Cook of the Mercenary Corp c20

9, Curry Rice of Anger (Part 2)

To me, Ganglabe is the person I love the most in the world.

Since we first met, countless battles and time has pa.s.sed.

Fighting to protect and be protected.

From your back, you always provide me with courage.

From your hand that holds mine, I feel warm and safe.

However, the person I love might one day at any moment have something happen to him.

The fear of separation has made me forget a certain thing.

Even though the most important things are always close next to me.

I, Ahrius have a fiance.

Right now he hasn’t suggested a wedding yet but, he’ll suggest it one day.

That person is Ganglabe.

Recently one of our equipment, the magic crystals, their stocks are strange and it’s boggling me.

Magic crystals are sediments formed naturally from the abundance of mana in the atmosphere or are otherwise left in a place naturally long ago, which are then crystallized.

It has a strange quality given that it absorbs the surrounding mana otherwise amplifying it.

Magic engineering make use of that absorption quality, using it as materials for Magi Spell. They do this because, doing so will allow for a semi permanence mana absorption function. However this ends once the Magi Spell disappears. Because of this things like rain is a powerful enemy.

Using it to amplify by adding your own mana to the mana absorbed with magic, it raises your magic’s firepower. Using this quality will wear the magic crystal, gradually extinguishing and losing the function. It’s different from gems because it gradually gets smaller before disappearing in the end.

And my magic allows for the interference of atoms and molecules. The consumption is large so the magic crystals disappear after a short while.

So for the sake of replenishment we journey towards Alturia.

Alturia by itself is not a big country. Because in addition to being a snow country, their food self-support is not good and they are not blessed with trees.

It’s just that they have wealthy mineral and gem resources.

Furthermore they do not have to worry about running out like Yuyubi. Naturally, the iron and copper may run out eventually.

The industry which does best here is, magic crystals.

Magic crystals can only be taken from places where it is naturally in abundance or is naturally dense but here, if you dig you’ll find as many as you want. Additionally in that situation the magic crystals in the mining shafts are restored in a week.

It is most likely due to this continent’s mana flowing from one place to another and settling in this place but, anyhow because of that that was how Alturia was established as a country.

Of course, because of that land their magic and magic engineering techniques are top quality.

During that journey, Shuri was making something mysterious.

When I first noticed, it was when I sleeping at night and a delicious smell from something somewhere something reached me tent.

However, that night I just continued to sleep. Perhaps because I thought that it was so cold my senses of smell was becoming weird.

The next night, and the night after. After this continued for several days, I realised that, isn’t this a bit strange.

Following the origin of the scent, I crashed and came across Riru.

“Riru. What’s wrong, it’s so late”

“I can smell something good. A charming smell capable of matching Hamburg Steak”

This kid, isn’t she slowly treating the world as if it’s just hamburg steak?

I have to warn Shuri about this next time. Do something about that junkie, or something.

Swinging around behind Shuri’s tent, he was making something with the pot.

“Is it that?”

“No doubt about it. Riru can feel it too. That is truly, the companion to Hamburg Steak”

The words of a junkie.

However, what is this fragrance.

How should I say, such a savoury smell…

Just the smell makes me feel like I’m full.

“What do you think that is?”

“It must be the new Hamburg dish. Riru’s Justice(intuition) is shouting out”

(TL: It seems her justice keeps changing, so i’ll put the kanji in brackets next to it)

Let’s just ignore Riru’s slightly strange appearance. I’ll lose if I care about it.

Looking from afar I can see a soup. It looks sort of brown.

I can also see potatos and carrots but I can say any more than that.

“Become like my Justice(instinct)! Shuri, what are you doing”

Riru performed a suicide attack. When I noticed, she wasn’t next to me.

“Ah Riru-san. Sorry. Did it stink?”

“No, it was a good smell. Fragrant. And, what is that?”

“This? Just a little something new, I couldn’t make it up till now maybe because I didn’t have enough ability or knowledge”

“I’ll help sample”

Ah! Riru, that’s not fair!

I want to eat it as well!

“I’m sorry, the one I made today was a failure. It isn’t something for people to eat.”

