Isekai Tensei Soudouki Volume 3 Chapter 2

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 As we pa.s.s through the corridor of this tropical country, it reveals a garden full of the colors of this picturesque tropical country.

 Balud witness a scene that I he had never seen before, even within his dreams, it was something he could not imagine.

(If he was public servant such as an amba.s.sador, it is where you could go to stretch and enjoy… …)“You seem to have liked it”“Yes, in a magnificent garden that is rarely seen in Mauricia”

 Aware of his change in expression, Sepata looked into Balud’s eyes who seemed so interested.

 Apparently it seems to be a distracted man who does not suit their appearance. To have an understanding of manners and att.i.tudes, he appears to be a high n.o.ble.

“The vegetation in this garden is grown only in San Juan, even though it is widely available in the continent. It's our country's pride, surely this is something rarely seen.”

 Balud liked that Sepata proudly proclaim it.

 He seemed so proud of his country so much, that there was little dissatisfaction with the royal family.

“Please proceed, His Majesty awaits.”

 Sepata infront of them showed them the large door, it's height is even taller.If you are not reading this on my wordpress, you should come to to read it, It’s absolutely free. Those ads aren’t mine btw since they are the ones that comes with the free account.

 It seems that we have to go alone with the Balud.

 When Balud bowed to Sepata, he pushed the door with the palm of his hand.

 The door, which is of considerable weight, there was no resistance as if it was well oiled,  It opened in front of Balud.

 Surprisingly there are only a few people on the other end of the door.

 Several hundred people could easily be accommodated in the s.p.a.ce, where only ten people stood lined up, it was a sore sight.

 The current King Carlos V is known as the leader who developed the San Juan Kingdom as a maritime nation, but on the other hand, it is vulnerable to warfare and has a history of defeats in naval warfare.Holy f.u.c.k super rant time. So I was away and lost some motivation but saw how many people like and encourage me to continue so to you guys thanks. This was originally suppose to come out the weekend of Infiniti Wars but as you can see that did not happen. That movie mind blown me for a while but that only contributed to me stall this release.

 Therefore, the San Juan Kingdom, increase the ranking of their military might.

 However, the reigning leader of the military secretary, John, died of illness in the recent cholera outbreak.The air in the court is changing.

 It is reasonable that civil servants rises as war wanes, and that military affairs without productivity will be reduced in peacetime is also proven in history.

 The civilian officials plan to support the intelligent and temperate second Prince Franco in their response to the successor’s problem, and to rewrite the power figure within the San Juan Kingdom.

 That is the reason why Franco, who has a mother from a duke and has overwhelming support within the court, could not be kept at bay.

 It is because the military who was afraid of the resurging civilian government decided to back the Third Prince Pedro, with the backing of the Majorica Kingdom, which is an allied nation between naval countries.“I am Carlos, the current King of San Juan, I wish to give my regards to the King of Mauricia”“I am honored to meet you for the first time, I am Balud Severn Cornelius Baron, I am extremely delighted to have been granted an audience with your wise highness.”

 Still a man in his prime fourties, Carlos’s appearance was weak like a man half pa.s.s his sixties.

 His eyes droop, skin color darken that long lost his l.u.s.ter, and his complexion is obviously bad.

 To lose his hopeful prospected elder son, it is inevitable that it would be noticed, that is … ….

“I have only words of grat.i.tude for the treatment to the epidemic that was taught the other day. Thank to this, the infection was contained, and the victims were reduced to less than half of the expected casualties. If we could have learned it a little earlier …. No, that is to say it was unavoidable. “

 If proper treatment was available from the beginning, there is a high possibility that Prince Abrugo could be saved. However, it was impossible to deliver treatment to the prince who had been infected earlier than Mauricia Princess Rachel.

 Of course Carlos was aware to that degree.

“Although I know it is a wishful thinking, I want the treatment from Mauricia to be confidential, at least for a while.”

“- We do not intend to publicize, of course.”

 Listening to Balud’s reply, a tired Carlos breathes a deep sigh.

 Big body and broad shoulders felt dispirited, was much smaller than it looks.

“Sorry … Now, there must not be a situation where royalty shall be shaken”

 In short, the fact that Abrego was playing a role in spreading cholera infection is great.

 That's why complaints are rising among the n.o.bles and citizens victims.

 Originally this cholera occurred in the brothel and Abrugo was one of the victims, but it is definitely Abrugo that brought the epidemic to the court.

 In order to calm the and to maintain respect for the royal family, it was decided that the royal family discovered the treatment of cholera.

