Cook of the Mercenary Corp c12

6, Oden with Everyone・(2nd Half)

Our dreams finally started from here onwards.

Even starting the mercenary corp wasn’t as exciting as this.

I never thought it would be as fun as this.

However this definitely wouldn’t have been accomplished if that guy wasn’t here.

I didn’t believe in things like fate but.

This was probably the thing called fate.

“Ganglabe-san. Didn’t you say it’s no good to waste ingredients?”

“Seriously… I’ll definitely tell those guys properly”

Shuri recovered from his sickness.

The next day it seems like his body condition got better, being revived as a cook.

Of course everyone, my subordinates, and comrades welcomed this. Of course it’s because they can escape from that extremely terrible food!

However I was too optimistic on the outlook. Way too optimistic.

Basically the disposal of the food We neglected to destroy to the evidence.

“This cream stew is not supposed to be burnt to such a brown colour right?”

That was my failure.

Everyone else tried to recreate Shuri’s cooking too, doing this and that by trial and error.

As a result there was a ma.s.s production of filth which couldn’t even be eaten.

Wasting large amounts of ingredients, only waste products which couldn’t be eaten or used as fertiliser were left over.

That kind of evidence. I forgot to hide it.

In my case I tried to make the soup and burnt the ingredients.

Completely burnt.

“No matter what you say it’s black”

“Just stop this please”

“Yea, you’re fired”

Sorry but I’ll make it the other’s fault instead.

Shuri looked like a Hannya.

“Ganglabe-san, it’s useless even if you say that to run away.

In order for Riru-san to make hamburg steak she even sauteed minced beef. Furthermore there was no flavour.

I heard Cougar-san had even burnt himself wanting to create fried horse mackerel. That fish was cut into so many pieces that it was just fried fish b.a.l.l.s.

Ahrius-san didn’t put in any kelp so it was just tofu in water. It’s a boring flavour.

And you Ganglabe-san. You made this cream stew. Then you made it so that it was your subordinates fault, I know.”

I was found out?!

It has to be Riru!

Riru got withdrawal symptoms not being able to eat hamburg steak.

Unable to concentrate on inventing or manufacturing equipment, rolling around all day and moaned “Hamburg… Hamburg steak…”

There and then Shuri swooped down and revived. There and then hamburg steak revived.

That girl antic.i.p.ated this, and friggin exchanged information for a hamburg steak!

“Well… tomorrow night I’m going to make something special”

“What? Special?”

Deep down I was scared of what kind of revenge Shuri would come up with but, he laughed sarcastically.

Something special, he says?

That was the first time Shuri has said that sort of thing.

“Therefore today I’ll be cheap, and even if I cook I’ll make less as a punishment”

“The flavour of your cooking… it’s been a while… making less… you say?”

I-Impossible. If he does such a thing, won’t I get loud protests from my subordinates?

My subordinates as well as my comrades were so happy from Shuri’s revival that they jumped up.

It’s already good not eating bad meals. It’s already good not eating meals that you have no choice to eat until you have to pay.

But this guy’s meals taste good and yet you can’t help but want to eat. The smell and taste reverberates into the empty stomach, making you want to eat more.

And yet there’s less to eat.

This sort of torture. I’ve never ever heard of this…!

I finally noticed after such a long time.

Inside of Shuri’s smile is a red-hot burning flame of anger!

The second night.

My subordinates, comrades, everyone clad in an atmosphere as if they were hungry wolves, and the dinner party opened for business.

It was tough getting to this point.

The criticisms from my subordinates, were appeased by Shuri’s anger and sound argument that the waste of ingredients were because of them. And then came to me with spearheads.

Why couldn’t I persuade him or, why did you do such a thing?

I mean by the time I condemned them saying ‘Wasn’t it your guys fault?’, it was already too late.

In this air full of tension, Riru was l.u.s.ting insatiably after a hamburg steak with an innocent look, burning it into the brain.

Because tomorrow night Shuri’s making his special meal, I persuaded them to wait until then, finally settling the uproar.

Which was why today was arrived peacefully.

“And Shuri? What are you planning?”

Gathering here are the six of us, Shuri, Riru, Cougar, Ahrius, Teg and me.

It seems like we’re cooking on specially made coals and pot.

