Escape Galge Chapter 7.3

Chapter 7 – The True Heart [Part 3]

“… It was fun!”“… It’s finally over.”

 Even though it took about 2 hours, it went by in the blink of an eye. It wasn’t too bad watching a DVD in a place like this. I must thank the low-spirited guy beside me.

“Thank you very much. You’ve introduced me to a good place.”“W-welcome…”

 I think I’d like to come back again. Let’s sign up to be a member before leaving. As I give thanks while returning the remote control to where it originally was, he corrects his posture from his previously tired-looking one, looking towards me with an exceedingly serious expression. I don’t like it because our legs touch when he turns his body this way on the squeezy sofa. But I’ll endure since he looks so serious.

“Kii.”“Yes?”“A-actually… to be honest, I wanted to play online games.”“Eh!?”

 I involuntarily scowl. Thinking that I don’t have to endure anymore, I stand up. I hate people who says things like this afterwards! If so, you should’ve said it at the start! Perhaps he noticed that my mood is worsening because he starts speaking in a fl.u.s.ter. He pulls my hand in an attempt to get me to return to the sofa but I slap it away and turn the tables on him.

“B-but…! Rather than play games, I think it’s absolutely better to be alone with Kii in a narrow s.p.a.ce like this… the motive is crooked though.”

Certainly, at first, I was conscious of how close we were and how our shoulders touched. It’s embarra.s.sing and awkward being told this anew.

“Kii, I was incredibly happy when you said that you wanted to go to a place I like. I was truly happy that you held an interest in me. Still, I really didn’t think that I’d go on a date like this. It was lame, right… were you disappointed?”“Well… that’s right.”

 If you ask whether it was cool or lame, the answer is probably『lame』. It’s still an internet cafe, albeit a slightly stylish one. Besides, he was doing nothing but being terrified at the horror movie. However…

“It was far from being『wonderful』but I think it was the most memorable one so far. It was fun.”

 I was able to see an expression I didn’t know he had. Moreover, instead of a perfect date where he equivocates a facade, I believe we had a much more meaningful time. That’s why I can honestly say that I really had fun.


 Is it my imagination? He appears to be teary-eyed. He’s smiling with a smile that appears both forlorn and relieved. … This expression, too. It may be my first time seeing it.

“A lame date like this, it’s a failure no matter how I look at it, but… It was also the most enjoyable one I had so far… I’d always been facing『dates』enthusiastically because I believed that the other party would definitely enjoy them. But I was uneasy today, not knowing whether I could bring Kii enjoyment.”

Bit by bit, his words spill in a manner which I can’t tell if he’s speaking to me or himself. Thinking it uncouth to interrupt, I silently p.r.i.c.k up my ears.

“Anyhow, this emotion is important, isn’t it. Taking the other party’s feelings into consideration… being worried at times… This is how people get to know each other, isn’t it.”

 Having mumbled that, he shuts his mouth. Quietening, he looks down, appearing to be thinking about something, I keep quiet too, watching over him.

“Thank you for looking at the real me. From now on, I will look at Kii properly too.”

 Just as I discern that he’s raising his head, he looks at me with firm eyes. They’re the most dignified and clear eyes amongst all that I’ve ever seen. I hastily avert my gaze from that dazzling appearance.

“D-do what you want.”“… Thank you.”

 When I mutter『It doesn’t particularly matter even if you don’t look, though』, he gives me a carefree smile this time.

“So Kii was a tsundere, huh.”


 Somehow, y’know… I didn’t intend for the two of us to spend time like this. I feel like opposing the me who thought that the time wasn’t badly spent.

“Ah, that’s right. This is also… lame, but.”

 What he presents as he speaks is a PET bottle containing milk tea that’s in a nylon bag from the convenience store.

“I’m not feeling particularly thirsty though?”“No, well… that may be true but, how do I say this…”

 He mutters something awkwardly and unintelligibly. What, did he put some drug in it?

“… What is it? I don’t need it if it’s something dodgy.”“It’s not dodgy! It’s just normal milk tea.”“What’s the matter then?”

 I hate this wishy-washiness; it’s irritating. When I throw him a glare, he turns his gaze towards the wall and speaks without looking in my direction.

“I wanted to give you something that you like, Kii, but… I pondered over it so much to the point that I didn’t know what to do. When I thought about the things that you like that I know, I remembered that you drink this very often… and by the time I realised, I’d already bought it.”

 Certainly, it’s the milk tea I always drink. Even now, I’ve the same thing in my bag of which contents I’ve finished drinking.

“It’s ridiculous for a drink to be a present. Let’s leave that aside for now. I’ll take a shot again so…!”“I don’t need that. This is enough… thank you very much.”

 For the results of reading that magazine to be milk tea, how lame. It was so lame that… I’ve even forgotten to take an opposing stance.

Kagurazaka Aoi might have fallen into a bout of self-hatred for he hung his hand in a resigned manner. I find it pretty much to my liking though?


 After I went home, I take the milk tea out from the bag so that I can drink it, only to find that there’s something inside. In a deep blue small pouch with a light blue ribbon, was a familiar-looking pendant. It’s the pendant which I had caused to drop from Kagurazaka Aoi’s hands. There was also a tiny piece of paper in the pouch. On it…

『Because, I still think it suits Kii. Throw it away if you don’t want it.』

 That’s what’s written there.

“How persistent. … Fufu.”

 Sure enough, the blue gem is the same colour as my eyes. I can’t bring myself to throw it away once I notice that. I pick up the pendant and gaze at it as it sways.

“I’m sorry for dropping you previously.”

 It sways like a swing when I hold the portion with the charm. I wait for the swaying to stop before placing it on the accessory stand on my table.

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