Isekai Tensei Soudouki v1c1 part4

Welcome theultimatebaka, our new editor for IST. This release concludes Chapter 1. Unlike Sanai or Bard, Oka Masaharu was born in an ordinary family.

Surprisingly, Masaharu was studying things specifically in order to utilize them in case he ended up being reincarnated in an alternate world.

Right after the car accident which took Masaharu’s life, an unrecognizable couple appeared in front of ‘Masaharu’.

It was his long awaited reincarnation.

Such hopes emerged within Masaharu, yet were immediately destroyed.

Currently, we can a.s.sume that Bard's brain was able to adapt to such an unusual incident only because his ego was not fully developed yet.

Sanai noticed this, and was clever enough to keep his voice down, and refrained from intruding. Even Masaharu, although it took a while, realized he wasn't the protagonist he wished for, and decided to cooperate with the others.

...As long as he was able to live.

“...Is it just me, or does it sound like you can still go for more?”

What awaited the 3 personalities who were determined to coexist was the ‘training’ where any instance of negligence would lead to certain death.

“Why do I have to run through a full marathon while having a spear pointed at my back!?” [Masaharu]

“I can’t handle this mother!!” [Masaharu]

Due to their special situation, Sanai’s memory took a larger portion, but Masaharu’s contribution was not little.

As common among kids with chuunibyou, Masaharu had a deep understanding of certain specific contents, especially when it came to cheating with the domestic affairs. 

Serena, who returned from the imperial city, gave a great smile.

Thanks to Bard, the Savarin Corporation’s a.s.sets skyrocketed.

Huge merchant firms located in the imperial city had already begun sending spies in order to figure out why the domain of Cornelius, located in a far away land, were able to gather so much sugar.

“I already finished purchasing  the land you wanted. Dry land worth around 5 hectares (50,000 m2)”

She seems to have given us a rocket start.

5 ha would be around the same size as 1 Tokyo Dome Corp. It would be tremendously huge especially for the domain of Cornelius, which has very little farmland.

Without a single sense of apology, Serena spoke.

Serena knew already that these deals could only stack gold when investment is involved.

If this deal failed in the end, Serena would be the only one at a loss, but considering the possible a.s.sets, there were no risks big enough to stop her.

Since there exists a huge difference in investment at this point, it would be unavoidable for Serena to receive the larger portion of the a.s.sets.

However, Bard was not going to let even Serena hop onto this deal as a freeloader.

“Hmmmm, how about 30% of the net profit? It should still give you a much higher benefit than before.”

“N--No way! That is only on special occasions! Only when I allow you to!”

However, her wagging tail unconsciously showed Serena’s greed inside out.

“I am sorry. I should not have said that.”

Bard realized after 2 years that Lelona never jokes around.

“As you asked, I bought as many gold bullions as cheaply as I could. What are you planning to do with this?”

Since it has not gone through processes, it can be purchased at a relatively cheap price.

“We bought some old gold works that are almost worthless now. Don’t tell me you are going to start some gold working.”

However that can only be possible through having 3 qualities: a group of customers called the rich n.o.ble families, an expert worker with the skill to work with gold, and trust earned through the grade and history of the merchant firm.

If they were sold cheaply, then there will be many who would want them, but that would not make much profit.

“Yeah, I will do some processing, just not the kind you may be thinking about right now.”

Serena felt impatient for a moment thinking she may have trusted Bard too much.

Noticing that Bard was laughing so childishly, Serena noticed she was playing into his hands, and smirked.

“Indeed I am, since you always have a serious face”

“...Allow me to just say that if I think our president can not get married to another man anymore, then I will do everything possible to make you marry her. ”

(Man, this is so much fun, but I have to bet my life from now on when playing around with Serena?)


For Serena to be able to stand strong against a n.o.ble with no problem, yet sometimes act so childish, Lelona felt very worried.

If that is the case, then she might screw up at the important times.

