Cook of the Mercenary Corp c14

 7, Mapo Tofu of Unreasonable Demand (Part 2)


The start to our dreams was sudden. It’s beginning is something future generations won’t know.

I desperately live and fight seeing the corp become bigger and comrades increasing.

For the sake of these guys, I think I want to struggle towards the dream.

Since Shuri has joined the corp, a year has pa.s.sed already.

Before I knew it my mercenary corp became a large family of over a thousand.

My childhood friends as commanding officers all have vice-commanders to support them.

Fortunately I have the ability to maintain such a large force, somehow making it what it is today.

I think the main reason is Shuri’s cooking.

The guys who join our corp always drop their complaints. Working cheaply or something or other like that.

However they retract their comments when they notice that the provided meals are delicious to that extent. It’s because they remembered they had money saved for drinking in town.

Well of course, I think when one the expenses are taken care of they would also save up some money. I also only just started to happily save up the money I used for drinking. I have no where to use it.

And I try asking Shuri.


“Then how about giving Ahrius-san a ring as proof of betrothal.”

“A ring?”

“Yes. The place I was from, uses a ring as proof of betrothal and to propose. It’s seems to be that if it’s the ring finger on the left hand then it’s for marriage, if it’s the right ring finger then it means you have a person you swore the future with”


This is the scales from your eyes thing.

I decided to prepare an amazing ring to surprise her.


And now, this time’s battle.

It is the battle between the country of Newbyst who owns the woodlands of Newbyst where food and medicinal resources are abundant and Yuyubi where mineral resources are abundant.

I gave Shuri a rough explanation but, in this battle there’s a whole crowd of deceitful strategies.

Originally Yuyubi proposed a marriage alliance with the royalty of Newbyst.

However the ore resources will eventually dry out. However if you leave the woodland resources alone it’s possible to gather again.

According to the alliance, the profits on Newbyst’s side are few, on the other hand according to Yuyubi because they expected to take excessively from the woodland resources, Newbyst refused this.

And then having the royal engagement one-sidedly revoked, after the angry Yuyubi made a declaration of war, the battle started.

If the engagement succeeds the resources would be s.n.a.t.c.hed away brazenly, if it’s refused then utterly destroying and s.n.a.t.c.hing away each of the former territories as justice.

Naturally Yuyubi didn’t think Newbyst would do something like surrender. A territory which has access to mineral resources also has a large quant.i.ty of high quality armour. It’s at a point where they can usually win 70% of the time.

Yuyubi must be looking down on us during negotiations.

In the beginning, the one who requested us mercenaries was Yuyubi. Recently our mercenary corp has been invincible and undefeated. We are famous as the mercenary corp no one wants to meet the most even on the battlefield.

However, Yuyubi came to tell us they want to hire us extremely cheap.

If we win they guarantee the mineral resources and weapons for us, of course.

b.a.s.t.a.r.ds underestimating us. Our corp already had no problem with the weapons and armour and such. The course of obtaining mineral resources and because we’ve been able to accept the lending of merchants, we don’t need armours and such.

And compared to those s.h.i.t things, the performance of the things that Riru make are better by far.


“How is it Riru? Yuyubi’s armours”

“It’s made with reasonable metallurgy technique. But, if it’s just this then even Riru can manufacture it”


“Rather, after seeing this once and using it, I can make something even better.

In exchange for a hamburg steak, ok?”


Hamburg steak when she made the large portable stove and when she made the cauldron.

I just received a warning from Shuri saying, ‘The reckless consumption of beef is severe’


“It’s about time you separate from the hamburg steak. Even Shuri is feeling troubled”

“That deliciousness, I’m not giving up. That’s Riru’s JUSTICE!!!”


With Riru’s drive and Hannya-like expression, I had no choice but to give up.



In any case, I’m not planning to fight alongside those guys who looked down on us.

There’s no profit even in allying with Yuyubi so we decided to ally with Newbyst.

Because the royalty of Newbyst had a high chance of losing their own country, we were happily welcomed.

Well of course, the more allies the better.

And Newbyst is abundant with food resources and merchants as well as fellows trading food. I plan to maintain this market of opportunity.


This battle ended with victory.

The opponents were relying on weapons, and quickly retreat after we attacked them because they despised at our youth.

Well, it seems those Yuyubi b.a.s.t.a.r.ds somehow secretly tried to lure away our Cougar, which is just right.

If Cougar gets out onto the front lines being invincible, stampeding through and dominating fear over the opponent.

