Cook of the Mercenary Corp c18

8, Cheesecake of Attraction (Part 3)


I have a sweet tooth.

Because ever since I was young when my father would return from his expeditions, he would always come back bringing desserts from a well-known shop.

Father coming home safely, that was happiness.

Those desserts which served as proof was always eaten to the very last piece together with my brother.

Time pa.s.sed, father retired as leader of the Knight’s Order safely in perfect health, and I a.s.sumed the position of the leader.

Elder brother didn’t become a leader of the Knight’s Order and entered the Imperial guards to become their commander.

The two of us brothers were on good terms. At least, until that time,

At that time, as a reward for our long work, together with brother, I brought over desserts and drank alcohol.

I got into an argument with my brother.


The dessert I selected or the one my brother selected, which one was tastier.


Of course we were aware of how ridiculous the fight was. But, we had something we weren’t willing to give up.

Because the one I selected was the one that father had bought for us.

Brother says that the desserts from the dessert shop he found were tastier.

Feeling like he had denied my memories, I couldn’t forgive him.

In the end, from then on we brothers were unable to sit around a dining table nicely.

Both of us getting married, having kids, even after the long years of getting used to our jobs as leader and commander had pa.s.sed we could not recover our relationship.

Such a discord was even handed down to our subordinates.

At some point, the relationship between the Knight’s Order and the Imperial Guards had become a dangerous one.


I am the leader of the Oritol Knight’s Order, Blitz Rynbal.

The Oritol Knight’s Order protected the streets and the management of crime and bandits during peace times, and become warring soldiers to protect our country on the front lines during times of war.

It was a position of high honour.

Even in the capital there was only four companies, and I became the the leader for all the companies, in the capital and the territories.

Although I say that, I’m not very good at desk work.

Occasionally I even mix in with my subordinates to partic.i.p.ate in training.

Each time I would end up being scolded by my close aide but I’m popular from my subordinates.

No matter what, a superior who trains together with them is uncommon.

It’s just that I like to partic.i.p.ate in their training.


On the opposite side, Oritol Imperial Guards.

The Imperial Guards main position was to work at the castle. Being deployed as the defenses for the castle.

However, they complete their work with a few select elites, having to protect everyone, the chief va.s.sals and originally the royalty.

Because of that each one of them are warriors capable of matching a thousand men.

It’s praise for the pressure that comes from guarding royalty.

Day and night there are mysterious people or ruffians who infiltrate the castle, fighting against opponents like spies from other countries, or

The one who acts as the commander of the Imperial Guards is my elder brother, Hill Rynbal.


Me and my brother combined our magic and swordsmanship, mastering the Rynbal-ryu Magic Swordsmanship.

Making use of ways to attack with fire or wind magic, strengthening our swords with material hardening.

Furthermore adding to our secret body strengthening.

Resistance against the enemies magic with a magic barrier.

Using magic to make perfect close quarter combat as the main axis, the essence of our Rynbal-ryu is to overwhelm using our swordsmanship.

Me and my brother’s skills are a rivalry.

Even that ended up spurring on the discord between the Knight’s Order and Imperial Guards.


“Leader! Those guys from the Imperial Guards are making fun of us again!”

“Saying that we’re just dirty servants”

“Even though those guys work in a beautiful castle and don’t know the first thing about the streets”


These sorts of complaints were an everyday occurrence.

In the first place the Knight’s Order was spread for believers. Extensively recruited from citizens to royalty.

However the Imperial Guards were strict, each one of them had to be recommended and pa.s.s a harsh test before they can be one.

It naturally only became even a higher position amongst royalty, and had a tendency to gather those who were even educated well.

Since that’s something that can’t be helped and to be able to work there they ask for some kind of education and dignity.

Anyhow they have to protect a large amount of royalty. Not knowing the implicit rules or manners of the castle might trigger some disrespect, and is a big problem.

Truthfully, there have been those among the ones recruited who couldn’t understand the manners and quit. To put it bluntly, if the person isn’t suitably tough then they aren’t fit for the job.

Naturally here at the Knight’s Order there are also jobs where only the tough people are fit for the job. It’s an everyday occurrence, skirmishes between citizens or a problematic hard struggle, there are even those who are killed with the management of illegal organisations.

Such a p.i.s.sing compet.i.tion has no meaning at all.


However, the neighbourhood don’t consider that.