A long moment of silence arrived.

“This is a sample work I received at the factory…”

Using a large anemone flower as the main, which itself may seem a little plain, but the decoration of a bee being attracted to it adds a clear imagery to the work.

What was surprising was that the hairpiece was made out of gold.

Lelona, who usually never changes her expression stared at the work with awe.

Their reactions were quite reasonable.

n.o.bles who take a great liking to this work may even pay up to 200 gold coins for it.

“I didn’t even use half a gold coin”

No, that is plain impossible. Just the material itself should cost no less than 10 gold coins.

“This is gilded after all.“

“Yup. Gilded. The gold is only on the surface; the inside is just bronze.”

The current method of gilding in this world uses hot silver to melt gold; plate it on the surface, then lastly burn only the surface, which causes only the silver to evaporate.

Thus, it requires just about the same cost as using pure gold; with no advantages.

Bard smiled, and dropped the last word bomb.


The two then returned to their merchant firm, in order to find market routes for their new deal called the gilded work.

The intuition of the two merchants told them that they cannot afford to miss this great opportunity.

And thus, it may bring grade and cla.s.s to the up and coming Savarin Corporation.

“(Maybe I should really force this man to marry our president...)”

“h.e.l.l yeah!! I will definitely pull this off! Watch me! Dad! Mom! ”

The young merchant’s heart, that could not help but feel overly sensitive about the difference in status when it thought about marriage, was as pure as it could be. 

The sign ‘Gaut Factory’, which looked very large on the small factory, actually helped to shape the atmosphere.

“Chief Gaut, how are the works going?”

“You don’t need to call me Young-boss...”

He first called me ‘kid’, but after I taught him how to gild, he has been showing great respect with his words.

Gaut is actually only 33 years old, and he is also Tyros’ older brother.

Bard had an eye on him ever since he saw Gaut’s works at a store, and asked Tyros to meet him in person.

“Listen, kid. I only make what I want to make. Got it!?”

Bard heard from Tyros that Gaut was not only an experienced worker, but also a very curious man.

Seeing Gaut give a silent response, Bard began placing multiple urns around 30cm tall in front of him.

“Well, you could call them a power source for a certain technique.”

Gaut seemed extremely confused.

A small urn should not be able to become a power source of any kind.

After pouring acidic liquid into the tub, Bard held the wire in his hand.

“Hey, hey, kid. Where the heck did you get that gold?”

Gaut finally noticed at this point that Bard’s outfit was too finely made for a normal civilian.

“And then I use the bronze work by Chief--”

“Yeah, I really like how it just fits my ideal image.”

The painting work was its only weakness.

Gaut was a craftsman; not an artist.

For Gaut, that was his coloring skills.

“...What is it that you are trying to do? Hm? What’s this...why are there bubbles? And it’s hot?”

He heard there were a few craftsmen who use magic for their work, but even he knew there was no magic being used.

How amusing. It has been so long since the last I felt so excited)”

This urn-like object was found in Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq, and was known as the Baghdad Battery or the Parthian Battery, known to be a piece of an OOPArt; something that Masaharu had been studying about.

Something that, even in this science-less world, requires no effort to prepare.

An experiment done back in 1938 by a scientist showed that the urn was able to consistently provide 2 volts of electricity.

Back when Masaharu was alive, he successfully gilded the bolts of his bike, ZZR.

Approximately 30 minutes later.

“Wait, WHAT IS THIS?????”

The anemone flower which had a poor coloring work received glamorous looks with a s.h.i.+ning golden plating.

Gaut immediately responded with a straight ‘yes’ to Bard’s question, as their deal was made.

For Gaut who always only wanted to make what he wanted to make, yet was unable to make a satisfactory work, Bard was a savior who brought light into his despair.

Bard suddenly woke Gaut, who up recalling his past in a dream.

“Depending on how many items you make, I’ll get you more.”

