Dreadful Radio Game Chapter 209

"The medicine cost 1,025 Yuan."Su Bai said to Fatty as he held the pack of medicine in one hand and the medical bill in the other.

"What? Why are you telling me this? You want me to pay you back?"Fatty found it preposterous.

"Ahem." Su Bai silently admitted.

"This is too funny, you are so rich. Furthermore, you are not that type of person like Grandet[1]."Fatty held his back with one hand was he walked limpidly, "Aren't we still good friends? Occasionally stabbing each other in the back to deepen the relationship."

"I am donating or transferring all the shares and properties in my name." Su Bai said, "At that time, I might not be left with much money. Furthermore, it is being implemented."

"Have you gone mad?" Fatty's eyes were wide open, "What are you doing?"

"I know what I am doing because I am a father of a child. My wealth was pa.s.sed down by my parents, I do not wish that this wealth bring catastrophe to my child."

Fatty furrowed his brows as said in suspicion, "You mean that, you mean that, your parents… are also…"

"Even though there is no concrete evidence, it is not too far off." Su Bai said in frustration, "This wealth allowed me to grow up in comfort. It is already enough."

"What a great father." Fatty harrumphed; he was a little absent minded. "Then Childe Su, how do you plan to continue on living? You can't possibly allow you and your child to be reduced to 60 dollars a night, oh no, to be reduced to be s.n.a.t.c.hing a spot for a bed with the homeless?"

"I will borrow some money from my friend and start a business." Su Bai replied.

"Start a business?" Fatty almost burst out laughing, "What would you be selling?"


"Services? What services?"

"Private investigator." Su Bai replied.

"....….." Fatty.

"Get in the car. At least this car is still considered mine right now." Su Bai got into the car and called Fatty.

Fatty had got in but he was still in a horse stance because his back door was still in pain. In Fatty's own words, it was actually getting slightly better but that d.a.m.n protologist actually used forceps and his finger to inspect the back door. It was even more painful right now.

"Actually it's still good. For people like us who do not care about pleasures in this secular world. Everyone is a monk, it's only monks chase to be Buddha; for us, our own life and death are not controlled by ourselves." Fatty took out a piece of tissue from Su Bai's car and wiped his forehead, "When your so-called private investigator business commences, I will go and give support."

"You're not returning to Sichuan?"

"It's actually just the same." Fatty smile, "Right, we have not discussed on how to settle those items, for example, the compa.s.s. What do you want?"

"You should not ask me, you should ask yourself." Su Bai looked at Fatty. "You should ask yourself, what do you have that is useful to me which could be used to trade."

"Heh heh, I really brought some items." Fatty smiled gleefully. "Once I heard Huo Kun was dead, I immediately flew to Shangai to get ready to inherit his property. I thought that the compa.s.s had long since been in your hands, that's why I had prepared items to trade with you. I never would have thought that you left the corpse to the police. I was so joyful that I had picked up a bargain, in the end..."

"In the end, you did not pick up a bargain and lost your back door."

"I say, can we not bring up this incident?" Fatty looked at Su Bai resentfully.

"You got banged." Su Bai said.

"Su Bai, I will get mad."

"You got banged by a black guy." Su Bai continued talking.

"Su Bai, do not challenge the limits of my patience..."

"You got banged by the corpse of a black guy."

"....….. I beg of you, brother, big brother, my biological father, I beg of you not to continue talking, okay!"

"Very good."

After they arrived at Fatty's hotel, Fatty entered his room. He purposely let Su Bai wait outside for fifteen minutes because Fatty needed to apply some medicine on his back door. He was not willing to allow Su Bai to appreciate such an embarra.s.sing scene.

When Fatty indicated Su Bai could enter, Su Bai pushed open the door and waved his hands.

"This smell is not pleasing to the nose."

"Bulls.h.i.t." Fatty retorted; he then placed his luggage on the bed.

"You placed your items in the hotel and just left?"

"For heavens sake! This is Shanghai, not Somalia."

"But there are also a lot of thieves." Su Bai reminded. "No matter where you are, regardless of the place, I believe that every hotel has records of theft."

"Believe me, as long as it is a thief with a normal IQ, he would think the things in my luggage are a pile of toys." Fatty was obviously feeling very confident. "Those foolish humans."

Su Bai sat by the bedside. "The meaning of your words are quite meaningful."

"Uh huh."

