Cook of the Mercenary Corp c30

15, Fate and Potato Galette (Part 2)


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I am always thinking.

Why I was born. What I should do.

What I want to do.

If I was born with a vastly different figure.

I wonder if I could be at ease without worrying like this.


I am Ekress Sounity.

My real name is a something else but, since I’ve already been Ekress for a long time, I can respond to it effortlessly .

I, who was born as the eldest daughter from the Feudal Lord of this territory, was raised as a girl when I was young. I think that, to this day, that was the time I was happiest.

I was a child who was good at reading, writing and calculations.

I was especially good with maths, and through doing mental calculations was able to point out the mistakes in the territory’s paperwork when I looked at them.

Which was why although my private lessons and my etiquette lessons were certainly good, I did best in my maths lessons. I was able to perfectly perform the four basic rules of arithmetic by the age of seven. (TL: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, also I could do that too :v sasuga asian parents)

Thus Father who had his eye on me, made me do various things as a test. Paperwork, calculation of the territory’s taxes, understanding the market economy etc.

The result. It was confirmed that I have talent for domestic management.

Even thinking back to it now, I think I did a stupid thing.

I think if at that time I had laid low a little bit, it wouldn’t have come to this.

Wholeheartedly wanting to be praised, I ended up tackling everything that came my way seriously.

And then, Father decided to raise me as his successor.

That’s when my life as a woman ended.

What began was, the education and reform as a man. Stripped away everything seeming of a girl, that was the first prince, Ekress Sounity.

I became a machine doing nothing but the calculation work of the territory.

While I was doing my job, I learnt of the existence of my brother.

It was my attendant, Gann Rubber.

I learnt that he was my father’s illegitimate child and a brother born from a different mother.


How I realised it was just through something trivial. It was a certain day when I had strangely thought that Gann and I both have some similar features somewhere.

I had ended up hearing a conversation between Father and Gann.

He says, don’t force any further burden on my little sister.

He says, even now you should raise her as a girl.

When I had heard that, all my doubts melted away.

Ahh, I had an older brother, I thought.

That’s why we looked similar, I thought.

When I told Gann about that, he came to apologize.

But, I had no intention to blame him at all.

Rather, I said that I’m thankful that I had met a family member who understood me.

From that day, Gann and I started to work together.

Once the problems with the territory have calmed down, we can definitely escape from the current situation.

I believe that.


A certain day, a problem happened in the territory.

It was that, a cook from the key figure of this time’s war, Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp had disrespected towards Father. Of course, if it was a normal problem then it would just end with his head falling.

But due to the strangeness of the matter this time, I said to hold back the execution.

The word that male chef had said, the word “Danger”.

I was questioning that, did that not mean that poison was added to the wine?

However, I had investigated afterwards but, there was no trace of poison being added. The winegla.s.s wasn’t coated either.

In summary, my personal opinion is that there is no poison.

Something other than poison? Maybe he sensed that an arrow was to be fired at Father from within the castle, and immediately distracted him?

However, my younger brother Gingus is disagreeing and stubbornly wishes for him to be sentenced early. I don’t know why he’s so impatient but, on the contrary I’m gaining time by opposing him.

There’s sufficient time to investigate. But no evidence or traces could be found.

I was able to somehow guess that Gingus had done something just looking at him.


It was when those days continued. That Gann brought his report.

Holding the information of the cook, Shuri Azuma.

The contents were shocking.

Somehow it’s the winegla.s.s that Gingus had presented Father, and even gave me. Looking at that, it seems Shuri Azuma had knocked it down to the ground in panic.

However, I had investigated the winegla.s.s but, it shouldn’t have anything strange or worth mentioning.

It wasn’t even coated with poison, a very ordinary gla.s.s. Father uses it with pleasure but, I don’t use it that often. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it or anything. I use it sometimes and I like the design as well so I have used it.

However, that gla.s.s was made very detailedly.

Just iron plating. If it’s just that then I wouldn’t think there would be any problems.

Father has a peculiar body condition.

After holding an iron sword to practise, there are times when his hands would become red and itchy. Everyone had thought that it was simply, fatigue showing up on his hands. Naturally, I had too.

But, what Shuri Azuma knew was far more severe.

A rare disease. If there were a few words to describe it, that would be it.

