Assassin's Chronicle Chapter 580

Publishedat 20th of March 2019 08:57:39 PMChapter 580

Minos was eliminated, and the Maho Empire had united all the nations, but peace did not follow as expected . Despite the religions' leaders working together closely, the conflict between the Church of Light and the followers of the G.o.ddess of Nature had worsened .

However, the leaders of the religions did not let the petty conflict between the followers bother them, and still maintained a close friendship . Stan, who had recently became a cardinal, walked into a small bar in Sacred City . Inside, Mauso was already waiting for him . Advertis.e.m.e.nt

"You're late," Mauso remarked .

Stan grunted . "Wester dropped by my place to give me the invitation to his wedding . I couldn't just send him away . "

"I got it too," Mauso said . "Are you going?"

"Are you?" Stan asked, lifting a brow .

The two glanced at each other and chuckled . After Anfey defeated Minos, he had disappeared without waiting to claim his glory . However, disappearing didn't mean he stopped existing . No one can prom

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