If I ask for more, the Savarin Corporation will more than likely invest more money into this deal.

As he smiled and smirked, Gaut pointed towards his unfinished products.

“Alright, that should be good enough.”

But if this much sells successfully…

Bard subconsciously began drooling as he imagined his dream sight.

“(....G--Gold coins. My gold coins!!)” 

Just thinking that made Seirun’s heart feel extremely lonely.

Bard has definitely changed drastically in the past few years.

But now, Bard is almost as manly as his father, and even his mother--Magotte, is at the point where she is having trouble handling Bard’s sword skills.

Now what am I compared to that.

Although Bard calls it pretty, compared to Magotte and maid-master Emma, Seirun continues to think she may seem a little plain.

Ignis and Cero were known to be great pals, and Cero often told Seirun that having a true friend you can rely on is very important.

Bluntly put, Bard is a boy, and Seirun is a girl.

“So how’s it going? Is everything going smooth between you and Young-master?”

“Oh, look at you, acting all pure. Your body have been growing into a real woman’s lately, and Young-master also has grown so much already; you must have had some progression.”

Seirun blushed all the way to her neck.

Seirun quickly covered her body with her arms.

“Mmmm...maybe it’s a little too early for you.”

“Maybe not now. But how about tomorrow, or next year? How long do you think until Young-master will start looking at you as a woman? Think about his father; he will become a man in no time!”

When Ignis’ name poped up, there was nothing Seirun can say.

Not that he would be able to cheat on his wife now (physically impossible).

“I mean, you are among the top of the list of candidates to become Young-master’s mistress. I envy you...I wish I was just a few years younger to be around the same age...”

“A mistress? Me? What happened to the childhood friend setting? What happened to me being like his sister? Even Young-master calls me Sei-nee all the time...there is no way…”

“But...But I...”

“Master is quite kind, so he probably won’t force you, but I’m sure he has high hopes for you. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.”

On the other hand, Cero did not think of letting his daughter become a mistress even for one bit .

However, as a parent, it would be natural to be greatly happy if their daughter were loved by the son of one’s master.

The one solid fact was that both of Seirun’s parents were not going to force the marriage on her. 

Just thinking about that prevented her from looking at Bard in a normal manner.

“What’s wrong, Sei-nee?”

Screaming with no sense of mannerism, Seirun leaned back in reaction.

“You’re close! Young-master! Your face is too close!!”

Seirun quickly stepped back after suddenly having the face--almost as bold as his father’s--up so close to her face.

“I have something I need to talk to you about today.”

Seirun’s mind was filled with pink thoughts, she first panicked and thought he was confessing his love to her.

“Hm? This doesn’t sound like what I was hoping for...?”

Even Seirun, who still lacks the experience of loving someone, could tell that those eyes did not show any sign of love or anything alike.

“G.o.d d.a.m.n it! This is all because of Matilda!”

He thought she was acting strange, but he childishly thought it was due to himself, because he had been keeping a secret from her.

“Beets that produce sugar?”

To be able to produce sugar in the domain of Cornelius was completely unheard of.

“Sei-nee, you know that I have other personalities inside me, right?”

That was the exact reason why she was chosen as his maid in the first place.

After watching over him for a while, Seirun noticed there were 2 other personalities inside Bard, and they are the reason behind this confusion.

The reason behind Seirun spending her lifetime: during sleep, meals, and even her bathtime, with Bard was in attempt to help Bard’s young ego maintain itself.

Bard continued on, without noticing Seirun unwillingly remembering an unnecessary past, blus.h.i.+ng again.

Bard was acting quite unreasonably obstinate.

“Why didn’t you tell me all this time?”

It was also because it might’ve ruined the entire plan if the words slipped to Ignis from Seirun.

“(And Dad doesn’t really know how to keep the profits within his domain.)”

Perhaps him being a warrior who protects the kingdom is preventing him from developing his domain, even if that means he has to steal benefits from other domains.

