Cook of the Mercenary Corp c19

9, Curry Rice of Anger (Part 1)

(Author Note: It’s Valentines but, there won’t be much about chocolates. It will appear though.)


Cougar-san’s efforts were terrific.

On the battlefield he was like a demon cutting through the enemy’s swords and armours.

I just don’t get how people get motivated and have their talents blossom. Rather, what the heck is motivation?

Those infantry who see motivation and have courage, reach a point where they are sent to the front lines. But no one says it would be good if they can come back safe and sound. That isn’t too good right.


It’s Shu~ri. Right now it’s around the time where there’s a lot of foods I want to make. Eh, I’m lax? That’s how I am in the first place.

After Mapo Tofu and Cheesecake, I decided what I wanted to make. Something I couldn’t make until now due to a lack of ingredients and knowledge.

Right, Curry.

The peculiar combination of the spices were sent day after day during hard struggles of ill-gotten money. So Cosmo. Is that how it goes?

Naturally I eat my own failures. However that had a negative effect.

Even if it’s a failure, curry is curry. The devilish fragrance that tickles at your nostrils as I was experimenting with it during the night summoned Ahrius-san in the background.


“Ahrius-san, what are you doing there?”


I tried calling out to her but, there was no response. Even though I caught her she won’t give up!

Even though your body is jutting out from under the tree’s shadow, what are you being so stubborn for!

By the way I only called out to Ahrius-san but, on top of the tree was Teg-san, far away was Cougar-san, I don’t know how she did it but Riru-san was underground. Most likely, she dug a hole to hide in.

And then in a nearby tent several units were crowding, not pressing upon the tent to listen but wholeheartedly waiting with a sniffing nose. Sniffing nose, this is the first time I’ve used this word.


“Hmm, as expected making the curry powder is hard…”


Compounding the curry powder. This is the main reason.

Normally how it goes is you fry the ingredients, add in water to boil, which is when you add the roux. Which reminds me I don’t know the method for making roux. But the thing is combining it with roux changes the flavour.



“Ahh… it’s no good again…”


I failed once again.

There’s not enough colour or thickness. It feels like an incomplete soup curry.

There’s still some way to go before I understand the best compound for curry powder.

I still need to do a little more research huh.

The curry I failed, of course I have to eat myself.

I only made enough for one so it was easy to clean up.

However, the people behind me seem to want to eat some.

I won’t let you eat it. There’s no way I can allow them to eat something like a failed product.

I serve my dish and eat.

Hm, it’s not sweet enough. The thickness too.

I can’t cook it to an acceptable level…




I can hear screams but I ignore it.

Let’s be a little mean.


“When I called out earlier there was no response so~, since there’s no one here there’s no need to be feeding anyone then~”


The trees and grounds trembled slightly.

Are they mad?


“Well, earlier was just a failed product anyway. There’s no way I can let you eat it anyway~”


Just in case let’s follow up on that.


The battle this time wasn’t a battle.

How should I say this, we were elected as negotiators.

The place was a field of snow. It was the place where last year Ahrius-san melted the entire snow mountain.

Somehow I even thought that we had returned to the same place last year but I couldn’t make fun of that because fate tied to me to a place like this.

Speaking of which my fate is, how should I say this, coincidental. I wonder why I’m in this other world?

There’s no use even if I think about it so I just continue walking the snow-covered road.


“Ganglabe-san, what’s the goal of the negotiations this time?”

“I’ll tell you if you let me eat the dish you keep trying to make every evening”



Did you have that kind of personality?!

The light like insanity living in your eyes, that’s not what you should be doing!


“That still needs a little more before it’s finished, please wait”

“Alright then. This time is negotiations for magic crystals. Alturia, while being a snowy country, has gathered a large amount of magic crystals. It’s one large industry”


Magic crystals are the catalysts for magic and magic engineering, I hear it’s the paint material for writing Magi Spell with magic engineering.

Magic power gathering in a nature abundant area seems to crystallize into a substance. That is magic crystal.

Amongst Riru-chan’s inventions is Ahrius-san’s wand. These also need magic crystals.

Magic Engineering is temporary, but if you use magic crystals to create a Magi Spell you can use it semi-permanently.

It seems to be consumed if you continue to use magic. Simply speaking, using magic will cause the magic crystals wear down and die. The power usage is probably ma.s.sive.

And, since the amount is getting low, it means it’s time to replenish.


Which was the plan.


“There’s no magic crystals to be sold to savages like you. Leave”


Immediately after the audience with the feudal lord, I hated him with absolute detest.

During the audience the fat parent and son pair were acting so arrogant. So irritating. Being looked down on by pigs is annoying me.


“Please do something about that. It’s necessary for our work. As for compensation”

“Right. I’ll sell it if those two girls there are given as my son’s slave b.i.t.c.hes.”


Crash. The most annoying thing has come.

Slave b.i.t.c.hes, this is the first time I’ve heard of such a word. This kind of thing just makes your anger boil up doesn’t it.


“Papa, I don’t want to embrace those country bimbos”

“It’s alright son. They’ll be properly sterilized with medicine, ok”



The menservants were able to hear it.

Teg-san’s neck stood on end.

Cougar-san’s haki became like a demons.

The vigor I could feel from Ganglabe-san was like a lion, and felt like it had dominated this s.p.a.ce.

Eh, me? At best my haki will come out like a cat. Hiss~, I’ll growl!!




