Cook of the Mercenary Corp c23

10, Crispy Roasted Suckling Pig of Imprisonment


Given that I have rice, the Curry Rice is completed. Oh dear! As a  j.a.panese we can’t have no rice. Secretly from everyone, I quietly cook rice to eat.

Somehow it seems that here, rice isn’t eaten that much. What a waste. Let’s start a rice revolution.

Shuri here. We have rice now so I’m in a good mood.

With the opportunity of the previous magic crystal negotiation, Ganglabe-san and Ahrius-san’s wedding had been decided. Good, so good.

Thinking that I want to secretly prepare their wedding and surprise the two, I discussed it with Teg-san and Cougar-san in private.



“Yes. Unless this continent doesn’t celebrate at times like weddings?”

“I see…. we more or less gather our relatives, and vow in front of the matchmaker who is a representative of the village or town, su”

“When you say vow, something like vowing eternal love?”

“Pretty much. It’s that feeling. After that is greeting everyone and then ending”

“Eh? What about the wedding banquet or wedding gifts?”

“We had it a long time ago but… because of the current times, they hurry to give birth then go back to work”

“Yup yup. Because the kid is the successor as well as a helping hand, su. So somehow, there isn’t time for celebrating. But a celebratory banquet is something those royalty still do currently”


How dull. That’s no good.


“Since it’s such an event, why don’t we make Ganglabe-san and Ahrius-san’s wedding extremely grand?”

“”Extremely grand?””

“Firing up fireworks or like, making them kiss in front of everyone”

“K-kiss?! In front of everyone?!”

“Having the groom appeal to everyone by holding the bride in a princess carry”

“So, so bold, su”

“And then swearing to the G.o.ds, 『In times of wealth as well as times of poverty, will support each other’s love』”

“To the G.o.ds….huh….”

“Shuri is a surprising romantic, su….”


A-are you two backing away?!

Strange. On Earth this flow should be normal though….

No, rather how about I make a new form of wedding ceremonies in this world?!

It’ll be popular, definitely.

My goal had been renewed.


Now then, speaking of preparing the wedding, what should I make for food?

I tried asking Riru-san.


“An appropriate dish for a wedding?”

“Yes. I was wondering what I should cook in order not to lose face for them”

“Hamburger Steak”


I asked the wrong person.


While I was groaning, un un, it’s already the next battle.

From the results we had won.

It was great that it ended without anyone dying.

And, I hear a large victory party is to be held.


“Shuri, you have to cook for me, please”


That was the night before. Ganglabe-san bowed to me as I was washing dishes.


“I will. So please raise your head.”

“No, this time it might be difficult even for you”


Difficult…you say?


“In fact, at the victory party this time, it’s been decided that the Feudal Lord is planning to give me a piece of land”




“So does that mean, you can become a feudal lord?”

“Putting it simply. I can finally become the head of a household”


That’s in need for celebrations.


“But, the feudal lord is quite the gourmet. I want to get on his good side but, I need a dish according to that.”

“Basically, something that even n.o.bles wouldn’t be embarra.s.sed of. Furthermore, something that’s delicious and unusual?”

“Exactly that”


Ganglabe-san was looking embarra.s.sed.

I mean, it’s not like it’s different from any other thing….


“Understood. By the way, did the n.o.bles specify any particular ingredient?”

“It’s been decided to be a piglet”


If it’s a piglet then…. it might be that.


“Ganglabe-san. A whole roast piglet, have you eaten that before?”

“As if I could eat such an expensive thing!”

“What about the method?”

“Hn? Turning it with fire using an exclusive furnace, putting it inside that and carefully roasting it till it’s well-done.

That’s how it’s done normally?”


So it’s something like making a whole roast using an oven….

Good, I can do it.


“I understand. I’ve already decided”


Ganglabe-san was surprised but, making that is troublesome so if I don’t practise….

It’s going to be tough.


The very next day.

In a party where a large amount of n.o.bles, and soldiers gathered, I was made to partic.i.p.ate while looking out of place.