Shuri looked sorry and laughed bitterly.

How surprising. Shuri failing his dish.

Grabbing hold of the subordinates and teaching them, cooking dinner for everyone, that Shuri, does everything perfectly with no mistakes.

I haven’t seen something like a failed work from him, he has never delayed dinner because of a failure.

Despite this, it’s rare for him to fail from the trial stages.

“I won’t mind. Riru’s Justice(stomach) is telling me to eat it”

Isn’t Riru’s use of Justice fundamentally wrong?

“No, I’ll let you after I can make it properly. Until then please wait”

Towards Shuri smiling as he gently refused, I felt that this is impossible.

That face of Shuri’s is saying that he won’t let us eat it no matter what.

Rather than being surprisingly stubborn, it’s more like Shuri who’s obsessed with food won’t allow that to pa.s.s.

It was near time for me to leave, and I left that place behind.

However, the next day, and the day after that, Shuri continued his trial and error.

At first I had left it alone. Thinking that it’ll be done soon and I can eat it so, well I’ll wait.

However, no matter how long had pa.s.sed, he didn’t produce the completed product.

Night after night, a delicious smell wafts by.

After dinner I fell into a feeling like I was hungry again.

Finally, I hid under the shadow of the tree so I could go and sample at any time.

It seems that everyone else was the same.

Before I realised, Teg was on top of the tree.

“What are you doing Teg”

“Ah, well, I’m just doing a little long distance vision exercise on top of the tree, su”

His eyes were totally swimming as he let out that excuse.

I mean, there’s no point in doing long distance vision exercises in the middle of the night on top of a tree.

Before I noticed, Riru was underground.

Somehow it seems like using magic engineering she dug a hole, waiting for an opportunity.

“Riru. What are you doing?”

“Riru isn’t here. Riru is not here”

Even if you gave an excuse, you have your way of speaking.

Noticing a presence, Cougar was swinging his sword far away.

If it was just that then it’s obvious it was just ordinary practice.

However from the movements of the wind, his thoughts were obvious, wanting to smell the fragrance by continuing to train downwind of Shuri.

“Cougar, are you training again”

“Ah, cause I still have a long way to go”

“If you go over there, there’s a watering place and the footing should be good though”

“Ah, well, I feel like doing it here. Hahahahaha”

So forced.

Naturally, I was peeping through the shadow of the tree.

On top of the trees or under the ground or going downwind is too much.

Besides, a civilian like Shuri probably can’t do something like sense our presence.

“Ahrius-san. What are you doing over there?”

I was caught!?

N-no, there’s no way.

Most likely, he thinks I’m in the tent together with the subordinates and is trying to trick me, there’s no doubt about it.

“Hmm, as expected making the curry powder is hard…”

Oh? The direction the wind’s blowing is strange.

“Ahh… it’s no good again…”


If Shuri fails then he eats it by himself and cleans up.

He won’t allow others to eat his failed works.

I get that but, it’s fine if it’s a failure, I want to eat it, even one bite is fine.

As I was thinking that, Shuri serves the failed work onto his plate.

Then eats it himself.


Without thinking sounds of disappointment were let out.

Everyone synchronised together so there’s no doubt that everyone holds the same feelings.

Ah, I wanted to eat some.

“When I called out earlier there was no response so~, since there’s no one here there’s no need to be feeding anyone then~”

W-what was that!?

Shuri monologue, basically said he found out about us.

D-does that mean if we had replied, we could’ve eaten?!

Ah, the ground, tree and tent is shaking.

They’re angry….

It seems I can see h.e.l.l tomorrow….

“Well, earlier was just a failed product anyway. There’s no way I can let you eat it anyway~”

Shuri added a follow but, that isn’t enough as a follow up!

In the end, without letting us try it afterwards, we continued on marching.

Ganglabe casually got him to agree to promise a sample taste but, I couldn’t say anything other than unfair.

However, even that thought.

Ended up becoming a complete blank during the audience.

“There are no magic crystals to be sold to savages like you. Leave”

During the audience, the King, Flu’re Alturia said to us.

