The Almighty Asura Chapter 53

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Translated by: Minx Calypso

Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 53: Are These Enough?

Inside the Huang family mansion .

“Yi Er, so, how’s the situation?”

Huang Tai who was sitting in the seat honor, asked his son .

“Haha, father, their customers still haven’t received the weapons that they ordered a long time ago . They even started a commotion in front of the Mu family’s weapons shop . Three of Mu family’s herbal medicine shops have also closed down due to the shortage of supplies . ”

Huang Yi said with a laugh .

“Hehe, so, are you satisfied with the results? I promised you that I wouldn’t let them off the hook so easily . ”

Huang Tai laughed and said coldly: “The Mu family even tried to cover the incident up . An Nan city is quite a big city, I don’t think they can stop the news from spreading . ”

“Father, you once said that the Mu family has support from the main family . Won’t they seek revenge if they found out that we were the ones who did it?”

Huang Yi frowned and asked .

“Hehe, the Mu family is currently in a critical state, and I’m sure that their entire family will be wiped out sooner or later . So, judging from their current dire situation, they won’t be able to provide any backup to the branch family for the time being . Besides, our family is supported by the Shang Guan family as well as the North King . Without any evidence, they will never find out who the mastermind behind all this was . After wiping out the Mu family, we’ll have to think of a way to destroy the w.a.n.g family as well . If we succeed, the whole of An Nan city will be our territory . ”

Huang Tai said coldly with a laugh .

“I see . Father, you’re indeed a wise leader . Haha, Mu Feng, when the Mu family is destroyed, I will definitely kill you . A life for an arm!”

Huang Yi said, his eyes gleaming with hatred and anger . Advertis.e.m.e.nt

In the main hall of the Mu family mansion, Mu Hai, a few Mu elders, and Uncle Fu sat in gloomy silence .

“My Lord, there have been several uproars in front of a few Mu family weapons shop . If we don’t deliver them the weapons soon, we will have no other choice but to refund them . ”

A middle-aged man dressed in yellow sighed deeply and said .

“A few of our herbal medicine shops have also closed down due to the shortage of goods and supplies . Our customers are now losing their faith in us, and they have started buying their goods from the Huang family as well as the w.a.n.g family . If this situation continues, we won’t have any customers anymore . ”

A Mu elder said .

Mu Hai closed his eyes and remained silent, as he didn’t know what to do either .

“It seems that we have no choice but to close down the herbal medicines shops for the time being . However, we must deliver our customer’s weapons, or else we will have to pay them a hefty sum of money . My Lord, if we really can’t think of another way, I suggest that we borrow a batch of weapons from the other two families first . ”

Uncle Fu said .

With his eyes still closed, Mu Hai chuckled and said coldly: “Borrow? You can’t possibly believe that they’re willing to lend us a batch of weapons, right? They are eagerly waiting for us to close down our shops and give out refunds, so they definitely won’t lend us anything . Besides, I’m sure that one of the two families was the mastermind behind this robbery incident . If only we had some evidence… ”

“What should we do then? If we can’t deliver the weapons on time, we will have to pay them back 10 times the original amount!”

The others frowned .

“You guys want some Yuan Items? I have them . ”

At this time, a clear voice rang out .

A muscular young man dressed in black robes walked into the hall and said calmly, with a childish, yet determined, look flashing on his face .

“Little Lord Feng . ”

The others got up from their seats, clasped hands, and bowed towards him .

“You don’t have to be so polite, Uncle Hai, dear Mu elders . ”

Mu Feng clasped hands and said with a smile: “I have some Yuan Items, but I’m not sure if there are enough . ”

“Little Lord Feng, we really appreciate your kindness, but we are short a whole batch of weapons, not just one or two . ”

Mu Hai sighed deeply and said .

Mu Feng smiled and didn’t say anything else . A light shone on his finger, and he waved his hand .

Clang! Clang! Clang…!

A series of metal clanging sounds rang out . To everyone’s surprise, one weapon after another appeared in the hall! The weapons shone faintly in the light, and there were about 20 of them!

Everybody was stunned . They looked at the Yuan Items on the floor with their mouths agape .