That strange disease is one where, by drinking water which had been soaked in metals and irons, it will build up some poison or something inside the body and will one day suddenly outbreak out of nowhere. A terrifying disease.

There’s no method to treat it, and if you are negligent, acting like it’s nothing serious in the beginning, then suddenly someday terrifying symptoms will appear.

There’s nothing more terrifying than this. Because there’s no way to even treat it.

I had also used the winegla.s.s but, the number of times was low and unlike Father, since I’ve never had the body condition where something usually happens when I touch metals, it didn’t turn bad.

If this is true then, Gingus has committed a serious crime.

I must dig into this problem and work hard to neatly control the current situation.

Holding such intents, I decided to follow Gann and go meet Shuri Azuma.


“Hey Gann. There’s one thing I want to ask”

“What is it, Ekress-sama”

“In order to properly observe the person known as Shuri, I wonder how should I go about it?”


Maybe he couldn’t grasp the intent of my question? Gann was at a loss of words.

Right now we headed over to Shuri Azuma’s cell hoping that no one can find us.

It was currently nighttime. There was no sign of life in the corridor, just relying on the light of the small candle.

I don’t know when I might meet someone. Disregarding me but, it would be bad to be seen together with Gann.

Gann’s current status, he has become Gingus’s subordinate as my spy.

Which is why, we cannot afford to not be careful.


“Even after reading your report, I don’t understand the person called Shuri Azuma.

He wasn’t very panicked when he had knocked down the Feudal Lord-sama’s winegla.s.s, despite that it looks like now that it’s come to this he’s slightly panicking.

Cooking in the cell, not even considering escape.

Even though at this rate, he might be killed.

As far as the report goes, he is quite a strange person”

“If that’s the case, would you like to let him cook as a test?”


“Yes. If we do that, I think that you’ll be able to understand well what type of person he is”


I didn’t really understand but, it seems Gann has confidence in what he says.

I can understand what type of person he is if I let him cook, huh.

Let’s try it then.


“Then, what do you think is the most appropriate dish?”

“Would a dish made of Potatoes be alright?”



I was imagining much more luxurious ingredients but, is it alright with just that?

Potatoes are an ingredient which can be easily obtained. It’s unit price is cheap too. If we cultivate it, then we can harvest a lot.

In summary, it’s an easy ingredient which can be attained anywhere.


“Yes. You’ll understand what kind of guy he is if you eat his potato dishes.

Only like that, will you also understand, like I had written in my report, how it’s possible he can change the history of food.”


Hmm, something like that was indeed written.

Even though it’s just potato dishes he has a repertoire.

Each and every one of them being delicious and easy to copy.

And then, his cooking is the best indicator of how dangerous the person himself is.


“I understand. Potatoes and…. I know, let’s have him make something with bacon”


“I know. Currently bacon is a luxury in our territory. If I don’t end this political strife then, the citizens will only suffer.

Which is why, it’s also necessary to make sure what kind of person he is in order to end this struggle”


If, the person called Shuri Azuma is a man who is unfathomable even to me then.

I have to be on his side no matter what happens.

That is also the best way for me to be safe.

The least we can do is probably secretly letting him escape, returning to Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp, and having to work out a compromise.

Because if we don’t do that, right about now that demon is probably vigilantly watching us for an opportunity to pierce our throats with his fangs, and refining his plans.

Internal strife with Gingus, and Ganglabe outside the castle.

Ahh, what a headache.

If we steer this the wrong way, this territory may be eradicated.

Even though I say that, I don’t want continue being the heir of the territory that much.

It’s not like I particularly have to be the heir anyway.

It’s just that it would be good if it didn’t become the worse case scenario, Sounity disappearing.


“Now then Gann. Hurry up and bring out the potatoes and bacon you’ve stuffed in your pockets”

“W-what do you mean”

“Even if you didn’t hide it, the fact that you’ve been secretly buying food and giving it to Shuri-kun to cook is obvious.

I was leading you on but to think that I had hit the mark”


My instincts too, were unexpectedly valuable.

He looks at the ingredients like he’s about to cry but, Gann is the one in the wrong, trying to eat it secretly.


Preparing the ingredients, Gann and I descend down to the jail.

As always, for some reason I don’t want to come here.

It’s like there are grudges whirling around, what a gloomy atmosphere.


“Gann, you were eating delicious meals with Shuri-kun in this sort of place?”

