Cook of the Mercenary Corp c31

Side story, Code Hamburg – Rirushu of the Rebellion


“…… I see, so there were such circ.u.mstances”

“Yes, su. In short, the reason he was arrested was just because he was caught in the conspiracies of the second son, su”

“Screw off. How did Shuri get involved in that”


In one of the inn rooms, I received the report from Teg.

It was a simple room, there were only two beds and nothing to kill time with.

Having five commanders crammed here, it’s a room which makes you feel it’s cramped.

We were being confined in that inn.


We, Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp has been ordered on house arrest at the inn for disrespecting the Feudal Lord of Sounity.

The reason for that, lies in Shuri.

Things were running smoothly until halfway through that banquet. When the amazingly roasted pig came out, I had raised both arms in joy because I finally possess land.

However, Shuri suddenly knocked the Feudal Lord’s winegla.s.s to the ground.

Shuri was imprisoned for disrespect, and we were ordered to be in house arrest in the inns prepared for us until they get to the bottom of the matter.

It’s obvious but, the contract between Sounity and our mercenary corp had already ended. Because when we had won the war, we had fulfilled the contract.

So it would have been fine to immediately take a firm stand then and there but, since I was panicking over not getting my piece of land, it ended up hesitating my judgement.

And then, my subordinates were locked up in a different inn, and that’s why we are being crammed like sardines in here.


“According to that, then that means Shuri saved the Feudal Lord”


And then I thought after I was been confined in the inn.

The other commanders too, they couldn’t say it but, I think they’re thinking about Shuri’s actions.

It’s not a lie that I feel Shuri is to blame for this. Because if he didn’t do such a thing then, right about now I should have land and be building a town on it, I should have one foot in my dream already.

And that, because he did such a thing, it’s become complicated and became ruined.

I had thought that if I met him I’ll confess to him all my pent-up frustrations.

However, no matter how much I think, a strange feeling comes gushing up. My complaints as well, they well up and then instantly sink and end up disappearing.


Shuri isn’t a guy to do that sort of thing without a reason.


Despite how he looks, he has a surprisingly stubborn side to him. Whether it was dealing with me, or Newbyst, or even Alturia, he conquered it with his wits and cooking skill.

Such a guy, I don’t think he would be disrespectful without a thought or cause.


That, the other commanders also agreed on.

Riru said that Hamburg Steak’s don’t lie. I don’t get it at all.

Cougar said that for now he wanted to eat his cooking. Me too.

Ahrius said that there’s still much to do for our marriage celebrations. I agree.

Teg said that he can’t ignore his close friends. That’s true.

Close friend. Comrade. Family.


That’s good enough for a reason.


That guy is a person who can walk side by side with us five childhood friends.

To me Shuri is one of my few friends who can laugh by my side.


That’s enough reason to believe in him.


Once that was decided, it was quick.

First we started by constructing a method to contact our subordinates.

Stripping the floorboards of the inn’s rooms, Riru and Ahrius made a hole which connects to the outside.

Once that was open, Teg and Cougar went out, being vigilant about the surroundings. With Teg’s scouting techniques, Cougar was sent as his guard.

Once it’s confirmed that it’s safe, relying on Teg to go around to the inns and contact our subordinates. For this purpose, they use the paper that Riru invented.

This paper was something that Shuri taught them as a prank a long time ago. It’s something where you write letters with some juice from any fruit, then warm it with fire, burning the juice and the letters raise to the surface. Perhaps I should say that it’s too childish or it’s too simple, it’s the sort of thing which can’t be used in wars at all but, it seems to have given Riru more than enough inspiration.

Re-engineering it magically, it became a special secret code paper. Even if it was stolen, they probably would have no idea what’s written on it.

Carrying that, Teg visited each inn. Getting in touch with our subordinates.

What we understood at that time was the difference between the veterans and the newcomers.

The newcomer subordinates were venting their angers at Shuri without even trying to hide it.

The veteran subordinates were trusting Shuri, and laughing at him, that ‘he just can’t be helped’.

I see, Shuri had unexpectedly deepened the bonds with the subordinates who had been with him longer. That is definitely good direction.