During the luxurious and gorgeous audience, just as us five commanders and Shuri combined arrived at the negotiation place, Flu’re-dono told us straight up.

Indeed last year, because we were on the opposition side of the battle, there’s no denying the feelings of hostility.

However, we couldn’t have imagined that we couldn’t even talk let alone negotiate.

It’s an obvious fact but, if mercenaries are hired with money they swear allegiance to whoever paid, a.s.sisting them for the sake of victory. Due to that, they have a friendly allegiance during the time they are hired as well as a hostile relationship.

Basically, saying it badly we are no different from merchants who sell military power. Those merchants being opponents, it’s obvious that even talking is out of the question.

Naturally, the magic crystals sold here are circulated around here, and might make this country hostile but, even then these words and manner of speaking is just too much.

However I wonder if Ganglabe expected this, he is calm.

Given that Shuri doesn’t know this from that he was in a daze. Well, in this place if he can just stay like that it’ll help.

“Please do something about that. It’s necessary for our work. As for compensation”

“Right. I’ll sell it if those two girls there are given as my son’s slave b.i.t.c.hes.”


What exactly is this person talking about?

To be a slave b.i.t.c.h for this father and son pair of fat pigs?

“Papa, I don’t want to embrace those country bimbos”

“It’s alright son. They’ll be properly sterilized with medicine, ok”


Everyone here made a sound as if they snapped.

Teg-san’s nape stood on end, Cougar’s haki surged, and Ganglabe’s anger was as if had dominated this s.p.a.ce.

Riru was indifferent. While expressionless.

No, this is her holding down and condensing all the anger inside of her.

This is what Shuri said before, the wave of killing intent thing.

Naturally, I was angry as well.

Because if I don’t look at everyone objectively then, my mana might go wild while I was being sentiment.

Somehow I could feel the presence of a cat from Shuri but… was that just my imagination?

“King, Flu’re-sama. What you said is a little damaging to your good image. If the surrounding royalty or feudal lords were to know, how would they look at you”

Even up to now Ganglabe was trying his best to be calm, trying to continue the negotiations.

However Flu’re-dono would not stop his vulgar smile.

“If it’s like that, it’s fine to just stop the sale of magic crystals to that territory.

In this territory, there are just that many resources after all”

Ganglabe clicked his tongue a little.

Indeed that’s how it was, magic crystals are an indispensable resource in this day and age.

This area which is able to mine in large amounts without exhausting can be said to be precious.

If you negotiate with that, no matter which country it is, will find it difficult to refute.

However, I’m suspicious of his nerves which intentionally talk of this area.

“Papa. The little girl with the thin figure is good.”

“Hm, I won’t mind having that girl over there”


Me becoming that sort of person’s mistress?!

“It’s decided. If you send that girl over there here then for ten times the market price, I’ll sell you half the amount, it’s not bad right?”

D-don’t joke around.

Such a negotiation is unnecessary. It’s better to just leave immediately.

However Ganglabe endures his anger and somehow continues the negotiations.

That’s praiseworthy but….

To be honest, I want to say that the reason we’re angry here is because of me.

I understand. If we can’t get magic crystals here then in the future it’ll be troublesome.

In other places there are even places which can’t sell it.

Getting it in this territory where it sells with stability, is the most efficient.

“That’s too excessive… even if it’s a joke I can’t laugh”

“There’s no need to laugh. You want magic crystals right? This is also a negotiation”

However, the responsibilities as a leader and.

The position as my fiance.

As if it was hanging on a balance, I felt like crying.

“Well that’s that. I’ll give those girls to my son, even though they stink of the countryside they’ll do”

“… That’s”


So angry his shoulders were shaking, Ganglabe.

Somehow holding it back with reason but.

At this rate I don’t know when he’ll explode.

“Well well, excuse me for a sec”

At that time.

Suddenly, Shuri stood up and started to act as if he was a clown.

Given that it was so sudden I couldn’t prepare anything, neither I nor anyone else couldn’t do anything to stop him.

Teg somehow reached out his hand to try stop him but it was impossible.

“What is it you”

Flu’re-dono also at his sudden rude actions, brought together the wrinkles at this brows.