Take that.

If we win we receive an additional reward.

Up to that point, it was just as planned.

Because the other two mercenary corps were also operating reasonably well, I was expecting to receive an additional reward.

But, something unexpected happened.


During the audience.

Producing an atmosphere which imitated the woodlands, the unique architectural style in the audience, was where Me and Shuri sat waiting.

By the way if you ask why I brought along Shuri, it just happened.

What happened was that I felt that it might turn out smoothly if I brought him along.


“I thank you people for your work. You have won this battle wonderfully, and protected this holy forest. I shall pay the additional reward”


Yes, just as planned.

I want to hurry up and go to negotiate with the merchant.


“However, only one mercenary corp will be paid”




“There is a condition. Even with only your people’s rewards, my territory’s wealth is quite limited. With that, I will only pay the one who satisfies these conditions.”


The other mercenary corp’s seemed to want to complain but, I was able to guess the circ.u.mstances immediately.

Indeed, this country’s wealth is limited. Since the time the battle was decided to begin, from the nation to the royal family had been simple and frugal. In order to survive everyone had to band together.

As a result they are successful in hiring three mercenary corps.

But they did not have the ability to pay the additional rewards.

In order for my situation to be guessed, I got my peace of mind.

For the sake of getting a peace of mind I was sympathizing with my situation.

However the other stupid mercenary corps are straining themselves looking for a way to take advantage of the situation.

Long-term stability. It’s said that that’s the basics for business and mercenaries.

But this royal family is nicer and smarter compared to that.

Even though it would’ve been fine if they had just finished with greetings and rewards, they decided to pay something additional with fair price.

I had a good feeling about that.


“Our daughter is a gourmet. However, recently she is unable to be satisfied by normal food.

Therefore if you people can cook up something satisfactory, I shall pay the additional rewards to that corp.”


We won!

I did the guts pose in my heart.

Who case about the other corps, we have a Shuri.

Taking advantage of this we would probably be able to connect with the royal family and earn their backing.

Kukuku, let’s take up this opportunity.

That girl, the princess was a young girl.

A beautiful girl complete with golden hair behind her. Wearing this territory’s unique clothing.

My eyes were a bit unyielding.

I’m not quite sure why but, my feet were being fidgety. Is this restless legs syndrome?


“What we wish to eat is something, sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, and delicious.

Show me what you got”


What… was that?

I have no idea. There’s no way something like that would taste good!

Those other d.a.m.n corps were also troubled by this. Well of course.

Some c.r.a.p which satisfies all those tastes, there’s no way that would taste good!

But Shuri wasn’t worried at all.


We, who moved to the kitchen, was about to immediately start cooking.

The other corps, everyone had a sad expression. Like they are challenging a losing battle.


“Shuri, can you do it?”


As expected, to this time’s challenge, even I couldn’t help but worry about Shuri.

Something delicious which satisfies all the tastes, I can’t even imagine that.


“Um, I’m not too familiar with it but, well I know the gist of it”


… No way?



“Well, it’s quite a unique dish though”


Unique, you say?

I wonder if he needs my help.


“Is there anything I can help with?”

“Then can you please tell Ahrius-san that tomorrow’s Boiled Tofu will have to be postponed.”

“That… seems a little difficult”


Recently Ahrius was addicted to Boiled Tofu.

She was happy that it’s delicious, won’t make you fat, good for your health, and good for your skin.

I’ve noticed that our female subordinates’ skin texture improved.


“Please try. This dish uses tofu as the main ingredient so, we can’t start without tofu”


Tofu? This dish uses tofu you say?


“Well I’ll make it now”


What he took out was spring onions and minced beef, tofu and j.a.panese pepper with garlic and ginger, creates a seasoning made from mixing it with a large amount of sugar and alcohol, mysterious white liquid and a mysterious dark red seasoning.

This is spicy just to look at, this is the seasoning? Speaking of which, there was a time where Shuri managed to cram various ingredients into small bottles. Was this that?

Shuri took out the portable stove and pot then started to fry the minced beef and tofu with spring onions.

It was just shaking the pot, and stirring it around a bit with the ladle he took out, so saying frying seems a little wrong.

I asked before, it seems to be a technique called ‘Stir-frying’.

Flavouring it with the mysterious white liquid and the dark red strange seasoning, adding the j.a.panese pepper then cooking it again, it looks complete.

The finished product was a mysterious dish of red liquid.


