Escape Galge Chapter 16.2

One section with Mashiro around the second half.

Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

 [Part 2]

"… It was fun!""… It's finally over."

 Leaning against the sofa's backrest, I stretch and loosen my muscles. I must've been focused on the movie because my joints hurt. Even though the movie was about 2 hours, time went by in the blink of an eye. It wasn't too bad watching a DVD in a place like this. It's thanks to the guy beside me, who's hanging his head and looking at floor in low spirits.

"Thank you very much. You have introduced me to a good place.""W-welcome…"

 I think I'd like to come back again. Let's sign up to be a member before leaving.

"I enjoyed it a lot."

 Our eyes meet as I give thanks while returning the remote control to where it originally was. He suddenly corrects his posture and faces me, looking at me with an exceedingly serious expression. I don't like it because our legs are touching due to the lack of s.p.a.ce. But I'll endure since it looks like something serious..Please support the translator and read only at"Kii.""Yes?""A-actually… to be honest, I wanted to play online games.""Eh!?"

 I involuntarily scowl. Thinking that I don't have to endure anymore, I stand up. I hate people who says things like this afterwards! If so, you should've said it at the start! Perhaps he notices that my mood is worsening because he starts speaking in a fl.u.s.ter. He pulls my hand in an attempt to get me to return to the sofa but I slap it away and turn the tables on him.

"B-but…! Rather than playing games, it's absolutely better to be alone with Kii in a narrow s.p.a.ce like this… the motive is crooked though."

 Certainly, at first, I was conscious of how close we were and how our shoulders touched. It's embarra.s.sing and awkward being told this anew.

"Kii, I was incredibly happy when you said that you wanted to go to a place I like. I was truly glad that you held an interest in me. Still, I really didn't think that I'd go on a date like this. It was lame, right… were you disappointed?"

"Well… that's right."

 If you ask whether it was cool or lame, the answer is probably『lame』. It's still an internet cafe, albeit a slightly stylish one. Besides, he was doing nothing but being terrified at the horror movie. However…

"It was far from being『wonderful』but I think it was the most memorable one so far. It was fun."Translated at I was able to see an expression I didn't know he had. Moreover, instead of a perfect date where he equivocates a facade, I believe we had a much more meaningful time. That's why I can honestly say that I really had fun.


 Is it my imagination? He seems teary-eyed. He's smiling with a smile that appears both forlorn and relieved. … This expression, too. It may be my first time seeing it.

"A lame date like this, it was a failure no matter how I look at it, but… It was also the most enjoyable one I had so far… I'd always been facing『dates』enthusiastically because I believed that the other party would definitely enjoy them. But I was uneasy today, not knowing whether I could bring Kii enjoyment."

 Bit by bit, his words spill in a manner which I can't tell if he's speaking to me or himself. Thinking it uncouth to interrupt, I silently p.r.i.c.k up my ears.

"Anyhow, this emotion is important, isn't it. Taking the other party's feelings into consideration… making mistakes at times… This is how people get to know each other, isn't it."Please support the translator and read only at Having mumbled that, he shuts his mouth. Quietening, he looks down, appearing to be thinking about something, I keep quiet too, watching over him.

"Thank you for looking at the true me. From now on, I will look at Kii properly too."

 Just as I discern that he's raising his head, he looks at me with firm eyes. They're the most dignified and clear eyes amongst all that I've ever seen. I hastily avert my gaze from that dazzling appearance.

"D-do what you want.""… Thank you."

 When I mumble『It doesn't particularly matter even if you don't look, though』, he gives me a carefree smile this time.

"So Kii is a tsundere, huh.""Haah?"

 Somehow, y'know… I didn't intend for the two of us to spend time like this. I feel like opposing the me who thinks that the time isn't badly spent.

"Ah, that's right. This is also… lame, but."

 What he presents as he speaks is a PET bottle containing milk tea that's in a nylon bag from the convenience store.

"I am not feeling particularly thirsty though?""No, well… that may be true but, how do I say this…"

 He mutters something awkwardly and unintelligibly. What, did he put some drug in it?

"… What is it? I do not need it if it is something dodgy.""It's not dodgy! It's just normal milk tea.""What is the matter then?"

 I hate this wishy-washiness. It's irritating. When I throw him a glare, he turns his gaze towards the wall and speaks without looking in my direction.

"I wanted to give you something that you like, Kii, but… I pondered over it so much to the point that I didn't know what to do. When I thought about the things you like that I know of, I remembered that you drink this very often… and by the time I realised, I'd already bought it."

 Certainly, it's the milk tea I always drink. Even now, I've the same thing in my bag of which contents I've finished drinking.

"It's ridiculous for a drink to be a present. Let's leave that aside for now. I'll take a shot again so…!""That is unnecessary. This is enough… thank you very much."

 For the results of reading that magazine to be milk tea, how lame. It was so lame that… I've even forgotten to take an opposing stance. Kagurazaka Aoi might have fallen into a bout of self-derision for he hangs his head in a resigned manner. I find it pretty much to my liking though?

Please don’t repost!

Translated at

 We leave the shop after settling the bill. The sky beyond the ceiling is beginning to turn dark. Perhaps because it's an appropriate time to start preparing dinner, we see many shoppers in the arcade.