“Well…. yea”

“In this damp, depressing place?”


“In this gloomy place?”




I understood one thing.

He’s a weird one.


Going down and standing in front of the cell, there he was.

With black hair and a body unlike that of a typical warrior.

Plus his face too was somehow different to ours. It’s almost as if I was looking at a person from another country.

Such a person was lying down, trying to sleep.


Well, he’s sleeping face seems cute though.

How should I say this, he’s like a normal peaceful person who doesn’t know of war.


“Shuri, are you awake?”


Gann said to him.

Shuri-kun tried to get up sleepily.

He sure is a big-shot. Since he is trying to get a good night sleep in this kind of place.

Normally they would be lamenting their misfortune and curling up.


“Fuwaaa… what’s wrong, so late at night.

Er, I don’t actually know the time though”


Shuri-kuns says extremely sleepily.


“There’s someone I want you to meet”

“Can’t it wait till tomorrow…?”


He is without a question an important person.

Being so brazen in front of me. It wouldn’t be strange for him to even be a king in the future.


“No, I want you to meet today”

“Who is it…?”

“The eldest son of the Feudal Lord who governs this area, Ekress-sama”

“Yes. You’re welcome anytime!”


Seeing Shuri-kun suddenly springing up into seiza,  I realised I had made a mistake in my judgement.

He is a coward. And the same as an ordinary person, the type to shrink in fear in front of a person of high rank.


Or so I had thought but…. What is it. I have a feeling that even in front of great people, he would act like a clown. I wonder why?


“Then, Ekress-sama”

“Un, thank you Gann”


I stood in front of the cell Gann invited me to.

Looking at him again, there is indeed something different about him.

I would be troubled if I was asked why he’s different but, things that different are different.

(TL: 違うものは違う – I can’t help it ok :v even if it means people die when they are killed)

What is it, this feeling.

I can’t stop this gush of curiosity.


“Hahaha. Are you surprised. I am the one called Ekress Sounity.

Your name is?”

“Yessu yua hainessu! I am called Azuma Shuri!

Azuma is my surname and Shuri is my name!”


What a strange name.

Surname first then his name.

I’ve never heard of such a naming custom.

I knew it, he is different.


“Well then, is it alright to call you Shuri Azuma?”



I see, I said it like that but it’s fine either way.

However, looking at it like this, is he a coward?

An easygoing feeling was appearing and disappearing in his words.

Since he looks serious I don’t think that’s it but….

Is it just my imagination?


“Well then Shuri-kun. I actually have something I want to discuss with you.

I wonder if you have time right now?”

“Naturally it exists”


I didn’t imagine it. Most likely, this is how he is.

Even when he’s trying to be serious, he still acts foolish..


But, a person who can play the fool to the extent of making me laugh is rare.

I laughed a bit.


“You are a pleasant person. It’s rare that someone will make me laugh so much”

“I don’t really understand but… could it be that I was rude….?”


Of course it was rude.

Incredibly rude.

But, he made me laugh so I guess it’s irrelevant.


“Ahh, it’s alright. This time it’s unofficial so I don’t mind if you aren’t so respectful”

“Cause if you were rude, I would have cut off your head”


Wha-, Gann!

Couldn’t you have just let it go? I warn him with a grim face!

See, Shuri-kun is scared.

No, it might be better if he is quiet with a little fear so that he’s a little more obedient.


“Now then Shuri-kun. I want to talk but. Is it alright?”


“Ahh, it seems like you’ve cooked a lot for Gann right?”


“You don’t have to hide it. I’ve even read a report. Thank you for caring about Gann’s physical condition”


For Gann’s sake, he made dishes which can suppress the drinking of alcohol.

In this situation where we can pretty much only eat potatoes, he found a solution and cooked for him.

He is also a kind person who cares for others.

Even if a clan of people were to be placed into a jail like this, they would toughen up ※ Simply, being able to converse calmly is good evidence of that.

(TL: I’m deproving –  こんな、牢屋に入れた一族の人を前にしても荒らげる※ことなく、落ち着いて対話できているのがいい証拠だ。)

If it isn’t for that then he might try to a.s.sault me from somewhere.

“I just, wanted to cook something delicious….”

“Fufu, you’re modest.

Now, here is the real discussion”


That’s right, the real topic is starts now.

From the conversation until now, I’ve understood 40% of how he is.

