The Lady Dancer's Ten Husbands Chapter 1

'Enchanting Night', A City's top nightclub… a place to throw money.

Colourful, under the charm of the dim lights, men and women showcased their money and desires, high-cla.s.s people prominently displayed their hidden personalities.

A sudden flash of light, the music paused, and then it was booming, Lin Xiaoxue elegantly walked to the stage in the middle of the club by herself.

The shiny silver dancer's bra outlined her slim and s.e.xy figure, underneath was a miniskirt of the same colour, displaying her attractive slender legs. With the world's hottest music, she started dancing with her slender waist, her long hair and hips moving along with the actions. Her white thighs were a dangerous temptation, her hands were soft unlike her. Graceful and enticing like a lady of the night, the men in the audience were burning for her crazily.

Lin Xiaoxue, 21, top student at A City's School of Arts, she loved dancing ever since she was a child, her body's flexibility was unmatched, the school saw her potential and wanted to ship her abroad for further education. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned, her parents were injured in a car accident, the huge financial pressure made her give up studying her pa.s.sion, she went down this road to earn some money quickly.

She currently worked as a senior dancer. Her fearful clumsiness in the beginning was now replaced with smooth experience. Lin Xiaoxue has been working here for more than six months. In the past six months, she brought a lot of money and prestige into the club, she had been recognized by the boss, and her reputation was growing, she became the object of desire for many rich young men.

"Xiaoxue, I'm giving you this along with the diamond bracelet, when will you allow me to take you out for a meal?" A chubby man decked out in designer brands eagerly ran over to Xiaoxue as she jumped off the stage.

"Zhang Hao, ah, I see you came again. Wow, it's beautiful, it must be expensive. Xiaoxue wouldn't dare to take it." Lin Xiaoxue immediately opened the box, inside was a sparkling diamond necklace, her pair of beautiful green eyes immediately shot open, but she quickly closed the box and gave it back with a smile.

"Xiaoxue, this wasn't expensive, you like it right, I bought it for you. I just hope that Xiaoxue can join me for a meal. Haha." Xiaoxue smiled at the small fat man's appearance.

"Really? Okay then, I'll call you when I'm free." Xiaoxue immediately took back the box he pushed to her. The small, beautiful and s.e.xy face displayed a charming smile to the fat man, she elegantly turned around, then like a b.u.t.terfly she flew away. Zhang Hao looked at her enchanting back, his body tensed up involuntarily, such a s.e.xy beauty, how long would it take to get her in bed?

In the backstage dressing room, her fellow dancer Liu Lulu threw a scornful look at the happy Lin Xiaoxue: "What, which fool sent you something again?"

"Hehe, you know Zhang Hao, his family seems to be very rich. Do you see how much this diamond is worth, that fool actually used this to buy a meal." Lin Xiaoxue seriously thought about how to sell the necklace.

Liu Lulu was envious, picking up the shimmering diamond necklace, she sarcastically said: "People just want to trick you into their bed, who would be so stupid, but this is so pretty, how much are you going to sell it for this time?"

"Ah, Lulu you want it. Then I'll wait and ask Zhang Hao how much he got it for and sell it to you at 50%." Lin Xiaoxue didn't mind it, with bright eyes, she only thought of how to earn money.

"You just got it, but you're going to sell it, are you serious, is your money running low?" Liu Lulu looked down at her.

"Oh, my mom and dad's illness need a lot of money. I have to earn more." Lin Xiaoxue thought of her parents who were lying in bed unable to take care of themselves. Her heart ached. Fortunately, she survived the most difficult time, now she had stable work, her salary was good, and she could gain a lot of extra money from the men who were obsessed with her.

"Xiaoxue, you should talk to the boss, don't make money like that. Seeing you deceiving men everywhere, an accident will happen sooner or later. I'm really worried about you." The makeup artist, Guan Yunqiao frowned and tried to persuade her.

"Ah, what else can I do? Mom and dad will want to know where my money came from, I'm afraid I would rather not visit them this way." Lin Xiaoxue's family was a scholarly one and still upheld many traditional aspects.

"Hey, just be careful of yourself. I heard Liang Shao spent a lot of money on you, but up until now you haven't let anybody benefit from that. Listening to gossip, I heard that he's been very upset recently. You have to be careful, he's not known for controlling his anger."

"Un, I know, thanks."  Lin Xiaoxue was surprised, thinking back on Liang Shao's cold face, she could only remember the pair of leopard-like black eyes staring at her every time, it made her scared. If not for him spending thousands on her she wouldn't go out for a drink with him to compensate, she would never have to know such a cold man. He was like a beast, while she was the lamb.

"Xiaoxue, Liang Shao's here. You can go." A guard ran in and told Lin Xiaoxue.