Before I noticed, the Knight’s Order and the Imperial Guards are holding a trial contest.

I rushed into the Shogun’s room and had a direct talk with him.


“Shogun, what is the meaning of this! Why is the Knight’s Order and Imperial Guards like this!”

“This is the idea of the chief va.s.sals and the king. We have no say in this matter”

“Like this no matter who wins, the restoration of the relationship might become even harder!”

“Watch your mouth Leader Rynbal. Are you objecting to the King’s orders”


I understand that I can’t do that.

I grasp my hand so bitterly that it seems blood would come out. I don’t know why the king would do a plan like this.


“I understand your feelings Leader Rynbal. Truth be told, Commander Rynbal… Ah, Hill-dono also came here for a talk just like you”



Brother did?


“He talked blandly of the relations growing worse and the pointlessness of the contest. Never showing his anger and talking using logic, that guy”

“Brother… was always the one to speak calmly after all”

“However, he pulled back after a certain piece of information was told”


A certain… piece of information?


“This trial contest will invite Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp as guests and it’s been decided that Cougar-dono will partic.i.p.ate.”


Ganglabe’s Mercenary Corp?!

A mercenary corp with the legend of having frightening combat ability.

With their partic.i.p.ation, they were famous for winning the war which Newbyst was said to definitely lose.

And Cougar.

A peculiarly refined swordsmanship, a modern demon who manipulates Kuugaryu. A sword G.o.d who is said to kill and overturn a hundred enemies by himself.

Without using any magic, that sword which was swung said to be at times beautiful, at times wild.

I see, Cougar-dono will come.


“Hmm, As expected of brothers.

The joy of being able to fight a strong foe, you’re beaming”



Trying to touch it, indeed my cheek muscles were loosening up.


“Fighting a strong foe. That is the mission given to the Rynbal family.

Despite that will you forfeit?”

“No, please let me do it”


After leaving the Shogun’s office I immediately returned to the training grounds.

Throwing off all the clothes for government work, I changed into training wear and earnestly made an effort to train with my subordinate as an opponent.


Then the appointed day.

I wore my favourite sword and armour and waited in the waiting room.

The waiting room for the Knight’s Order and the Imperial Guards were prepared separately, you can feel the consideration around this matter.

The contest right now is roughly 50-50.

The subordinates of the Knight’s Order too acknowledged the opponent’s strength.

It’s a good habit. It’ll be good if the other side would also think like that though.


“Leader, it’s almost time”

“Ah, with the results of the fight between me and my brother, it’ll decide who will be the one to fight against Cougar-dono”

“Please win!”

“Naturally. No need to worry”

“Ah, that’s right. Leader, you like desserts right?”


What is it, so sudden?


“To be honest it’s the other side’s cook, and the chief va.s.sal and king. Not just that, it seems they are treating everyone partic.i.p.ating with dessert.

This is leader’s share.”


What he took out as he said that was something which looked like a cake.

However the material was vastly different.

A dessert combining light yellow and brown triangles.

What is this?


“It seems to be a dessert made from cheese”

“Cheese? This is”


Speaking of cheese, it accompanies alcohol.

Drinking it with wine, the flavours spread throughout your mouth.


“It doesn’t seem like any poison has been added, I’ll have some”

“Yes. This was really good”


Hoh, then I’m looking forward to it.

Holding the plate I received with one hand, using a spoon to cut through to the base and moved it to me mouth.


I paused.


What is this? Is this really cake!?

What spread through my mouth was indeed a flavour of cheese. But there’s also something I don’t know in it.

I get that that’s the secret to the sweetness but, I still don’t understand what that is.

Then I was surprised.

By the fact that this doesn’t use that much sugar.

It was something that famous dessert shops would definitely use, sugar. As a high cla.s.s seasoning, I believed that only by using a large amount of it is the real pleasure of desserts.

However what about this. A harmony brought forth by the natural sweetness of cheese and an orderly arrangement of sugar.

Even as the viscous substance spreads through my mouth it wasn’t too rich.

The inside of my mouth was constantly melting, the aftertaste was wonderful.

Most likely, there is probably a secret in the base.

It’s mixed with cookie.

However this cookie. It’s not just that.

The flavour and texture is the same but, it’s something completely different. Comparing it with the cookies that I know, this one wins by a world of difference.

After eating this together with the top, the rich taste beautifully melts down.