It’s obvious. If you take such an att.i.tude to a feudal lord, then even if they cut your head off you can’t complain.

“I am the cook of Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp, my name is Shuri.

Excuse me but one thing.

The fascinating candy that the prince is eating, where exactly did you get it”


What is Shuri talking of all of a sudden?

Indeed the prince is eating a strange candy but… what about it I wonder?

“…At Newbyst. What about it”

“No no, just making sure”


What exactly did Shuri want to confirm?

“For one thing, won’t you let me make you something to eat”

What is he saying all of a sudden, Shuri?

Did he plan on switching from the negotiations to a cooking diplomacy.

It’s true if it’s Shuri’s skill, it’s possible he can break down this situation.

“Why must I let a b.u.mpkin cook like you to make something for us to eat.”

Exactly, it’s just like the annoyed Flu’re-dono says.

The food of royalty, isn’t something a cook of mercenary corp can make.

In the case of Newbyst, given that it was something the royalty wanted there were no questions about it but, using that scenario in this situation is closer to impossible.

I wonder where Shuri’s absolute confidence comes from?

“No no, it’s the prince’s candy.

Let me change that into a captivating dish which that.”

Everyone of us commanders. Looked at each other perplexed.

Making a dish with candy? I understand if you make candy using candy but… With candy? A captivating dish?

“A captivating dish, you say”

However Flu’re-dono took the bait.

An obvious appet.i.te.

However, I think I also want to know.

What will he make with that brown candy.

“Yes, potato, carrots, spring onions and meat. That’s all I need.

Let me show you a dish which taste so much better than the candy with just that”

Eh? Could it be those ingredients….

“…Interesting. Having a meal with chocolate and that? Fine show me.

If it tastes bad, I’ll cut off both those arms”

“As you wish. In that case I’ll start preparing”

Cutting off both arms?!

How preposterous. All of a sudden it became a cooking showdown.

Even Ganglabe’s face is becoming pale. Of course. Because if he loses, then it’s possible everyone here will have to receive that punishment.

Right now, our lives are in both of Shuri’s hands.

And just like that, Shuri started cooking.

Bringing out the knife he carried and the portable stove, borrowing a pot and a cutting board, and evenly cutting up the spring onions, carrots and potatoes into appropriate sizes.

I have a bad feeling. So absurd.

And then, sure enough he started to fry the spices he had hiddenly brought.

As expected it’s the dish he made every night, and he plans to make it here! Adding candy to that dish?!

Previously Shuri has a record of making a dish which has all the taste senses but, still adding candy to cooking is a bit!?

Just like that, he adds the b.u.t.ter and flour making the soup base, exchanging the pot with one with a deeper bottom and starts frying it.

Heating it for ten minutes, he tosses water in to boil, adding in the soup base and the candy, then closed the lid.

“…What is that disgusting looking dish.”

Flu’re-dono asked with a dubious expression.

To be honest from far away, furthermore seeing it only at night time I didn’t know but, I hadn’t thought that the soup would be that brown.

Looks… sorta dirty.

“Now now, just try one”

“…Well, alright I guess”

Confirming that it has been heated for ten minutes, Shuri opened the pot lid full of confidence.

Instantly. A wonderful fragrance had spread throughout the entire room.

The intensity of the spices and the slight sweetness, a smell which can only be smelled when the ingredients are prepared perfectly.

Without thinking Teg’s throat sounded, Cougar wiped his saliva, Ganglabe opened his eyes wide in surprise.

Riru was muttering “Hamburg… surely it’s Hamburg steak…” It might already be too late. There’s someone here who looks just like a junkie.

I, imagined the flavour of the dish from that fragrance.

Is it sweet? Is it spicy? The intensiveness of the spices inside the sweetness like melting candy. Or is there something else…?

It’s violent. Soon this fragrance can only be called violent.

The overwhelming difference in war potential I had once felt in war.

Here was something which was even more unreasonably violent than that.

I mean, because here we aren’t allowed to eat it.

While Flu’re-dono and the prince eat, we can only watch and count our fingers.