But, I cannot grasp the other 60% no matter what.

Is he a coward?

Is he bold?

Is he irresponsible?

Is he a person who can scheme?

I have to make sure of it here.

I signal with my eyes and Gann takes out the potatoes and bacon that he had brought to eat in secret from his pockets.

He tears up a little but like I care. It’s punishment for trying to eat the delicious things by yourself.


“Right now, our territory is suffering from a serious food shortage. So much so that even I, the son of the feudal lord, think that just these two ingredients lined up on a table is luxurious.

Now, if it was you. How would you prepare these ingredients?”


Bacon and potatoes.

What comes to mind is stir-fry. Stir-frying the potato together with the bacon.

Then, steaming the potato and garnishing it with bacon. I think this is the orthodox way.

I wonder if there’s also a secret technique that’s used to wrap bacon around the potato.

Now, I wonder what you will do?


“Do you have salt?”

“There’s no seasonings this time”


Speaking of which I hadn’t prepared any.

I exchange looks with Gann and he shook his head.

You, if I recall, don’t you carry fish sauce and dried clams with you?

Well who cares.


“This bacon, has it already been flavoured?”

“No, it’s something that has been processed normally”


This bacon is coated with a lot of salt for the purpose of preservation.

Anyhow it’s what Father eats. So there’s no way it’s allowed to rot.

Then it is flavoured with large amounts of seasoning to adjust the taste.

If you eat it normally, it’s enough to be a replacement for flavour.

At any rate, if you don’t flavour it so that it’s at least salty it’ll rot in a blink of an eye.


“Then let’s make a Potato Galette.

There should be enough flavour.”



It’s a name I hear for the first time.


He takes the potato and starts peeling them with his practised hands.

‘He really is experienced’, was what I thought.

Anyhow, while the skin is connected in one piece, the width and thickness as well were being peeled consistently.

Then the potato was cut thinly.


And the thin potato slices were then mixed with the even smaller cut bacon.

Turning on the heat, tossing them into the pot floating on top of a mysterious paper, raising the heat then frying.

That’s when I understood that he was being careful not to crumble the shape.

Arranging the shape to be, round.

Once both sides had finished frying, this time he lowers the heat and roasts it thoroughly.

Ahh, the smell is irresistible.

Strange. There shouldn’t have been any seasoning or anything added.

Despite that the potato and bacon could be cooked nicely. I was once again made to feel that, ‘Such a good smell can come from just that?’.


After he finished cooking, he picks up a nearby plate, and hands to me that cooked round thing.


“It’s finished. Please enjoy the flavour of the bacon.”

“Thank you. However, I’ve never seen this dish before.

It’s almost looks like the potatoes are stretching out slightly, as if they are burying the bacon inside it.”


That’s right, the potatoes which were all over the place looked as if they were burying the bacon becoming one.

Despite that, it looks strange and seemingly delicious.

If I think about it simply, this is potato and bacon stir-fry.

That’s what it should be. It should be.

But, why is it.

When such a strange method has come up, even its appearance is interesting.

In my thoughts, is this not a snack to go with alcohol?

After signalling to Gann behind me, he prepared a fork and knife for me.

Perhaps, he has eaten this before.

This preparedness.

Now then, shall I eat.

Simply cutting it up into a bite, I eat it.




What I understood in the outright was that, even though it’s simple and quick, this is well thought out dish.

Something which wouldn’t occur if the potatoes were crushed and simmered, the bacon’s fried oils pours into the gaps of the potato, mixing and combining the flavours.

Biting into the potato, the deliciousness of the fats from the potato and bacon exit out from that gap.

That fat and the sweetness of the potato merge inside my mouth, becoming a wonderful flavour.

The texture of the potato is good too.

Crispy and crunchy.

It’s almost like I’m eating a light snack at 3 o’clock, that lightness.

If this came out as an entree, I think it would be a dish with no complaints.

Of course, this itself is not enough to fill me up.

It seems like even if another dish came out, I could still eat it.

However you get strangely addicted to the flavour.

Above all else, the bacons ratio is wonderful.

It’s not so much so that the potato’s flavour is killed it.

It’s not so little so, that the flavour of the oil isn’t enough.

If this dish had too little bacon then, it’s just a guess but, I think there wouldn’t be any flavour at all.