“But it’s almost on the right track now. Growing beets aren’t that hard, and I think Serena will take care of the marketing connections” 

Cold words suddenly leaked out of Seirun’s lips.

After hearing her very deep, groaning-like words, the alarm inside Bard’s mind, indicating danger, went off loud and clear, but was unable to figure out the real cause.

“Hmmm...How old is she? Is she cute?”

Before he could finish his sentence, he finally noticed Seirun’s emotionless facial expression.

“I’m glad you told me. I want you to tell me everything from now on, you don’t have to hide anything from me.”

“I see, you can rely on me.”

Bard could not help but feel confusion and worry after seeing Seirun’s new face; the darkside.

“(The mistress deal aside, I need to make sure weird bugs stay out of Young-master’s sight.)”

One thing was for sure; she would never let any unknown woman reach Young-master any more.  

Pure gold works would only be purchased by the high-cla.s.s n.o.bles, or middle-cla.s.s n.o.bles on their wedding, just once in their life.

The work got so famous among the middle-cla.s.s n.o.bles with its sensitive touch and while not being too flashy, that even the high-cla.s.s n.o.bles even began purchasing them.

“That helps. I’m the kind of guy who values quality over quant.i.ty.”

The sudden appearance of his works, later called the ‘Gaut Collection’, definitely did not satisfy the ma.s.s customers due to its lack of quant.i.ty.

“You should’ve come last Thursday.”

In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if somebody tried to abduct Gaut with brute force.

Even then, there were many who used multiple methods to find out the ident.i.ty of Gaut, yet it will be impossible, no matter what method they use, to find a gold work craftsman named Gaut in the kingdom.

“The new product that you invented is selling like crazy...hmph. I can’t stop smiling...”

The total transaction value didn’t reach anywhere close to that of the huge corporations in the imperial city, but it was nowhere within what a normal corporation should be at.

If we were to point out just one mistake that Serena has made at this point---

Lowering her head, a beautiful girl, with a small maid headdress on long, golden brown hair, appeared.

“What happened to Bard?”  “Young-master is currently busy supervising the workplace.”

Holding her desire to scream, Serena smiled at Seirun.

Seirun is an enemy.

After recruiting Seirun, Bard brought her to the corporation, for her to work as the communication pipe.

“Serena, let me introduce you to my maid, who is also like my older sister, Seirun. She will be helping us out in many ways from now on, so be nice to each other.”

Seeing the skeptical glare from Seirun, Serena was sure that she was her rival.

“Nice to meet you too. As expected of a corporation’s president, how elegant. I can understand why Young-master would rely on you so much (You can keep your jokes only on your face. This isn’t a place for hags, is it?)”

Seirun and Serena both a.n.a.lyzed each other.

The curved hips and the glamourous b.r.e.a.s.t.s were something Seirun could not fight against.

Some people prefer Seirun’s slender body, but the problem relies in whether Bard is one of them.

Not that there is no hope for future growth, but Seirun was sure that she could not hope for a huge boost.

Most importantly, the strength of the bond between Bard and Seirun was strong, since they grew up together since childhood.

Furthermore, Serena felt envious of Seirun for being at such a close age to Bard.

When Bard turns 20, Serena would be 27 years old.

This huge gap was something Serena could not underestimate.

And now, while working as the communication pipe, Seirun visits Serena often as part of the battle of the two women.

“What? I guess I understand the coal, but why the volcanic ash?”

Serena looks up in the sky, as she sighs at the guy who only uses words humans can’t understand.

“Tell Bard that I will prepare a carriage full by the end of next week.”

“You owe me one now.”

“(d.a.m.n...this girl has such a strong defence, it’s so annoying!)”

“Then I might need to go to him directly with the payment details...”

Glaring at each other, the two beauties both smirked.

It was simply astounding that neither crossed important lines as they both were in a position to help this one man.

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