 Amongst them, there's one person giving off a distinctive aura that doesn't blend in with the surrounding landscape. Standing still, she's staring in this direction with cold eyes.

"Hitsujino-san…""Do you prefer her over me?"

 Both her eyes and words are directed towards the senpai beside me. She doesn't even want me in her field of vision. That's how it feels like.


 Perhaps because he can no longer bear Mashiro's piercing stare, senpai turns his head away and looks down. What on earth are you doing, don't escape and do something about this!

 I'm not sure if I should b.u.t.t into this. From Mashiro's point of view, I went out with senpai alone despite having stated something similar to giving up on him. Thus I doubt I can get her to believe anything I say. With no one being able to open their mouth, the silence flows on.

"Even then, it is fine. However, please do not forget about me."

 It's Mashiro who broke the silence. Her sharp gaze changed into a sorrowful, pleading look.

"… !"

 The sc.u.m beside me tried to say something but he's at a loss for words.Translated at It hurts. It hurts to look at Mashiro. 『I'm lonely』 It feels like she's screaming that.


 Taking Mashiro's hand, I hold it tightly with both hands. To be honest, I wanted to hug her but she might put up a strong resistance so I made do with her hand.

"What are you doing!"

 Openly showing her anger, she tries to shake off my hands. Still, I'll definitely not let go.

"Is what's important to you really this person?""Of course! What are you saying!""Does it have to be him?""Yes. Because senpai's the only one I have!""Is that so?"

 She doesn't intend to deny that she's not in love with Kagurazaka Aoi, that she wants to be with him merely to bury her loneliness. Still, it seemed that on top of being in love, her loneliness gave birth to dependence.[1]

"Isn't there someone who cherishes you greatly?"

 It's sad that people, who're so irreplaceable and dependent on each other, do not see eye to eye. Rather than a guy like this, I hope that Mashiro and the person who truly cherishes her will come to understand each other.

"There's no such person!""Hitsujino-san, there's dark circles around your eyes. Isn't there someone who worries about you?""…"

 It appears that someone came to mind. In the game, even if Mashiro's mother didn't voice out her every thought, she's always paying attention to Mashiro. I believe she'll worry if Mashiro has dark circles and restrainedly say a word to her. Though I suspect Mashiro would reply with『It's nothing』.

"Was that person not looking at you? Are you, truly alone?"

 Mashiro shakes my hand off and hangs her head. Her expression which I glimpse is a grim one. It seems both pained and indignant.Translated at"As I thought, do you want to be friends with me… ah."

 I try to take her hand again but she escapes. Mashiro runs away. I try to chase her as she runs through the arcade but she slips into a crowd and I quickly lose sight of her.

"Kii, I…""Wouldn't we have an easy time if we could see others' feelings with our eyes?"

 If one could also see the indescribable feelings of others, the relationship between Mashiro and her mother wouldn't have soured. It seems difficult to reconnect the hearts that distanced as they continue to restrain themselves due to cherishing each other.

"Nonetheless, I want to treasure these of 'wanting to understand'.""… Yeah."

 I may have an easy time if I could see. However, the time spent thinking about someone else is important too. I believe that these acc.u.mulate and lead to true bonds.

"I'm going to talk to Mashiro."

 He takes a step in the direction where Mashiro ran off to. He may be determined enough to not escape from Mashiro's gaze this time. Differing from before, his expression is firm.

"Yes. Please do so.""I had fun today. Let's go out together agai…""Get going!"

 He may no longer be able to catch up to her if he continues to take his time but he's still trying to speak. Are you an idiot! Even though I readjusted my impression of him for a moment! 『Hurry!』I smack his back and push him. He then chases her in a fl.u.s.ter. Seriously, what a bothersome senpai.

"Still, I may have truly readjusted my impression of him, slightly."

 Simply his lack of mention to go home together with me is already a terrifying change. I wonder if he's trying to change, just a little?

"Even then, the crimes he committed won't disappear!"

 I mustn't get too moved, I should engrave that in my heart again.

Translated at

Translated at

 After going home, I take the milk tea out from the bag so that I can drink it, only to find something inside. In a deep blue small pouch with a light blue ribbon, lays a familiar-looking pendant. It's the pendant which I had caused to drop from Kagurazaka Aoi's hands.

 There is also a tiny piece of paper in the pouch. On it…

『Because, I still think it suits Kii. Throw it away if you don't want it.』

 That's what's written there.

"How persistent. … Fufu."

Translated at

 Sure enough, the blue gem is the same colour as my eyes. I can't bring myself to throw it away once I notice that. I pick up the pendant and gaze at it as it sways.

"I'm sorry for dropping you previously."

 It sways like a swing when I hold the portion with the charm. I wait for the swaying to stop before placing it on the accessory stand on my table.

Translated at

[1] Okay I give up. I understand each sentence's literal meaning but when put together, they don't make sense to me. Summoning the bright souls out there to enlighten me! Q^Q 寂しさを埋めるために神楽坂葵といたいだけで、恋をしていないと否定する気はない。でも、恋心があった上で、寂しさから来ている依存もあるように思える。Didn't she just say Mashiro doesn't love Aoi? Also, the first sentence had no p.r.o.nouns so it could have been "I'm not going to dispute about how she's not in love with Kagurazaka Aoi, that she wants to be with him merely to bury her loneliness."

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