"Do you not think of yourself as a human?" Su Bai shook his head; both his hands were on the bedside. "Perhaps in your eyes, those ordinary humans are only ants that cannot rise in power."

"Listen, I am not here to listen to you lecture."

"I am not planning to lecture." Su Bai replied. "I have a sudden thought."

"What thoughts?"

"Do you know how Huo Kun died?" Su Bai asked.

"d.a.m.n it, how would I know." Fatty shrugged his shoulders.

"Killed by an ordinary person who is not an audience. That person pointed the gun at Huo Kun's glabella and fired three shots." Su Bai made a firing motion with his fingers as he aimed at Fatty, "Fatty, tell me, if someone fired three shots at your glabella, would you die?"

"Couldn't I retaliate?" Fatty asked back.

"Did Huo Kun retaliate?" Su Bai shot back with a question.

"OK, Huo Kun really died in the hands of an ordinary person?"

Su Bai stood up. He walked towards the window and opened it. It was already afternoon. The sunlight was alright, it was not too glaring nor too dark. It was a good weather and a hard-to-come-by blue sky could be seen.

"The story world is very bizarre. However, I always felt that this real world is the place hiding the most secrets." Su Bai said solemnly. "Alright, let's end this topic here and change to the next one."

"I've wanted to say the same thing. I've realized you are a bit odd lately, is it depression?" Fatty took out a mask from a box. It was a black skull mask.

"This mask, it seems that I also have one." Su Bai said, he remembered that he was wearing a skull mask which was quite similar when he questioned Chu Zhao's father.

"Oh ho, this was brought out by me from the story world, not those toys sold at a roadside stall." Fatty's hand which was holding the mask was trembling, "With this mask in hand, even though it does not have super powers like [2], it is able to stimulate your mind, increasing the violence of your negative emotions deep in your heart by a level, giving an affect akin to pouring oil on the fire. It is suitable to used during life and death battles as well as bitter battles. It is equivalent to high effect stimulants with no side effects.

"However, I am looking forward to the effects of it when your start losing it and wear on this mask. I can't use this item, my dao heart will fail if I wear it. I wouldn't be able to use taoist arts."

Fatty threw the mask towards Su Bai. Su Bai held it in his hand, it felt chillingly cold which directly penetrated the heart.

"A single mask is not enough." Su Bai said.

"OK, of course. I am not so miserly." Fatty took out another box. After opening the box, a pearl could be seen. Inside the pearl was a drop of blood, "Vampire's blood, its quality is not bad. This drop of blood is priceless to people who enhance to be vampires because this drop of blood is able to stir up your vampire lineage, which means, evolve."

"There's no way to evolve my vampire lineage." Su Bai reminded.

"No, it's not like I do not know about your situation. Your so called no way to evolve means that you have no way to use story points to evolve from the e-shop, it does not mean you cannot evolve based on your own efforts. These are two different concepts."

"But how could I ensure that this drop of blood is able for me to evolve my vampire lineage?" Su Bai asked.

"Heh heh, you could feel the undulations coming from this drop of blood, right?" Fatty asked as he approached. "The level of your lineage is very low. It also means that the starting point is very low. Because of this, the chances of evolving are much higher, the difficulty will be lower. In the world, the most expensive item is hope, right?"

"Fatty, your were in sales in the past?" Su Bai teased.

"Did sales." Fatty replied.

"Heh heh." Su Bai threw the compa.s.s to Fatty. Su Bai was aware that he might get even better items if he traded with other people; he was taking a loss when trading with Fatty, but the most convenient thing was he could directly conduct the trade which saved him a lot of trouble.

Fatty received the compa.s.s. He fondled it as he held it in his embrace; he had a drunken look.

When Fatty turn his head, he realized Su Bai had put on the mask.

"Really cool." Fatty praised.

Su Bai suddenly lowered his head and held his chest with one hand.

Fatty was startled, he immediately asked, "What's wrong?"

"I'm going to lose it."

Fatty's plump face twitched, he was put in a difficult situation. He immediately stood up and said in panic,."Deep breaths, deep breath, don't be impulsive, don't be impulsive..."

Su Bai directly took off the mask, he closed his eyes as he stretched his body."Just kidding."

"....….." Fatty.

After shoving the frightened Fatty aside, Su Bai walked into the washroom with his eyes closed. He slowly opened his eyes when facing the mirror. Both of his eyes at that moment were bloodshot.

The effects of this mask were obvious.

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