Cook of the Mercenary Corp c17

 8, Cheesecake of Attraction (Part 2)


Recently the people who have been coming to talk with Shuri is increasing.

Under the orders of Ganglabe, I took to monitoring the subordinates. Some of them were also at such a blunt distance, and after I talk to those guys, there were those who wanted to secretly lure him away and handing money to him.

Those people were obviously being punished without a question but, Shuri didn’t notice it at all. If possible it’ll be good if he continues to not notice.

Such a shoddy plan, if that guy was to know he’ll probably be hurt.


Changing my name from Infantry Commander to Infantry Great Commander, at this time today when it was being circulated that Cougar is amazing.

I was feeling a little depressed.

Why’s that? It’s pretty simple.

Recently, Riru-chan and Ahrius have been quarreling.

Naturally, if it’s just an argument I’ll stay out of it. It’s not good to stick your head into it as well. My principle is not to get involved until the people concerned come for a discussion.

Except… Having a fight around dessert is childish right?


“Ahrius. Riru made this tool. The first to sample is obviously Riru”

“Riru. You almost everyday make your favourite Hamburg Steak to eat right? In that case, isn’t it fine for me to sample and eat the things that I like this time?

“Ahrius, you eat so much Boiled Tofu. If you eat dessert you’ll get fat”

“Back at you Riru, eating so much Hamburg Steak, your stomach is going to come out”


Scary. Must I get involved in this battlefield which stemmed from such a pointless fight.

The origin to this, is Shuri.

Because since making contact with the Newbyst’s merchant, and getting our hands on the ingredients market, we were able to obtain eggs, flour and sugar.

At that time Shuri tried making Tamagoyaki as a test.

The two kinds, one made from sugar and the other made from stock, I had also tried it but the one made from stock tasted better. Sugar was just a bit too sweet.

Ganglabe and Teg were on the stock team. But Riru-chan and Ahrius were on the sugar team.

My troops were also divided into the stock team and sugar team, having disputes over which is more delicious day and night. It’s pointless so I don’t partic.i.p.ate. Tamagoyaki is best with stock. Naturally I don’t say this out loud. I don’t want to be involved in this argument.

That’s when Shuri blurted out.


He wants to make desserts he says.


Desserts. The desserts that I know are way too sweet. A sweetness you can’t even compare with Tamagoyaki. So sweet it’ll give you heartburn.

The value of desserts is decided by the amount of sugar used. If a large amount of sugar is used in the making, it’s considered to be luxurious.

However, it’s so sweet that you don’t want to eat it. That’s how the common people see it. Those who take it out obviously have a reputation like royalty or feudal lords.

Riru-chan or Ahrius etc are just like girls and like desserts. Even one candy would have them in high spirits. Honestly speaking, I don’t understand how that tastes good at all.

Anyhow, when the parts necessary for dessert making were gathered to build, the two of them started fighting for the eating order. Ganglabe escaped early, and gave the order for me to take control of the situation. My killing intent erupted.

By the way Teg wanting to stop them took on a knockdown. It was a beautiful kidney blow. He’s probably dead. Even though he’s twitching.


“The two of you. Calm down. Isn’t it fine to just make two and eating it together?”

“But, desserts are made one by one right?”

“Right, this is war. The first dessert, the Holy War around the very first bite”

“Here stands the reconquista”


So, pointless.

Such an exaggerated speech but, basically you guys just want to eat it first.

As I was worrying that I can’t stop this, Shuri forced his way through the two of them holding a ladle in one hand.


“The two of you. It’s about time you end this”

“Shuri, this is war. Don’t obstruct”

“Exactly, this is our fight. Please don’t get involved”

“Then it won’t get involved either, dessert. I’ll stop making it”

“Ahrius, let’s eat it together”

“Indeed. The world needs ‘Love & Peace’”


I saw the gates where people have their stomach stolen, they who possess unsightly faithlessness.


Even though I felt uncomfortable thinking of the two of them who in the end acted as if there was no fight from the beginning, it was a rare chance so I joined them as well.

By the way Ganglabe told me to bring some to him later and Teg was eyeing us from a distance whilst training. You guys, just come normally.

What he took out was sugar, flour, cheese, egg and b.u.t.ter. As well as a biscuit-like dessert which he says he made before as practise.

