Blade and Sword God Sovereign Volume 1 Chapter 46

March 4, 2018

Vol 1, Chapter 46: The Start Of The Five Banks Great Compet.i.tion

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With the power of flames, Ding Hao had spent only half an hour to open up his first acupoint in the Appointing Vein.

According to the Way of Heart technique described in the "The beginning of a blade", the flames from the Profound Qi Seed had to constantly pound on the acupoints, to refine all the remaining impurities.

Time goes by.

In an instant, the sun has set up.

A faint red glow is emitting from the body of Ding Hao, streaming hot, like standing in front of a volcano, the temperature in the room, right now, is burning hot.

When the first ray of light in the morning, shines from the window and falls on Ding Hao.


Ding Hao body shakes slightly, his eyes instantly open, revealing a glimmer of happiness.

"Haha, finally succeeded!" 

He finally opened the first acupoint Inner Pole in the Appointing Vein, one of the Six Special Meridians.

His acupoints like before are all blocked, by using the power of flames, changing them into a size of a fist, blooming lightly, he had made a thorough impact on his first acupoint "Inner Pole", after this like before he had revolved his Qi to properly nourish his first acupoint.

Ding Hao raised his hands in the air.


A small flame, size of a fist, appeared on the palm of his right hand, a pale-yellow ball shining brightly.

The flames appear to be harmless on the surface, but they are containing a surprisingly high temperature enough to instantly refine any metal. 

By opening his Appointing Vein acupoint Inner Pole, there are numerous benefits.

Not only it means that after this, Ding Hao can control the power of flames, but also because now he has two completely different types of attributes, simultaneously mastering both the Ice and Fire, these two different kinds of Profound Qi.

This is simply breaking the Martial Dao Laws of the Endless Continent, creating a miracle.

Now, whether it is his Middle Dantian or his Lower Dantian, or it is his Six Special Meridians or his Twelve Meridians, Ding Hao cultivation level had truly achieved 1-Martial Apprentice Realm.

In truth, Ding Hao had achieved Double Realm, thus giving him endless advantages, although it looks like that Ding Hao had only stepped into 1-Martial Apprentice Realm, however his true strength, is already equal to a 2-Martial Apprentice Realm, if he were to fight, he will certainly shock the entire world with his brilliant feat.

"Unfortunately, currently I do not have any good blade, otherwise I would have already started practicing the blade arts."

Ding Hao nodded with satisfaction.

Now, his Middle Dantian has also stepped into 1-Martial Apprentice Realm. Meaning, he had met the cultivating conditions of the Blade and Sword Dual Saint Physique. Now, he can continue to cultivate his Ice and Snow Profound Qi in his Lower Dantian, to further step advanced in his swordsmanship, he can also continue to further attack his Twelve Meridians first acupoint "Yin" to his second acupoint "Life Sea".

Ding Hao is also intending not to let anybody know about his cultivation secret.

Because, if it’s even a little bit revealed, it will definitely cause a havoc in the entire Inquiring Sword Sect, maybe he will likely be treated as a mouse for performing various experiments, after all, he can cultivate a second Profound Qi, this will certainly shock everybody, the only thing he will attract will inevitably be misfortunes only.

At this time, Zhang Fan knocked outside his door.

It's time to have breakfast again.

Today, the hunter youth seems to be in a good mood.

"I finally felt the presence Qi". On the way to the Cooking Pavilion, Zhang Fan excitedly said.

After painstakingly cultivating Extreme Profound Inquiring Sword Sect Cultivating Technique for many days and nights, in addition with a detailed guidance from Ding Hao, the hunter youth finally felt for the first time the sensation of Qi in the Dantian, although very faint, but for him, it is not less than any light in darkness, after he had condensed his Profound Qi Seed, he will certainly able to get hold of his Qi.

"Didn’t I tell you, you can certainly do it." Ding Hao is also very happy for him.

"Tomorrow is the Five Banks Great Compet.i.tion, it is rumored that besides the Outer Sect Elders, many Inner Sect Elders will also be coming to watch, this is certainly a grand event, Senior Brother Ding do you have any clue about the East River Bank ten chosen contestants progress?" Zhang Fan excitedly asked.

Ding Hao said with a smile: "Truthfully, I have not a single clue, after all out of 2000 Registered Disciple, who knows how many Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon will come forth, I can only do my best!"

"Senior Brother Ding, you are certainly the best." Zhang Fan is very confident about Ding Hao.

In an instant, both of had already reached the Cooking Pavilion.

At the entrance of the Cooking Pavilion, many of the disciples are antic.i.p.atingly waiting for him.

After exchanging many cultivation bits of advice with Ding Hao in the first two days, many of disciples had achieved good results in their cultivation, after clearing their doubts, all are clearly able to break pa.s.s through the barrier that they are facing in their cultivation, this has caused more and more East River Bank disciples, to admire Ding Hao more and more.

Every morning, there are more and more disciples waiting in the dining room, and Ding Hao together to discuss the cultivation of ideas, ask various questions.

"Senior Brother Ding came!"

"Senior Brother Ding, Good Morning!"

"Go, and prepare breakfast for Senior Brother Ding and remember to add extra vegetables for Senior Brother Ding."

The crowd suddenly became very excited.


After one day, the date of long-awaited Five Banks Great Compet.i.tion had finally arrived.

Early this morning, all the disciples from the East River Bank had gathered in the East Bank Martial Pavilion, after attending the lecture of the beard Head Teacher w.a.n.g Juefeng, all are lined up to reach the Outer Sect Martial Hall for the Great Compet.i.tion.

The Outer Sect Martial Pavilion is used for any sort of martial arts contest, or to exchange notes or to resolve any disputes by all the Outer Sect Disciples.

The Inquiring Sword Sect is divided into great regions from low to high like a ladder.

The Registered Disciples residential area belongs to the first region and this Outer Sect Martial Pavilion is situated in the second region, the pavilion is very large like an open square platform. The large square is divided into many small arena of different sizes, all these arenas are surrounded by varieties of ancient trees and statues of many Martial Pract.i.tioners, looking from afar, it looks really imposing.

Before the arrival Ding Hao and other East River Bank disciples, many of the disciples had already arrived at the Martial Pavilion.

To watch over the Five Banks Great Compet.i.tion, the Sect had dispatched many Elders to watch over all the disciples, some of them are Outer Sect Elders, while there are also some Inner Sect Disciples, their duty is to maintain the proper order of battles, they also had to perform the duties of doctor in case someone gets injured during the battles, as well as there are some Inscription Masters and Master Craftsman for the maintenance of the arena. 

Taking a look, this is absolutely a sea of disciples and which incomparably noisy.

Of course, most of them are the Registered Disciples from the Five Great Banks.

All the disciples are dressed in green, red, purple, yellow, and white these four-color long warrior robes, naturally today, they all are the leading roles of this grand event, especially the chosen contestants from the Five Great Banks, all of them are itching to jump down in the arena, to display a good performance, and make a good impression on all the Sect Elders.

After some time, a melodious sweet-tickling of an ancient clock sounded in the entire Inquiring Sword Sect Mountain.

From above the mountain peak, a glimmer of light twinkle, tearing apart the sky, flowing the steamer of light falls on the center of the Martial Pavilion arena.

The time, for the starting of the Five Great Banks Compet.i.tion, had finally arrived.

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