It’s due to the bacon having seasoning in the first place that the flavour of the potato can come to live.

I see, so that’s why even if there’s no seasoning it was still enough.

It’s true that this bacon was salty from the beginning.

The saltiness for the sake of preservation was softened mildly by the potato.

That’s why it’s not too strong.

Thus, delicious.


“It’s wonderful. Indeed the flavour is properly there. It’s strange. Even though there shouldn’t be any other seasoning added at all.”

“That is the flavour of the bacon itself moving to the potato, combining with the sweetness of potato to become that taste”


I see, it’s just like I thought, ne.

By transferring the far too heavy flavours of the bacon to the potato, it becomes just right, ne.

This means that it’s a dish which subtracts from the bacon with the potato.

Rather than a meal, it’s closer to a dessert though.

No, is it an alcoholic side-dish?


“Un un, it’s certainly as you say. If you eat this bacon, which is also good preserved, for breakfast even if it’s just accompanying something else, the quality of the flavour jumps up.

However, in the end it’s just garnishing it with something else or frying it.

Doing it like this, burying the bacon in the potato as one dish is uncommon. The people in town, can easily copy this”


That’s right, the point which is most appreciative is that it’s “Easy to copy”.

No matter if it’s the report or the dish I see in front of me, all of them were “Simple” things.

And it can all be cooked with ingredients that were “Easy to obtain”.

Potatoes, clams, fish sauce, as well as b.u.t.ter.

Bacon is slightly different but, if it was before the food shortage in the current political strife then, it’s all foods that even commoners could buy.

Basically for organisational management, like in a mercenary corp where it’s difficult managing capital, he is able to make meals that bring no complaints with things they are able to buy.

Surely in Ganglabe-dono’s mercenary corp, even if they had some problems or difficulties, I think no fatal problems etc, had occurred.

If meals like this were given as the salary as another form of payment every time then, things like complaints won’t come up.


“Wonderful. Certainly, with this amount of skill in cooking, I too understand why Ganglabe-dono says he doesn’t want to let you go”

“How is Ganglabe-san doing?”


Shuri-kuns asked worriedly.

I see, that is indeed something to worry about.

Currently Ganglabe-dono is being held in a certain inn in the castle’s town.

In addition to that he is together with the other commanders.

As for subordinates, several units are in a different inn, or several tens of units are being crammed in the guard’s office.

However, it wouldn’t be strange if they erupt at any time.

In the first place even if we inform them and put them into house-arrest, after they went to war and won, the contract had ended at that point in time.

Despite that, we recklessly ordered to take a hostage.

Indeed, Shuri-kun had been rude.

That truth as well, I think I can get some proof if I cross examined it with the related places and the investigation from here on.

The details of the gla.s.s, he made an immediate decision since its dangerous to the Feudal Lord.

If I had to say it, Shuri-kun is our benefactor.

If that was to be known then, even Ganglabe-dono won’t be quiet.

Right now a territory award and a hostage is dangling in front of him but, it’s likely that he might revolt with his subordinates all at once if he feels like it.


Ahh, my head hurts.


Continuing to hide this truth, skillfully drawing out a common ground, letting this end peacefully.

I’m sick of it all.

When I think that, I understand just how attractive the status of Shuri-kun in front of me is.

Even though he is in a mercenary corp, in a mercenary corp where the death rate is low, as a cook which has an even lower death rate.

Cooking up food he likes, deciding his everyday raison’detre.

Ahh, doing the things he likes like this, if I live however I like I wonder just how productive my everyday will be.


Maybe, I should try joining Ganglabe’s mercenary corp as well.


I actually thought that such a sudden suggestion was not bad at all.

Right now, once this political problem and correspondence with Ganglabe-dono has ended, it might be good to secretly enter the mercenary corp myself.

At that time, I’ll return to being a woman, and I can be in charge of accounting and office work since I’m good at calculations and such.

I’ll take Gann as well, and while we work under Shuri-kun he can gather information and such.

Working hard while eating these meals everyday.


Somehow, I had hunch that the ideal life was right there.


Since I’ve decided that, let’s try negotiating it discreetly.

It might work if I guide him into an offer he can’t refuse, and invoke his sympathy as much as I can.


“Right now, they are being confined in the town outside the castle. Crammed in separate inns.”

“Then, they’re just fine”


Shuri-kun shows his relief straightforwardly.