There’s only one thing which was quite strange.

It was white and fluffy, something mysterious.


“Shuri, I know this is flour but, what’s this white and fluffy thing?”

“This? This is fresh cream. Making this was quite tough”


While he says this, he breaks the biscuit into tiny pieces and mixes it with the b.u.t.ter, and pressed it together for some reason.

There he relied on Ahrius and chilled it.

And then he started to mix nothing but the cheese, fresh cream, sugar and eggs.

What exactly is he doing.


“Shuri, what’s that?”

“Haa, haa, this, is, something, made, like, this”


His breath was like it’s dying out.

After an appropriate time had pa.s.sed, when it seemed to be finally done, he adds in the flour and gives it one stir.

Then he pours the earlier pressed biscuit into it, and baked it in the newly made oven.

After a little while it was done.


“I want this to cool down so, another day”


The two girls made an impressive face as if the world was ending.


Later, we were called to the ceremony of Oritol.

The reason being to be guests at the trial match between the Oritol Imperial guards and Knight’s Order.

However, properly speaking there is no reason for us to be called. Naturally, we played an active role at the previous defense at Salt Highway and it was thanks to us that they won.

But behind that information, the Oritol Imperial guards and Knight’s Order seem to have a bad relationship, and this official match was made to settle this.

No matter how they differ, the Commander of the Imperial Guards and Knight’s Order are brothers. Both of them are considerable experts. I hear that their magic and swordsmanship are top grade as well.

When Shuri heard that, he said that it would be good if they could work together.


“It would be easier if everyone thought like Shuri”

“That’s true. By the way, what’s the reason they’re calling us to that ceremony”

“Do you remember? Last year, there was that battle about the right for Salt Highway.

We were invited as guests to the martial arts contest this time because they weren’t able to thank us for that.”

“Somehow, it seems like they’re calling dibs”

“Exactly. Inviting in our corp as guests, appealing to the public that they are friendly with us may be their purpose.

Be careful. Because the possibility that they are aiming for Shuri, also exists”


Wanting to be on friendly terms with our corp are royal affairs after all.

The Knight’s Order and Imperial Guards wholeheartedly want to beat me down.

This time, I will be taking part in this contest via the trial match.

So will the commanders of the Knight’s Order and the Imperial Guards.

To perceive the contest, I understand that no matter who’s subordinates they are, even they will train with suitable practice.

I wonder if they can defeat me, even though these commanders are only leading that kind of troops.

The contest was closing in and I came to the waiting room.

Far away I could see the visitor stands.

But for some reason, Shuri was also here.


“It’s almost time”

“Ah, it doesn’t matter who I fight but it depends on how the other moves”

“I too have something I want to ask of Ganglabe-san”

“Hou, what is it”

“At the trial contest, I’m told to make a very important dessert”


Hoh, is it about the thing he made the other day?

Shuri took out several of those, cut a section out and handed it to me.

Far away, it seems that the visitor stands have been distributed with the same.

The cut out section was a strange triangular shape.

Somehow it seems like the yellow and brown triangles have combined together.


“For now, I came because I wanted Cougar-san to sample this.”

“This is… cheese? Speaking of cheese, I can only think of it as something to accompany alcohol.”


Cheese for the side of alcohol. That’s irresistible.

Speaking of which, previously Riru said that if cheese and hamburg steak were combined it would bring forth Apocalypse. I didn’t really understand though.

Cutting it with a spoon to try, a mysterious feeling came again.


“This is… hard on the bottom and slightly soft on the top”

“Cutting through it with a spoon from the top, together with the lower base. Eat it together”


I see, this is something you eat together with the base and the cheese.

Cutting off a piece with enthusiasm I bring it to my mouth, I was surprised.


It’s sweet, but it’s not too strong.


However the sweetness coming from the cheese and cream was there. The biscuit and b.u.t.ter too.

That’s not all to this desserts sweetness.

First, the above section had a texture as if it was melting.

Light and fluffy, fleeting as if crumbles on your tongue.

But if you bite it, the texture is there.

This is the texture born from the bottom base.

On the top was the duo existence of a faint sweetness and melting texture.

On the bottom was a well cooked texture and a sweetness which lasts for only a light moment.

The desserts being circulated around the town here can’t even reach the feet of this one.

No doubt, top quality taste.