It’s a wonderful dessert. More so than the dessert that I eat.


That’s when I noticed.


That time, brother was saying that the dessert he was holding is tasty.

I was the one wrong feeling angry that he had soiled my memories.

Brother was holding the dessert that he had confirmed with his eyes and tongue.

That was something not from father but something he had earned as an individual and chose by himself.

He was bringing it as a sign of independence.

How stupid could I have been.

The one who was pathetic, holding onto the past was me.


“Ah, Leader, where are you going!?”


I can’t sit still, eating the entire dessert I started running.

I have to apologize.

To brother, for ridiculing the dessert which was brother’s resolve to live independently.

Without knowing of brother’s resolve, it was my fault clamoring just like a child.

Rushing into the waiting room for the Imperial Guards, brother was eating his dessert all by himself.

Not even surprised at me entering the room, quietly placing the plate onto the table.


“Blitz? I was also thinking of meeting with you”

“Brother, I-”

“That day, the dessert that you brought was the dessert from our memories right”


Brother quietly talked.


“I, remembered after having the fight with you. That that was the dessert that father would buy back every time as a souvenir.

But, I thought admitting fault after shouting like that and apologizing is pathetic so, needless to say I brought up my dignity.

In the end, without even making up. We both married, and even had children. I gave up thinking that we could never restore our relationship

But then this dessert.”


“The desserts that I had thought was delicious were in the end nothing more than clumps of sugar.

But, the dessert that you brought were more than just delicious.

Memories. Pleasant memories pulled up the taste of that dessert.

Indeed, the tastes of childhood is something irreplaceable”

“No. I wasn’t able to see brother’s resolve.

Clinging to my memories, I didn’t realise brother was walking forward, standing with your own feet.

The one at fault is me. That’s why”


I bow,


“I’m sorry!”


I was finally able to apologize.


“If it’s like that, then I too must apologize.

Sorry. Blitz”


It felt like tears would fall.

Not because brother was lowering his head and apologizing to me.

It’s because once again, after several decades he has called out my name.

Absolutely, happy.


“Blitz, I was thinking of forfeiting the contest between us”

“W-why brother”

“Listen. There is already no reason for us to fight. Even this contest was held for the sake of resolving the conflicts between each other.

In that case, since the two of us brothers have reconciled. There’s no need for us to fight”


Exactly. That’s exactly right.

This very contest’s purpose was to restore our relationship.

In that case, it doesn’t hold anymore meaning since we have already restored it.


“Rather than that Blitz. This dessert was truly delicious”

“What’s up suddenly?”

“Well about the cook who made this. Don’t you think of wanting him”


Seeing my brother grinning shadily, I realised his intention.


“I see. If we combine our strengths”

“We could even win against Cougar-dono. At that time it’ll be fine to take the cook”


We console the contest judge and so now it’s our common goal to fight with Cougar-dono.

Standing next to each other on that stage, it really reminds me of that time.

It was fun, my childhood.

While I was thinking of that, Cougar-dono appeared in front of us.

A person with a thin frame. Indeed he is rather handsome but, I can’t see him being a person capable to achieving a hundred kills at all.

However, we can’t be careless.

The vigor released from this person. Isn’t it overwhelming.


“My apologies, Cougar-dono. I am the leader of the Knight’s Order, Blitz Rinbal”

“Commander of the Imperial Guards, Hill Rinbal”

“I am Cougar. I have nothing like a t.i.tle though”

“No, by chance in the previous battle, I was able to see your fight”

“No doubt a fierce G.o.d fitting for a man of war.”


That’s right, even though I’m in doubt I’ve seen it.

At that fight, taking up the position right in the middle of the battlefield, the overwhelming strength of Cougar-dono slaying enemies indifferently.


“Alone, there is no way that we can oppose you who is like a fierce G.o.d so, it has become that I am partic.i.p.ating alongside my brother.”

“Please allow this, Cougar-dono. We too have a pride. Even if you say it’s cowardly facing two people, we cannot be allowed to lose”


The leader of the Knight’s Order and the commander of the Imperial Guards.

Since these two are fighting for the same cause, without fail they must win this battle.


“Furthermore, I’d like to make an agreement”

“What is the favour, that you wish to ask in this situation”

“I acknowledge this is more than shameless. The mysterious dessert received in the waiting room. I heard that that was made by the your cook.”