These weapons were not just ordinary weapons, as one could see that there was a wave of Yuan energy surrounding them . These were Yuan Items! 

“Wh-what on earth? Where did you get so many Yuan Items?!”

The crowd was stunned at first, but after a split second, they were overjoyed .

“Are these enough?”

Mu Feng asked . This was the end result he got after spending many days carving in the penetralia .

“O-of course! It’s enough!”

A Mu elder looked at the pile of Yuan Items and said excitedly: “Although there are a few Yuan Items that don’t meet the specifications, most of them are exactly what we wanted . This time, even if they demand a refund, we won’t suffer great losses anymore . ”

“Haha, this is great! Little Lord Feng, you’re really our savior!”

The crowd was overjoyed . Mu Hai snapped back into the present and asked: “Feng, why do you have so many weapons?”

Mu Feng smiled and said: “That’s a secret . Hehe . Dear Mu elder, which type of Yuan Item do we still need? Please find the respective molds and send them to my courtyard . ”

“We’re still short of a long spear, a knife, and a sword . ”

The Mu elder replied . Suddenly, the Mu elder and the others seemed to have figured something out . All of them looked at Mu Feng in shock .

“Little Feng, do-don’t tell us that you actually know how to carve runes? Yo-you’re a chiseler?!”

Mu Hai asked in astonishment .

“Well… Yeah, you could say so . I learned about chiseling when I was in the main family . ”

Mu Feng said hesitantly .

Mu Hai said excitedly: “If that’s the case, you’re saying that these Yuan Items are…”

Mu Feng nodded .

“Hahaha, this is awesome! There’s another chiseler in our family!”

“Such great news! This is great news indeed!”

Upon hearing his words, the crowd went wild . There wasn’t even a single chiseler in the whole An Nan city . All the Yuan Items sold in An Nan city were made outside of town .

A wave of relief swept across Mu Feng when he saw that everybody was overjoyed . He knew better than anyone that a chiseler was indeed very rare and held a high rank in society .

“Little Feng, does the main family know about this?”

Mu Hai asked in excitement .

Mu Feng shook his head . After calming himself down, Mu Hai said to the crowd in a serious tone: “We mustn’t tell anyone that Little Lord Feng is actually a chiseler . Do you understand?”

The crowd firmly nodded their heads . After saying that, Mu Hai said to Mu Feng with a hint of embarra.s.sment: “Little Feng, we will pay you back for these Yuan Items according to their market price . However, it’ll take some time, as we’ll need to sell them and settle our customer’s payments first . ”

“Haha, you don’t have to pay me back, Uncle Hai . We’re all Mu family members . Of course I have to help my family when it needs it . These Yuan Items are free of charge, but you have to give me some more weapon molds, as I can’t afford to buy anymore . ”

Mu Feng said with a laugh .  

“Thank you for your kindness and help, Little Lord Feng!”

Everybody was touched by what he said . Compared to the other Mu disciples who only knew how to flaunt their power and status, Mu Feng was a role model for the family .

“We can’t agree to that, Little Feng . Chiseling is a tough and strenuous job . Uncle Hai can’t possibly just let you do all the work without getting anything in return . How about this, we’ll pay for the cost of weapons and provide you the weapon molds that you need as well . When we sell the Yuan Items, we shall have a 70/30 profit split . You’ll take 70%, and the family will take the remaining 30% . ” 

Mu Hai said .

“Erm, I agree to the first part, but a 70/30 profit split is way too much . How about this instead, we’ll split it 60/40, where the family gets 60% and I get 40% . Yeah, let’s do that . Uncle Hai, I’m going back to my room now, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a long time . ”

With a wave of his hand, Mu Feng turned and left the hall without waiting for Mu Hai’s reply .

Mu Hai and the others were deeply touched when they looked at Mu Feng’s tired back and the pile of Yuan Items .

“My Lord, it really is a blessing to have a disciple like Little Lord Feng . Our family is blessed indeed . ”

Uncle Fu exclaimed .

“Yes, it indeed is a blessing . With a disciple like him, our family will no longer be on the verge of despair!”

Mu Hai said determinedly .

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