“This is…”

Flu’re-dono is completely surprised. The prince too, had glittery eyes.



The dish that was handed to him, Flu’re-dono didn’t even test for poison and immediately ate it.

Normally this wouldn’t be possible.

The reason why is, obviously because of the thought that the dish made by a mere cook might have poison in it.

Even if you say he prepared it in front of you, it’s possible that it was mixed it with the spices. Rather, that’s what should happen in this situation. Because if you use some hallucinogens or obedience medicine then it’s even possible to get out of this place.

However, Flu’re-dono couldn’t even embrace that thought. It was a fragrance conceived with just such an attractive appeal. And with a strange appearance which musters up a strong curiosity.

With those expectant feelings, Flu’re-dono was chewing.

“This is!!!?”

Flu’re-dono’s eyes opened to their limits and the hand in which he held the spoon was shaking.

How surprising was that taste? How does it taste I wonder?

The ones looking from over here couldn’t imagine it at all.

However we couldn’t wipe away the truth that, cooking using candy, he had created a captivating dish.

That is indeed, exactly as Shuri had said.

“That right. The hand I use my knife with isn’t something to be thrown away right”

“U, uguu…!!”

Saying that, Shuri was flaunting his knife.

Ah, that’s dangerous. If that incurs the anger of the imperial guards, it’ll be taken away!

Actually taking out an edged weapon in front of the feudal lord!

“Please, the prince as well”


The fat prince also received a plate and his eyes immediately sparkled.

“Delicious! Chocolates can become this delicious!”

“Well, thank you for that”

“Papa. Rather than those girls I want this cook!”


? What’s wrong. Flu’re-dono’s eyes were swimming.

After seeing the knife a while ago he has been panicking but, I wonder what’s the matter?

Only one person, Ganglabe, seemed to realise something but, I couldn’t guess what it was.

“This can be done by combining this powder and chocolate. I can give it you”


A solid.

Mixing the earlier seasoning and spices making a solid, the soup base.

Is he saying that if you mix it together with the candy, it’s simple to make?

“In exchange though, I want magic crystals”

And then the main thread of the negotiation. Magic crystals.

It is our purpose, and the thing that the Alturia side is determined not to hand over, magic crystals.

That is what Shuri has been dragging out carelessly with his cooking skills in this negotiation spot.

Once again it was a moment where I recognise Shuri’s greatness.

Teg and Cougar are desperately trying to hide it but, given that the tip of their mouths are raising, they’re probably enduring trying to smile.


Because the prince is an idiot, he looks like he already can’t wait to make the exchange.

Originally, here is where we bring out our compromise with a slight hesitation, and then move on to the negotiations but.

With one phrase from the prince, we can no longer do that.

What he wants is evident, and because he ended up requesting for it,


…What is your goal”

Magic crystals are our goal though….

What is it? Flu’re-dono has been looking strange since a while ago.

Rather than saying he was friendly after seeing the knife, it looks like he wants to end things without the matter getting aggravated.

I don’t know what he’s being scared of.

Only one person, it seems only Ganglabe understood.

“I already said it, the magic crystals.

Please sell them at the market price”

“…I understand.

In exchange, ignore the invitation that my son just gave to you”

Is it ….this?

He wants to erase fact that he invited. So basically, it means he wants the fact that he had anything to do with Shuri to be clouded.

It seems he wants to see that the things said today at this place to be gone.

However, he only wants the fact about the invitation to be gone.

It gave me impression that he was somehow just able to barely withdraw a compromise.

What does this have to do with Shuri’s invitation? Is there some kind of inconvenience to this land to be involved with Shuri?

Not having enough information, I couldn’t even antic.i.p.ate it.

“Alright, I won’t mind”

In any case, we were able to get our hands on magic crystals at the estimated price.

Exiting the territory and returning to our base.

We were finally able to take a breather.

Anyhow, I had thought that Shuri’s sudden action might have had his head decapitated but, contrary we were able to get the magic crystals.

We can probably say that it was a success as a negotiation.

Precisely because the other side indicated that they had no intention to sell from the beginning, we can say this negotiation was difficult.