 Furthermore, Balud invented the hand pumps and plan to provide the technology and will also be use to raise the popularity of the royal family.

 For the Mauricia Kingdom, the San Juan Kingdom being politically stable is to their national interests, these demands are within the range of a.s.sumption, and it was nothing that Balud wouldn't didn't expect.

“My Majesty response to the request of His Majesty Carlos to take care of all the suffering. Your concern is unfounded.”

“This debt will not be forgotten.”

 Carlos’ words were priceless.

 Just because he could withdraw this word, One can say that the purpose of Balud has been at least halfway done. The King’s pledge to another country has that much weight.

 There was no way that a man as much as Carlos could not see through the Mauricia side’s intention to fight with each other in Trisotevy.

 In fact it is equivalent to a secret alliance between the Mauricia Kingdom and the San Juan Kingdom.

“Let me introduce my son to Baron Balud … … Come, Franco”

 Following the words of Carlos, the boy who was waiting to the right of the king raised the face he was had lowered.

 Balud saw his face, inadvertently was at a loss for words.

 Balud himself has a figure that can be mistaken for a girl. But with a body that is unmistakingly a man, has never been mistaken in recent years.

 Meanwhile, Franco’s lingering face could not be seen as anything but of that of a beautiful girl.

 A burning red hair that is visibly sparkling, and thin sharp moist eye. A well defined small nose and bright red lips similar to Masaharu an actor of Takarazuka Opera Company.

 It seemed that it was more accurate to express it as a man of beauty rather than a man of feminine appearance.

“Franco Córdoba de San Juan, It's a pleasure to meet you”I was also away on a f.u.c.king terrible road trip and it was probably a pretty terrible 2.5 weeks of my life. The food was good though for the most part. But s.h.i.+t it was terrible. Even stayed in a f.u.c.k hotel. It’s like a j.a.panese Love hotel but American, dirty as f.u.c.k and smells of smoke everywhere.

“It's my pleasure to receive your highness kind favor.”

 Balud hurriedly returns a bow to Franco who graciously lowers his trembling head

 For that reason Balud seemed to have spoke without hesitation, the monolouge that was old fas.h.i.+oned and was not heard.

“Oooh … how beautiful! That man? This must be divine guidance”

 If he had heard, Balud might have beaten his companion with all his might.

 Teresa who should have strong s.e.xual interest in same s.e.x, now has the face of a maiden who is in love, staring at Franco as if to devour.

 It was around the age of 8 that Teresa realized her own s.e.xuality.

 Prior to that, when I got acquainted with Balud, my father Mattise, who was thinking of his daughter as to be a bride, asked me “What did you think playing with Balud”, vaguely replied

“He’s a funny guy”.

 After that, contrary to the expectation of their parents, although Balud became friends, the feeling of the man and woman never bloomed, but rather the feeling towards the beautiful girl Seilurn, who was by Balud's side was favored.

 She thought that she was a woman who likes small and lovable things, but eventually she realize that her liking was different from that of other women.

 Teresa ‘s childhood friend was a girl named Rina.

 She was a beautiful girl whose characteristic is lively and well round, often brought Teresa out to playing at the rivers and the lakes.

 Eventually the two grew up, one day Rina fell in love.

 Her love was the son of a merchant who is a friend of Rina’s elder brother, a boy who looked good being two years older.

 Teresa’s chest raged like a s.h.i.+ning sparkle for Rina who was like a beautiful blooming flower, her feeling of love had awoken.

 At that time Teresa finally realized that the ferocious jealousy that she felt only for the first time since she was born is not due to losing a close friend.

 She love Rina.

 Teresa want to embrace that pet.i.te body.

 She want to feel the tanned healthy wheat colored skin.

 Specifically, let's say the important part of a girl's secret … ….

 There was a suspicious Teresa who dyed her smiling cheeks with a relaxed smile.

 In other words, Teresa realized that it seems that it was only G.o.d’s mischief or that of a girl with the same s.e.x feeling is the only one who remembers her l.u.s.t.

 It was the moment of the Demon Teresa's s.e.xual hara.s.sment that later drove Seilurn and many other beautiful girls into the depths of terror.

 Of course, it goes without saying that her confession to her first love was utterly rejected with the word “pervert!”

 That perverted Teresa could not s.h.i.+ft her gaze for a moment from Franco, who was a man.

 For Teresa, who celebrated the 15th birthday earlier than Balud the other day, it was her first experience have her heart stolen by a man.

 Even when she met Balud, a man, which is unusual for Teresa, it did not leave an impression on her heart.