As expected, it seems he hasn’t heard anything from Gann.

I’m didn’t stop him but, Gingus stubbornly did.

Since he didn’t know what Shuri would do, but it is indeed effective.

Like this, making the opponent feel anxious, the worse case is that there’s also a chance that they end up acting rashly.

Even though it’s fine to give him a peace of mind by mixing some lies into as well.

But, this time rather than relief, I smile bitterly and utilise his anxiousness.


“However, because the reason for your actions are unknown, they may be be subjected to punishment under the crime of disrespect”



This isn’t a lie.

Even now, other than me, Gingus and Gann, no one knows the truth.

Given that I didn’t know the reason, I thought of cross-examining Shuri and confirming the answer.

In any case it’s obvious I’ll be forcing upon my own opinions, faking good information.


“I understand what you want to say. I received the report from Gann. However, right now a political strife is happening within the territory. If I don’t do something about that, I cannot even help you get out of here. In addition, if we continue to waste time like this, Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp might not stand it anymore and erupt. If it comes to that then most likely, I’ll be killed”


This is also true.

Once Ganglabe-dono realises the truth, I wonder what he’ll do.

If I was him, let’s see.

First, cross-examine those close to the Feudal Lord about why they arrested our comrades unfairly.

And then using a threat called a negotiation, then maybe request for a large amount of land and the return of our comrade.

Furthermore request money as well. The expenses for the inn and damages, and then to include the late fees for the employment in the salary for the subordinates as well.

Maybe by using the period of employment and so on as a false pretense. It’s certain we were aiming for their permanent employment with the talk of granting them land, and since at that point in time there’s no doubt it was the subordinates at fault, so it shouldn’t actually trouble the mercenary corp’s employment contract though.

(TL: I tried – 雇用期間云々は言いがかりかな。領地授与の話の段階で永続雇用は間違いないし、その時点で部下にするのは間違いないから、傭兵団の雇用規約に引っかかってない)

During the time they were in house arrest, there shouldn’t be a problem with their treatment either.

However, Ganglabe-dono wouldn’t forgive.

Taking away his comrade, shaming him, there’s no way he’ll be quiet about it.

If he refuses then, no, supposing he refuses and the negotiations breakdown, he might start to overthrow everyone belonging to the Feudal Lord and take over castle’s vicinity under a just cause.

After all, many days have pa.s.sed since Shuri-kun has been locked up. During that time, the vicinity around the castle has been suffering from a food shortage. Since there are many citizens who are unsatisfied, a little provocation might be enough for them to riot.

And I wonder if a map of the castle’s vicinity has been made. Since the enemies have been captured in our pockets, I think it’s possible to do as many investigations as we want.

Of course, they are being monitored by other spies but, mobilizing while they haven’t noticed is quite conspicuous. It can’t be helped that I’m already anxious about the many spies who are monitoring the inn where the commanders are.

If it’s Gann, I’m not worried though.

Start moving once everything is in order. Gaining control of the castle while inciting the citizens, about the food shortage and bringing chaos to the castle town, then piling up all the insecurity and dissatisfaction till now and decapitate the entire Feudal Lord’s clan.

Announcing that since there’s no one to restore the territory, he’ll do it himself.

Thus, the birth of Feudal Lord Ganglabe.

At that time, I will also definitely be killed.


“That’s why, I have a proposition”

“Won’t you take me with you and run away?”



Naturally, the one behind me, Gann is also surprised. Well, it’s only natural. Without consulting him, suddenly saying that the Feudal Lord’s eldest son (daughter) is going to run away, is obviously going to shock a subordinate even an elder brother.

But this is necessary for me to survive, moreover to live a meaningful life.


“I have thought about this. Whether it’s the problem this time, or the things up till now. If I try to unify this territory, I will become “Twisted” somewhere.

Thus, I thought it would be better if I was gone.

But I was anxious to do so. I mean, am I able to flee from this place, run off to town and live a life?

That’s where you come in. If we have your skill in cooking, then with the support of Gann and I, we’ll be able to survive in the town with no problems.

Of course, I’ll be hitting this problem with all my power as well. Once it’s over, I’ll give up the right to be heir and retire.

What do you think? Won’t you take me away from here?”


It’s a slightly unfair transaction but, Shuri-kun probably doesn’t understand this.

