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Translator's Note

There's quite a bit of internet slangs and in-game jargons (related to World of Warcraft), if they are translated incorrectly/inaccurately, please help me out by commenting below~~

Also the chapters are dead long (TxT) and I'm kinda slow at translating (cries) so please be nice to me and wait patiently for the next one (most probably gonna be sometime late this year)

"I Am A Killer" is the main project I'm working on right now so "Endless Love" chapters are gonna come out real slow.

With this, I present to you: "Endless Love", enjoy~!

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It was another year, summer had ended; the local server finally witnessed the World of Warcraft: Wraft of the Lich King expansion. Countless old players who had abandoned the game during the wait returned one after another, quite a number of new players were also attracted over. Many other online games happened to, unanimously, fabricate reasons to launch a variety of activities. Online games that had originally intended to hit the market during this period of time, on the other hand, quietly bounced their checks so as to lie low till the fuss about the Wrath of the Lich King died down.

World of Warcraft was not one of, but the most NB* game right now.

(T/N: “NB” = “牛逼”; a Chinese internet slang for epic/amazing/awesome)

An Si Dong was also amongst the returning forces. She had long installed the upgrade. When the new server launched in the evening, she entered the game immediately.

A female human Priest she hadn’t seen in a long time appeared on the screen, level 60, outfitted in T3 Vestments of Faith, the best gear at the time. The three years seemed like only a day. There was no change, as though time had stopped. In that moment, she felt like time had flown backwards, as though… those depressing youthful years had never been all that far away, and that they could be retrieved again.

The human female was the most beautiful race in the Alliance faction, but when compared to all the other types of online games in the market, she seemed to appear not too special of a sight to look at. In fact, she was a little muscular and ugly. An Si Dong sill remembered the time when she had first started playing WOW and was creating her hero. Even though she had already been mentally prepared, she still got a huge shock from the graphics. In the end, she spent an entire half an hour picking the heroes before mixing out a pa.s.sable look that was okay to her eyes.

But now, she would no longer judge a game by how beautiful its character graphics or how magnificent its in-game sceneries were.

Three years was a long time, long enough to change one’s beauty perception, long enough for once close acquaintances to become strangers, long enough for feelings to dissipate.

After staying still for a long while, the female Priest on the screen looked up at the sky vacantly, before sighing, her shoulders drooping. That action was an exact portrayal of her feelings. An Si Dong moved her mouse in despair and clicked to create a new hero.

Death Knight was the newly released hero cla.s.s and was level 55 upon creation. The requirement was that you need an account with a hero at level 55 or above, and this was the pull factor for the old players returning. Her Priest was already level 60 anyway, and had a familiar ID, so why not create a new account.

Almost instinctively, she selected a female Gnome. They were only up to the height of a human’s thighs, had exaggeratedly large ears, and a tuft of pointy hair with length almost equivalent to half its height. It was comedic no matter how she looked. However, it still did look a little different from her memory, the Death Knight had glowing blue eyes, while its original slickly bizarre eyes were gone.

When she was entering the name, she hesitated and keyed in three alphabets: QWE. System notice: Character successfully created.

QWE, the once all-powerful ID was gone.

Her head lowered, and she looked at the keyboard. Due to the lengthened use, the six alphabets, QWE, ASD nestling quietly together, lay worn out on the far left of the keyboard.

They were the initials of their names.

“Wrath of the Lich King” highlights include the increase of level cap to 80, the introduction of Death Knight hero cla.s.s, and the expansion of the third continent—Northrend.

Northrend is the north of Azeroth, also commonly referred to as the north pole. It is situated in the most northern part of the map, in between the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor continent. They are separated by The Great Sea, and players can only go to the continent upon reaching level 68.

Someone had once told her: “My secret is buried within the snowy lands of Azeroth’s third continent. When you dig it out, I’ll tell you.”

Yet, when she really stood at the snowy lands of Northrend, where was that person? She ran in the snow stubbornly, zipping through the high levelled monsters, dodging their attacks pathetically in an attempt to search for the so-called secret.

Actually, she knew that secret since long ago, and it’s already overdue. Perhaps, it was really forgotten in the vast snowy lands, and the person who had buried it had, too, forgotten about it.

In the end, the bears attacked her till she had to dismount her ride, and she was caught up in an encas.e.m.e.nt. She was still not very familiar with Death Knight’s skills, so being ganged up by several monsters was indeed a bit strenuous to deal with. Her health bar was running low, and she was going to be killed by this gang of bears, but misfortune just loved pouring down rather than drizzling, a red-named player from the enemy faction just happened to pa.s.s by. That player stopped to look, probably wondering if he should come up and add a blow.

She laid there in despair. That red-named player from the enemy faction suddenly dismounted. He ran up, whipped out few blows, finished off the Bears besieging her cleanly, and stood beside her, unmoving. She clicked on the player. He was a Troll from the Horde faction. His cla.s.s was also Death Knight, and he was one level below her. The crux was, however, the name that sat atop his head in blood-red words: QQWWEE.

Her tears immediately gushed out. That forgotten secret, she finally still found it.

Her hands and legs trembled for a full minute before she typed into the nearby chatbox: Qu Wei En?

The Troll bent, squatting down on the ground, not reacting. It was then, did she remember that she was from Alliance, and he was from Horde. Their language did not match, so he won’t be able to understand what she was saying. In a moment of desperation, she clicked the “hug” action on him.

Except that her hand trembled, she had forgotten to activate the chat window and hit a hotkey for attack.

And hence—the Troll immediately jumped up, raising its weapon. A magnified number for critical hit flashed across her screen before it turned grey.

[QQWWEE’s Heartbreaker skill gave QWE 2006 physical damage (critical strike) (160 over-damage)]

“You have died, would you like to release spirit to sp.a.w.n at the nearest graveyard?”

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Another Translator's Note:

Take note that is an excerpt, this page will be updated again some time in between July and August (or maybe earlier), so look forward to the complete chapter one (it's a very long chapter) of Endless Love ^ ^

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