 Her chest is painful as if he had grabbed her heart.

 It will be surprising that Teresa who paints arrogance insults can only be able to only look as if she is breathing heavily, wondering if Balud had noticed.

“Oh … how beautiful … is there such a beautiful existence in this world?”

 Yes, Franco was more beautiful than anyone else.

 If there was a problem, his beauty was never as a man but as a woman.

“Welcome to the San Juan Kingdom. In particular, I can not thank you enough, Baron Balud, who brought our country a cure for that terrible epidemic.”

 In a manly demeanor, Prince Franco dropped his head, thanking him with a sophisticated manner.

 As a matter of fact, the cholera brought by Abruga has brought a serious crisis to the royal family.

 Franco did not suffer from the disease, but what had happened if they did not properly handle the excrement of the infected persons by isolating sick people as inform from Mauricia.

 As a possibility the royal family, including the king, could even be annihilated.

 In terms of preserving the honor of the royal family and its survival, Balud could be said to be a salvation benefactor indeed.

 Probably also why Welkin sent out a young Balud as amba.s.sador for that reason.

 The appearance of Welkin would not help save face to the many shabby eyes.

“For the sake of convenience, you could not stand out with recognition. If I can become a force it will be as powerful as possible. My age is close and I would appreciate if you get involved as a friend”

 Franco has just reached his seventeenth birthday, but when he saw Balud, he could hardly think he was only at the age of fourteen. Rather it seems to France that Balud was older than he was.

 It may be natural for Franco to feel closer to Balud among those who have heavy responsibility that does not suit his age and talent.

 Even so – and Franco thought.

 Who is the redhead boy that has been staring at him?

 He did not remember the hot eyes as if it was feverish.There was plenty of spots that got me a bit confused but I couldn’t find it again when I was proof reading so I might have accidentally deleted it. Hehehehe…… well either way the lower part of the translation is more shoddy then the upper parts.

 Franco thought the unknown knight thought him to be a woman, and he kept staring.  However, it is unusual for men to look with such blatant lines of sight.

 If he look closely, he seems to be a noisy beautiful girl.

 He is characterized by a pale red hair with a curiously strong big eyed character, with a supple and well-balanced physique, and glossy white porcelain like skin that seems regrettable to be a male.

 Frankly speaking, it can be said that it meets Franco’s fancy.

 Franco is supposed to be accustomed to meeting eyes at all times, but he felt as though his heart was bouncing like a puppy and struggled to keep a smile.

“From my standpoint, we are almost friends on good terms, so I will not hesitate to approach Sir Balud.”

“…… Then, although I am a low-cla.s.s person, I’m grateful for your words … I would appreciate it if you could call me Balud.”

 It was then that Teresa, who had been silent until now, thrust forward and cried out from her impulses.

“My name is Teresa Bradford, please, please add me to the group of your Highness’s friends!”“Oh … …. Are you a woman …?”

 Franco who had been convinced that Teresa was a boy until now has raised a surprise voice.

 Despairfully looking at a flat chest in desperation, the appearance of Teresa who wrapped herself in a dignified knight outfit is exactly what they call a lady in manly clothing, and it was not only Franco that was surprised to know that Teresa was a woman. It was King Carlos who also stood up in surprise and stared at Teresa.

“- Bradford, are you the daughter of Matisse?”“Yes, my father is a countryside lord of the frontier, are you acquainted?”“I knew Matisse in the Order of the Seed, Matisse was already deputy headmaster at that time, which was already known as the best knight with his ability”

 That father who was laid in her mother’s a.s.s was upright to other countries.

  The only word from his mouth was ‘be more feminine’, ‘go be a bride’, but it was annoying. He was more competent than Teresa thought, she had reconsider her view of her father.

 That did not mean that she was going to listen to what Matisse said.

 Did he see Teresa ‘s image of Matisse, Carlos turned from a tired face and smiled happily.Well probably the best news is in a few weeks I’ll be getting my marijuana card so that should really help my anxiety a lot. Well if things go well for me I will be translating a lot more in more frequent time.

 It reminded me of my old days that pa.s.sed and seemed to have recovered from a slightly depressing mood.

“Come Pedro, greet them too.”“Yes, father”

 He was advised by Carlos, another little boy came swiftly.

 It seemed that the blood from his mother side from the Majorica Kingdom was strong and had the peculiar skin of the dark southern country .

“Pedro Majorica de San Juan. I am honored to meet you!”

 It is a boy who seems to be honest without a trace of lie.

 With this, Balud cannot imagine from that side that it actually is fighting Franco for the throne.