Borrowing the castle’s garden to hold it, it was extremely luxurious.

And I was just way too out of place.


“Even though everyone is dressed formally, why am I the only one wearing casual clothes…?”

“Well, when I was thinking if you were going to just retreat back into the kitchen, I suddenly blurted out that you’ll be cooking it front of everyone so, I wasn’t able to prepare in time.”


Ganglabe-san gave me an answer but, I felt like running away.

d.a.m.n it, it would’ve been fine for me to just retreat to the kitchen!

Ganglabe-san and Ahrius-san were talking to the n.o.bles next to them. They seem used to it. And the idea that they were to marry was spreading around.

Teg-san while acting slightly awkward was talking to the n.o.ble sons and daughters. Even though it would’ve be fine if something like a popular period was gone.

Riru-san kept trying the food without a care. As I was being relieved wondering if she outgrew Hamburger steak, she wholeheartedly looked over here. I won’t make it, not Hamburger steak.

And Cougar-san is together with me. It seems like he is worried about me walking around alone and getting left behind.


“Is this fine with you Cougar-san? If you don’t remember who they are?”

“Ah? The n.o.bles? No matter. At any rate I’m not great at that stuff. Rather than the general’s personnel, I get along better with the lower ranking troops.”

“Is it like that?”

“It’s like that. Hey, Ganglabe’s calling for you. It’s probably around time for you to start cooking?”


Oh, is it almost time?

The ingredients and utensils have already been prepared in the middle of the banquet.

Exchanging a look with Ganglabe-san, I received his permission.


“Now then everybody. This is a special way of making a whole roast piglet, I’ll be making Crispy Roasted Suckling Pig. Given that it’s a lucky dish, it’s just in time”


It might be because no one has heard of it before, they were a little noisy.

Well of course, not even many j.a.panese people have heard of it.

The pig which had already finished it’s preparing was pierced entirely by a ・・・・, let’s begin.

On top of the charcoal fire, I diligently rotated the piglet. Taking it down I coated it with sugar water( A seasoning which is a mixture of starch syrup and vinegar) and peanut oil then roasting again.

Roast, coat, roast, coat, roast, coat….

When I made this for the first time I had failed but, I practised many times after that. Now I can do it perfectly.

By the way this Roast Suckling Pig. In Chinese cooking this is a celebratory dish of the Guangdong province. It’s a dish where you mainly eat the skin.

Taking down the cooked Roast Suckling Pig, I cut the skin and arrange it on a plate.

It’s finished after handing it over to the nearby servants.


“The meat over there cannot be eaten?”


The Feudal Lord came approached me to receive a dish and said.

Looking like it’s such a waste.


“Because this is a dish where the skin is most delicious”

“I see, in that case I shall try this”


The feudal lord ate the the skin which had been served onto his plate.


“This is…! Although it’s crunchy it’s almost like it melts in your mouth…! Such a strange mouthfeel!”


On the surface was a well roasted brown skin.

And eating it, it melts inside your mouth with a crunch.

Finally it just leaves you with a sense of deliciousness, that is the feature of Roast Suckling Pig.

If you roast it badly, it will almost become like fried squid. Cracking loudly and leaving behind a fatty taste.

It’s good that I succeeded….!


“It’s an interesting dish. I see, a new dish which pursues the deliciousness of the skin”

“Yes, I’m honoured to receive your praise”

“Hm hm, I’m in a good mood. Bring me the mulled wine”


He seems like a pleasant enough Feudal Lord-san.

Receiving a gla.s.s, wine was being poured for me.






I immediately strike at the wine gla.s.s, and it fell to the ground.

Danger! You can’t drink this stuff!


“You! What are you doing to the feudal lord!”


However, it doesn’t seem the others thought of it that way.

I was surrounded by soldiers who came running at the orders of the generals.

Oh man, I was arrested.

It was already too late when I thought that.

I had already been pressed against the ground.


(TL: Recipe Chinese-style Roast Pig)

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