“If we win, we would like to claim that chef”

“That dessert was wonderful. To the extent of mending our feud”

“Being the case, I would like to welcome your chef to cook for our country”


At that moment, Cougar-dono’s haki swelled up.

This is blood-thirst. I could sense the terrible pressure.

This is the vigor of the man of a hundred kills!


“Alright. But”


Cougar-dono raises his sword overhead.


“Only if you win!”


He gave his verdict.

“…..Older Brother”

“Un, an incredible vigor. Rather it might be demon force”


Me and my brother both get in stance.

Rynbal-ryu Magic Sword style, Demon Raising.

Strengthening our body’s abilities and our sword, a basic technique of Rynbal-ryu.

I was the first to kick off the ground.

From behind, the feeling of my feet disappears from the ground, aiming a lunge at Cougar-dono’s throat.

Rynbal-ryu Zeppuuka. (TL: Absolute Wind Thrust)

Releasing all my power thrusting at one point intensively, the fastest attack of Rynbal-ryu.

If you can dodge it then show me!




That one word.

Cougar-dono’s word.

Instantly, the sword which was supposed to be over his head disappears.




The sword swung at a speed which can be called G.o.dspeed hacked my sword right in half.




With a speed faster than my fastest lunge, Cougar-dono had slashed downwards.

It was just that. However it wasn’t normal.

Vanishing without a reflection from my sight, not knowing when and without any feedback, my sword which had been strengthened with magic was bisected.

There’s no way!

From my frantic side brother attacks.

Rynbal-ryu Naginagare. (TL: Weed Cutter)

A vicious attack where in fact in moment of sweeping the sword horizontally, the trajectory can be changed to either up or down.

Having already released the technique, it should hit Cougar-dono.

However, I saw it.

The power flow springing forth from Cougar-dono’s ankle, transmitting to the sword with absolutely no hesitation.

That result. With an upward slash that also held the speed of G.o.d, brother’s sword was bisected.


“N-no way”


In the s.p.a.ce of time where we had lost our weapons.

Cougar-dono made sure of it, drawing out his short sword, pointing the two swords at our throats.


“Still want to continue?”


There’s no way we could keep continuing.

Losing our weapons, our life and death at the other’s mercy.

We could only surrender.


“It’s my victory. Give up on the matter about the chef”


At the end Cougar-dono gave us a warning,

and jumped off from the stage.


In the end it ended with our loss.

After we were reprimanded by the Shogun but, looking at us he seemed to be relieved.

Like it was good that we restored our relationship.

Later, after as practice to unite the Knight’s Order and Imperial Guards, a banquet was opened.

Although a lot of things happened at the contest, seeing me and my brother’s bond, slowly the hostility is softening.

As expected a superior’s att.i.tude can even negatively affect subordinates, was what I had learnt.

After that, our respective families even deepened their friendships.

Meeting with our wife and kids, even the chances to have friendly talks increased.


“Do you know, Blitz. Apart from us, I heard the chief va.s.sals maneuvered to headhunt that cook.”

“What? Really”

“Ah, but looking at our contest, it seems they lost that motivation. They wouldn’t know what sort of revenge would wait for them if they performed some dodgy business with that way too abnormal mercenary corp as an opponent.


That’s true, I agreed.

Cougar-dono’s strength was abnormal. It indeed humanity.


In the early morning we were training.

I don’t want to lose like that anymore.

Naturally, I won’t forget that dessert.

Just that not being able to eat that Cheesecake is disappointing.


Oritol’s trial contest remained as an event in history.

It was where the ultimate technique of Kuugaryu Gouken Style was awakened.

Ougi・ Amanedachi (TL: Ultimate Technique・Heaven Severer)

An ultimate technique worthy of Gouken Style, it was just swinging your sword, displaying your body’s capabilities and body manipulation to the maximum.

However what happens when those learning Kuugaryu are required to display their maximum capabilities.

The result is, it becomes a strong sword completely cutting through swords and armour.

Cougar Yanagi gained that insight in this contest, mastering it at the end of his training.

The founder’s Heaven Severer, if swung on the battlefield is said to be a sword capable of even splitting the clouds in the sky.

The opponent’s Rynbal-ryu Magic Sword Style later closed it’s doors, and slowly came to a close in history.

However, that Magic Sword Style was included into Kuugaryu, preserving it’s thread of life.

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