Cook of the Mercenary Corp c16

8, Cheesecake of Attraction (Part 1)


Recently I’ve been talking more with the troops.

Somehow my cooking has gained a surprising popularity, and they seem to came to see what kind of guy made that, becoming friendly with me along the way.

I’m thankful that my close friends are increasing.

My subordinates too, in the beginning they would say this and that but after eating my cooking they wanted to call me Sensei.

Sensei… I’m not such a great character like that but. I wanted them to call me something else but, they stubbornly refused. Couldn’t do anything about it so I accepted. This is also fate.


It’s Shuri. Cooking with the new knife is fun nowadays.

Somehow the sharpness as well as the ease-of-use is good, Ganglabe-san looks bitter but I’m pleased with it. The insignia on the back of the blade is also pretty cool.

Now then, I’ve already been cooking here for over a year already. There’s something I want to challenge.

Making desserts.

Around the time when we had also guaranteed our food supply market, it’s become that we can get sugar and eggs. So I tried making some Tamagoyaki for Ahrius-san.


“It’s sweet…. this is egg!?”

“Yes. I also made some omelettes but, which do you like more?”

“Hn… yes… it’s difficult to say which but if I had to say, the sugar”

“What if I said, using this I can make a new type of dessert”

“I’m the best at sampling food. Is that ok?”


With such overwhelming vigor and despairing difference in power, I could do nothing but nod in agreement.

By the way it seems like the subordinates who heard this conversation unreasonably blamed Ahrius-san. It’s not my fault.

However in order to make sweets, there are a variety of necessary things.

Obviously ingredients for one, measurements, sieves, an oven as well as a variety of necessary tools. Making sweets is a contest of accurate amounts and time.

Therefore I tried talking about it with Riru-san.


“So basically, it’s necessary for making desserts”

“I’ll do it”

“Ah, yes”

“Once you’re done Riru is first. OK?”

“That is… well…”



When I was urged by that vigor and began nodding, Ahrius-san’s intrusion problem managed to be avoided.

It’s begun to develop into an unreasonable fight but, when I want to say that I can’t do it, suddenly I smile and shake her hand with friendly appeal. In that sudden development, my reasoning went over my head.

In the end, I had various tools made for me.


Later that day, we were called in to a certain ceremony.

This time it was a martial art compet.i.tion which developed because of an argument between the Imperial Guards Squad and the Knight’s Order.

According to Ganglabe-san’s information, the Knight’s Order are the sole protectors of the country’s defense, whereas the imperial guards are responsible are guarding the capital and the last wall of defense.

I hear that it seems to be about whose social position is more important.

Haha, it’s a funny story.

Both of them are indispensable which is why they exists and there’s no doubt that having both at hand is a wonderful thing.


“If everyone thought like Shuri, it’d probably be easier”

“That’s true. By the way, what’s the reason they called us to that ceremony”

“Do you remember? Last year, there was that battle about the right for Salt Highway.

We were invited as guests to the martial arts contest this time because they weren’t able to thank us for that.”

“Somehow, it seems like they’re calling dibs”

“Exactly. Inviting in our corp as guests, appealing to the public that they are friendly with us may be their purpose.

Be careful. Because the possibility that they are aiming for Shuri, also exists”


This isn’t like Cougar-san.

This time, Cougar-san is the representative of the guests to be in a trial contest.

It seems his opponent is the leader of the Knight’s Order and the commander of the Imperial Guards. I hear that the last one standing fights with the winner of this contest.

The trial contest is in the courtyard of the contest, operating on the private stage they made.


“It’s almost time”

“Ah, it doesn’t matter who I fight but it depends on how the other moves”

“I too have something I want to ask of Ganglabe-san”

“Hou, what is it”

“At the trial contest, I’m told to make a very important dessert”


That’s right, in this world things called desserts can only be eaten by royalty, and it seems that that is an extremely luxurious food.

That’s when I decided to make a Cheesecake.


“For now, I came because I wanted Cougar-san to sample this.”

“This is… cheese? Speaking of cheese, I can only think of it as something to accompany alcohol.”


Cheese is an all-purpose ingredient, good for food, good for dessert.

When I make this into Cheese Hamburg Steak, Riru-san will be even more addicted to it.


“This is… hard on the bottom and slightly soft on the top”

“Cutting through it with a spoon from the top, together with the lower base. Eat it together”


Cougar-san tried it, and ate it in one bite.


“This is… absolutely delicious. I had thought it was obvious that when you say that desserts are sweet.”

“This hardly uses any sugar. You’re savouring the original deliciousness of cheese and flour.”

“So that’s how it is. I like this dessert”


It seems that Cougar-san is full of vigor, that’s good.


When I distributed the Cheesecake at the trial contest, the Knight’s Order as well as the Imperial Guards, the royalty and chief va.s.sals also seemed to like it.


“It sure is delicious, this dessert”

“It goes well with black tea”

“True. Who here made this?”

“The guests invited today, it seems it was made by Ganglabe-dono’s cook”

“Well, well…”


For some reason Ganglabe-san is talking with the chief va.s.sals but it doesn’t really concern me so I devoted myself as the waiter.


By the way at the trial contest, Cougar-san fought with both the Knight’s Order and the Imperial Guard’s leader and commander, and he won with just two swings.

It isn’t the work of men to kill so many with a sword.


(TL: Recipes – Tamagoyaki:


Just a cheesecake and just an egg but I thought why not~)

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