Today’s dish is probably something special because there’s a gathering of several tens of people setting everything up.

Even Teg was questioning this. Honestly I wanted to know as well.

“Well everyone, for taking care of me when I was sick, thanks again.”

“So distant. Stopping acting so distant between us”

It’s just as Ahrius said.

We already aren’t that distant anymore.

Me, as well as everyone else here. Thinks of Shuri as a comrade.

“In my country’s language there’s a phrase

It’s a phrase that says you must not forget your manners and be considerate of your companion, even to a close friend.

That’s why I think I want to say my thanks properly.”

Considerate, huh.

After I made this mercenary corp, I had forgotten that spirit.

It even keeps friendship green?

Shuri, that means you’ve basically recognised us as close friends.

“Then, what is this dish? How is this been different from before?”


I mean I can’t really say anything because I haven’t opened the lid but, what’s the difference from the cooking up till now?

“This is hot pot cooking”

“Is it similar to Boiled Tofu?”

“No, it’s thicker than that. And becomes this! Everyone open the lid and see for yourselves!”

It’s as if everyone was waiting for Shuri’s long-awaited signal.

Opening the lid together.

This place was enveloped with an irresistible smell.

The ingredients are tofu that’s been fried, egg, daikon, chikuwa, pounded fish cake, some kind of soft meat, and sausage meat.

What an extravagant pot. The smell as well as the colour of the soup was unique.

“This… is tofu? It’s also holds more solid than boiled tofu…”

“Boiled egg huh, such a luxury. The colour’s tainted, soaking in the flavour, su”

From the other tables voices of expectation grew louder.

This looked similar to the boiled tofu that Ahrius ate before but it’s a little different.

This wasn’t as light as that.

It was thicker, as if it’s something that could be seen at some food market.

Well of course. Using just these ingredients, it isn’t something you can eat quickly.

The taste is probably something I can hope for.

“Good, now everyone, let’s eat!”

Ohhh~! shouts all the troops as they started to poke at the pot.

“Then us too. Everyone, please”

“Ah, then I’ll take the sausage, su”

“I say, the chikuwa for me then?”

“I’ll take the fried tofu”


“Then the meat is mine. What meat is this?”


“What? Isn’t that the thing that’s so hard it’s barely edible?”

“Please try it. You’ll definitely be in for a surprise”

Hoh, then I’ll hold expectations for that.

I take the tendons.

Tendons isn’t something you can eat tough.

It’s tough to bite into, and there’s no flavour.

Despite that. There’s a good colour on this thing, and soft. It’s jiggling.

I put it in my mouth full of expectations.

“Boiled egg, hehe”

Riru seems so happy whilst eating both the egg white and egg yolk.

“This thing you call chikuwa, tastes like fish. It has such a strange taste”

Cougar was entranced eating the chikuwa.

By the way, it seems that the inside was stuffed with burdock.

“Fried tofu is different from boiled tofu, the tofu remains in proper shape and it fills you up”

Ahrius ate the fried tofu elegantly.

“This sausage, it’s different from the one in pot-au-feu. Eating it together with the daikon, this is even more delicious, su!”

Teg was nodding as he ate the sausage mixed with the daikon.

“Impossible… this is meat tendons? Not hard. Soft. It’s enjoyable to eat, and the chewy texture is great. The flavour too, is great”

And this meat tendon.

Soft and soaked in flavour, the best.

What’s the best way to make it like this?

Speaking of which he said to wait a day. No way, has this been cooking for a full day?

Did it become soft after having been simmering slowly for a full day with the fire?

Normally you wouldn’t think of this. This isn’t the imperial courts kitchen.

Nevertheless the coal wouldn’t have been half-a.s.sed.

Neither would have the other ingredients. It can’t be delicious to this point with one day.

From what I’ve heard, chikuwa seems to be manufactured and kneaded from minced fish skins.

I’ve never thought of making fish like that intentionally. Because of that, the flavour was impressively delicious.

Soaking in the juice nicely, the flavour from the boiled ingredients were all first cla.s.s.

“Finally! You guys, today let’s have fun drinking alcohol!

It would be a complete waste if there’s no alcohol to accompany this kind of delicious meal!”

Everyone gave a roar of joy.

Well of course. This food definitely matches up with the alcohol.