"Ah, oh, I know. Thanks, strong brother." Lin Xiaoxue thought about what he really wanted, she had to clearly deal with that frozen handsome man.

Lin Xiaoxue put on a red tight-fitting halter dress, it wrapped around her body, making her look s.e.xy and charming, and hurried towards the private room. Opening the door, the room was filled with smoke and dimly lit, a cold man wearing a white Armani suit moved his hands in a 'royal salute'. A pair of stunning leopard eyes watched her enter and Xiaoxue smile at him.

"Liang Shao, you're being so cold today. Not even showing Xiaoxue a smile." Lin Xiaoxue said as she gracefully sat down beside the man.

"You're my woman. When will you give this master a chance?" the ruthless man stretched out his hand, pulling Xiaoxue into his arms, his handsome face was as sharp as a knife, his eyes as deep as the lake.

"Ah, Liang Shao. You also know about Xiaoxue's circ.u.mstances. Xiaoxue needs to make money." Xiaoxue snuggled into his strong arms, another cold man once again turned soft before her.

"I'll buy you for a night, one million! How about it?" The man looked at Xiaoxue's beautiful face, his voice was husky.

"Hehe, Liang Shao, don't joke like that, how could Xiaoxue be worth so much money? Xiaoxue just wants to make money with her own hands, it'll give me peace of mind. Liang Shao doesn't have to do anything." Xiaoxue was shocked, but she immediately smiled at him again, her heart was pounding at his proposal, one million was not a small number.

Liang Shao narrowed his hawk-like eyes, looking at Xiaoxue's small face, reaching out to grab a strong drink, he slowly said: "Ten million and you'll accompany me for a year! How about it?"

"Liang Shao, you're being troublesome, don't tempt Xiaoxue." Lin Xiaoxue's heart was beating wildly, ten million, she could pay off her parents' medical bills. She wouldn't have to do this sort of work anymore. And the most important thing was that Liang Shao was the best type of man, although he was as cold as ice, he was really good to her.

Liang Shao's large hand touched Xiaoxue's smooth white thigh, Xiaoxue trembled, and stuttered out: "Liang, Liang Shao, you, can you let Xiaoxue think about it?" Lin Xiaoxue's heart was beating loudly, within her circle, this was an extraordinary amount of money, many girls would have jumped for this chance. Furthermore no one who was as young and handsome as Liang Shao would be willing to spend so much money.

"Good, I'll come back again tomorrow night. Have this hundred thousand first. Remember to stop accepting gifts from other men, they're wolves, they're dying to eat you." Liang Shao's slender fingers raised Xiaoxue's delicate chin. A pair of black eyes looked into Xiaoxue's large flashing ones. He knew his effect on her. The corner of his mouth raised into a subtle smile.

"Xiaoxue understands, thank you Liang Shao." Lin Xiaoxue wasn't stupid, she knew that she would have to pay the price for her greed sooner or later, currently Liang Shao's proposal had potential to save her.

Liang Shao bit her ear, and left with an ambiguous smile, Lin Xiaoxue was covered in a layer of gooseb.u.mps, did she really want to go down this path? Although Liang Shao was a handsome man, she couldn't understand him at all, would she really want to be kept as an underground mistress?

That night, Lin Xiaoxue could not fall asleep. The next day, the hospital called and told her that her mother had to do another transplant. They needed 300 thousand, Lin Xiaoxue froze. In the evening after work, Liang Shao's limousine was parked in front of 'Enchanting Night'. Lin Xiaoxue clenched her teeth and got inside, wasn't it just a night of pa.s.sion? It would happen sooner or later, what are you afraid of!

However, Xiaoxue was not as clear on the facts as she thought, Liang Shao was a dressed up animal[1]. He would hunt everywhere, then bring women home as pets. He would recklessly play with them, and take indecent photos until he was tired of them.

That first night, Lin Xiaoxue was tied up and raped by Liang Shao. She saw a look she had never seen before, like a beast watching the perfect prey, she could see glittering green light, he could not wait to pounce on her. No pity. No comfort. She was torn apart and ravished.

Lin Xiaoxue's crying and begging was only a stimulant in his eyes. The torture continued until dawn, she didn't know how many times she fainted. Waking up in a dark room, the huge LCD screen displayed herself being played with. She knew she made a mistake. She regretted it! She was in despair!

Fortunately, Liang Shao did not ban her from seeing her parents. She was also given her 10 million as promised. But every night, he would torture her. She felt like dying, it was painful, she felt helpless, hateful. She apologized and repented to her parents by arranging everything for them.

Finally, under a starry night, Lin Xiaoxue's hatred broke free. Using a carefully hidden fruit knife, she ended her and that animal Liang Shao's short lives.Despicable person.

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