Within the subordinates, with the cooperation of the Teg’s archery unit and Riru’s magic engineer unit, they constructed a contact network and information network. Afterwards we shared various information with each other.

First, Shuri is ok. He hasn’t been killed yet. He is under surveillance in the castle’s dungeon.

There was no further information on that. Maybe the jailor is extremely tight-lipped or maybe the information is being hidden from us intentionally.

The first prince and second prince were in a political strife. It’s concerning Shuri’s punishment. The first prince is in the faction of letting him live, the second prince is for him to be killed. Most likely, this has to do with the matter this time. The one who can win over this will extend their influence. Perhaps however, if I had to say it, I wouldn’t call this a political strife.

I think this is just a clash in opinion.

However, the one who is seriously attacking this political strife is the second prince. Extending his influence, perhaps he is using this opportunity to try to move up in the ranks and become the heir.

The first prince? When I ask about him, it seems he is also extending his influence and stockpiling his wealth.

That wealth however, seems to be split with the poor.

Contrary to the first prince who has gained the popularity of the citizens, in order for the second prince to gain the support of castle’s subordinates he might be turning to the inside. (TL: 内側へ意識が向いている)?


Taking advantage of that, I polished my plans.

Despite going along with the castle’s fight, despite turning the public opinion to support the first prince.

For the sake of when the time comes, I leak out some of Shuri’s information.

With 80% lies and 20% truths though!

The 20% that is true is that Shuri is being confined.

The 80% lies are.


When the kind chef called Shuri on the request of the Feudal Lord showed off his cooking, the second prince found something to nitpick on and confined him, then he tried to force him to be a slave for his own cooking purposes, but Shuri refused and said that even if he met him with crueler eyes, he’ll defend his dignity as a chef, proudly enduring this, thus his mercenary corps’ comrades, for the sake of righteousness are standing up for him.


Or something similar to that story is quickly being spread about.

The popular opinion is slightly spreading between a revolt and support for the first prince but, I think that by the time Shuri is released it’ll turn for the worst. I won’t be taking responsibility.


And then when our information network and incitement was completed, that’s when Teg, who had infiltrated the castle to gather intelligence, gained information about Shuri and the First Prince Ekress.

The simple summary of it is.

The reason why Shuri knocked over the winegla.s.s is because the detailedly made winegla.s.s was dangerous to the Feudal Lord’s body.

And the one who made that was the Second Prince Gingus.

The First Prince Ekress has requested that in exchange for saving Shuri, he wants Shuri to take him and run away.

That’s the gist of it.


“However, who would’ve thought the first prince was female”

“I was surprised too, su. I had thought that the first prince was gender neutral, but he was actually his subordinates little sister, su. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard their conversation.

The rest was thanks to him not paying attention, su. Since I was able to also look over the report carefully, su.”

“Most likely but, if so much information was handed to him behind the scenes then, that subordinate person was probably quite confident in his spying skills.

Because if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be able to be a double agent.”

“If that was found out, he’ll definitely be killed. Since the Second Prince will definitely flip out”


That’s true.

That man, Gann, is not just anyone if he is able to notice Teg’s presence. Whether he didn’t pay attention or nervous, it’s normal for this guy’s presence erasure to be undetectable.

After Shuri came, he piled on the training, and learnt scouting and spying techniques. Teg’s skill experts. There had also been wars which had been saved with his information.

However to have actually noticed him.


“Regarding where Shuri is being held?”

“I think it’s just like we heard, under the castle, su. Here, it’s simple but I tried drawing a map, su”


Looking over the paper that Teg handed to me, the route until where Shuri is held has been drawn.

Since I’ve indeed had a tour inside the castle during the time for the contract and the time for the banquet, it’s enough if I have this much information.


“Ok. Now, regarding the matter with the First Prince Ekress but.

That guy is saying that he wants to join our mercenary corp.

Most likely, it’s because we wouldn’t have known his true self, he probably thought it would be simple if he went back to being a woman.

However, he might use another trick now that he’s caught”


When I get the information and attack, I will definitely cause harm to the entire clan of Sounity.