“This is… absolutely delicious. I had thought it was obvious that when you say that desserts are sweet.”

“This hardly uses any sugar. You’re savouring the original deliciousness of cheese and flour.”

“So that’s how it is. I like this dessert”


It’s not a lie and I don’t even need to hold back on it.

I really do like this dessert.

Even if you use ridiculous amounts of sugar, a dessert this delicious and this sweet doesn’t exist.

It’s the best dessert to be eaten by someone who doesn’t like sweets like myself.

Incidentally the two girls were eating this with a bewitched face.

That, there’s no doubt that was done by request.


“By the way, was this dessert distributed to everyone?”

“Yes, to the Imperial Guards and the Knight’s Order, even to the chief va.s.sals and king”


Hou, they’re able to eat something so good.

Somehow it feels like I’m full of power, in my best condition.


Carrying my sword on my shoulders I got up onto the stage but for some reason the commanders of both the Imperial Guards and Knight’s Order were standing in front of me.

I sent a gaze to Ganglabe to ask if anything was wrong, and he replied awkwardly with a ‘sorry’ gesture.


“My apologies, Cougar-dono. I am the leader of the Knight’s Order, Blitz Rinbal”

“Commander of the Imperial Guards, Hill Rinbal”

“I am Cougar. I have nothing like a t.i.tle though”

“No, by chance in the previous battle, I was able to see your fight”

“No doubt a fierce G.o.d fitting for a man of war.”


The red haired with a close crop was muscular like a boulder, Blitz and the one with his hair tied back as if he was delicate willow, Hill.

The two were opposites but their strengths were being transmitted keenly.


“Alone, there is no way that we can oppose you who is like a fierce G.o.d so, it has become that I am partic.i.p.ating alongside my brother.”

“Please allow this, Cougar-dono. We too have a pride. Even if you say it’s cowardly facing two people, we cannot be allowed to lose”


Well, that is how royalty operates.


“Furthermore, I’d like to make an agreement”

“What is the favour, that you wish to ask in this situation”

“I acknowledge this is more than shameless. The mysterious dessert received in the waiting room. I heard that that was made by the your cook.”


It’s about Shuri huh.


“If we win, we would like to claim that chef”




“That dessert was wonderful. To the extent of mending our feud”

“Being the case, I would like to welcome the chef for him to cook in our country”


…I shut up and looked at Ganglabe.

That sign was the one to get them with all my strength.


“Alright. But,”


With my sword in an overhead stance.


“Only if you win!”


I declared.

Shuri is our family.

I won’t give him to anybody. I won’t let anyone take him.

It’s only because of his cooking that I can stand here.

Imitating something like selling out family is something I won’t do.

I won’t forgive those who want to steal him.


“…..Older Brother”

“Un, an incredible vigor. Rather it might be demon force”


Blitz and Hill both set up their swords.

Then kicking off the ground in one go separately.

Blitz reached me first, aiming with his sword, stabbing towards my throat.




Freely manipulating the limits of my technique and body,

placing the greatest weight on the sword,

swinging it in one breath!!




The sword swung at a speed capable of being called G.o.dspeed, hacked the opponent’s sword right in half.




In the moment that Blitz was panicking, Hill came with a horizontal slash.

The sword was swung downwards.

Rotating from the ankles to his knees.

From knees to waist.

From waist to shoulder.

Completely following from his shoulder to his arms.

Once again ending in G.o.dspeed, chopping Hill’s sword from midway.


“N-no way”


Before the two could counterattack I drew out my small sword hanging from my waist, thrusting my swords towards both of their throats.


“Still want to continue?”


The two of them made the sign to resign.

The judge gave the signal to end.


“It’s my victory. Give up on the matter about the chef”


Without delay I give them a warning and jumped down from the stage.



Later, it was something I heard from Ganglabe.

It seems the two of them had already used magic.

It seems their sword and body abilities were strengthened but, it appears that I, who can’t use magic, came to slash through magic.

It also seems that among the chief va.s.sals they wanted to headhunt Shuri but immediately stayed hidden after seeing my match.

Even I was surprised.

At the time, to prevent Shuri from being stolen, I used all my power and technique from my body and, that slash.

Undoubtedly the strongest full throttle slash that I can release.


At the pinnacle of my training, I was able to obtain that.

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