“But seriously~, why did that fat king seem to be afraid of Shuri”

Cougar voiced out his suspicions.

Indeed, in the end I didn’t understand that.

Ganglabe, who I had asked, was suppressing his laughs, kukuku.

“That’s because the prince brought it to himself”


“Ah. Do you remember the troubling matter concerning the additional rewards at Newbyst previously?”

Of course I remember.

It was a strange incident. Saying something like if we want our additional rewards then make something delicious, normally that would be impossible.

“That time, it was the time when Shuri’s smart thinking somehow managed something. After that he got a thank you letter and knife from Newbyst”

“Knife and letter? What about that, su?”

“Ah, with just that it’s not unreasonable that Teg doesn’t get it. This along with the fact that the princess had invited Shuri and he refused.

And then, that knife is a sharp sword with the emblem of the Newbyst royal family, and the letter has the stamp of the royal family.”

Ah, I see. I finally understood.

Basically, it’s because right now Shuri’s current status is like a servant of Newbyst.

If he quits out mercenary corp and such, it’s a sign that they are always ready to hire him.

Basically, a chain or armour preventing others from interrupting or s.n.a.t.c.hing him away as he is a person previously wanted for hire in Newbyst. That knife.

Most likely Shuri doesn’t understand. However, showing the knife, making the other tremble, and pulling out some improper words.

That is why the negotiation this time was successful.

However, I didn’t know that knife had such an origin.

Shuri as well said no more than “This emblem looks cool so I use it”.

“But, with this that s.h.i.tty negotiation is over! Let’s eat once we go back!”

Ganglabe says cheerfully.

To such a Ganglabe, Shuri closed in.

What is it, is it for grat.i.tude.


“Ah, Shuri. You saved us-!?”


Without saying anything, Shuri threw a punch at Ganglabe’s face.

It was sudden. No one could even respond.

Teg, Cougar or Riru.

They, experienced soldiers who have had been over hundred of battle zones.

Naturally neither could I.

Shuri’s sudden violence.

It was something we could have never expected.

Even Ganglabe who was. .h.i.t, looked as if asking what had happened.

Holding the cheek that was. .h.i.t, as if he had finally realised he was punched.

“Why didn’t you refuse immediately?

Between the person you love and some rocks, which is more important?!

It shouldn’t be something you think about until you make her cry!!”

None of us could even object to Shuri’s angry roar.

Not even Ganglabe, who excelled at thinking and trickery.

He couldn’t refute a single word.

Just like that Shuri returned back to camp angrily by himself.

While we who were left behind just stood there.

Even though we could feel the coldness of the snow under our feet.

“…Ain’t that true”

Suddenly Cougar opened his mouth.

“When it’s said like that, it’s true. We really are garbage for just shutting up and listening to them s.n.a.t.c.h Ahrius from Ganglabe.

And we were even happy that the negotiations went well.”

“Yea. We did absolutely nothing, su.

Because it was like the negotiations went well with just Shuri himself.”

“Not ‘was like’, it was.

Riru didn’t even say a single word. Ganglabe’s words were also meaningless.

It was only Shuri who made it succeed”

From their mouths, everyone exposed their own shame.

“….It’s not your fault”

Ganglabe says with a voice as if vanishing.

There was no sign of the previously elated expression.

Like he was ashamed, like he wanted to cry.

It was that sort of agonizing look.

“I had no need to be so obsessed over these magic crystals. It would’ve been fine to get small amounts at the territories we’re friendly with, even sharing it would’ve been fine.

Despite that I….!”


“I was stupid….! Even though I said I would liberate the from f.u.c.kers like that, and want to create a peaceful country, can I do it without protecting the things important to me…!

I can’t complain even if Shuri is disgusted with me…!”

Ganglabe headed towards the campsite.

“So stupid… I am….!”

His back looked as if there was no greater grief.

His usual great big back has become small.

Knowing how many foolish things he has done, or how many idiotic things.

Ganglabe was depressed to the point of being crushed.

I had also forgotten.

Even though it was so dangerous I almost got separated from Ganglabe.

Around the time the negotiations succeeded I forgot and end up smiling.