It was probably an insurance for that time. It’s something I can praise.

And this is probably how he suggested it to Shuri.


I’ll help the mercenary corp. In exchange, help me escape from death.


I grinded my teeth. Since it’s an unfair negotiation.

It’s true that unfairness is something that comes with negotiations. Since even I, am spreading rumours and inciting riots.

However Shuri has no history fighting, furthermore he’s a prisoner. There’s no way he could’ve refused.

If even the first prince turns to the faction for Shuri’s execution, Shuri will die.

There is no way I can approve of such a person to be our comrade.


“For example, what would he do? Ganglabe”


Cougar was also tightening together his folded arms.

There’s no doubt he’s angered by Shuri’s current situation and Ekress’ negotiation.


“Let’s see. It wouldn’t be strange for the second prince to take a firm step anytime now.

At any rate he tried to harm his own father. It’s not something that can be forgiven even if he is part of the clan. There’s a possibility he might be revoked of his right of heir.

Before that, Ekress will take Shuri and run away.

The one who noticed the information leak was Ekress’ subordinate, Gann.

When we begin to mobilise, the ones who have the best chance of escaping are only those two.

If they even have Shuri, with his skill in cooking, they can escape as many times as they want.

It could be a food cart or a shop, since they’re fine as long as they can keep wandering around while having that guy cook”


This is one of the depictions I have of it going in a “Bad directions”.

Shuri’s cooking ability is recognised by everyone here.

Truthfully speaking, it’s not once or twice that we thought that if he didn’t join our corp and set up a shop, he would probably flourish with success.

However if in addition to that skill, he also has specialised subordinates who are good at business calculations and can get information then, he is able to travel while pulling along the food cart however many times he wants.

Basically, using him to run far away.


“In addition, he immediately secures Shuri using his subordinate. Thus he is also able to use Shuri to deal with us on equal terms on the negotiation table.”


This is also a picture of a “Bad direction”.

The fault for this time’s situation is obviously theirs.

There was probably a need to gather evidence but, when we demanded that from them, the Feudal Lord’s side didn’t just let it go with just that.

We had to hand over large amounts of compensation and damages.

To crush the Feudal Lord’s side, it’s impossible to make sure that we aren’t spreading to the streets. It’s too late, since my subordinates have already created the foundations to guide the public opinion.

If you think that this is something you can just apologize for then, I’ll just spread the reason for the recent food shortage.


The second prince, in order to hide his own mistakes, has even killed citizens. And, he is a guy who doesn’t even care that the citizens had a food shortage and stockpiles his own food.


Leaking that information, and if I actually move to incite the citizens, they won’t stay quiet either. They’ll explode from dissatisfaction, and might even attack the castle.

Even right now, this current situation is only just barely maintained through Ekress’ support but, they’ll probably be angered if they knew the reason was because of the second prince.

Saying, don’t involve us with your family’s trash and such.

In any case, once the seed of dissatisfaction is planted, all we have to do is wait for it to bloom.

Which is why, in order to defend against that, they will use the captive Shuri to negotiate.


『We admit we’re wrong and apologise. In exchange, your subordinate returns safely』 and such.


It’ll be quite obvious that our side would flip out but, if they don’t do that, the damage will become grave.


“There’s still a few things to do but, do you need an explanation?”

“Nope, su”


Teg replied shakily with an angry face.


“Please leave the evidence gathering to me, su. I don’t want my close friend to be in that sort of place any longer, su”

“I leave it to you”

“Until that time comes, I shall ensure my sword does not dull”

“I’m counting on you”



Ignoring Teg and Cougar’s determination, Ahrius looked at the bed with concern.


“For now I’ll nurse over Riru”


Riru was currently sleeping on the bed.

She was broken.

I don’t know what she’s looking at, she only looks up.

A face lacking expression.

Her complexion a little ashen.

Her hair has white hairs mingled in.

Her skin was peeling off.

She was broken.

Riru was sleeping on the bed, broken.


“How is… she?”

“She still hasn’t regained consciousness”


Ahrius shook her head.


“She’s just muttering incoherently, there’s no response”

“I see…”


I said, completely amazed.