I also had fun drinking and eating for the first time in a while.

Shuri’s cooking is irresistible as expected.

“As I thought, this corp is nice place.

Finding this corp is my happiness”

Looking at everyone, that’s what Shuri muttered.

Happiness, huh. This is closer to a h.e.l.l where you don’t know when you might die.

Despite this he’s… happy.

“Shuri, will you continue making food for us here from now on?”

“Yes. Until I’m fired, forever. Although I reminisce about my hometown, I belong here after all”

“Is that so? Good”

Fired? There’s probably no way I’ll do that.

If this guy were to be fired, that’s when this mercenary corp gets disa.s.sembled.

Right now, the one keeping this mercenary corp alive is actually Shuri’s cooking.

Because you can eat delicious meals, they persevere because they can eat again if they survive.

If he can survive, I can bring out my motivation too.

If it’s like that, I just have to say it, and I just have to do it.

Gulping down the alcohol with all my strength, I said to them.

“Me, my goal is to become the king of the country I make uniting the entire continent.

You shall accompany me. Shuri.”

“Yes, Ganglabe-san”

I’ll will definitely become a king.

Once I had dreamed of a country where no one is hungry, no one is poor.

“Then, Riru will too”

Riru stopped eating her egg.

“Riru will use my magic engineering techniques for the country’s peace. Next time, I could make daily products similar to the ones Shuri make, or tell various people about magic engineering.

Or make a school”

“Then I’ll be the commander in chief of the country. Becoming the world’s strongest master swordsman, immortalising my techniques forever.”

“I want to make a magic school just like Riru. Not a school that only n.o.bles can attend, I will recruit different people, recruit believers. And I also want to be a good wife”

“As for me, after the country achieves peace I’ll go around the place, putting together a book, su. Once I’ve conquered the continent, then I’ll also go conquer the seas!”

At some point everyone was talking about their dreams.

Not one of my surrounding subordinates made fun of us.

On the contrary, they were giving encouragements, ‘That’s right, that’s right’

I had good comrades, good subordinates.

The one who created that was you. Shuri.

“Then I’ll be the one to help with everyone’s dreams”

Shuri smiled.

“I want to be someone able to continue cooking delicious meals”

The six of us, and my reliable subordinates.

If he’s here, my dream will definitely be granted.

It will begin from here onwards.

Our dreams.

In the future, disputing where the changing point of history occurred, this scene will definitely be a topic of discussion.

“Dinner of the six heroes”

That is the party where they, who will become heroes in the future, talking about their dreams, started to walk towards each of their dreams.

First Emperor of the United Country.

“King of the Continent” Ganglabe Denju Aprahda.

First of the Magic Academy, Legal Wife of the First Emperor.

“Magical Girl of Truth” Ahrius Denju Aprahda.

Founder of the Branshu Magic Engineering Academy.

“Queen of Invention” Riru Branshu.

Founder of the Kuuga School, Commander-in-chief of the United Country.

“Sword Saint of a Hundred Kills” Cougar Yanagi.

Commanding officer of the imperial guards, Founder of the Tegu School, Author of Foreign Country Observation Records and Underworld Observation Records.

“The First King of Adventurers” Teg Valence.

I wonder if anyone could’ve predicted this. That the dreams being talked about here could come true and such.

Future heroes also think that it’s from this party that the military rule of the founding empire was established.

However, only one person’s words differ.

From the words of Ganglabe Denju Aprahda.

The military rule started much before that.

Since the time they met a certain cook, he says that their path of dreams had definitely started.

The proposal for a new culture of cooking came from a cook exclusive the royalty of the united empire.

Loved by countless feudal lord and their citizens.

Inventing countless dishes.

Discovering countless new ingredients.

And had the idea of countless processed foods.

Furthermore saving the citizens of that area from years of famine and bad harvest.

Teaching cooking and opening shops for those who had lost their jobs.

Say historians and archaeologists.

Superficial scholars praise the other heroes but.

Going deeper, striving to pursue further in the kitchen.

It’s understood that without his presence the united empire would not have been established.

His name forever known as.

“King of Meals” Shuri Azuma.

This is him.

Influencing various people without realising it.

Seizing glory without noticing it at all.

This is the story of such a person.

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