Assassin's Chronicle Chapter 575

Publishedat 20th of March 2019 08:57:53 PMChapter 575

"It is our pleasure to be able to combat with you," Stan said with a smile .

The atmosphere became weird . If it had been someone else who had made this comment, it would have been different . As the high priest of Holy See, Stan should be an arch-enemy of Morgan . However, he had taken the initiative in agreeing with him . This change in att.i.tude took everyone by surprise .

The many years of animosity shared was no laughing matter . A man must be able to adapt to his circ.u.mstances . This was easier said than done, but Morgan and Stan had proven it to be possible .

In the next instant, Stan flew up into the sky . His chants spread out in every direction . As his feet landed on the shabby mage tower, a bright curtain came down from the sky, covering the small city with holy light .

Eregli had released a mini magic kekkai . He had alienated Morgan, Desvidia, and Golman, to prevent them from being illuminated by the holy light . Golman nodded at Eregli with a smile to show hi

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