Isekai Tensei Soudouki v1c1 part1

“Here you go, your allowance for this month. Don’t waste it okay?”

“Thank you, Father!”

With a childlike, energetic voice, Bard replied as he receives a silver coin from his father, Ignis.

Forestry covers the majority of the area with very minimal living s.p.a.ce; the Cornelius earl family lived a slightly wealthier life than the general citizens.

The silver coins that Ignis had given to Bard totals to 72, which equals approximately 1.4million yen in current value.

Ignis had been giving a monthly allowance to Bard from the age of 5, in order to teach him the value and the correct usage of money.

But of course, with the knowledge from the previous lives, Bard already understood its value, and how much of a societal impact finance has.

As a result, Ignis’ actions only helped to trigger the fetish of a certain man inside Bard.

“Hue hue hue...they sure are s.h.i.+ny...”

“This happens all the time, but that face you’re making gives me s.h.i.+vers, Young-Master.”

As Bard gazes at the coin, Seirun talks to him as she frowns.

“(d.a.m.n, Young-Master would be perfect if not for this fetish. )”

It was 5 years ago that Seirun was a.s.signed as the maid.

Ignis did not give specific details, but apparently, he wanted to give Bard a closely aged friend, as he was having an unstable mental state of mind.

And thus, Seirun became Bard’s childhood friend, and she thinks of Bard like a cute little brother.

Seirun recalls back when she first met Bard.

Bard was only 6 years old, and anyone would agree, he was a beautiful young boy.

However, Seirun noticed that the eerie actions he took sometimes definitely did not match his appearance.

Rather, there was no way but to notice it.

“A fine lookin’ visage!”

Bard made a kind grin as he said that, similar to that of Seirun's grandfather.


Bard screams into the sky and rolls around the floor, who also looked like Seirun's 30 year old brother who got into bad hobbies at the imperial city.

---It’s really bothersome for him to look this way with a blushed face.

For a girl who was merely 8 years old, it was inevitable for her to be sensitive from such a gaze.

Furthermore, it was even harder for Seirun, who was thought to be very beautiful with her mother-like golden brown hair and brown eyes.

“Do you want to play with me, Onee-chan?”

It was the shy boy who spoke to her as she was getting her mind confused.

Unlike her grandfather, nor her brother.

Still questioning the random personalities that appear at times, with the looks that make her want to protect him, she cannot help but say,

“Of course.”

Looking into Bard’s very lonely eyes, Seirun could not think of him as a master where one should show loyalty, but as a lovable family member instead.

From that day, to Bard, Seirun was the guardian in place of Magotte, an older sister to fawn on, and also a very good friend.

Bard was once a very sensitive child who could not sleep on his own.

Seirun would sometimes seriously doubt the truth of how manly the current 11 year old Bard was.

“Sei-nee, can you tell me stories?”

“ really love hearing old stories don’t you?”

The two were always together, from the moment they wake up to the moment they sleep.

“Sei-nee, you’re very warm...”

Having Bard who likes to have physical contact in her arms always stimulated her motherhood.

If I had a little brother, would he be this cute?

As she sensed Bard’s warmth closely, Seirun could not stop herself from strengthening her arms.

Although she understood her obsession, she could not help but love him.

On the other hand, she was merciless to the other personalities that appeared once in awhile.

“A full body hug with no bras….!! Argh! Ouch! It hurts! Bufah! Goof!”

“This is actually kinda nice…!”

Seirun s.h.i.+vers and screams as she sees Masaharu who seems to be somewhat enjoying the punches.

“Hurry up and get out of Young-Master! You pervert!”

“My cheeks kind of hurt...”

Since then, Bard never showed his obsession over coins in front of his parents.

---Except for Seirun, who he spends the majority of the day with.

Needless to say, this fetish is not of Bard himself, nor Masaharu’s.

It was from the life before previous---Oka Sanai, the samurai who lived to the end of the Sengoku era.

It was a helpless result; as a samurai, his stance towards finance resulted in this fetish for wealth.

Oka Sanai, one could only know this name as the crazy Sengoku era maniac, or those who lived in the area in which Oka Sanai was entrusted with.

He, who was born in the land of Wakasa, first served under Niwa Nagahide, the elder of Oda n.o.bunaga. After that, he served under Gamou Ujisato as a statesman.

Upon learning the death of his master, he was ordered to serve under Uesugi Kagekatsu, one of the 5 great elders, before the battle of Sekigahara.

His name was known throughout the land as the war expert, but his name only stayed for long as the Miser of the Era.

Sanai would often lend his money and act like a salesman in order to obtain money, as he was the top head moneymaker.

Furthermore, he was not only good at making money, but he really loved money itself. His love over money is not seen anywhere else in the entire era.

At the time, he was to lead 150 soldiers against the 15000 soldiers of the Date army, and he was known to be the samurai who was one step away from taking Date Masamune’s head with a single spear.

He was also known as a manly samurai who paid for all of the debts for his friend in the Uesugi army who lost his territory.

It was told that when Sanai left the Uesugi army, the famous Naoe Kanetsugu who once said, ‘The winner’s hand should not be tainted with money’ claimed that the Uesugi army had lost such an important man for the future.

In reality, after the Sengoku era, the land was met with an era of intelligence. For the Uesugi army, who only had muscle-heads that didn't know how to save up money, Sanai’s existence was more precious than jewels.

Since Masaharu’s memory was present, Bard also understood that this fetish is something crazy.

However, even during childhood, when his personality was still developing, Sanai’s depth of love for money was strong enough to take over.

“---I take back my words. Sit down right here, Young-Master.”

Bard was barely able to hold back his desire to not only rub his face but, to also smell and lick up the metal-like flavour of the silver coin.

It was'nt smart to irritate Seirun anymore.

“It is absolutely my fault. Please forgive me.”

“Well...It would be nice if you really think that.”

Seirun sighed heavily. Seirun knew more than anybody that this was not going to be enough for Bard to reform.

It was challenging for Seirun to be hard on Bard, who lowered his head to the floor without shame or hesitation.

In the end, Seirun is just soft towards her loving little brother.

“Well, I’m heading out now!”

“Young-Master! Wait! I’m not done yet!”

“I’m sorry! I’ll listen when I get back!”

Seirun could only put her hands on her waist and sigh, as Bard darted out of the house like an arrow.

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