 Perhaps he himself might not have such awareness at all.

(Whew … …. Either way it will be troublesome, is not it … Those racc.o.o.ns … …)

 Second Prince Franco 17 years old, Third prince Pedro 13 years old, both are close to Balud's age.

 Although each of them has their own faction, there was no one with talent like Balud to see through their true intentions.

 Cautious already, the prince also seems to have been more favorable.

 Being young, it would s.h.i.+eld themselves from watchful eye of other party but, they are no exception, even from the royal family of another country.

 Perhaps King Welkin, who had appointed Balud as his amba.s.sador, was supposed to have known as much.

 Well, it can not be helped even if it is said to be a hungry black racc.o.o.n.

 Whether Balud wants it or not, approaching with royalty should bring various information and interference to Balud. Balud has an obligation to bring national interest to the Mauricia Kingdom using the information gained.

 Next to Balud who wants to be ahead of a situation that is too troublesome, Teresa kept her fierce eyes on Franco with a full smile.

 Franco also felt that her gaze was not unpleasant, rather it seemed that her face was getting better without heart.

“This is not interesting! Being denied meeting the messenger of Mauricia!”

 The military secretary, the Marquis Santa Cruz, could not hide his indignation as he was shut out from the greetings by Maurician Kingdom's Amba.s.sador.

 Apparently it seems that only the royal family attended the ceremony with the except of the prime minister.

 Santa Cruz sense a crisis, which was faint but he realizes that the king is taking out the power of the military which has become too strong, it was serious.

 In this way, the military can not engage in any important decision-making and will follow the path of decline.

 It was an unacceptable situation for the security of the San Juan Kingdom.

“…… Even though Trisotevy has pirates problems who were influence of the civil war …… Indeed, do not know anything about that battlefield!”

 Not to mention the other battlefield, of course, is about King Carlos.

 Carlos, who is capable as a politician but no talent of naval battle, even lost consecutively to the Trisotevy fleet that should have been exhausted by the civil war.

 Currently, the San Juan Kingdom can exercise more than a certain influence in the Marmaran Sea because there was an alliance with Majorica Kingdom and the hero Diego de Morius who took over the battle on behalf of the king.

 If his hero did not die soon, it would be a different situation.

 Diego, who has been winning many battlefields with rare tactical leaders.h.i.+p ability, became sick and died on board the s.h.i.+p he loved without waiting for the treatment of an excellent healer on land.

 He should refuse promotion to the military service and should say it is a death suitable for the hero who fought to the end.

 However, the death of Diego, whom could reached even the Prime Minister if he wished, definitely was a huge loss to the military’s centripetal force.

 It is the disease death of a recently renowned naval prime minister John.

 No matter how the army is, it is not composed only of actual warfare units.

 Rather, the military organization needs more complicated political negotiation abilities, such as budget acquisition by administrative bureaucrats than general administrative organizations.

 Perhaps Diego hated the ugliness of such battle and might have stayed on the sea.

 However, as a person who keeps the military in check, Santa Cruz cannot be quiet like Diego. He is responsible for protecting their lives, and he can never accept military posts and personnel reductions.

 Although bureaucrats often take actions contrary to national interests to protect the interests of the organization, even Santa Cruz, who is brave and baptized on the battlefield and is renowned as a descendant of descendants, cannot be affiliated with such bureaucrats.

“… … His Highness Pedro must succeed the throne … … it is troubling that your Highness is too young to be useful … ….”

 He is also worth using as a puppet if he must.I’m thinking of putting p.o.r.nographic novel parts into this because people who just rip my translation to post on there site so that would be fun. Hahahahahaha

 It cannot be said that the world cannot just be a conveniently good place.

 As n.o.bility and civilian forces are gathered together under Prince Franco, there are few things that can be done even if the military supports Franco right now.

 In order to protect the interests of the military, he had to turn from Prince Franco and have Prince Pedro become the King at all costs.

 The problem is that unlike the aristocrats in the court, the military’s officers have very few people with such political knowledge. The troublesome back work that needed to be mobilized from rumor and stories to bribery, honey trap and just-in-law sentiments was a place where Santa Cruz himself involved in the administration as a military secret was not good as well.

 Because the military tends to be a violent organization, there is a tendency for military persons to prefer direct countermeasures rather than fighting roundtable solutions「……Call Bartolomeo」 Santa Cruz rangs the doorbell and orders the secretary briefly The secretary who knew that name was the head of the secret intelligence department of the military, kept his tension firm and strengthened his hands deeply for his Lord

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