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Ace of Ace Live Pitching 04

Chapter 10 – Live Pitching 04

As Gun Choi recovered more, his ability as a pitcher improved.

His current ability was as follows:

Ball Speed: B+

Movement Velocity: B+

Ball Control: B-

Movement: C+

1st Grip: Four-seam Fastball B

2nd Grip: Slider C+

3rd Grip: Changeup C+

4th Grip: Knuckleball E

Skill: Blood of Wild Animal Level 2

He couldn’t be satisfied with the grade of the knuckleball.

‘It’s not improving at all.’

The knuckleball was his secret weapon for the showcase in December.

But it hadn’t improved at all.

What was the reason?

Gun Choi frowned while lying on the bed.

At that moment, the system started.

- Will you use the ring to improve your skill?

The ring?

He didn’t catch the meaning and nodded.

“What is that?”

The system replied to Gun Choi.

- This is a place where you can fight against a virtual enemy.

Virtual enemy.

Was it like a simulation?

Gun Choi had already received help from the system several times before.

He thought it would be helpful whatever the ring was.

“Ok, I’ll use the ring.”

As he replied, the surroundings of his room changed to a baseball field.

- The ring setting done.

Gun Choi tilted his head because of the familiar view.

“This is AT Communication’s SW park for the second string.”

- The only registered ring at this time is SW park.

Gun Choi realized that the system could only simulate the places where he had practiced or played a game in.

‘Hmm, no way to simulate the other ballparks?’

He asked the system one question.

“What will happen to my muscular and physical ability if I play in here?”

- This is for experience only. It does not promote improvements to body abilities.

It was a just place where he could practice.

Gun Choi thought the system was smart enough though it didn’t speak tremendous vocabulary.

‘If body abilities are not improved, then would I not get exhausted?’

Gun Choi judged that in this ring he would be able to practice constantly regardless of stamina.

“Ok, let’s do it.”

As he took to the mound, several players showed up near the home plate.

The batter was Kil-Sung Lee at AT Communications. The catcher was Gang-Hang Kim. And Si-Hyung Gong was the umpire.

‘It’s the same as the last live pitching.’

As he shrugged his shoulder, a ball appeared in his gloves.

“Oh, good service.”

Gun Choi gripped for a knuckleball and pitched.

‘See, this is a knuckleball without spin.’

The flying ball pa.s.sed by Kil-Sung Lee.

But he didn’t swing and even the catcher gave up in catching the ball.

He had failed to control the ball.

Gun Choi tilted his head.

“The catcher even didn’t try to catch a ball. I don’t get it.” 

His control of the knuckleball was bad but not to the extent that a catcher would give it up.

While he complained to the system, another ball appeared in his gloves.


Gun Choi bent his brow and thought.

‘Is the catcher not working?’

He also wondered about the hitter.

To test this, Gun Choi threw a slow fastball instead of a knuckleball.

Kil-Sung hit the ball.

AThe hit flew in between the 1st and 2nd base.

That Kil-Sung worked properly unlike Gang-Hang Kim.

“Nice enough?”

Gun Choi thought Kil-Sung Lee as well-matched.

“Ok. Next is the knuckleball.”

Gun Choi shouted and threw a knuckleball.

He thought that this was a ring where he could shout or abuse.

The ball went off course contrary to his expectation.

The ball control was worse than the previous one. 

“How come? Am I not good at the knuckleball? Something is wrong with this ring.”

Gun Choi complained for a while and pitched a knuckleball again with a bent brow.

“Keep practicing until I get it!”

He could throw as many b.a.l.l.s as he wanted because he would not lose physical strength.

But only 50 percent of his throws were good.

The rest of the ball flew to the outside or bound early.

Gun Choi didn’t know why he couldn’t control the ball so he paused for a little while.

‘This is not because of the ring. There must be a reason that I’m unaware of.’

He looked around a ring. There was n.o.body.

“I don’t know.”

Gun Choi clicked his tongue and kept looking around.

At that moment, the reason popped into his mind.


He nodded his head as he found the reason.

“Ok, this is it.”

He found the reason as to what made his knuckleball control go wrong.

“I didn’t consider an updraft current in midday and wind in the ground.”

The roof of the city hall where he had trained for two years was an enclosed s.p.a.ce.

There, he could control a knuckleball.

His training in there was useless because he didn’t consider the wind.

“That’s why people say that a knuckleball is not achieved by training, but by realizing.”

Gun Choi concentrated to read the velocity and direction of the wind.

‘Wind is blowing to the left.’

A right side correction was needed.

‘And with updraft in a midday, I need to throw little higher. ‘

Gun Choi breathed deeply and pitched again.

The ball flew near the catcher’s knee.

It was almost what he wanted. And then the system sent a message.

- Knuckleball rank increased: E → D

- Ball Control rank increased: B- → B

Both the knuckleball and ball control ranks were increased with only one realization.

Gun Choi was surprised by the system which had reacted immediately.

‘Abilities increased at the same time.’

A new message popped up at the moment of his pitching.

- The ring will be closed in 1 minute.

Gun Choi tilted his head.

‘Time limit?’

- Time limit for the ring usage is 2 hours per day.

It was a small disappointment.

‘I just thought it’s a good place to practice without losing physical strength, but it’s not.’

He thought the ring was an ideal place to practice without losing physical strength because he was a workaholic. But there was a time limit for usage.

Gun Choi finished using the ring and look at his watch.

11:21 PM.

Time had elapsed while he was practicing in the ring.

‘It looks like it doesn’t have the function of pausing the time.’

The next day.

Gun Choi turned on the camera of his laptop and opened the ring.

He wanted to know how his body acted while he was in the ring.

He pitched a few b.a.l.l.s and shouted to the system.

‘I’m done with a ring.’

- Closing the ring.

Gun Choi checked the camera right after his order.

“What, I’m sleeping while standing.”

Gun Choi’s body was supposed to sleep while he was in the ring.

‘Sleeping while standing, I can’t use it during a day.’

He thought the best time for using the ring was right before sleeping or traveling for a long time.

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