“Is she so shocked that she can’t eat Hamburg Steaks”


Yes, Riru has suddenly grown older since she wasn’t able to eat Hamburg.

In the first few days it was somewhat alright. She endured the terrible cooking in this inn.

However, it seems that the person herself has run out of the so called HP (Hamburg Power). I didn’t really understand.

And just like that, she couldn’t stand, she couldn’t get up, losing her strength just like this.

Occasionally, she would mutter “Potato…. a divine revelation, a hamburg steak that goes well with potatoes has…..”. It was creepy.

However, there’s no way we can just leave her like this anymore. It’s about time that we have to go all out gathering evidence and sorting information.

In the arrangements for saving Shuri, Riru is a necessary existence.

Now, awaken for me.


“Ahrius, there’s no longer a need to be her nurse”

“Eh? But….”

“I shall awaken her”


I approach Riru’s bed and whispered.


“Oi, can you hear me.

The plan to save Shuri has been decided. It’s time to move.

In the event that we save him, there’ll be a huge party with Shuri’s food”


Riru’s body twitched. Alright, there’s still a reaction.


“Having him make our favourite foods, let’s enjoy our reunion.

I think I’ll ask him to make me Cream Stew. I’ll eat till I’m full.

Cougar, what do you want to eat”

“Eh? …..Let’s see, maybe a good fish dish”


“I’m fine with anything but, it would be nice if there’s Pot-au-feu. Otherwise Oden would be good too, su”

“How about you, Ahrius?”

“Of course, Boiled Tofu for me. My subordinates should also be wishing for it”


It seemed like they were drooling, thinking their various favourite foods.

Naturally, me as well.


“Since you’re just sleeping, is food which just fills you up better?

Or is…”


I stop for a second then said.


“Hamburg Steak better?”


Tremble! went Riru’s entire body.

Before my eyes, her complexion got better, her hair suddenly returned to it’s original vivid colour.

Her skin’s gloss and tone recovered. I could see that there was power in her lifeless eyes.


“Ah, since you’re was stuck in bed, then it’ll just be congee.

If it’s Shuri’s congee then it’ll probably be good.

But, is that alright for you?

Trying your best to endure the terrible tasting food of this inn up until today, was it all just for congee? When Shuri comes back, can congee satisfy you?

Of course not!

Smelling the fragrant flavour of the meat, when the knife cuts it apart you embrace the overflowing meat juices in your dreams, when you eat it, doesn’t the dream of tasting the simple salt and pepper, and the lightly flavoured sauce appear together and come to you!”


Yea, to be honest, I don’t understand what I’m saying either.

The three people behind me were also watching me with cold eyes. Please stop.


“Awaken Riru! Only now can you be free!”


Thud! resounded the intense crash, the rooms dust soared.


“Who said that”


Amidst the curtain of dust, Riru stood.


“The people who can eat Hamburg is only the people who have the resolve to be eaten by Hamburg, I say”

“I dun get it, su….?”


Teg, don’t say anything.


“That’s why Riru’s has accepted the Gea.s.s”

“Just because you want to eat Hamburg?”


Cougar, don’t say anything I said.


“『Hamburg Fasting (Dread of Death)』, Riru resurrects”



That’s right, it’s fine to just watch on with gentle eyes, Ahrius.

The dust falls to the floor unlocking the view, and there, stood Riru.

A Junkie who has regained their strength.


“Thank you, Ganglabe.

It seems like Riru had a long dream”

“Cause you slept”

“That ends too. Now, let’s begin”


Ba, Riru spreads out her hands and said.


“Operation 『《Hamburg・Requiem》』”

“That’s not the name though. Come on everyone, looks like the plays ended so let’s elaborate on the operation”


It’s not good to just go with whatever this girl says.


Wait for us Shuri.

We’ll definitely save you.


(Author’s note: Everyone, I thank you for reading.

Recently, it’s just all been serious talk so, I came back with some funny stuff.

Yes, this is a 4-koma novel to the bitter end.

I plan to return to my original intention so I tried writing it.

From here on I’ll try to refrain from parody stuff as much as I can.)

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