t we go meet Shuri”



Telling the coachman that, the carriage started moving once again.

Accompanying us this time to the visit is, three carriages and wagons, and about three companies of the Knight’s Order, ja. Because We wish to emphasize speed, We leave marching with just this many people.

And, twenty from our spy unit. The twenty We trust, ja.

We straighten our back once again, then tried to close our eyes, surrendering our body to the shaking of the carriage.




“In front of us, there is a carriage heading towards us”


What the Escort Knight approached my carriage to tell us was, a matter like that.

What? Trying to approach us?

Stopping the carriage, the Escort Knights surround the carriage as if protecting it.

Seeing some people move, We too tried to slightly see from the carriage’s window.

That’s quite a good carriage, ja. Six guards, two coachman.

What is it, I wonder? Is it a merchant’s carriage?

As We return back inside the carriage having no interest, our Escort Knight came approaching us once again.


“Princess. The other party is Renha Sounity. The legal wife of Sounity’s Feudal Lord”


Hou, the legal wife of Sounity’s Feudal Lord huh.


This is becoming slightly interesting, no.


We restrain the edges of our lips from slanting upwards, and said to the Knight as calm as possible.


“And? Is there something she wants? Even if it’s a joke, she is stopping the carriage of royalty for a conversation, ja. Is there an appropriate reason for this?”

“Yes. I’m told she came to welcome Princess Tebis by all means”

“I see. Then, let’s meet her for a bit, no”


Kukuku, interesting, nou.

After borrowing the hand of the knight to get down from the carriage, We saw a woman coming down from the halting carriage in front of me.

We go to approach the woman.

I see, she’s a woman with a strong will.

Slightly transparent silver hair, trimmed at her shoulders, eyes slanting upwards like a fox. With her tall stature and overall thin figure, she wears modest clothes for a Feudal Lord’s wife. It’s easy to understand if it’s said to be a dress which is easy to move in, used to move outside.(TL: Sorta like this, the hair)

That kind of woman, Renha Sounity lowers her head.


“It has been a while, Princess Tebis. This one is Renha Sounity”

“Umu, it’s good to see you well, ja”


Indeed, We have met with Renha before in the past.

That was, when We had just begun been aware of my surroundings, our oldest memory.

At the castle’s banquet, We faintly remember Renha having came.


“It is nothing less than Princess Tebis also becoming splendid. I hope the King is also in good health? I had wished to meet him for the first time in a while”

“His Majesty is also healthy. Nothing serious”

“Is that so, that is of the most importance”


At Renha pleasantly laughing, I wanted to click my tongue.

Even if it’s said we had met in the past, it wasn’t a relationship where she could speak so intimately like this.

Having met at most once, and above all Sounity is the sworn enemy, who had arrested Shuri.


“And, you probably did not come to this place to gossip. After all the Feudal Lord’s wife has especially come all the way here. Something major has probably happened right?”


Since, I don’t feel like exhausting myself talking long. There’s nothing better than ending this quickly.

Doing so, Renha abruptly changed from a smile to a sad looking face.


“Princess. Currently, approaching our Sounity is extremely dangerous”

“What? What do you mean”

“Right about now, my son is probably raising a coup d’etat in the castle”


Coup d’etat, and so she came here huh.


“A coup d’etat is not a calm matter. Explain in detail”

“Certainly. In truth, my son excels in military and naval affairs but, he lacks study regarding domestic affairs. Being anxious, thinking about the eldest son becoming heir and taking the army and officers that he raised himself, he started a coup d’etat”

“I see.”

“Right about now, the coup d’etat has probably ended in a failure. Since Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp, who the eldest son had employed, is probably heading to subjugate it”


Liar, there’s is no way the eldest son can employ Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp having confined them.

Although it is indeed true that Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp had moved to subjugate the situation.


“Princess. I have come to notify the Princess of that. I won’t say anything bad. Please run away”

“What do you plan on doing”

“Even if I return right now, I am unable to do anything. I might even be killed by my son”


Hou, she severed the ties resolutely, nou.

Furthermore she doesn’t use the word ‘escaping’ at all, saying that she came in such a way for our sake, trying to buy sympathy.


It’s already enough, don’t you think, going along with this stupid performance.


“Say, Renha. We wonder if that is the truth”

“Of course it is, Princess”




“I see.

Knights Unit. Arrest this person.”


For a moment, as if they didn’t understand what I had said, neither the Knights nor Renha moved.


“What are you doing. Arrest this person for high treason”




The Knights surround Renha’s carriage, making sure they cannot run away.

Amidst that, Renha was opening her eyes wide in surprise looking over here.


“Oh Renha. Are you looking down on us because We are a child? We know everything you know.

Even that you took advantage of the uproar that the second son raised to run away, requesting us for help, nou”

“T-that is a misunderstanding! Everything, yes, it’s all the eldest son’s fault!”

“What eldest son’s fault, ja? In the first place, We have not heard of a person who could escape from that kind of situation”

“My husband let me get away! It’s true!”

“Hou? According to what We know, immediately following the uproar, the feudal lord was detained, and shouldn’t have been in a situation where he could talk to even you, nou.

And, you two, the relationship as husband and wife have dampened, to the point of having not even talked since quite a while back right”


At those words, Renha was made speechless.

The final blow, ja.


“Renha. We know everything. Everything, ja. You understand?”


We say, putting an emphasis on everything, and finally Renha fell to the ground, giving up.


“Knights. Seize and plunder this fellow’s guards, coachmen and carriage.

It’ll be a good present, ja. Take these fellows and let’s go to Sounity”

“As you wish. However, I’m not quite sure about bringing along criminal?”

“It’ll work so it’s alright, ja. Now then, after We return to the carriage, complete the preparations and let us depart immediately”



My my. Even going along with such an ill-natured woman, such an idiot, made us so exhausted, nou.

However, with this, We’ve made an excuse to meet with Shuri, so it’s acceptable, We guess.

If possible, by using that criminal We can gain even one of those benefits, that would be most satisfactory, don’t you agree.


Now then, let us meet for the first time in a while, Shuri.


(Author’s note: Once again I’m sorry for updating late (TL: Me too :v)! I ended up falling asleep (TL: hey me too, just like 5 months later)!

For now, with this, the second volume comes to a close.

I’ll make my activity log public before noon so, I would be happy if you would look over there.)

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