Cook of the Mercenary Corp c3

2, The Hamburg Steak of Creativity・1st Half


h.e.l.lo, it’s Shuri. How do you do.Wrapped in a light as I was coming home from shopping, before I realised I became the cook of a mercenary corp in a foreign land. You never know what happens in this world huh.From there I was taught about the current times by the Leader-san, Ganglabe-san.Somehow, this is another world. I’ve never heard of a continent called Sabreau.Magic is something which exists, so this encouraged the thought that this wasn’t Earth. Normally I would also have talent in magic and become peerless MUAHA! but it wasn’t like that. I cried a little.Now then, I’ve been here for a week. It seems like we’ve won the battle this time. There doesn’t seem to be any victims from our corps.Ganglabe-san said,

“It’s all because of your meals. They provide us with power”

Sooooo~ he says but, in the end it’s the courage and tenacity from those fighting in the front lines right.

Now then, the rewards this time round was of course, money. I requested for the seasoning and ingredients.As expected just salt is sort of tough. Spices, vinegar, fish sauce, they all went to me. I didn’t know that the ruler made it a little difficult. The food situation was harsh everywhere thus I couldn’t really say anything nice.I’m grateful to Ganglabe-san for my repertoire increasing but seriously, I’m getting tired of just soups and stews. I’m receiving damage mentally from eating the same foods.Furthermore a problem has come up, I wonder what I should do.

It’s the cooking stove.

Basically the heat adjustment. It can only boil so I can’t make anything but Stew.When I heard about the grilled fish situation I was lost for words. They seemed to just eat it completely burnt, the details gave me chills thinking about when they’ll contract cancer.I wonder if that’s just a myth? Such as it isn’t good to not eat from a completely filled steel drum, there are some various opinions on these things. Its true that they are sometimes real and they could be lies but, the fact that it’s not good for your health is the truth.After I told Ganglabe-san, he was speechless. The other troops were also shocked.

Discussing with Ganglabe-san, he introduced me to a particular commander.The leader of the Magic Crafters division, Riru-san.

“So Riru-san, let’s cooperate please”“Nn”

We ended up going to the tent of the Magic Crafters divisions for a discussion.The Magic Crafters division was one where designing tools with magic, loading tools with magic, and manufacturing such tools seemed to be their main job. It’s the so called Magic Tool things. And it seems to be possible to build using magic. It seemed like she displayed her power during the construction of the camp site.

“And? Request? Quick.”

Riru-san didn’t say much.She was a short, Loli Bishoujo. She wore simple clothes,  a white coat over her indigo-blue tunic and pants. She was complete with her scornful eyes and blue-green hair behind her.If she came to my world, she would probably get spoiled by popular, big onii-sans.

“First, it’s like this”

I explained it with a simple image. It was a portable cooking stove.

“Make it so the flames are adjustable here like this, so that the fire can hit the pot on top of the metal thing”“?”“And then, I want the control of the flames to be possible from here”“I see”

Suddenly I looked next to me, a mess of a tool was there.

“What is that”“Ignition material. Paper that’ll burn when you insert mana”“Please put this to use”“?”

Basically, paper is fine. Just as well that it seems that we can also make paper which won’t get wet, let’s combine them for use.I requested the paper.First, it was something which even if you roll it, it’ll unroll right back. We’ll release the flames while the pot, made of two big b.a.l.l.s, floats via magic of something. And then the flames can be adjusted using the small ball. Let’s also make it so that after a certain period of time has pa.s.sed there’s a function that closes it naturally. Accidents are scary.After I told her this, Riru-san made a surprised face and displayed her motivation.

After some time it was done.It was a handheld portable stove in the shape of a magic circle. Just what I requested.

“This is amazing Riru-san!”“Of course”

With a ‘Hmph’, she stuck out her chest, it was quite cute.

“Then let’s make the new dish extremely savory”“Oh!”

I start cooking immediately.This time it’s a Hamburg Steak. Let’s make the sauce simply from fish sauce and mimic daikon. If we use the fish sauce just like this, there’ll be a fishy smell so to get rid of the smell I dip some spring onion into the sauce.And although I say that, it doesn’t completely get rid off the smell but, it gets separated better. Nam Plaa is tough.Putting some beef into my hands and mixing it with flour to make a shape, I  complete it.

“Thanks for the wait”“Un!”

The happy RIru-san was quite cute.Riru-san used a fork to cut it up, and moved it towards her mouth.That action was quite cute.

“Uun! Mm, mm!”

That’s great, it seems like it tastes good.I smile at the expressionless Riru-san. The Hamburg steak was finished in a blink of an eye as she moved it towards her mouth, piece by piece.It was also great that I got a light, easy to carry portable stove.

After this, we went to battle again but, it seems that Riru-san’s tools played a major role in our victory.As expected of Riru-san, she’s perfect.

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