Originally, it should me who should be the angriest.

But instead of me, Shuri was angered.

At Ganglabe, at Teg, at Cougar, at Riru.

And at me,

In the end, Shuri didn’t come out for dinner.

We ate what Shuri’s subordinates cooked instead but, somehow there wasn’t any taste.

That was even pa.s.sed to everyone else.

Given that we didn’t tell the circ.u.mstances to the subordinates, there shouldn’t be anything detailed being pa.s.sed around.

But still, since all the commanders were looking sad.

They worry, ‘I wonder what happened’.

After I ate dinner, I was hanging out at the campsite alone.

I was thinking about Ganglabe.

It’s possible that this time’s failure has left a large wound for Ganglabe.

Facing the serious anger of a trusted subordinate. The meaning of that and his own errors.

I understand that so, there’s no mistaking that Ganglabe is worrying.

Originally I wanted to console him.

But, how should I do it.


As I was thinking that, suddenly a voice called out to me.


For some reason a worried looking Ganglabe was standing there.

“I was looking for you. Because you weren’t there even when I went to your tent”

Ganglabe was looking for me?

Looking at his pants, they were dripping wet.

I wonder how far in this snow he went to come look for me?

“Come. I have something to say”


I don’t really know what but, if it’s to talk I’ll accompany him.

Leaving the campsite, coming close to a forest, suddenly Ganglabe stopped.

“I, up till now have never been seriously angered at like that.”

Suddenly, I don’t know what he’s talking about.

However I suddenly recall the incident at noon.

“Cause I’ve survived with my mouth, thinking and physical strength.

I have no parents.

That’s why, I’m honestly at a loss”


“However, I think that being seriously worried or angered at, might be this painful.

My patheticness is too but, being told that by someone important or by that guy who can say no evil, is what I’m thinking about.

Really, so stupid. I am.”

“…Isn’t that true”

I was stupid.

That’s right. I was an idiot.

“I, as well as you, we were both stupid”

I was also an idiot letting the person I love have these painful thoughts.

“Hey Ahrius. Is it fine, for me to still be your fiance?”

“I can’t think of anyone other than you”

An immediate response.

Isn’t it obvious. Because the only one I love is Ganglabe.

“Am I good enough?”

“It’s because it’s you that’s it’s good”

Regretting and mourning.

Despite that you somehow get back on your feet and continue walking, it’s because it’s you.

“That’s right. Except, it won’t do if you don’t say it to me”

I grab onto both of Ganglabe’s shoulders and face him from the front.

The teary Ganglabe. Despite that, you somehow manage to hold on.

I, against Ganglabe’s cheek.

Lightly made a palm.

Slap, that sort of palm.

“Ganglabe! To you which is more important, me or rocks! You idiot!”

Ganglabe was staring at me slightly puzzled but, immediately realised my intention.

“…Haha, of course”

Grabbing my palm, suddenly I was pulled towards him.

Just like that I was exchanging a kiss with Ganglabe.

Is this not a little forced.

“It’s obviously you”

But, that slight forcefulness.

It’s manly and I like it.

“Haha, this is the end for these fuzzy thoughts.

Ahrius. Let’s get married right now”

Eh? Forceful to that extent!?

“Thinking too much about death and the future is annoying.

I want to become a married couple right now, with the you I fell for.”

…Good grief.

“No children till further on though?”

“In that case, until then, I will survive to protect you”

You’re just so forceful.

The next day.

Shuri nervously came in front of us.

I had worried that he was certainly going to completely pack up his luggage in disgust and leave for somewhere else.

“Umm, am I fired?”

Somehow it seems like Shuri was scared that he might be fired for punching Ganglabe.

“Obviously not. Despite me and Ahrius have become a happy couple, aren’t you going to make us a celebratory meal?”

“Eh?! Couple?! …. Ahh, if it’s like that then.

I have no choice but to make it”

Shuri started the preparations for breakfast looking relieved.

It’s good that everything returned back to normal.

“Because of you I realised what is truly important. Thank you”

Shuri smiled shyly.

Really, it’s good to realise what is truly important.

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