“This looks pretty spicy though…”

“It’s spicy if you aren’t used to it. However, once you’re addicted to it you would be deeply moved by all the flavours”



It really didn’t seem like that but Shuri was full of confidence, so I believed him.


Returning back to the audience, it was after all the other mercenary’s corps had already brought back dishes.

Looking at the princess, she was angry from head to toe.




With vigor like she could toss the plate.

Even seeing it from afar, I could only see c.r.a.p dishes. That would definitely taste bad.


“Princess. Our chef, Shuri has prepared a dish. Please enjoy”

“You’re the last ones huh…”


I guess the previous dishes were just way too bad. The princess’s anger is justifiable. However she’s completely exhausted from having continued eating bad cooking.

But to Shuri that anger seemed like nothing special. He brought out his mysterious dish without a care.

With a gulp the princess’ expression changed.


“What, is this”

“Mapo Tofu”


I see, it’s name is Maapou Toufu.

I’ve never heard of such a dish.


“Maa… what?”

“Please try it. It’s delicious”


Liar. It’s obviously spicy.

If it’s bad your head will fly you know. Isn’t he scared?

The princess timidly scooped up a spoon and ate it.

She pauses, and looked like she was about to cry.


“H-h-hot, so hot!”


It’s spicy after all!

This is bad, the surrounding guards look like their about to draw their swords.

If this was going to happen it would’ve been good to bring Cougar along.

Cold sweat wouldn’t stop flowing.


“Little princess, please savour it a bit more”


While she’s in agony from the spiciness, she closed her eyes as if to somehow endure it.

Doing so, she seemed to be surprised?


“…It’s sweet?”


What!? Sweet?!


“That’s the sweetness of tofu”


Tofu, I see. That is indeed the sweetness of the original bean.


“And sour”

“One of the flavours of Doubanjiang”

“Its also… bitter”

“Cause it’s been heated thoroughly in the pot”

“Lastly, spicy”

“It’s the j.a.panese pepper and Doubanjiang”


Amazing, it’s been planned up to here.

The entire process and all the ingredients reinforce the flavour, letting it cook, and letting it finish.

Amazing technique. Being able to even do this, this guy!

The princess also got used to the spiciness and is eating heartily.

It is like she’s entranced by how delicious it is.


“Good! So good!”

“Please wipe away your sweat while eating.

I thought it was just right for the chilly Princess.”


… Chilly?



“After coming here, my feet have been constantly moving because of the cold, so that’s what I thought”


So those fidgeting legs were because of the cold!

During noon, like now, the inside of this building was warm.

But, females probably have it tough.

Speaking of which Ahrius too, I remember that she sighed that she was troubled by the chill from her hands and feet.

It seems that is something peculiar to females, I hear that it’s quite painful during night or places where the sun doesn’t shine.

That was something he only saw a little and actually noticed it!

The princess was also shocked but she smiled.

A warm body, and she also ate something delicious.

With this the additional rewards are ours!


“You have piqued my interest. Become our chef!”

“Ah, I can’t do that”


Just when I was ecstatic something unthinkable happened, and from that unthinkable matter something even more unthinkable happened.

In a single moment I went through a battlefield.


In the end, preventing Shuri’s recruitment was successful.

We got our additional rewards and the Food Sales route was also in our grasp. Accommodation was also received.

However we can’t be careless.

That princess’ attachment regarding Shuri is strong. I don’t know where or when she’ll recruit him or take strong measures and kidnap him.

I had no choice but to give him Cougar and Teg’s troops to protect him.

Geez, what a headache.


“Ganglabe-san, I’ve troubled you”

“Ah? No helping it. Your cooking is just that charming”

“Is that so. Ah, so that the princess can eat it whenever she wants, I’ve left behind the recipe and seasoning.”


“No well, as long as you know the method, you can create it even without a portable stove. I also gave them various recipes on it’s applications, now we can move out”


Indeed, it’s true if the princess is satisfied, the probability that she would do something reckless would also lower.

But we can’t be careless.

Royalty are people who attack unknowingly. It’s necessary to be on guard.


However, nothing happened even after a few days.

Rather a thank you letter and a knife with the mark of the royal family was sent over.

Isn’t this just marking him as one of them.

But Shuri is happily using the knife.

I wonder if he understands the meaning of that.

Well, it’s this guy so I feel like it’ll somehow be fine.


By the way, Ahrius was angry.

It seems she really couldn’t forgive the extension for Boiled Tofu.

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