This, pulling at the sympathy strings while, giving praise to the other, showing compromise saying I’ll help as well, and then telling him the request.

In fact, it troubles Shuri-kun quite a bit.

Most likely, it feels like the situation will become chaotic to the point I cannot even imagine myself, and then forcing him lend us a hand.

After Shuri-kun worries over it a little, he looks at me and said.


“Understood. After we leave it seems you’ll become a cook alongside me under Ganglabe-san but, is that alright?”

“I don’t mind. As long as we can leave this place”


That’s how, 『Me and Gann’s Last Resort』 has been arranged.


After that, I left behind the jail, once again carefully returned to my room.

Luckily, no one found us and I think 60% of all our problems have been dealt with.



“Ekress-sama. What did you mean by that!”


Gann presses me for an answer.


“To start a plan to run away as the eldest son of the Feudal Lord of all people, what exactly are you planning!

Also, the one you’re dealing with is a criminal!”

“….Gann. Is there anyone?”

“….No. My senses do not perceive any presence”

“Then I’m relieved. Fix your tone and talk”


Gann loosens up his collar, takes in a deep breath and said to me.


“It’s true that Shuri is trustworthy and safe. That’s what I understood these past few days.

However you know, Ekreniss. There’s no way you can just suddenly escape outside and survive, right.

A mercenary corp is just that much of a convoluted organisation. The reason that guy can survive is because his unique cooking technique has been recognised.

If you join, what can you do”


It’s a reasonable argument.


“Now listen. At that time, Gann-niisan. You’ll come too”



Gann opens his eyes wide in surprise.

Well of course.


“Why me!?”

“Well, because if you stay here, you’ll always just be worked hard by Father or Gingus.

Rather than that, don’t you want to be able to walk outside and look at different things?

I want to see. The world that can be seen through him, is definitely vast.

More so than this room, ne”


Ahh, my dreams getting bigger.


“You…. are you an idiot…”

“I think that living like an idiot seems more fun”


Besides, I said looking at him seriously.


“Listen. Ganglabe-dono isn’t stupid. He’ll definitely learn of the truth from somewhere.

Once that happens, he won’t let neither me nor you go safely.

He probably doesn’t trust us.

It’s an insurance in case that happens.

Luckily, I’m known to the outside as a man.

When the time comes, if I wear worn-out clothes together with Shuri-kun as well and enter the jail, it’ll probably work out somehow”

“Haa…. You, you’re really an idiot”


While he says that, Gann also laughs a bit.


“But, I too have promised to be taught cooking by that guy, na

I’ll come with you at that time”


Hahaha. I knew it. Didn’t Gann want to get out of this place as well.


“Please help me at that time, ne”

“Ahh, of course!?”


Then, Gann looks to the window and suddenly rushed to it.

Opening it, looks down.


“What’s wrong?”

“An intruder!”


“I lost focus. There was no presence whatsoever!

That is…. Teg-dono!”



I hurriedly look outside from the window but, I could only see a mysterious shadow riding fast into the darkness of night.

That’s superhuman. So that’s the scouting technique of the Archery Saint Teg!

I didn’t know at all.

Here, on the fourth floor even though there shouldn’t be a balcony, how did he get here!?


“This is bad, he might have heard the talk just now!”

“Starting from when though!?”

“I fear, from start to beginning.

From the mark left behind on the window, he has hung on for quite some time.

Since I came here and brought the report”


That long?!


“This is bad….. Ganglabe-dono knows the truth”

“That, it’s become troublesome…..

The worse case scenario might come true….”

“Ekreniss. You might have no choice but to use your insurance.”



I sigh and said.

It’s the worse case scenario….


This was the meeting of me, Ekreniss and Shuri.



(Author’s note: I’m sorry the update came late.

As written in the blog posts, regarding everyone’s thoughts, I’ve been worrying about various matters and I’m exhausted, I’m sorry for troubling everyone.

From now on, I’ll try my best magnificently.

Of course, once I calm down, I’ll quickly reply to everyone’s thought!

Please look forward to it!

By the way, I’ve finally defeated the Bloodthirsty beast in Bloodborne (TL: I don’t play bloodborn so I don’t know which monster he’s talking about :v)

From here I plan to skip the church’s studio. (TL: Again he should be talking about bloodborne and while I want to watch cryaotic play it… gotta translate amirite :o))

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