While I was like that I saw the scene of that fat son eating candy.


“That is…”


I’ve seen that before.

I’ve seen it in manga, and its use.

That’s right, chocolate.

Somehow it seems that over here chocolate has already been developed, and it’s even been spread all the way to this snowy country.


“Well that’s it. I’ll give those girls to my son, even though they stink of the countryside they’ll do”

“… That’s”



Suddenly I realise, the teary Ahrius-san and Ganglabe-san whose shoulders were shaking with anger.

Why doesn’t he just immediately refuse and leave?


Between the woman you love and an object, there should be no comparison right?


“Well well, excuse me for a sec”


Here is where I’ll be the clown.

Let’s stop kneeling.

I don’t like being looked down by these people.


“What is it you”

“I am the cook of Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp, my name is Shuri.

Excuse me but one thing.

The fascinating candy that the prince is eating, where exactly did you get it”


The king and prince furrow their brows. They’re probably annoyed.


“…At Newbyst. What about it”

“No no, just making sure”


I see. Over there. Next time it’ll be easy to get.

Most likely, you can get cocoa and sugarcane in the forest over there?

I don’t know the specifics but, let me make use of this right now.


“For one thing, won’t you let me make you something to eat”

“Why must I let a b.u.mpkin cook like you to make something for us to eat.”

“No no, it’s the prince’s candy.

Let me change that into a captivating dish which that.”

“A captivating dish, you say”


Oh, they took the bait.

This fat father and son pair. I thought that they would take the bait if it was about food.


“Yes, potato, carrots, spring onions and meat. That’s all I need.

Let me show you a dish which taste so much better than the candy with just that”

“…Interesting. Having a meal with chocolate and that? Fine show me.

If it tastes bad, I’ll cut off both those arms”

“As you wish. In that case I’ll start preparing”


There’s no way I can lose.

After preparing the ingredients, Let’s Cooking.

To be honest it is possible to combine curry and chocolate.

Chewing at the chocolate a little bit, I see, I can use it, this chocolate.


I even got a hint of curry powder. I understood after seeing the chocolate.

Basically, it’s no good if it’s just spices. Naturally, I found out the combination of spices at the end of my training. However, to make the curry from j.a.pan there is still a little something which needs to be added.

Putting in a tiny bit of b.u.t.ter, adding thickness and sweetness with the flour, taking care of the flavour with bouillon.

I had found an acceptable combination of thickness and sweetness with my research and practice.

That’s when I add a single chocolate, making it bubble.

Putting on a lid, it was done after boiling it a little.

Back when I made the Cream Stew, I had made it so it was just edible for the time being, just something that I could eat it, but not Curry.


“…What is that disgusting looking dish.”


The King was moving backwards. He had only seen the cooking process.

Not to be rude but, this is a j.a.panese curry extremely popular from adults to children.


“Now now, just try one”

“…Well, alright I guess”


Kukuku. It seems you fell into my trap.

The moment the lid opened, everyone here was dominated by the smell.

Ahh, such a good smell.


“This is…”


The king and prince were both surprised as they sniff the smell.

That’s right. Because even the smell of Handmade Curry Roux is able to be obsessed over.

The commanders behind me. It’s the smell that you all smelled every night right?





Serving it on a dish then giving it to him, the king ate it without any hesitation. Don’t be testing for poison.


“This is!!!?”


The king opens his eyes in surprise.


“That right. The hand I use my knife with isn’t something to be thrown away right”

“U, uguu…!!”


Satisfied I show off my knife a little.

While the king seems to be annoyed, he didn’t say it tasted bad.

Of course, there’s no way that you can say this dish tastes bad.


“Please, the prince as well”



The prince ate with glittering eyes.


“Delicious! Chocolates can become this delicious!”

“Well, thank you for that”

“Papa. Rather than those girls I want this cook!”



The king seriously didn’t want to meet eyes.


“This can be done by combining this powder and chocolate. I can give it you”


“In exchange though, I want magic crystals”



…What is your goal”


I was being glared outright by the king but I wasn’t scared.

Maybe if he was to stop eating the Curry.


“I already said it, the magic crystals.

Please sell them at the market price”

“…I understand.

In exchange, ignore the invitation that my son just gave to you”


Eh? Was there such a bargaining chip?


“Alright, I won’t mind”


Just like this, Magic Crystals Get.


As we were leaving.

Everyone was saying ‘How nice, how nice’ but I don’t agree.

As we left towards our campsite from the castle, I had to do something.



“Ah, Shuri. You saved us-!?”


I punched him.

Although it was at best a sting.

Even this person’s face was hard.


“Why didn’t you refuse immediately?

Between the person you love and some rocks, which is more important?!

It shouldn’t be something you think about until you make her cry!!”


After saying that I immediately returned to camp.

The commanders behind us were dazed but they prepared to go back.


After that, night time pa.s.sed as I was feeling nervous.

After all I hit the leader. I might even be fired.

What should I do. If I get fired, I have no one to rely on or a job.

I can only go to Newbyst, no no, I can’t return being so pretentious.

Just like that I was feeling depressed.


The next day.

For some reason Ganglabe-san thanked me with a refreshed look.


“Thanks to you I realised what is important. Thank you”


That’s great. I didn’t get fired.

And then it seems that he officially accepted Ahrius-san as his wife.

This is so precious, I want to hold a wedding ceremony.

I should plan this in advance.


(TL: Curry recipe: Cause curry is da bomb)

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