The Villain's White Lotus Halo Chapter 18 Part2

Thank you to Sheila, Liz, and the anons for the coffee!

Hey guys I'm finally crawling back from exam h.e.l.l ahahaha. I'm gonna see if I can grit my teeth and translate some chapters before summer school starts in a couple of days. It's gonna be a busy summer for me (full course load + I'm volunteering in a lab!) but also because I have to summer school, I can't get a job lol rip. In any case, I'm gonna have to do some serious micro time management this year, because I have a LOT planned for Sakhyulations this summer and I really pray I manage to get to it all……

That being said, here's that long-awaited part two, sorry for the long wait and thanks for everyone's patience!!

Little Theatre

3: Red robes, red robes! Get some freshly dyed red robes! Sakhyu: We stain them daily with blood vomited from anger! Get one made by each of the Viscounts* *Lin YuanGui not included

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